Chapter 12 – David, what’s wrong with your body?

A figure he was familiar with but shouldn’t have appeared here.

With the sound of footsteps, David slowly walked out of the darkness under the streetlight.

“David, what did you say?”

Clark was puzzled and surprised by David’s sudden appearance.

“How did you come here? I deliberately brought him out of town to this place. Even if you drive, it’s impossible to come from school so quickly.”

Also, if he didn’t hear it wrong, his younger brother asked him to kill someone?

“I said kill him, Clark.”

Ignoring his question, David glanced at Jeremy and stood still, repeating with a serious expression.

[Anger from Jeremy +0.02, killing intent +0.02…]

Unexpectedly, this person could also provide emotional points, but compared to Clark, it was pitifully little.

“We can’t kill him.”

Clark’s face looked slightly unpleasant, his voice slowed down as he rejected the proposal.

“With the law, we can hand him over to the police. He will be sentenced and receive the punishment he deserves.”

He didn’t deny that Jeremy deserved the death penalty, but no one should arbitrarily override the law and life.

“You let him see your face.”

David stopped wasting words and took a step towards Jeremy, who had just managed to stand up from the ground.

“My face?”

“Do you think a normal prison can hold him? When he comes out, will he seek revenge on you?”

David wasn’t worried about Clark’s tough skin, but revenge could also be directed at the people around him. He asked in return.

“If he follows you and finds our home…”

When mentioning their parents, Clark’s face changed, suddenly remembering something that had been forgotten from beginning to end.

He finally understood why his younger brother wanted to kill him as soon as they met.

Clark touched his face. Under his anxiousness, he forgot to hide his identity.


Jeremy faced Clark without any fear, but when David approached him with a cold aura, he felt a trace of uneasiness in his heart, as if there was a difference between a gentle elephant and a deadly lion.

From David’s deathly cold eyes, he could tell that David’s words of wanting to kill him were not just empty threats.

And with his ability and confidence, would the person who came to kill him be an ordinary person?


Electricity burst forth, and before Jeremy could attack, David disappeared from his original position without blinking.

Thanos’ ability did not include super speed; his speed was only close to the speed of sound.

But that was enough.

“To prevent future troubles, your death sentence can only be brought forward.”

David, along with his voice, appeared in front of the startled Jeremy, effortlessly holding his neck with one hand, lifting him up in the air like a little chick.

Like being pinched by iron tongs, Jeremy struggled to breathe, his face turning purple, his legs weakly kicking in mid-air.

“Wh-what kind of monster are you?”

Looking at David’s purple skin, he stared wide-eyed in horror, desperately grasping David’s hand, using all his strength to activate his ability.

“Let… let me go!”


Terrifying electricity struck David’s hand, only turning his sleeve into ashes, but it couldn’t even shake his slender body made of steel.

“David, what happened to you?”

Caught between his parents and murder, Clark was already hesitant. Seeing his brother suddenly change, he stood still in shock, mouth agape.

“How did you become like this?”

“It’s not just you who has secrets, Clark.”

Glancing at Clark, David replied.

He could snap Jeremy’s neck at any time, but he deliberately didn’t do so. He had a guess.

Clark quickly realized that it wasn’t important now.

Leaving an afterimage in his original position, he quickly flew over and grabbed David’s wrist.

“Let him go, little brother.”

He hurriedly tried to stop David.

But to his surprise, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pry open David’s hand.

From the strength that was enough to make an ordinary person let go, to the strength that could bend an arm-thick steel rod, the road beneath their feet cracked under the force exerted by him.

David’s body seemed like an immovable mountain, still as a rock.

“How did you do it? Are you really David?”

Surprised, Clark dared not continue to exert force, afraid of hurting his suddenly mysterious younger brother.

“Listen, David, you can’t kill him.””Some lines, once crossed, can never be taken back. If our father and mother were here, they wouldn’t agree with what you’re doing.”

Then, his expression became serious, staring into his brother’s eyes, earnestly asking him to put the man down.

At this moment, Clark deeply regretted his lack of foresight.

But he didn’t want his brother to pay the price of murder to clean up this mess.

“Think about how our parents would feel if they knew about this, David.”

One second, two seconds… the two locked eyes.

“Alright, I won’t kill him.”

Mentioning their parents seemed to soften David’s stance, and he let go of Jeremy.

“But, I need to take a precaution.”


With that, he slapped Jeremy on the back of his head, not using too much force.

It felt like being hit hard by a baseball bat. Before he could react, Jeremy fell stiffly onto the cold, hard road, his eyes closed and motionless.

“Did you kill him?”

Clark quickly checked Jeremy’s condition. He was still breathing, but no matter how much he was called, he wouldn’t wake up.

“I made him a vegetable to prevent him from doing evil in the future.”


Hearing his brother’s casual words, Clark couldn’t believe it and looked up, “David, you…”

“Do you want to say that this is also vigilantism, and it’s not acceptable?”

David immediately raised his eyebrows and retorted.


Clark honestly thought so.

Turning someone into a vegetable to prevent retaliation was too cruel.

But remembering that this situation arose from his own negligence, and that his brother had listened to him and not killed the man, should he continue to reprimand his brother?

Clark was speechless, unable to speak.

“Let’s end this here. Take him to a place where he can be treated, and don’t get involved with this anymore.”

David glanced at the newly minted vegetable on the ground and turned to leave.

“[Fear from Jeremy +0.04, Anger +0.03, Hatred +0.004…]”

A steady stream of emotional points were credited.

“Indeed, although a vegetable can’t wake up, his brain is still conscious.”

This was more beneficial to him than killing Jeremy.

“I left him at the entrance of the town hospital.”

Carrying Jeremy, Clark disappeared from the spot. After a second or two, David hadn’t gone far when he returned, his voice dull.

“Now let’s go back to school, in case someone notices we’re missing.”

David glanced at Clark, who had only left a blurry trail when he left earlier.

“My power and defense are definitely far superior to Clark’s at this point, but in terms of speed, Clark has a significant advantage over me.”

He was a little curious in his heart. If they didn’t use Kryptonite, he wondered who would win if he and the current Clark fought.

“David, what’s going on with your body?”

Catching up with his brother, Clark looked complicated. He had a series of questions to ask. David had revealed too much today, and he suddenly realized that he didn’t seem to know his brother very well.

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