Chapter 43 – Manipulation of energy new ability

The standalone villa exuded a sense of coldness and simplicity in its Nordic style, hinting at the indifference of elite individuals.

After easily dealing with a few stubborn farmers, Rickman returned home and threw his car keys on the coffee table. He lifted his foot to go to the underground wine cellar to fetch a bottle of red wine and leisurely enjoy it.

Suddenly, a figure appeared on the glass surface of the coffee table, silently standing behind him.

He was startled and took a step back, his hair standing on end.

“Who are you?”

The tall figure was dressed in blue overalls like a lumberjack, wearing a pair of sturdy brown boots. He had a blue hood with only two holes on his head. The strange man lowered his voice and spoke.

“Mr. Rickman, don’t be afraid.”

“What do you want?”

Seeing that the other person didn’t have a gun in his hand, Rickman breathed a sigh of relief, his face showing annoyance.

“You used unconventional means to control the farmers and make them unknowingly sell their farms and homes. This is unfair!”

“Control? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

A trace of unease flashed in Rickman’s eyes.

“If you want money, there’s no need to play tricks like this.”

“I don’t want your money. I just want you to terminate those contracts that have caused trouble for the farmers based on falsehoods.”

Clark took a step forward, his tall and strong body exuding a powerful and oppressive aura.

Rickman pretended to be afraid and took a step back, but in the next second, he swiftly lunged forward, trying to touch Clark’s neck with his hand.


His vision blurred, and Rickman missed his target as Clark appeared behind him.

“I know about your abilities. I believe that without any physical contact with you, you won’t be able to use your powers.”

At first, Jonathan’s father remained clear-headed and firmly refused the other person. It was only after shaking hands with the person in front of him that he lost his memory and signed the contract. If he could control others with just a thought, it wouldn’t be so complicated.

Most likely, physical contact was necessary to activate the powers, just like how Shawn had to absorb body heat by touching someone.

“If you don’t want your abilities to be exposed, it’s best to do as I say, Mr. Rickman.”

“You… you!”

Turning his head to look at the blue-clothed man who had appeared behind him in an instant, Rickman widened his eyes, his voice filled with astonishment. “You also have abilities.”

“Terminate the contract, or should I send the news about your abilities to major newspapers?”

Ignoring his shock, Clark used the same methods that Flange had used to threaten him.

“The choice is yours, Mr. Rickman.”

“I… I agree.”

With a mixture of frustration and contemplation in his eyes, Rickman struggled on his face and said.

In fact, there was no need to think too much. On one hand, his biggest secret would be exposed, and the reputation of his multimillion-dollar enterprise would be ruined, drowned in the strange and guarded gazes of others. On the other hand, it was just a piece of land for a factory worth a few hundred thousand dollars that hadn’t even been built yet.

“A wise choice. Mr. Rickman, I will be watching you. If the contract is not terminated by tomorrow, the front pages of the city’s newspapers will make room for you.”

With that, Clark disappeared like a ghost, causing the curtains to flutter in the wind.

Left alone in the room, Rickman stood there, his face changing constantly, his fists clenched tightly.

Suddenly, he noticed the spot where the blue-clothed man had been standing. On the black and gray marble floor, there were a few small pieces of soil with crushed grass.

Rickman’s eyes lit up as he walked forward and squatted down, carefully picking them up.

“Fair? You know who I am, but I don’t know who you are. Isn’t that unfair?”

“Hey, is this the Metropolitan Geological Survey Bureau?” He took out his phone and made a call, sneering. “I want to have a few pieces of soil tested…”

In the forest, David looked at his own hands and felt the immense power within him. He punched a large tree in front of him.


The tree, which could be encircled by an adult, was broken by his terrifying strength. With the sound of branches snapping, it fell between two trees, stirring up a cloud of dust.

David turned around and punched another tree. Wood chips flew, and the broken tree trunk flew several meters before falling to the ground.

“With two consecutive punches, I actually used the same amount of strength.”

The difference was that the second punch carried the kinetic energy absorbed from the first punch.

This was the power of the Black Emperor – the ability to absorb various forms of energy and convert them into his own energy to be released at will, or to temporarily enhance his strength, speed, and endurance through energy.

The energy he could absorb included but was not limited to kinetic energy, thermal energy, electrical energy, and even magical energy, making his defense incredibly powerful.

“The upper limit of the Black Emperor’s ability can easily drain a small nuclear reactor. It can be considered an extremely powerful template.”

David’s body was filled with a surging energy, like a vast ocean.

Moreover, after merging with Thanos’ appearance, the upper limit of his energy absorption had greatly increased!

As an Eternal mutant, every drop of his blood and every cell contained cosmic energy, making him a huge energy container.

“But for now, it seems that I can only absorb kinetic energy.”

David experimented with the newly acquired ability.

Absorbing kinetic energy was easy, as simple as breathing or drinking water.

He emitted an energy beam from his hand, igniting the broken wood on the ground. He reached into the fire and found that absorbing it was much more difficult.

“It’s like being thirsty for days, with a dry throat smoking, and forcing down uncooked grains. It’s not smooth at all.”

He shook his head.


“It should be because the fusion degree of the template is not high enough.”

Withdrawing his palm from the fire, David pondered, took a deep breath, and exhaled.

A gust of wind blew, extinguishing the fire to prevent a wildfire from starting and burning down the forest.Once my fusion level increases, I estimate that I’ll be able to absorb physical energies such as electricity and heat.

At the end of the fusion, I should be able to absorb magical energy from the magic side.

“By then, my magic resistance will reach a terrifying level.”

“Most super heroes or super villains do not have specific resistance to magic.”

Take Clark for example, his magic resistance is quite average compared to his physical resistance, hence the joke that his magic resistance is negative.

“The Black Emperor’s power is strong, but it’s not without weaknesses and flaws. These flaws disappeared after the fusion with the Thanos template.”

David felt the cosmic energy spontaneously recovering within his body, his eyes flashing with excitement.

For instance, if the energy within the Black Emperor is not replenished, it will be released bit by bit. Without energy, he is just an ordinary person. To maintain sufficient momentum and energy, he must be beaten by others, or constantly hit walls and recharge energy through actions like charging.

This is undoubtedly very troublesome, but he doesn’t need to.

David has the physique of the Eternals, and can spontaneously recover cosmic energy, filling his entire body with cosmic energy.

“Also, absorbing energy close to the limit is extremely dangerous for the Black Emperor.”

If he accidentally exceeds the limit, the energy in his body will explode out of control. His body will be torn apart at the slightest, and at worst, it will be completely annihilated.

It’s easy to be targeted and overload his body.

He relies on the physique of the Eternals, and at most, an energy outburst would only cause minor injuries.

“Moreover, after the fusion of the two templates, I don’t need to use both hands to assist in absorbing energy.”

When the Black Emperor absorbs energy, it’s like other mutants using their abilities, such as Magneto and Professor X, they need to use gestures to concentrate and activate their powers.

But for him, whose every cell can store energy, he usually doesn’t need to go through such trouble.

“The benefits of fusing the two templates with the body are far greater than the sum of their parts!”

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