Chapter 19 – Family extermination

The whole room was instantly destroyed, the sword aura whistled and mixed in the flying snow, quickly suppressing the rising smoke and dust.

The entire Western Expansion Sect was like boiling water, with shouts and killings echoing between heaven and earth.

Mi Xiaojing held Luo Bo and faced the Chanmen, but he couldn’t avoid it. This time, the Mantra Banner saved his life. Countless pale golden Spirit Script characters floated on his body surface, blocking the fatal blow, but he was still beaten into a bloody mess.

With one blow, the attacker clearly thought that there could not be anyone alive here, so he left directly and ran towards the other residences of the Western Expansion Sect.

Mi Xiaojing covered Luo Bo’s mouth with his hand to prevent him from making a sound. His heart was pounding. He had never seen anyone killed before, nor had he ever witnessed such a cruel thing. He struggled to remove the tiles and rubble piled on him, as well as a beam that fortunately fell beside him. If it had fallen on him, he wouldn’t know if he could have blocked it.

After checking, although he had some injuries, they were only minor abrasions. The truly powerful attacks were all blocked by the Mantra Banner. Enduring the burning pain, Mi Xiaojing nervously checked Luo Bo and found that he had not been injured, which made him slightly relieved.

Without a roof, the cold and snow outside rushed in. Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo were trembling with cold. Until now, Mi Xiaojing was still confused. He couldn’t figure out what had happened outside and why someone came to destroy the house.

The two children hid in the corner of the wall, wrapped in a tattered quilt, shivering as they looked outside. There was not only fighting on the ground, but also in the sky. Therefore, both of them saw the figures shaking in the sky and the occasional flashes of light.

It was like a thunderstorm, with flashes of light illuminating the earth from time to time. Due to the heavy snow, it was not very clear, and the dull rumbling shook the two children.

Luo Bo was even more frightened, staring blankly at the sky.

“Xiao Mi… Xiao Mi gege, who… who are they?”

“I… I don’t know.”

Mi Xiaojing really didn’t know who these people were, but he had his own guesses and could vaguely see the people in the sky, suspecting that they were the so-called cultivators.

In the heavy snow, the wind was cold and fierce, and the snowflakes the size of copper coins turned into white lines. Even with amazing vision, it was impossible to see the airborne battles clearly. Only the occasional flashes of light could make it clear that several people were shuttling back and forth in the air.

Luo Bo was cold and scared, and his voice trembled non-stop.

“They… they can fly… fly… people are flying… d-d-d… I’m scared!”

His teeth couldn’t help but chatter, making a clattering sound.

Mi Xiaojing was not much better, with his teeth also chattering. The teeth of the two children kept clacking back and forth.

“D-d-d… don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I’m here… not afraid!”


A person fell from the sky like a rock, directly smashing through the roof of the neighboring room and landing inside. Then, a roar was heard.

“I will ascend you!”

A shadow flew directly out of the smashed roof, and then Mi Xiaojing saw a golden pestle, shimmering with dazzling golden light, whistling out of the hands of that Evolutionary Immortal.

“Brother Bian!”Seeing the golden light shining, Mi Xiaojing was shocked. He recognized it as the weapon of the first seat of Guanfa Hall, Brother Bian.

Then Mi Xiaojing saw a sword shining brightly. The sword gave him a feeling of extreme coldness and sharpness, especially when it cut through the Vajra Staff, the feeling of sharpness was so extreme that it seemed to freeze his heart.

Like Master Zeng Li, Brother Bian was also a cultivator in the Ascension stage. But now he was killed by a cultivator with a single sword strike.

Mi Xiaojing watched the sword with a chilling aura pierce through Brother Bian’s chest, and his blood flew in the air with the snowflakes.

Brother Bian let out a deafening roar and fell to the ground. This time he did not fly up again.

After the person flew out with his sword, he did not even look back. He casually waved his hand, and the flying sword suddenly turned around in the air. He stepped on it and disappeared in the snowstorm.

Mi Xiaojing, with Luo Bo, stumbled over to Brother Bian.

“Brother, wake up… Brother…”

Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo pushed Brother Bian hard and called out to him. After a moment, Brother Bian let out a sigh-like gasp, slowly opening his eyes.

Brother Bian’s eyes were almost lifeless, and he struggled to recognize the person in front of him.

Mi Xiaojing grabbed a handful of snow and pressed it against the bleeding wound. In an instant, the snow turned red. Mi Xiaojing’s eyes turned red too. He found himself unable to stop the bleeding.

“Brother, Brother, what should I do?”

Luo Bo took off the quilt wrapped around him and covered Brother Bian’s body, trying to help stop the bleeding.

Finally, Brother Bian recognized the two children in front of him.

“Mi Xiaojing… good child, don’t stay in the sect, run away… go to Tusi City… Tusi City, go… go to Tusi City…”

Mi Xiaojing had never left Western Expansion Sect in his life. How could he know where Tusi City was?

“Brother, where’s the medicine? I… I have no medicine!”

“I’m done for… my heart is broken…”

This sword strike was very cruel, directly piercing through his heart. Even if there was medicine, it couldn’t save him.

“Help… help me… sit up…”

Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo pushed Brother Bian’s back hard, helping him sit up.

With Mi Xiaojing’s help, Brother Bian sat in a cross-legged position, reciting mantras. In an instant, everything around him seemed to become quiet.

At first, his mantras were still clear, but they only lasted for a minute before his voice gradually became lower, and then Brother Bian’s body stiffened.

Mi Xiaojing held Luo Bo in his arms, feeling extremely cold in his heart as well as in the cold weather. He witnessed the cruelty of the world for the first time. Western Expansion Sect was a very peaceful place, although life was hard, there was no real conflict within the sect.

Whether it was Master Zeng Li or Brother Bian, they were very good to the true evolutionary disciples. Mi Xiaojing treated them as if they were his own family.

Watching his loved ones being killed, Mi Xiaojing felt like his heart was on fire.

All these changes were heard clearly by Wang Weijun in the scripture pavilion. He was secretly delighted because as long as Mi Xiaojing’s mind was unbalanced, he would be easily tempted and controlled by him.Mi Xiaojing held Luo Bo in his arms, both shivering from the cold. He looked up at the sky where the battle still raged on fiercely. Every now and then, someone would fall down, and they couldn’t tell if it was an Ascension from inside the gate or an invader from outside.

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