Chapter 24 – Senior Sister

Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo were initially scared, but gradually calmed down. Since no one was paying attention to them, they were happy to relax. Mi Xiaojing led Luo Bo to start tidying up the small courtyard. Qingmu Peak was vast and covered in dense forests, with all kinds of mountain goods inside.

Following Mi Xiaojing’s experience, he knew that no matter what happens in the future, the first priority was to survive. So he began to look for something to eat in the nearby mountains and forests. For some reason, it was already snowing heavily when they were at the Western Expansion Sect, but it was still autumn here.

Aside from cultivation, Mi Xiaojing had the habit of collecting various mountain goods, which he developed at the Western Evolutionary Sect.

One day, Mi Xiaojing laid out the collected Huangjing Mountain Yam to dry on the ground. He and Luo Bo were busy and sweating profusely when someone came in.

A young man in gray clothes, holding a stick, knocked on the door frame with his stick before stepping in.

“Hey, you’re living the good life. Listen up, the immortal master sent me to take you there.”

He sneered, looking high and mighty, but he was just an ordinary mortal servant.

Mi Xiaojing looked up and knew that the man was a mortal. He felt uneasy and didn’t know how the cultivators here planned to deal with him, so he didn’t mind the man’s attitude and said, “Should I go alone or should we both go?”

The young man replied, “Of course both of you. Hurry up! If you’re late, the immortal master will blame you, and you won’t be able to handle the punishment! Hurry up!”

Mi Xiaojing dusted off his clothes, took Luo Bo’s hand, and said calmly, “Lead the way.”

The man was stunned and felt insulted. He couldn’t help but say, “Kid, you dare to be arrogant here? You don’t even know how to die!”

He then swung his stick towards Mi Xiaojing, thinking that he was just a child and that a few hits wouldn’t matter.

Mi Xiaojing had always been kind and peaceful when interacting with people at the Western Evolutionary Sect. He felt inexplicably angry at the man’s words and actions. He said in a calm voice, “Let’s go.”

This word was a true word, a one-word true word. The man trembled all over, unable to resist the attack of the true word. He fell to the ground with a thud, and the wooden stick in his hand also fell to the ground.

One word caused the man to tremble for half a minute. Then he looked at Mi Xiaojing with fear and shock in his eyes. It was only then that he realized that this child was not an ordinary person.After trembling for a while, the man managed to stand up. He picked up the wooden stick, not to hit anyone, but to use as a cane. He couldn’t help it, his body went limp and he didn’t dare make a sound. Trembling, he leaned on the stick and took slow and difficult steps forward.

Luo Bo chuckled. “What a coward!”

Mi Xiaojing held Luo Bo’s hand, a hint of worry on his face.

The man didn’t dare to speak. In the Heart Sect, if a cultivator killed a mortal, it was like killing a chicken. At most, they would be fined a few spirit stones. If they had a certain status, they wouldn’t even be punished. Mortals had no status in front of cultivators.

The road twisted and turned, with many forks, but luckily Mi Xiaojing had a good memory and remembered the way.

Soon, they saw a large courtyard with a plaque outside the gate, bearing the three raised characters “Grass-Benevolence Hall”.

Mi Xiaojing was puzzled by the fierce killing intent emanating from the characters. He knew that Grass-Benevolence Hall was where alchemy was practiced, and the meaning of grass and wood was often associated with vitality. Why was there such a strong killing intent?

The man didn’t dare to rush them, his anxious eyes betraying his fear.

Luo Bo gently tugged at Mi Xiaojing’s sleeve, bringing him back to reality. Mi Xiaojing breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, “Let’s go.”

The guide shuddered slightly at Mi Xiaojing’s voice, then relaxed. He was afraid of Mi Xiaojing’s strange power. A single word from him had caused the man to suffer greatly, and he didn’t want to hear any more words from Mi Xiaojing.

They entered the courtyard of Grass-Benevolence Hall, which was similar to a traditional Chinese courtyard on Earth, but much larger. There were buildings on three sides, with a medicinal field enclosed by restrictions in the center, various kinds of spirit herbs growing within, and several paths to walk on.

There were many mortal servants working around them, but they didn’t stop their work even when they saw Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo. They were busy wiping the sweat from their faces.

Soon, the young man led them through a small side door into a small courtyard. He approached the door carefully and whispered, “Master, the guests have arrived…”The door opened and a girl of fifteen or sixteen walked out, smiling and saying, “You’re late. Old man Chen has already left…hee hee.”

The young man’s face was sweating and he was clearly frightened. He stuttered, “This…I…I didn’t…he…I…” He wanted to shirk responsibility, but suddenly remembered that Mi Xiaojing was not someone to be trifled with, and he couldn’t speak clearly.

“You can go down. You have nothing to do here…”

The girl waved her hand, looking indifferent. The young man felt like he had been granted amnesty and ran away.

“What an impolite guy!”

The girl grumbled dissatisfiedly and then looked up and down at Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo.

Mi Xiaojing was also curious and looked at the other party.

The first impression was deep because the other party was dressed in gorgeous silk. This was the second time Mi Xiaojing had seen such a beautiful dress. For cultivation, the clothes were always simple as long as they could cover the body. He had never thought that clothes could be so beautiful.

The girl was not pretty, but her peach blossom eyes were exceptionally agile and restless.

“I’m Mu Xiaoyin. In the future, just call me Senior Sister.”

Mi Xiaojing was stunned.

Senior Sister? What is this concept? I don’t plan on cultivating!

Mi Xiaojing also discovered a secret. Mu Xiaoyin was actually a mortal, with no trace of cultivation. This surprised Mi Xiaojing.

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