Chapter 44 – I will assist you in defeating your evil brother

“Now, there should be no technology on Earth that can threaten me, not even a regular nuclear bomb!”

David’s strength increased greatly, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Unless it is a super-large nuclear bomb with the potential to cause a nuclear doomsday that can affect the whole world, it would not harm him.

As for why it is called normal technology…

The science in the DC world is not really that scientific. There are always people on Earth who occasionally come up with cutting-edge black technology that is top-notch in the entire universe.

For example, the true artificial intelligence robot Metal Brigade produced by Earth’s technology, the red tornado that can compete with Kryptonians… and even the Amazo robot that can replicate all the superpowers it sees and defeat the Justice League.

“The latter is almost comparable to the ultimate destruction weapon created by Kryptonian biotechnology, the Doomsday.”

Withdrawing his scattered thoughts, David prepared to test the use of the next ability before leaving.

“Release energy rays from the eyes.”

Thanos has biological modification and high-tech battle armor, and he has the ability to absorb and manipulate energy.

“I have already tried releasing energy from my palms just now, so it should be possible with my eyes too!”

David mobilized the energy in his body, gathered it in his eyes, and after a slight heat, two purple energy rays with a high-temperature destructive aura suddenly shot out.

The two charred grooves cut across the ground and landed on a spot.

Seeing that it was feasible, he smiled excitedly and increased the energy output.


The ground was burned and melted into magma by the terrifying high temperature, boiling and evaporating.

The terrifying high temperature caused the moisture in the surrounding ground to evaporate, the earth cracked, and the leaves withered and curled up.

If he continued, the surrounding trees might catch fire.

Not wanting to start a forest fire, David cut off the energy. The residual purple energy in his eyes emitted a radiant light, like a deity standing tall on the earth, and he blinked his slightly warm eyes.

“No big problem.”

Releasing energy from the eyes is no different from releasing it from the hands, and it doesn’t pose any danger.

After testing all his abilities, David calmed his emotions and was about to turn around and leave.

He didn’t care about what Clark said about comparing and winning or losing.

“Although it shouldn’t be difficult for Clark to handle this matter with his abilities, I still have some concerns.”

Even the complete version of Superman occasionally fails, let alone the teenage version.


Suddenly, there was a faint sound of a dry branch being stepped on in the distance.

“Come out!”

David frowned immediately and quickly looked towards a bush in the distance, speaking in a low voice.

Being too excited about obtaining a new template, he forgot about everything else and didn’t notice someone secretly watching him.

Speaking of which, he himself doesn’t have Clark’s super hearing and super vision, although Clark’s abilities are mostly useless.

Behind the bushes, a tall and beautiful female figure walked out, with a look of shock on her face, looking at the magma on the ground and murmuring.

“The eyes can burn everything…”

“It’s you?”

Seeing that figure, David was a little surprised. He didn’t expect the person who discovered his abilities to be someone he was familiar with.

“The legends are true.”

Kara looked at David, her eyes bursting with light, as if she saw a mythical figure believed to be real, and she muttered excitedly.

“What legends?”

With his abilities being seen by someone, David’s face turned cold, but he wasn’t too flustered.

Because the person in front of him is not an ordinary person either.

“When did you come here?”

“David Kent, don’t worry, I have known about your abilities for a long time, and I won’t expose them to outsiders.”

Kara raised her hand, indicating that she had no ill intentions, and said excitedly.

“You have known for a long time?”

David furrowed his brows even deeper, full of suspicion in his eyes.

“You and your brother Clark Kent emitted a bug-like smell on the edge of the forest, and I saw everything deep in the forest.”

Kara told everything without reservation.

Now she is sure which brother is Nama!

After listening to her story, David’s eyes flashed, connecting everything together. She saw him and Clark dealing with Greg, revealing abilities beyond ordinary people, so that’s why this Kara secretly paid attention to him and Clark?

Since that party, he has occasionally felt someone secretly observing him and Clark on campus.

“Since you have been able to keep your mouth shut for so many days, I hope you can continue to do so.”

David said coldly, a hint of danger flashed in his eyes, not hiding his warning, and turned to leave.

“If you don’t want me to visit you and never speak again.”

“Wait, Nama.”

Seeing David about to leave, Kara hurriedly said, “You should be careful of your brother.”

“I am not called Nama.”

With a strange nickname, David paused his steps and turned his head slightly, “Also, why should I be careful of Clark?”

Although Clark has been a bit annoying recently, worrying about this and that, staring at him to prevent him from going down a dangerous path, it shouldn’t be to the point where he needs to be careful.

This Kara is strange from head to toe, and her gaze towards him is abnormal, with a burning loyalty as if she wants to follow him.

“In the legends of our tribe, you are called Nama.”

“And your brother is called Sege.”

“Nama, Sege?”

David turned his head in confusion, not understanding what she was talking about.

“What tribe’s legends?”

“Our Kawaqi tribe has a long history of five hundred years. Five hundred years ago, a man from another planet fell in love with the mother of our tribe, and because of this forbidden love, our tribe was born.”

Facing David, Kara slowly recounted the long-hidden history of her people, her face filled with long-suppressed excitement.”On the day he left, he soared into the sky, leaving behind a prophecy. Five hundred years later, his kin would descend with the heavenly fire, named Nama, to prevent his brother Sergai from destroying the Kavachi tribe and the world.”

“Except for the extraterrestrial part, it’s quite an original-flavored legend.

But it has nothing to do with me.”

David raised an eyebrow and walked away.

He was quite certain that he was not this Nama, and the Sergai who would destroy the world according to Kara was definitely not Clark.

“I am a born and bred Earthling.”

“In the legend, Nama’s characteristics are not just descending with the heavenly fire.”

Kara caught up and hurriedly said.

“Moreover, he has strength that surpasses ten men combined, and his gaze can burn everything.”

“All of these match you, David!”

There had always been speculation in the tribe that the meteor shower accompanied by fire seventeen years ago, which coincided with the prophecy’s timeline, might be the heavenly fire from the legend.

That day in the forest, after seeing the extraordinary strength of David and Clark, Kara began to suspect.

A pair of brothers with transcendent powers, one of whom even had purple skin unlike an Earthling, could they be the brothers from the prophecy?

“I’ve been observing you since I saw you in the forest, trying to determine which one of you is Nama and which one is Sergai.”

As she spoke, she revealed her ability to assure David that she was not a madwoman.

Kara’s palm turned into a clean white wolf claw.

“Until just now, when I saw you shoot rays from your eyes and melt the ground into magma, I confirmed your identity. You are Nama, the savior in the prophecy!”

“A wolf? The town’s rumor about a white giant wolf appearing in the forest at night, is that referring to you?”

Seeing her wolf claw, David stopped in his tracks, a little surprised.

As for the legend Kara spoke of, he still took it as a casual story, with little disturbance in his heart.

Perhaps aliens, descendants of aliens, and even prophecies of aliens returning to Earth are all true, but they definitely have nothing to do with him.

“This is the convergence of fate, Nama.

I am the daughter of the chief of the Kavachi tribe, I have the bracelet left by the mother of the tribe, and I am the one who found you.”

The person from the prophecy that the tribe had been waiting for five hundred years appeared, and Kara, with a heroic look between her eyebrows, was certain that David was Nama.

She raised her hand excitedly, wearing a beautiful silver bracelet embedded with turquoise on her wrist.

“I will wholeheartedly and unreservedly assist you in defeating your evil brother Clark!”

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