Chapter 22 – Flying Boat

One wait is two hours, and not only Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo are freezing to death, but everyone else can’t stand it either. The winter here is not an ordinary cold, the piercing cold wind forces everyone to huddle together for warmth, with children in the middle and adults on the outside.

Suddenly, the crowd hears a muffled sound, and heavy snow mixed with strong winds cause a huge shadow to appear from the snowy sky.

Mi Xiaojing barely opens his eyes.

What is this thing?

He has never seen a boat before, so this flying boat is the first he’s ever seen. The only incredible thing is that this thing is actually flying, and it’s really big.

Flying boats are the transportation of large cultivator sects, and generally require a huge amount of energy to support them. The consumption of a flying boat is easily several hundred spirit stones, and they are not ordinary spirit stones.

The crowd is in an uproar, and everyone suddenly understands that they are here to capture people. Although they don’t know each other, everyone instinctively knows that this flying thing can take them away.

Sure enough, the flying boat gradually descends until it hovers a few meters above the ground. A row of windows appears on the side of the flying boat, and wooden pedals are released from inside, extending directly to the ground.

“Get in, hurry up!”

The whip snaps on the ground, splashing snow and mud, and several cultivators shout and drive people up.

Zhang Ke protects Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo as they walk towards the flying boat.

“Don’t resist, just follow along and endure it.”

Mi Xiaojing doesn’t speak, he just silently follows along. The events of the day have left him confused, completely different from the education he received. Reality has given him the best lesson.

Why do they want to kill people?

Why do they want to kill the seniors and elder brothers of Western Expansion Sect?

He wants to save people, but he doesn’t have enough power, he can’t even heal injuries. He has no medicine.

These questions have left his mind in a mess, he can’t figure it out. For a child who grew up in the Evolutionary Sect, as pure as a blank sheet of paper, even if he is very smart, he still can’t understand. This is the first time he has witnessed the cruelty and ruthlessness of the cultivation world.

Following the others, they quickly climb up the flying boat using the pedals.

The bottom cabin of the flying boat is filled with a murky smell, and then they see a shocking scene: all the villagers of Maple Forest Village are inside.

The village chief and his family, and even Mi Xiaojing sees Luo Grandpa and his family.The bottom cabin was large and although the smell was bad, it was warm. After Mi Xiaojing and the others entered the bottom cabin, the outside pedal was quickly retracted and the cabin door closed.

Zhang Ke protected the two and found a corner, laid the quilt on the ground, and pulled Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo to sit down.

The village chief uncle gathered a group of people around him. There were not many Evolutionary Immortals left, mostly children. Except for Zhang Ke and other senior low-level Evolutionary Immortals, those with slightly higher cultivation levels were all killed.

As the flying boat vibrated, Mi Xiaojing knew that they had already left the Western Evolutionary Sect. His eyes were confused, not knowing what would happen in the future, nor did he know where this strange big thing would take him.

There were no cultivators in the bottom cabin, only a few servants who were very fierce. Anyone who dared to speak or stand up would be whipped by them.

“Where are we going?” Mi Xiaojing asked Zhang Ke softly.

“Who knows, I don’t know… who are they?!”

Zhang Ke had the lowest cultivation level among the Evolutionary Immortals and was also someone who relied on the Western Evolutionary Sect for his livelihood. He had hardly ever left the sect and was equally unfamiliar with the outside world. This was a relatively closed world. It was normal to have less knowledge and experience.

Cultivators, Evolutionary Immortals, Zhang Ke knew a little, but he couldn’t figure out the rest, especially the outside world, which he was even more unfamiliar with. When Mi Xiaojing asked him, he couldn’t answer at all.

Inside the bottom cabin, some people were crying, some were speaking softly, and it was a bit noisy. The air was also extremely polluted, and everyone had to endure it. Everyone was afraid of the person who could kill them at any time.

After about a day and a night, the flying boat suddenly tilted. After a moment, the shaking stopped. Even the most dull person knew that the flying boat should have stopped.

Sure enough, the cabin door of the bottom cabin opened, and the villagers of Fenglin Village were driven out like livestock. The laborers of the Western Evolutionary Sect were also driven out. Only the small Evolutionary Immortals of the Western Evolutionary Sect were left in the bottom cabin. After a moment, the flying boat left again.

Mi Xiaojing observed anxiously. He had an instinctive feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t understand where the problem was.

The flying boat flew for more than an hour and finally stopped. The cabin door opened, and there were only eighteen Evolutionary Immortals in this group. Because Mi Xiaojing had been holding Luo Bo and wrapping him in the quilt, Luo Bo was brought here by Mi Xiaojing.

Driven by people, everyone came out of the bottom cabin.

There were eighteen people, plus Luo Bo, a total of nineteen people.Then, Mi Xiaojing saw a huge square surrounded by countless buildings and mountains. Many people were standing on the square. Obviously, some of them were just there to watch the excitement, while the crowd standing in front of the flying boat were the ones in charge. They were dressed in gorgeous clothes and had an imposing manner, making them look superior and arrogant.

The entire square was in an uproar when Mi Xiaojing and his group got off the boat.

Most of these young Evolutionary Immortals were very young, and the older ones had almost all been killed. Zhang Ke was the oldest among them, but his cultivation level was so low that he posed no threat and was spared. The older ones were there to take care of the younger ones so they wouldn’t be scared to death.

Mi Xiaojing sadly looked at the Western Evolutionary Sect’s Evolutionary Immortals, most of whom had died, leaving only a few low-level disciples, and his cultivation level was considered the best among them.

Among these young Evolutionary Immortals, except for Luo Bo, the youngest was only nine years old, and the oldest was about the same age as Mi Xiaojing, around thirteen or fourteen years old. Some of them were only fifteen or sixteen years old, and Zhang Ke was the oldest. Two others were only slightly younger than Zhang Ke, and their cultivation levels were the same as his, the lowest level of Evolutionary Immortals.

At this moment, Mi Xiaojing felt like a beast, standing in the crowd, feeling extremely angry. He lowered his head and hugged Luo Bo tightly, not knowing what kind of humiliation he would face next.

“We brought fewer people this time. We won’t accept those who were assigned last time. Those who are qualified to take these young Evolutionary Immortals can choose for themselves!”

“I’ll choose first!”

A clear voice, like an oriole’s chirping, rang out. The young Evolutionary Immortals had been looking down, but when they heard the voice, they looked up curiously.

It was rare to see women from the Western Evolutionary Sect, except when they went to Maple Forest Village, where they might encounter female relatives. Most of the time, these young Evolutionary Immortals rarely saw women.

Mi Xiaojing was also surprised and looked up. He felt that the voice was very pleasant to listen to.

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