Chapter 18 – The Sudden Enlightenment of Yuan Ying

Days passed one by one, but Wang Weijun did not wait for Mi Xiaojing to fall asleep again. However, as a former expert during their fusion period, he persevered through the torment. With time passing by, his Yuan Ying had already stabilized completely. A night of reciting mantras was no longer enough to make his Yuan Ying reach the brink of collapse.

In other words, in a short period of time, Wang Weijun had already recovered, at least not hovering on the brink of death. It must be said that Wang Weijun was extraordinary, cultivation was not something to be taken lightly, only those with a deep understanding of cultivation would have such a foundation to recover their Yuan Ying.

Of course, it was impossible for him to recover to the level of a fused Yuan Ying. Wang Weijun’s current Yuan Ying state was stable at the Yuan Ying period.

At this point, Wang Weijun was not in a hurry. After all, he had been practicing for so many years, and once he settled down, he had the patience to wait.

The cold west wind blew, and the first snow of early winter came to the Western Expansion Sect without notice.

The snow fell in flurries in the middle of the night, and the piercing cold wind swept across the land. Even Mi Xiaojing, who was still reciting mantras, had to stop because Luo Bo was about to climb into his arms. It was too cold.

Mi Xiaojing immediately lit the earthen kang. As the flames burned, the earthen kang gradually warmed up. By then, the window paper had already turned white, and the sky was not bright yet. It was the reflection of the white snow.

Luo Bo’s originally curled up body gradually relaxed, and the warm kang allowed him to continue sleeping.

Mi Xiaojing continued to sit on the rush cushion and recite mantras. With so much homework, it had to be completed. This time, he kept reciting mantras until dawn.

Due to the heavy snow, Mi Xiaojing had no place to absorb even a trace of Qianyang purple Qi. Wang Weijun’s Yuan Ying was in a sorry state. His hard-earned stable Yuan Ying could not be supported by Qianyang purple Qi, so he could only increase the speed of absorbing spiritual Qi. In this way, Mi Xiaojing benefited even more.

Firstly, he was no longer afraid of the cold. In previous winters, Mi Xiaojing had suffered a lot. Except for heating the earthen kang at night, he would freeze whenever he went out. This year, after the snowfall, Mi Xiaojing went out and didn’t feel much cold.

But Wang Weijun had to continue practicing desperately. Otherwise, the night’s recitation of mantras could have cost him his life.

In the morning, Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo got up. Luo Bo was young and dared not go out. He would freeze to death with just one set of patched clothing. He could only clean the room and curl up on the earthen kang, relying on the fire kang to resist the cold.

Mi Xiaojing took a broom and swept away the snow in the courtyard. The masters of the Western Expansion Sect also took wooden shovels and brooms to clear the snow in the sect.

The morning bell rang, and some masters went to the main hall to recite mantras. It was time for morning class.

Mi Xiaojing continued to clean the courtyard. No one took care of this small courtyard, so he had to clean it thoroughly.

In winter, the Western Expansion Sect usually had the habit of closing the mountain gate and the masters generally did not go out. Winter was an important time for Evolutionary Immortality, and there would be many cultivation activities. Of course, there were also masters who went out.

During the coldest time of winter, the Western Expansion Sect would send out some powerful masters to guard the Maple Forest Village. At that time, the wild beasts on the mountain would come and harass the village because there was nothing to eat in the mountains. However, Maple Forest Village had people, livestock, poultry, and a lot of dogs, making it an attractive place for wild beasts.

Mi Xiaojing was qualified to guard Maple Forest Village, but because he was young, the masters of the sect did not agree to let him go. As an Ascension period Evolutionary Immortal, he was almost at the level of promotion, but he had hardly mastered any combat skills or abilities.Unlike cultivators, who have strong physical strength after reaching the later stage of Qi cultivation, evolutionary immortals are weak in the early stages of ascension. However, once they reach the later stages, their strength is not inferior to cultivators. In fact, evolutionary immortals who specialize in combat are even more powerful than cultivators.

There are also differences between the refining tools used by evolutionary immortals and those used by cultivators. Generally speaking, the weapons used by evolutionary immortals are extremely simple and have little power at first. However, as they continue to cultivate, their power increases.

The weapons used by evolutionary immortals are often their favorite ascension tools, such as prayer beads, wooden sticks, and bowls.

Mi Xiaojing’s only ascension tool is the eighteen prayer beads on his wrist. He is very poor, unlike cultivators who have access to spirit stones and even gold and silver coins.

After cleaning the courtyard, Mi Xiaojing returned to his room, added some firewood to the stove, and sat down on the heated earthen bed. Every day, he teaches Luo Bo ten characters and lets him practice and memorize them on his own.

A sand table and a wooden stick are the only teaching and learning tools they have. Luo Bo is very diligent in his studies and has learned hundreds of characters in the past few months.

Since he doesn’t have to gather materials on the mountain, Mi Xiaojing has a lot of free time. However, he doesn’t slack off and spends his time meditating and reciting mantras.

Wang Weijun is scared by the night-time mantras and cries loudly. He knows that without the supplement of Qianyang’s purple qi, he will not be able to make up for the damage caused by reciting the mantras, and he will die.

Under the influence of the mantras, Wang Weijun begins to reflect on his life. As he thinks about his past deeds, he realizes that he is getting what he deserves. Suddenly, the damage caused by the mantras becomes smaller, and he can withstand it.

Just as he manages to hold on, there is a sudden knock on the door, followed by a scream and the sound of a powerful force shattering the door and sending blood and flesh flying into the room.

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