Chapter 9 – Aromas fill the kitchen

Xiao Li and the others followed the fragrance and rushed over, as if they were starving wild dogs who hadn’t eaten for half a month.

This was clearly abnormal.

Lin Baici shouted several times but couldn’t stop them. He knew it was the work of the Divine Taboo again.

Five minutes later, everyone was panting as they rushed into a large courtyard and stopped in front of a vegetarian hall.

Above the hall’s gate hung a plaque that read “Xiang Ji Kitchen”.

“A cafeteria?” Lin Baici sniffed and smelled someone cooking porridge. It smelled so good!

Hua Yueyu and the others pushed open the door.


The door hinge made an irritating sound.

Lin Baici wasn’t tempted by the fragrance. He could leave, but hesitated for a moment and stepped over the one-foot-high threshold and followed them in.


After Lin Baici entered, the door slammed shut.

Lin Baici turned around and pulled the wooden door. It was tightly shut and couldn’t be opened!

The vegetarian hall called Xiang Ji Kitchen was very large, with fifty rectangular tables and wooden stools, which could accommodate six or seven hundred people at the same time.

On the north side was the kitchen, where no one could be seen busy, but there was a strong fragrance of porridge wafting out.

The old aunt found an empty seat and started calling for Lin Baici.

“Baici, come and sit down!”

There were many people in Xiang Ji Kitchen. Lin Baici glanced at them and counted nearly a hundred, but they all looked anxious and didn’t feel like talking.

In front of each person was a large bowl filled with purple eight-treasure porridge, which was very tempting. Just looking at it made people want to drink until they were full.

“Seven guests, one bowl of fragrant porridge each!” A bold female voice rang out in the hall.

Lin Baici felt like he had entered Sun Erniang’s black shop in Liangshan. If he wasn’t careful, someone might rush out and chop them up with a knife, then use them as filling for buns.

Out of caution, he should let someone else ask about the current situation, but Jin Yingzhen and the others were all thinking about “eating” and didn’t care about anything else.

Lin Baici had to ask himself.

He took a look around and then looked at the old man with white hair sitting three meters away from him.

“Old man, what’s going on here?”

Lin Baici was polite, but the old man ignored him and slurped his porridge, then struck up a conversation with Hua Yueyu.

“Beauty, why do I feel like I’ve seen you before?”

This old man often watched live streams and loved these young girls. It would be even better if they wore less.

[He is an old-fashioned critic who disrespects the elderly. He only watches live streams for free and often pretends to be rich to flirt with female streamers, but in reality, he is stingy and always steals something from the supermarket. If caught, he lies on the ground pretending to have a heart attack!]

[Attention: Do not help him up if you see him fall, or you will be extorted!]

[It is recommended to feed him to the dogs after charcoal burning!]

The food god’s three-part evaluation made this old man seem worthless.

Hua Yueyu didn’t hear what the old man said at all. She stretched her neck and stared straight at the kitchen, her eyes eager.

Jin Yingzhen and the old aunt were more or less the same.Everyone didn’t wait long, and a chef walked out with a red lacquered tray.

There were seven bowls of porridge on it.

The bowls were very large, big enough to hold a person’s head.

Lin Baici saw the chef and his pupils shrank.

The other party was wearing a very clean coarse cloth linen, tied with an apron, and wrapped a white square scarf on her head.

Her hands and feet were very skillful, and her smile was very kind, but she was about two meters tall, with a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist, and her arms were thick enough to run a horse.

Lin Baici believed that in the face of such a chef, diners were definitely not thinking about how to eat a free meal, but whether they could survive after eating.

“Seven bowls of Fu Lu Shou Xi porridge!”

As the chef stretched out her tone and bowed, the seven people including Lin Baici were served a bowl of porridge.

The steam rose, and the fragrance of the porridge filled the air, making people unable to resist the urge to eat.

“Please enjoy!”

After the chef shouted, she put the tray on her lower abdomen and retreated to the side, smiling at everyone.

Jin Yingzhen and others couldn’t wait any longer. They didn’t even use a wooden spoon, but directly picked up the big bowl and poured it into their mouths.

Even if it was scalding hot, they didn’t stop drinking the porridge.


Lin Baici’s mouth twitched as he watched.

The chef was very satisfied, but when she saw that Lin Baici didn’t move, her smile immediately disappeared: “You… don’t drink?”

“It’s hot, let it cool down!”

Lin Baici perfunctorily replied.

“It tastes better when it’s hot!”

The chef explained.

“I’m afraid of getting burned!”

Lin Baici squeezed out a smile.


The old man looked at Lin Baici with a smug expression, waiting to see him suffer.

Someone didn’t drink the porridge just now, but was forcibly opened his mouth by the chef and poured it in like pouring sewage into a trash can.

“I’ll help you!”

The chef said and put the tray on the table. She took a step and stood in front of Lin Baici, rolled up her sleeves, and was ready to help him drink the porridge.

Lin Baici didn’t dare to let the chef do it and quickly picked up the big bowl: “No need, I can do it myself!”


Lin Baici took a sip of porridge.


It’s so hot!

The chef showed her smile again, put down her sleeves, and took the tray.

“Don’t worry, drink as much as you want!”

After speaking, the chef walked towards the kitchen.

Lin Baici waited until the chef turned around before lowering his head and spitting the porridge back into the bowl.

Who knows if there’s something wrong with this stuff?

He definitely wouldn’t drink it.

Lin Baici was very cautious, holding the bowl to his mouth and stealing glances at the chef’s back. If the other party found out that he had spit out the porridge, he would immediately drink another sip.

By the way, the chef even had a kitchen knife hanging from her waist?

It’s a bit scary.

The chef didn’t look back until she walked into the kitchen.

Lin Baici was relieved and looked at the others.

Jin Yingzhen and the other six were drinking porridge and urging Lin Baici to taste it quickly.

“Don’t drink it!”

Lin Baici advised.

It was useless.

“Why can you resist it?”

The old man looked at Lin Baici in shock, dumbfounded.The eight people at the same table had the same expression.

The porridge was too delicious. Everyone realized something was wrong after drinking too much. Before that, they only had the thought of drinking porridge in their minds.

Lin Baici ignored the old man.

He felt hungry, but not for the porridge. He wanted to ‘eat’ something in the kitchen.

The old man’s gaze fell on the pine torch and then on Lin Baici, carefully examining him.

This kid had strong willpower. He couldn’t resist drinking the porridge earlier, looking like a starving ghost, making his stomach uncomfortable and wanting to vomit now.

“Food is the most important thing for the people, drink porridge! Drink porridge!”

Lin Baici felt relieved when he heard the words of the food god. It seemed that the porridge was okay to drink.

In the hall, everyone sat on wooden stools, drinking porridge with embarrassed expressions. Some people had obviously drunk too much, but they dared not stop and had to force themselves.

“Will we be killed if we can’t finish this bowl of porridge within a certain period of time?”

Lin Baici analyzed.

“Hey, why aren’t you drinking? It’s so delicious!”

Sima Mu was surprised when he saw that Lin Baici hadn’t moved. He had already finished his bowl and was now licking the remaining rice grains with his tongue.

“Not hungry!”

Lin Baici noticed that Sima Mu had filled his stomach with a bowl of porridge and was not fully focused on it now.

Jin Yingzhen didn’t have a big appetite and couldn’t eat anymore. She drank the porridge at a noticeably slower pace. On the other hand, Hua Yueyu, unexpectedly, was a big eater.

“I advise you to drink quickly. When the cook comes out later and sees that you haven’t drunk the porridge, she will chop off your head!”

The old man deliberately frightened Lin Baici when he saw that he hadn’t drunk a sip of porridge, feeling unhappy about it.

If this Fu Lu Shou Xi porridge was harmful to the body, this kid would have escaped if he didn’t drink it. This was not acceptable!

If they were going to die, they would die together.

“No need to worry about me. I have a bad stomach and can’t eat anything. I believe that the cook will be understanding!”

Lin Baici smiled.

This old man had some dark thoughts.

As soon as Sima Mu put down his bowl after drinking the porridge and burped, the cook came out with a bowl of porridge in her hand.

It was still a large bowl, placed on the table in front of Sima Mu.

“Can you tell how many ingredients are in this Fu Lu Shou Xi porridge?”

The cook blinked her billiard ball-sized eyes and looked at Sima Mu expectantly.

“I can’t tell!”

Sima Mu shook his head. Who could tell?

He glanced at the hot porridge in the bowl, which had boiled red dates, longans, peanuts, and various beans that were almost overcooked.

He didn’t recognize them.

The cook looked disappointed, but still smiled reluctantly. “It’s okay. Take your time and drink it slowly. You don’t need to rush!”

Lin Baici raised his eyebrows when he heard this.

Did she want to live by guessing how many ingredients were in this Fu Lu Shou porridge?

When the cook was about to leave, she noticed the bowl of porridge in front of Lin Baici and immediately stopped, her big eyes widening. “Why aren’t you drinking?”

As she spoke, her right hand reached behind her waist and gripped the handle of the kitchen knife.”Hehe, if you have the guts, continue not drinking!”

The old man was comfortable.

“I drank it, savoring it carefully!”

Lin Baici explained, “I want to taste the flavor of each ingredient on my tongue!”

The chef heard this and became excited, asking eagerly, “Have you tasted anything?”

“I’ve tasted five ingredients so far!”

Lin Baici glanced over and reported the ingredients he could recognize.

“Uh-huh! Uh-huh!”

The chef nodded eagerly and was very satisfied. “You are the first customer today to taste the Fulu Shouxi porridge seriously. Let me give you another bowl of hot porridge. Drink it with confidence, it’s filling!”

“Thank you!”

Lin Baici was very polite.

The old man was stunned, and the other customers at nearby tables were also amazed.

Drinking porridge in this Xiangji kitchen was a torture, comparable to torture, but this person actually took the initiative to ask for it?

“Truly ignorant and fearless!”

A woman with red hair sneered.

“He managed to dodge all of that?”

The old man was speechless.

This student’s response exceeded his expectations, especially when he saw that the chef believed in him and didn’t force him to drink the scalding hot porridge. He was unhappy.

But when the chef brought another bowl and put it in front of Lin Baici, urging him to drink it quickly, the old man was happy.

Let’s see how it ends when he can’t finish it later!

Jin Yingzhen and the others had drunk more than half a bowl of porridge, and their strong appetite had diminished, their reasoning returning to their brains. Suddenly, they broke out in a cold sweat and were frightened.

Even if they were foolish, they could sense that eerie feeling.

“Oppa, what should we do?”

Jin Yingzhen looked at Lin Baici with hopeful eyes.

Their survival depended on him.

The female anchor, the old lady, and Xiao Li were also the same. Lin Baici was now the hope of the whole village.

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