Chapter 20 – Master Zeng Li

Fire fell in clusters, and most of the buildings in Western Evolutionary Sect were made of wood and stone. As the flames fell, a big fire quickly ignited.

Fire, snow, blood, flying swords, various lights and shadows intertwined, various weapons flew horizontally, and various screams and howls resounded. At this moment, the ancient Western Evolutionary Sect was weeping.

Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo crawled and walked in the snow. They finally slipped out of the corner gate, but their positions were in the backyard of Western Evolutionary Sect, so there were relatively few enemies here.

They sneaked to the corner of the wall and escaped along the courtyard wall.

Not long after, a cultivator in gorgeous clothing appeared in front of them. He stood in the snow with a cold expression.

“Squat on the ground, otherwise…you’ll die!”

He was only responsible for stopping ordinary people and not allowing anyone to leave.

Mi Xiaojing looked at him. He was a tall guy with a big sword in his hand. Mi Xiaojing understood that the only consequence of resistance was death, as he said. There was no second possibility. So Mi Xiaojing hugged Luo Bo and squatted down.

He had no intention of resisting at all. Mi Xiaojing had been taught to be kind to others since he was young. Suddenly encountering a villain, he didn’t know what to do.

At this moment, a person holding something slipped out of the corner gate and quickly fled outside. He didn’t run far before he saw Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo squatting on the ground, and then he saw the cultivator.

The man’s face showed bitterness. He didn’t need anyone to tell him and automatically ran to Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo and squatted down.

“Junior Brother Zhang Ke…”

“Younger Junior Brother!”

Mi Xiaojing was startled, and Zhang Ke was holding a quilt. He looked at the trembling two people and immediately wrapped them up in the quilt.

The cultivator sneered. As long as the other party didn’t resist, he had no intention of killing them.

With a quilt wrapped around him, Mi Xiaojing felt less cold. He looked back at Western Evolutionary Sect. The big fire had dyed the sky red. He had deep feelings for Western Evolutionary Sect after living here for so many years. It was like his own home. Seeing his home burned down, the anger in his heart burned like flames.

Zhang Ke sighed and shook his head constantly. He didn’t have less feelings for Western Evolutionary Sect than Mi Xiaojing.

One after another, many children or laborers escaped, but they were all blocked by the cultivator and squatted around Mi Xiaojing.

A cultivator fell from the sky, and the standing cultivator greeted him.

“Master, we have blocked it here, and no one has escaped.”

“Well, good, good. As long as they don’t resist, don’t kill them. We need labor.”

“Yes, Master, I obey the order.” He saluted and took a step back, bowing his head slightly to show respect.

At this time, there were already fifteen or sixteen people squatting on the ground, forming a small circle. Because of the extreme cold, everyone huddled together to keep warm.

The people around Mi Xiaojing had a thin layer of snow on their bodies. He saw a strange scene. Any snow falling on the two cultivators above them would be bounced off by an invisible force. Not a single snowflake could fall on them.

Suddenly, Mi Xiaojing realized that this was the power of cultivators!

Not a single snowflake touched their bodies!

For the first time, Mi Xiaojing had a desire for power.

Western Evolutionary Sect was still resisting, and the battle was still going on, but the sound of fighting was getting smaller and smaller.

This also meant that the power of Western Evolutionary Sect was rapidly declining, and the number of people fighting was gradually decreasing.At this moment, a dark figure flew out from the direction of the Western Expansion Sect, heading towards where Mi Xiaojing and the others were. As soon as he flew out of the Western Expansion Sect, he saw a crowd of people gathered on the ground.

“Quick, run! Run!”

Before the person even landed, one of the two cultivators on guard flew into the air, emitting a cold laugh.

“Hmph, trying to run? Let’s see if I let you!”

Mi Xiaojing quickly recognized the person who flew out, it was Zeng Li, the head of the Yuanjue Hall of the Western Expansion Sect.

The people on the ground were in an uproar.


“It’s Master Zeng Li!”

“Senior brother!”

If you were to ask who Mi Xiaojing was closest to in the Western Expansion Sect, regardless of the others, Zeng Li would definitely be in first place. It was Zeng Li who had saved him back then. Although he was strict with Mi Xiaojing, he genuinely cared for and protected him. So when Mi Xiaojing saw Zeng Li, his heart seemed to stop beating.

All the disciples of the Western Expansion Sect looked up at the sky, watching Zeng Li fly towards the opponent.

Zeng Li raised his hand and a large golden ball of light, mixed with faint golden mantras and spirit scripts, appeared. Mi Xiaojing immediately noticed that this ball of light had been transformed from the prayer beads.

Mi Xiaojing had never known that a string of prayer beads could be used like this. He reached out to touch the eighteen prayer beads wrapped around his wrist, even more curious.

The ball of light flew incredibly fast. The opponent raised his hand and a talisman appeared, shooting out a bolt of lightning that hit the ball of light directly.


The golden ball of light dimmed a lot, but still shot towards the opponent.

A sword light flickered and instantly shattered the ball of light, turning into a silver light and stabbing towards Zeng Li. The people below were frightened and cried out in shock.

Zeng Li suddenly threw his prayer beads, which exploded into a chain of 108 beads, instantly transforming into a chain that flew towards the cultivator.

The sword light struck the chain, only causing sparks to fly, unable to shake the prayer beads. This was the evolutionary tool that Zeng Li had been practicing with since the beginning of his cultivation. Its texture had long since changed, and its toughness was unbelievable.

A series of clangs sounded as the chain formed by the prayer beads flew around the opponent, forming a series of shadows that, when viewed from below, had a strange beauty.

The cultivator yelled and the sword light slashed back and forth, trying to break the chain formed by the prayer beads.

Luo Bo’s eyes lit up, although he was still shivering from the cold, he tightly clenched his fist. Mi Xiaojing was the same, with a nervous look on his face. This was the first time he had seen such an exciting battle.

Wang Weijun was in the Mantra Banner and couldn’t see outside, but he was a cultivator who had reached the combined period, with unparalleled experience. He could almost guess what was happening outside just from the sound.

“Fool! Idiots! You’re all going to die if you don’t run away! Why fight when you’re already outnumbered? You don’t even know how to die!”

Wang Weijun was complaining in the Mantra Banner, but he was completely powerless. If Mi Xiaojing died, he would be finished as well, so he was also extremely anxious.

In the end, the chain formed by the 108 prayer beads successfully entangled the cultivator flying in the air.

Zeng Li didn’t pay attention to him and instead flew towards another cultivator on the ground, shouting, “Run!”

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