Chapter 8 – Thanks for the gift from the gods

The two words “Kamigami” contained too much information, leaving Lin Baici stunned.

“Are you saying that this cushion is the Divine Taboo?”

Lin Baici walked up to the cushion and examined it carefully.

This thing was unremarkable and inconspicuous, unlike the carved beast-patterned incense burner, which looked like a valuable antique.

So much so that Lin Baici made a misjudgment.

Kamigami might have thought that this question was too foolish and did not respond.

Of course, since Lin Baici heard the mysterious voice, the other party had not responded to him proactively, and most of the time, he was talking to himself, mostly related to eating.

“That divine grace, if I eat it, will I be able to remember everything that others say, regardless of length?”

Lin Baici was excited.

If he had this ability, his learning efficiency would definitely increase.

“Report, I found a Nine-Leak Fish. I’ve explained it so plainly, but it still needs me to say it again!”


Lin Baici’s mouth twitched. Was he being despised?


Lin Baici’s stomach started growling again, and since he approached this yellowed cushion, his appetite had started to boil and was almost uncontrollable.

There seemed to be a kind of peerless delicacy on it, tempting his gluttony.

“How…how do I eat it?”

Lin Baici stuck out his tongue and licked his teeth.

He couldn’t just bite into the cushion like a pancake, could he?

A pair of translucent and starlight-like slender arms stretched out from Lin Baici’s shoulders. They grabbed a light ball the size of a fist from the cushion in mid-air.

The light ball was like a soap bubble, colorful, and wrapped around a pale golden small ball, like a little sun.

“Is this divine grace?”

The strong desire to eat made Lin Baici unable to resist the urge to snatch the “soap bubble” and stuff it into his mouth.

The feeling was like a refugee who had suffered from hunger for half his life and had been starving for decades suddenly seeing a table full of delicacies.

He couldn’t wait to eat!

“Open your mouth!”

Lin Baici opened his mouth.

“Thanks for the gift from the gods!”

After Kamigami finished speaking, he grabbed the soap bubble with both arms and stuffed it into Lin Baici’s mouth.

After the soap bubble entered, it broke directly, and the pale golden little sun melted in his mouth like a cup of hot milk flowing into his throat and entering his stomach.

Lin Baici’s body immediately became hot, and at the same time, some mysterious knowledge was added to his brain, imprinted on his neurons.

He couldn’t forget it, just like an innate talent.

Get the ability to remember everything you hear!

A sense of fullness arose spontaneously, making Lin Baici very satisfied.


Lin Baici snapped his fingers.

“Baici, what are you doing? We should leave now.”

In the courtyard, Sima Mu shouted.


Jin Yingzhen came back after picking tea leaves: “Is everything okay?”

“It’s okay!”

Lin Baici looked at the cushion and asked Kamigami in his heart.

“What should I do with this Divine Taboo? Can I take it with me?”

Lin Baici had harvested the first divine grace from it, which was very commemorative, so he wanted to keep it, but he didn’t know if it was still dangerous.

“Vanilla cushion, sitting on it to study can keep you energized, work hard for a long time without fatigue, and remember everything you hear. With persistent use, it can enhance your memory for a long time and even cure Alzheimer’s disease.”


Lin Baici put the incense burner aside and picked up the cushion.

It wasn’t heavy, probably about three pounds.

“Oppa, are you going to take it with you?”

Jin Yingzhen was worried: “The Divine Taboo will only become less dangerous after being sealed in the Black Coffin!”

“What is the Black Coffin?”

Lin Baici asked.”I don’t know either. The manufacturing technology of the Black Coffin is an absolute state secret.”

Jin Yingzhen explained, “Just remember that the Black Coffin can prevent the contamination of Divine Taboo’s rules!”


Lin Baici brought the pine torch with him. Was he afraid of a cushion that only weaves dreams?

He could just drink another cup of tea!

“I didn’t expect this cushion to be a Divine Taboo!”

Jin Yingzhen wanted to touch it, but she hesitated. “It would be great if there were Divine Blessings on it!”

If it weren’t for Divine Taboo, Oppa wouldn’t have brought it.

“What are Divine Blessings?”

Lin Baici was curious.

“Thirty years ago, a meteor fell and the God’s Ruins appeared. Some gods walked out of it, feeding on humans. Ordinary people knew nothing, but it is said that the world was almost destroyed!”

Jin Yingzhen organized her words.

“Some people stood up and killed the gods. After the gods died, they left behind some fragments. When humans ate those fragments, they would gain extraordinary power!”

“But the gods were too difficult to kill.”

“Fortunately, not every God’s Ruins had powerful gods. Most of the time, there are only god corpses, which are the bodies of the gods.”

“Destroying the god corpse would also drop fragments, and humans who ate them would still gain extraordinary power.”

“People call this power Divine Blessings, or simply God’s Blessings!”

“Please continue!”

Lin Baici listened attentively. He was just an ordinary high school graduate and had no access to these secrets that only the upper class knew.

“The god corpse is radioactive and contaminates everything. Some items mutated under this radiation and became Divine Taboos!”

“Among these Divine Taboos, a very small number have given birth to Divine Blessings. These Divine Taboos are the most sought-after trophies in the hunter circle!”

Jin Yingzhen’s brother is a god hunter with a great reputation in Goryeo, so she knows a lot of inside information.

“Hunter circle?”

Lin Baici heard many new terms today.

“If the god corpse cannot be contained or destroyed in time, the God’s Ruins will spread and contaminate larger areas, making it uninhabitable for humans.”

“The God’s Ruins are more terrifying than floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes, so twenty years ago, they were officially recognized by various countries as a new natural disaster.”

“Humanity will not sit idly by, so they break the God’s Ruins, hunt the gods, seal the Divine Taboos, and the officials call the people who do this God Hunters!”

Jin Yingzhen’s mouth was dry. She just licked her lips, and Lin Baici handed her a bottle of mineral water.

This thoughtful gesture made Jin Yingzhen like him even more.

“So are we God Hunters now?”

Lin Baici thought this profession was cool.


Jin Yingzhen shook her head. “Ordinary people cannot withstand even the basic radiation pollution in the God’s Ruins. After about ten hours, they will become a pile of unconscious flesh. Only those who have ‘eaten’ Divine Blessings can stay in the God’s Ruins for longer. Only these people are qualified to be called God Hunters!”

Those hunters who stand on the front line against the gods are the precious wealth and heroes of the country, and they have great privileges.

Jin Yingzhen’s brother, when hunting gods, can even call on local troops for assistance.


Lin Baici nodded. He was suddenly a God Hunter. How sudden!

By the way, why didn’t he feel dizzy and nauseous when he didn’t have Divine Blessings?

“Just like the gaming circle and entertainment circle, God Hunters also have their own circle. They sell information to each other, exchange Divine Taboos, and even seek teaming up!”Jin Yingzhen used her brother’s account to log into some internal websites, and the information on them opened her eyes.

“We ordinary people really don’t know anything!”

Gu Ge wiped the lens of his Canon camera, looking depressed.

After they picked tea leaves and returned, they stood at the door and listened to a lot of Jin Yingzhen’s popular science.

“Ignorance is bliss!”

Sima Mu chuckled, “For some people, knowing the true nature of this world will make them collapse!”

As a first-line female anchor, Hua Yueyu had a much larger social circle than Gu Ge and the old aunt, and she had heard a lot of gossip about God’s Ruins.

“Don’t chat, let’s destroy the Divine Taboo and escape!”

Xu Xiu’s head was throbbing, like waking up from a hangover and then playing on a roller coaster for half an hour.

“Oppa, let me help you carry it!”

Jin Yingzhen volunteered to take the cushion.

The old aunt’s mouth moved, wanting to show off, but when she thought that this was a Divine Taboo with rules pollution, she dared not speak up.


Lin Baici didn’t stand on ceremony.

If he held the cushion and encountered danger, he wouldn’t be able to fight.

Everyone walked out of the courtyard and looked at Lin Baici, waiting for him to make a decision.

Lin Baici’s performance allowed him to sit firmly in the position of the temporary team leader of the seven-person team without having to recommend himself.

“How do we get to the God Eater?”

Lin Baici asked in his heart.

The God Eater didn’t respond, but a slight hunger came back.

In the past, Lin Baici knew that when he suddenly felt hungry, there would be lost items nearby, but now, hunger was like a radar pointing to the Divine Taboo.

“How about going to the Daxiong Hall?”

The female anchor suggested.

“That’s a good idea!”

Xiao Li Jie joked, “At worst, we can pray to the Buddha for good luck!”

The black mist dissipated a lot, and everyone could already see the vague outline of the Daxiong Hall.

“Then let’s go!”

Lin Baici held a pine torch and led the way, but not long after, the God Eater spoke up.

[Absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely! Don’t go to the Daxiong Hall, or you will immediately take an elevator to hell!]

Such a solemn warning made Lin Baici frown.

Forget it, play it safe!

“Let’s go to the Daxiong Hall later!”

Lin Baici decided to follow the hunger!

Fifteen minutes later, Xiao Li Jie suddenly smelled a sweet fragrance.

“It smells so good!”

Xiao Li Jie followed the fragrance and chased after it.

Hua Yueyu and Gu Ge quickly followed.

“It seems to be the taste of some kind of porridge!”

The old aunt sniffed hard and ran over.

“Baici, let’s go too!”

Jin Yingzhen grabbed Lin Baici’s arm and pulled him forward.

“Wait, this smell is not right!”

Lin Baici wanted to stop everyone, but it was useless. Everyone completely ignored his words, and only the fragrance was left in their minds, wanting to eat it quickly.

Rules pollution happened again!

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