Chapter 11 – Kill him, Clark

First, the fire alarm was triggered, and everyone got wet.

Now suddenly there is a person with superpowers who can discharge electricity. It is not difficult to see that this is a carefully planned massacre.

Looking at the person at the door, David raised an eyebrow.

He had long suspected that the strange rumors circulating in this town were not groundless.

“It is likely that the radiation from the Kryptonite has caused some people to undergo genetic mutations.”

After all, the rich rely on technology, and the poor rely on mutations.

But I didn’t expect a madman to suddenly appear and want to kill almost everyone in the town high school.


The crowd shouted in horror.

“What kind of horror movie is this?”

Chloe and Pete trembled in fear.

Anyone with common sense knows what happens when a terrifying electric current comes into contact with water.

As long as that person’s hands touch the ground now, he can instantly kill hundreds of people here.

“Raise your hands!”

The crowd felt as if hell was beckoning to them, and some boys wanted to rush forward to stop him.

But it was in vain.

That devil-like figure swiftly pressed his electrified hands to the ground.

In less than a second, a distance of twenty to thirty meters, no one could stop him in time.

In an instant, David frowned, about to take action.

Regardless of whether there were people he knew among them, saving these people was just a small effort.

“Looking at it from another perspective, if everyone here dies and only Clark and I survive, it will be difficult not to attract the attention of those who are interested.”

“David? No!”

However, someone was faster than him. Clark looked at David, who was in danger, and his face changed dramatically. He shouted in a low voice and burst out with unprecedented speed, disappearing on the spot.


In the blink of an eye, with less than ten centimeters left, the electric current on Jeremy’s hand was about to touch the ground.

But in the next moment, he was suddenly lifted off the ground.

“What happened?”

“Where is that person?”

Some people closed their eyes in fear, expecting the intense pain from the electric shock, but it never came. They touched their bodies.

When they opened their eyes and looked towards the door, the devil who wanted to kill them was gone, replaced only by a cold wind blowing in from outside the door, making people shiver.

“Was it an illusion?”

Could it be that everything that just happened was a mass hallucination?

Some people who were trying to stop Jeremy from running towards him didn’t see what happened, because Clark’s speed was too fast, beyond the limit of human eyes.

They didn’t even see a blurry figure.

“Something happened, but they didn’t look at Lana first.”

David slowly put down the snack in his hand, feeling somewhat relieved.

“It seems that you still have hope, Clark, and haven’t completely fallen.”

His own brother didn’t treat other boys differently just because Lana had a boyfriend.


How are you going to handle this, Clark?

If you handle it poorly, it could bring trouble to our family.

David frowned and stepped back, his body swaying, disappearing on the spot.

The crowd still had lingering fears as they looked around, wanting to know if this was a terrible prank.

“Where are David and Clark?”

Chloe patted her chest in fear, searching for the two people who had disappeared.

“They were here just now.” Pete looked around. “Maybe they found it boring while we were dancing and left?”

A trace of doubt flashed in Chloe’s eyes.

But not long before the incident happened, she saw the two brothers still there. Could she have remembered wrong?

“Who are you, and why did you do that?!”

On the road outside the town, Clark threw the madman he was carrying off his shoulder and angrily questioned.

“Do you know that there were hundreds of lives there!”

“Why am I here?”

Getting up from the ground, Jeremy shook his head and looked at his hands, then looked around.

Why did he suddenly end up on the outskirts of the town?

“Who are you?”

He looked at Clark in front of him and recognized him. He almost had the same experience as the person who was mistaken for a scarecrow.

“They almost took you for a scarecrow.”

His face darkened, and he felt a sense of betrayal. His hands surged with electric currents, shining brightly and terrifyingly under the dim streetlights, making a screeching sound like a crow’s scream echoing in the open wilderness.

“But you want to protect them?!”

Those guys wearing olive team uniforms are no different from the person who nailed him to the cross more than ten years ago!


He roared and questioned fiercely, and a powerful electric current violently knocked Clark away.

“Do you want to kill Whitney and the others? Absolutely not.”

Flying back seven or eight meters and falling to the ground, Clark got up as if nothing had happened, patting off the sparks on his clothes burned by the electric current. Upon hearing these words, he understood the original target and urgently said.

Even if Whitney was his love rival, even if Whitney wanted to tie him to the cross, he didn’t deserve to die.

“God sent me back to the world, and I have a special mission to purify evil.”

With a single blow that could easily turn a person into charcoal, it didn’t even hurt the other party. After Jeremy was surprised, he became furious.

“You are also favored by God, but you protect sinners!”

His hands erupted with a powerful electric current, looking like he was holding two small suns formed by the convergence of electricity.

“Protecting sinners, you are not worthy of the power bestowed upon you by God.”

The bursting electric current hit the hard asphalt road, causing it to burn red and melt. A foul smell spread, as if it were the sulfur of hell.


“Go to hell!”Jerome extended both hands.

Electricity, like a lightning tree rapidly growing in the air, branched out, accompanied by a thick main trunk of current, striking at Clark at a speed far exceeding sound.

Unable to dodge in time, Clark bent his arms to shield himself. The clothes on his arms instantly turned to ashes.

The powerful current even made him feel a hint of pain, and he let out a cry.


In the next instant, Clark dodged, moving as fast as a bullet out of a barrel, arriving at Jerome’s side. Time seemed to slow down drastically. Jerome was still glaring ahead with a fierce expression, electricity shooting out from his palms, oblivious to everything.

He looked at his own hands and carefully pushed out.


The next second, time seemed to return to normal. Jerome’s body was sent flying as if hit by a ten-ton truck, tracing an arc of more than ten meters before crashing heavily to the ground.


Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, his expression pained, feeling as if he had broken several ribs.

“I can’t understand why anyone would enjoy helping those who bully them!”

Jerome, clutching his aching chest, glared at Clark with resentment.

Why would Clark help those who bullied him? This was betrayal.

“Your palms?”

Clark saw the terrifying scars on his hands as if they had been pierced by steel nails. His face changed, and he gradually guessed what had happened.

He remembered the strange incident Chloe had mentioned during their chat at school.

“Recently, members of the town’s high school football team have been electrocuted to death.”

“Are you the serial killer who killed them? Are you taking revenge on the football team?”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Ignoring his words, Jerome tried to get up from the ground and attack him, enduring the intense pain.

“Don’t get up, I don’t want to accidentally kill you.”

Clark waved his hands a bit flustered.

He hadn’t really fought with anyone before and was afraid of accidentally killing the other person.

But hearing this, Jerome became even more furious. Despite the pain, he staggered to his feet.

“If he wants to kill you, then kill him, Clark!”

Just as Clark was unsure of what to do, a cold voice came.

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