Chapter 17 – Crying Infant Spirit

Listening to Mi Xiaojing talking with others, eating, walking, sorting herbs, clearing wild vegetables and fruits, Wang Weijun felt like time was passing slowly. He prayed that the little guy would go to sleep soon so he could convince Mi Xiaojing to cultivate.

Time passed slowly and finally it was night. Wang Weijun heard Mi Xiaojing telling someone to go to sleep and wondered why a young boy was taking care of a child.

Finally, Wang Weijun waited for Mi Xiaojing to go to bed. But then he was completely shocked. Mi Xiaojing wasn’t sleeping, he was reciting mantras! And once he started reciting them, the Mantra Banner began to operate, with countless Spirit Scripts flying around. Wang Weijun was overwhelmed and had to use his own cultivation to resist the attack of the Spirit Scripts.

Mi Xiaojing recited mantras all night long without sleeping. Wang Weijun almost collapsed from exhaustion. He knew that the power generated by the Mantra Banner affected the soul and the cultivation of the Yuan Ying, and each Spirit Script felt like a sharp knife piercing into his Yuan Ying.

After a night of torture, when Mi Xiaojing stopped reciting mantras, Wang Weijun’s Yuan Ying was almost completely dissipated. He was trapped in the Mantra Banner and couldn’t figure out how to resist. If his Yuan Ying collapsed, it would become the best nourishment for the Mantra Banner, fulfilling the goals of Luo Mei and Mi Youran.

The worst part was that Wang Weijun couldn’t even self-destruct his Yuan Ying. He was trapped by the Spirit Scripts, unable to do anything.

Listening to Mi Xiaojing getting off the bed, washing up, and climbing onto the roof, Wang Weijun lamented in his heart, “I don’t want to die… I don’t want to die! I’ll die without leaving a trace… God, are you trying to kill me?”

Then Wang Weijun heard a long inhalation and saw a purple light pouring down. It was the Qianyang Purple Qi that had been filtered by the Mantra Banner.

There’s always a way out!

Wang Weijun thought. His Yuan Ying immediately crossed his legs and floated in mid-air. He opened his mouth and sucked in the Qianyang Purple Qi.

Just this one breath of Qianyang Purple Qi stabilized Wang Weijun’s Yuan Ying, preventing it from collapsing. This was something that even Mi Youran and Luo Mei hadn’t expected or calculated. They thought that once Wang Weijun entered the Mantra Banner, he would disappear completely. But they never expected that Mi Xiaojing would absorb the Qianyang Purple Qi.

Truly, man proposes, but God disposes!After inhaling three mouthfuls of Qianyang purple Qi, Wang Weijun completely stabilized his crumbling Yuanying. When he wanted to take the fourth breath, Mi Xiaojing stopped practicing and came down from the roof.

Wang Weijun howled in despair. He could slightly restore some of his Yuanying’s strength if he could take one more breath of Qianyang purple Qi, but he could only take three breaths, not even one more. These three breaths could only stabilize his Yuanying and not increase his cultivation level.

He wished he could take one more breath!

Wang Weijun was going crazy. Nothing had gone smoothly for him since he was beaten by two inexplicable guys. Even if he found a temporary opportunity to not die, he had no hope of improving his cultivation level.

Forced by circumstances, Wang Weijun had to practice in the Mantra Banner. In addition to digesting the Qianyang purple Qi he obtained, he also wanted to improve his Yuanying’s cultivation level.

What Wang Weijun didn’t know was that his Yuanying’s cultivation benefited Mi Xiaojing greatly. When his Yuanying absorbed spiritual Qi, since it was in the Mantra Banner, the spiritual Qi first passed through Mi Xiaojing’s body. Once he practiced, the spiritual Qi washed his body.

Moreover, when the spiritual Qi entered, the Spirit Script in the Mantra Banner was also absorbing it, which gave the banner power.

After a whole day, Mi Xiaojing was surprised to find himself clear-headed, energetic, and his cultivation level was quietly improving. He was completely puzzled by this.

After a busy day, Mi Xiaojing immediately went to bed, thinking that yesterday’s recitation of the Mantra had made great progress, and he would work harder today.

Wang Weijun noticed that Mi Xiaojing went to bed and couldn’t help but tremble. Here he comes again!

This kid doesn’t sleep, just recites the Mantra!

Wang Weijun howled in despair, and then the recitation began, and his Yuanying began to resist.

This time, Mi Xiaojing’s recitation speed became extremely fast. More recitations meant more Spirit Script characters and more frequent appearances of Spirit Script characters in the Mantra Banner, which had a great impact on the Yuanying.

When Mi Xiaojing stopped reciting the Mantra, Wang Weijun was about to cry.

His Yuanying was on the verge of collapse again!

He opened his little mouth and desperately took three breaths. He couldn’t take any more. It was not Mi Xiaojing’s fault. There was not much Qianyang purple Qi that could be absorbed during the short time of sunrise. It was already quite remarkable that Wang Weijun could absorb three breaths.

What made Wang Weijun most speechless was that these three breaths of Qianyang purple Qi, plus a day of practice, could only restore and stabilize his Yuanying. Once it was night, Mi Xiaojing’s recitation of the Mantra would cause his Yuanying to collapse again.This time there was no time to complain. Wang Weijun was desperately cultivating, trying to gain some time to make his Yuanying stronger, so that it wouldn’t collapse after reciting mantras all night.

There are three stages of the Yuanjue period: taking refuge, cultivation, and awakening. Mi Xiaojing had already reached the awakening stage, which means that once he accumulated enough, he could advance to the next level.

Wang Weijun’s crazy cultivation brought great benefits to Mi Xiaojing. Spiritual Qi quickly poured into his body, washing his organs, meridians, bones, and flesh.

Apart from reciting mantras at night, Mi Xiaojing only absorbed a little Qianyang purple gas in the morning, and spent all his other time collecting various mountain goods for the winter.

Ginger, Huangjing, Fuling, ginseng, and wild red dates were all ingredients that Mi Xiaojing needed. There were many of these on the mountain, and he could always find a lot as long as he searched patiently.

Every day, Wang Weijun was cultivating frantically, spending every night in agony. His hope every day was to inhale three mouthfuls of Qianyang purple gas in the morning. Life was simply unbearable.

Every day, Mi Xiaojing collected mountain goods on the mountain, recited mantras at night, and absorbed a little Qianyang purple gas in the morning. His life was very comfortable.

Every day, Wang Weijun’s greatest hope was not the three mouthfuls of Qianyang purple gas in the morning. His greatest wish was for Mi Xiaojing to take a nap. How could he communicate or deceive him if Mi Xiaojing didn’t sleep? But for ten consecutive days, Mi Xiaojing didn’t sleep at all.

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