Chapter 21 – Heartbroken

The cultivator on the ground showed fear on his face. He was only a Qi refining stage cultivator and couldn’t fly. There was no hope of winning against Master Zeng Li. Master Zeng Li’s strength was comparable to that of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

The man raised his sword in despair and swung it fiercely.

Master Zeng Li slapped him and sent him flying with his sword and all.


Everyone scattered and ran towards the West Mountain. Zhang Ke pulled Mi Xiaojing, who dragged Luo Bo. The three of them stumbled and crawled through the snow, but they couldn’t run fast. The snow was several feet deep, and every step sank in deeply.

Master Zeng Li was slapped his opponent and then flew into the sky. At this moment, a sword light flew out from the direction of the Western Evolutionary Sect, illuminating the entire sky.

Master Zeng Li had no way to avoid this sword. His only weapon was a string of 108 prayer beads, which were still wrapped around another cultivator.

Mi Xiaojing happened to look back and saw the red sword light pierce through Master Zeng Li’s chest. In an instant, the sword light turned around, and Master Zeng Li fell from the sky like a stone without making a sound.

He let go of Zhang Ke’s hand and turned to run towards Master Zeng Li.

Luo Bo followed him, and wherever Mi Xiaojing went, he went too. Zhang Ke sighed and ran back.

When Master Zeng Li fell from the sky, the prayer beads lost control and scattered instantly. The cultivator who had been bound broke free and showed a fierce expression.

The sword light flickered, and several people who had run the farthest were immediately killed by the flying sword. The others were scared and stood still, not daring to continue running.

“Whoever runs will die! Come back!”

Everyone dared not run anymore and could only walk back, their faces ashen.

Mi Xiaojing crawled to Master Zeng Li’s side and saw the wound on his chest. He grabbed a handful of snow and pressed it on the wound.

“Master, wake up! Master…”

The cultivator in the sky came down and grabbed Mi Xiaojing by the collar, throwing him aside. He looked down and knew that Master Zeng Li was dead, pierced through the chest by a sword. His heart was broken, and even a god couldn’t save him.

Mi Xiaojing was thrown two yards away, but he got up and rushed towards Master Zeng Li again.

The cultivator didn’t care this time. He flew into the sky and shouted, “I’ll leave this to you. No one is allowed to run away!” Then he flew towards the Western Evolutionary Sect.

The cultivator who had been slapped away by Master Zeng Li answered and pulled out a whip from his waist. He whipped the staggering man, and his mouth twitched.

“If anyone dares to run again, I’ll kill him!”

Everyone gathered around Master Zeng Li, their faces full of sadness.

Mi Xiaojing tried to stop the bleeding from Master Zeng Li’s wound with all his strength, but he couldn’t stop the blood. He had no medicine at hand and could only watch the blood dye the snow red.

Master Zeng Li opened his eyes and looked at Mi Xiaojing, showing a hint of impatience.”Silly child, why didn’t you run away…”


Mi Xiaojing’s tears couldn’t stop flowing. First, Senior Brother Bian died in front of him, and now it was Senior Brother Zeng Li. This blow was really too big.

“Don’t cry, live well…”

“Master, why do they kill people… isn’t killing a sin? Master… what should I do?”

Master Zeng Li’s face was pale. He reluctantly reached out and touched Mi Xiaojing’s hair.

“Silly child, if someone wants to kill us, then kill them…”

“Ah? Ah!”

Mi Xiaojing was dumbfounded. This was completely different from what his master usually taught him.

“Silly child, it’s different outside… Zhang Ke, help me sit up.”

Zhang Ke helped Zeng Li sit up. The master had just said “May the ancestors be merciful…” before closing his eyes in place.

Among this group of people, some were Evolutionary Immortals. They sat down and silently recited mantras, sending Master Zeng Li’s soul back to the embrace of the Evolutionary’s Ancestors.

The cultivator frowned and watched, but did not stop them. As far as he was concerned, as long as they didn’t resist, he basically ignored them. In his opinion, they were just a group of ants. If it weren’t for the strict orders of the sect, he wouldn’t mind killing them all.

After a night of killing, the sky finally brightened. The fire of the Western Expansion Sect illuminated the entire snowy field, melting the snow with its scorching heat, like a torch shining on the earth.

The Western Expansion Sect was completely destroyed by the fire.

A mess.

Black smoke sank into the snow, with broken walls and traces of blood on the ground.

The Western Expansion Sect lost. The Evolutionary Immortals were all killed. Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo had no attack ability and couldn’t fly. In addition, the two were just children. Although Mi Xiaojing’s cultivation level was not bad, he didn’t know how to use powerful attack techniques. That was the reason why the two of them survived.

The Evolutionary Immortals above the Observation Stage were equivalent to Foundation Establishment cultivators in the Cultivation World, like Master Zeng Li. Even the head of the Western Expansion Sect and his younger martial brother, who were even more powerful, were at the Qi Refining stage, equivalent to the Foundation Establishment stage in the Cultivation World, and they all lost.

The remaining masters with lower cultivation levels and ordinary laborers had no resistance at all. They were gathered with Mi Xiaojing, Luo Bo, Zhang Ke, and others on the open space in the main hall of the Western Expansion Sect.

Mi Xiaojing felt sad and powerless for the first time. He felt the pain of being at the mercy of others.

Luo Bo looked up and asked softly, “Will they kill us?”

“They won’t!”

Zhang Ke hugged the two children tightly, his face showing a determined expression.

“I heard… they need people…”

In the crowd, a laborer moved towards the main hall. When the cultivator guarding him was not paying attention, he suddenly accelerated and ran towards the main hall.


A cultivator with astonishing speed caught up and whipped him, causing the laborer to fly back and hit the steps of the main hall. Blood quickly spread under him, and his skull was shattered by the whip.

One whip killed him, and he didn’t even make a sound before he died.

Everyone was scared and dared not move.Translation:

These ten or so cultivators, each dressed in luxurious clothing, silk and fur, their bodies truly shining with all kinds of treasures, even in the midst of heavy snowfall, their radiance cannot be concealed.

There were both men and women, the women were truly beautiful, the men handsome, compared to the group of masters and workers trapped in the open space, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

The cultivators who stayed behind were all disciples in the Qi refining stage, this was part of the sect’s mission. After the experts killed the people of the Western Evolutionary Sect who could resist, they temporarily left, leaving these disciples behind to take care of the survivors.

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