Chapter 60 – Jonathan is poisoned

Avery couldn’t believe that he was no match for David’s power.

In the middle of the shattered earth, the soft soil was compressed like solid rock. Purple ripples on David’s body were like the light waves on the surface of a star, fluctuating. His eyes were shining purple like two small suns, exuding a powerful aura, making him look like a deity. He spoke slowly.

“Obviously, your speed is not fast enough.”

The power of the punch just now forced him to use his physical strength, but after the purple light radiated from his body, no one could perceive the abnormality of his skin.

“This power?!”

Vulko and the others climbed up and stood by the window, unable to conceal their shock.

The ground was compressed by the terrifying power for tens of centimeters, and the large hole several tens of meters wide seemed like it was hit by a missile, but it was just the result of a simple punch between the two.

Batman unconsciously clenched his fist, his eyes showing a hint of shock and a complex expression.

“I don’t believe it.”

Amidst the roar, Avery stomped on the ground, and his figure shot out like a bullet, roaring fiercely and throwing another punch.

How could his footsteps be blocked here?

This was just an inconspicuous city on this planet.

“Your attack intent is as shallow as your rebellious teenage brain. It’s too easy to see through!”

David easily caught Avery’s supersonic fist tearing through the air. He tested Clark’s current level of ability and didn’t intend to play with Avery anymore. He said coldly.

He raised his other hand, revealing a green Kryptonite ring.

“It’s a meteorite. How do you know my weakness?”

Under the radiation, Avery’s godlike power, comparable to a battleship, quickly dissipated like a flood, and he fell to the ground in pain, looking up in horror.

David, who was holding his fist, did not answer his question out of interest.

Black Emperor could enhance his strength, speed, endurance, and other aspects of his body by consuming internal energy, but in his normal state, he could only compete with Steel Force in terms of strength and had a speed that was only ten times faster than an ordinary person.

“If he goes any further, his fragile body won’t be able to withstand it. If he can’t control it well, he will be torn apart by the energy.

But I’m different.”

A powerful body sometimes provides too much confidence.

Even though he didn’t have the power intensity of Black Emperor’s peak period now, with the enhancement of cosmic energy, his speed could reach four or five times the speed of sound.

“It’s still not as fast as Clark’s speed, but the gap has been reduced by four or five times. Avery, who has his abilities, is no longer so difficult to catch.”


Avery’s eyes rolled back and he fainted, his face quickly swelling like a steamed bun.

David slapped him, venting some of the resentment of being forced to come to Gotham, and dragged the unconscious Avery away, ready to leave.

After taking two steps, he remembered something, turned around and raised his finger, and a ray of light pierced through the air.



The fifth floor was filled with flying debris, and the place where Vulko was standing exploded. He screamed and fell five floors down.

Batman quickly shot out his grappling hook and swung over to catch him, so that this Gotham gangster wouldn’t end up as a pile of flesh before being tried in court.

“Do you think I’m someone you can use? Old man.”

Looking at Vulko, whose face turned pale, David turned around and left, leaving a word to Batman.

“He’s all yours.”

He didn’t forget the excitement when this old man secretly pointed out Avery’s location. He wanted to sit back and watch the tiger fight, using him to get rid of Avery, who was pressing on his head.

David dragged Avery away. The gangsters who were knocked down by the shockwave struggled to get up from the ground, with varying degrees of injuries.

But no one dared to stop him, they all stepped aside in fear, like avoiding a flood disaster, afraid of making him unhappy by blocking his way.


Watching David and his group leave, Batman frowned but didn’t try to stop them. He didn’t have the confidence to stop them at the moment.

He had strict principles of not killing himself, to prevent himself from falling into darkness, but he rarely interfered with others’ actions.

Occupying Vulko’s bedroom, with a cruel and ferocious look in his eyes, looking at others as if they were insects and slaves, he didn’t think that the guy who was taken away would be an innocent and good citizen who liked to help old ladies cross the street.

Avery was caught last night.

He decided to stay in Gotham for the night and rested in a hotel. When he opened the thick curtains of another hotel room in the morning, it was no surprise that it was another cloudy day.

Raindrops meandered on the window like tears, making the good mood in the morning disappear.

He carried the unconscious Avery out of the hotel closet.

The problem had been solved, and David was ready to return to the small town. After staying in Gotham for so long, he didn’t know if it was because of the bad weather that was always gloomy and rainy all year round, but it seemed that this place had a kind of magic that made people feel unconsciously depressed.

“Although the small town is remote, it makes people feel comfortable and at ease.”

That small town full of wheat fields and corn, although remote and unrelated to prosperity, was the place where he, his parents, and Clark lived together.

After transferring Clark’s abilities back to him, he could continue to stay in the small town and gain ability points from Clark.

After breakfast, David was about to make a call to his parents and tell them that he would be going home today.

But his phone suddenly rang.


“David, something bad happened. Dad collapsed and is unconscious in the hospital.” Clark’s panicked voice came from the other end of the phone.

Last night, his father Jonathan came home and said he had saved someone on the way, and the family was happy to help. After that, there was nothing unusual, but in the morning, his mood changed, and Jonathan would often cry and laugh. After a while, he fainted while working in the barn and fell into a coma.

“What happened?”

Just as he was about to go home, he heard the bad news related to his family, and David’s face changed drastically. His father had always been strong, and he rarely showed signs of fatigue even after working on the farm all day.

He instantly thought of Kryptonite. People who were exposed to Kryptonite radiation for a long time would get cancer, like Luthor in the comics.

But the Kryptonite was always properly hidden in a box lined with lead, and it shouldn’t have any problems through the ceiling and walls.

“What illness does Dad have?” he asked urgently.

“I don’t know. Dad has been unconscious and feverish. The hospital couldn’t find anything wrong.””Do you remember the new transfer student, Kara?”

In the bustling corridor of the hospital, Clark wore a look of anxiety. He glanced at Kara, who had just returned from an investigation, and lowered his voice.

“She rushed to our house after hearing about Dad’s situation. After investigating, she said Dad was poisoned by something called a Devil’s Flower.”

“Kara? Poison?”

David looked grim. Was it an accident, or was someone intentionally poisoning?

Kara, who had been resting for a while, saw Clark on the phone and quickly approached, indicating that she wanted to speak with David.

“David, Kara wants to talk to you.”

Seeing the serious look on Kara’s face, Clark hesitated before handing her the phone.

Although they hadn’t interacted much before, he felt that Kara’s concern and anxiety after his father’s illness were genuine. He just didn’t know where this concern came from.


Your father has been poisoned by the Devil’s Flower.”

Moving to one side to avoid Clark, Kara spoke quickly and quietly.

“I heard that your father was ill and rushed to the hospital immediately.

After hearing about what happened yesterday, I found that the person he saved was also in the hospital with a high fever, showing the same symptoms. I went to the scene of the incident and found the Devil’s Flower there.”

“What is the Devil’s Flower?”

Ignoring Kara’s formality, David sounded angry. It seemed like his father was an innocent victim.

“The Devil’s Flower was first discovered by the town’s residents hundreds of years ago on a barren land on the outskirts of the town. It’s a local poisonous flower.

Anyone who smells its fragrance will cry and laugh, become emotionally unstable, as if possessed by a devil, and soon will…”

“Will what?”

His face changed.

“They will die. That’s why the flower is called the Devil’s Flower. After a brief madness, they are summoned by the devil.”

“Can modern medicine cure it?”

“All the Devil’s Flowers were burned at that time. This flower, which requires harsh growing conditions, has been extinct for hundreds of years. The town’s hospital is helpless. Moreover… those who are poisoned by the Devil’s Flower usually don’t live more than a day.”

Kara looked at Jonathan lying in the hospital bed through the glass window, her voice filled with sorrow. She had heard some things in the town. The father who raised David was a good man praised by everyone.

“One day?”

One day was just enough to transfer to another hospital, let alone expecting the hospital to immediately research an antidote for a flower poison that had been extinct for hundreds of years. It was almost impossible.

David frowned, knowing that no matter how advanced modern medicine was, some poisons produced by primitive plants and animals were still not conquered.

“Kara, I remember you once said that your tribe is the descendant of extraterrestrials,

Is there any way to cure this poison?”

He didn’t just believe what Kara said.

Hundreds of years ago, there were no Americans on this land, only indigenous people. He remembered that Kara was from an indigenous tribe.

Could it be that Kara hadn’t given up on that prophecy thing and came up with this method to make him trust her?

When it came to his parents, David didn’t want to miss any possible assumptions.

“I can’t do anything, David.” In the hospital, Kara shook her head sadly.

Although their tribe was descended from aliens, they didn’t possess any high technology.

“Give the phone to Clark.”

Suppressing his burning anxiety, David said.

“David, what did Kara tell you? Do you have any solutions?”

Clark asked anxiously, gritting his teeth.

“I can’t imagine what this family would become if something happened to Dad.”

His younger brother always had more solutions than him, the elder brother. Now he was just hoping that his brother would tell him that he still had other abilities, like waving his hand to make the seriously ill better.

“Calm Mom down.

Don’t worry, Dad’s illness is not a problem.”

Taking a deep breath, David quickly said.

“I’ve found Avery, I’ll be back soon.”

Hanging up the phone, his face was uncertain.

Although his father was critically ill from the poison, anything was possible in this world.

“There are plenty of ways to bring people back from the dead!”

Leaving aside the distant possibilities, just related to Gotham, David could immediately think of two clues to save Jonathan.

(End of Chapter)

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