Chapter 10 – Monster Chef Girl

“Based on the current situation, if we can identify all the ingredients in this porridge, we can leave here alive!”

Lin Baici looked at the others.

The more than ninety tourists in Xiangji Kitchen had not suffered any physical harm. Even if they felt uncomfortable, it was due to fear or overeating.

“Nonsense, even fools can see that!”

The old man retorted, “The key is that the porridge is made so haphazardly. Besides the chef, who knows what ingredients were used?”

“Only a food god can taste it!”

Sitting opposite Jin Yingzhen was a three or four-year-old girl who added in a childish voice. She was wearing a cute little skirt.

The old man’s eyes lit up with a wicked thought. He lowered his voice as if revealing a secret he didn’t want others to know, “Actually, you can also guess!”

The little girl shook her head when she heard this and looked at Jin Yingzhen.

“Yeah, aren’t there only a few kinds of ingredients in eight treasure porridge?”

Gu Ge’s eyes brightened.


Lin Baici looked at the old man with a mocking tone.

“What… what’s wrong? Am I wrong?”

The old man felt guilty.

“Baici, what’s going on?”

Sima Mu was more straightforward and didn’t understand why Lin Baici was acting this way.

“If we guess, how many times do we need to guess before we get it right?”

Lin Baici looked towards the kitchen. “I don’t think that chef would tolerate a customer guessing repeatedly until they get it right!”


Gu Ge thought he had found a way out, but it didn’t work, so he was disappointed.

“If we guess wrong, will we be killed? At most, we’ll just be trapped here, right?”

Hua Yueyu looked up and looked around, fortunately, she didn’t see any corpses.

“That’s up to this old man!”

Lin Baici sneered.

“What… what are you asking me for?”

The old man’s eyes wandered.

“You want us to guess the ingredients, just to use us to eliminate some wrong options!”

Hua Yueyu was very clever and also thought of this possibility.


Sima Mu was angry and stared at the old man across from him.

“What are you talking about?”

The old man was hit by the truth and became angry but still tried to defend himself, “I’m just worried that the number of spots for survival is limited, so I secretly told you, to avoid being heard by others. I didn’t expect you to misunderstand me!”

“You liar!”

Hua Yueyu said sarcastically, “With so many people here, I don’t believe no one has tried guessing the recipe!”


The old man’s face stiffened.

These two were too fast in their thinking, how could he deceive them?

In fact, someone had tried guessing it before. After failing three times, the chef cut off their head.

“I had intended my heart to be as clear as moonlight, but alas, the moon shines on the gutter!”

The old man was thick-skinned and didn’t feel embarrassed.

“It looks like we have to sneak into the kitchen and check the rice jar!”

The old aunt suggested.

“Who will go?”

Sima Mu scanned the crowd.

It was obvious that the ingredients used in the fragrant porridge were definitely in the kitchen, but the problem was, who would take the risk?

Everyone fell silent.

That chef was like a murderer, making people feel deep fear.

“I’ll go!”

Jin Yingzhen took a deep breath.We can’t always rely on Lin Oppa. We have to show our own value and become women who can be his teammates.

“Xiao Gu, Jin beauty is very courageous, why don’t you accompany her?”

Sima Mu instigated.

“Why don’t you go?”

Gu ge wiped his Canon camera. He didn’t care, he just couldn’t stand Sima Mu’s attitude.

“I only have one hand, how can I do it?”

Sima Mu shook his left hand wrapped in bandages. “I’m afraid of messing it up and losing our only chance to peek into the kitchen!”

“I can help you hold the chef!”

The old man suddenly interrupted. “But after getting the information, you have to share it with me!”

“Don’t believe him, this old man is very bad!”

Hua Yueyu found that the old man always peeked at her, which made her very unhappy.

“Stop talking and listen to Baici!”

The old lady thought to herself that this place was where Lin Baici had the final say!

The chef came out.

The whole hall suddenly became quiet, and everyone dared not speak, lowering their heads, afraid of being noticed by the chef.

The chef looked around and walked to a young man in a plaid shirt, smiling and asking, “Guest, do you know what ingredients are used in this porridge?”

“A rare opportunity, go to the kitchen quickly!”

The old man urged. “I will definitely help you hold the chef!”

He was in a hurry because he had already drunk two bowls of porridge and could be found by the chef at any time.

“I’ll go!”

Jin Yingzhen crouched down and was about to leave the chair, but was held down by Lin Baici.

“Sister, don’t move!”

The little girl who had been leaning against her mother suddenly shouted anxiously, “A big brother who left his chair just now was immediately found by the scary chef monster!”

“Later, he couldn’t answer the chef’s question and had his head chopped off!”

The little girl saw with her own eyes that the big brother wanted to kill the chef, but the chef only used a knife and chopped off his head like cutting a tomato.

Blood sprayed high like a fountain.

Jin Yingzhen turned pale when she heard this and quickly bowed her head and crouched down. Then she gratefully looked at Lin Baici.

“Oppa, thank you!”

If it weren’t for Lin Baici’s quick action, she would have left the chair by now.

The old man was so angry when he saw Jin Yingzhen retreating that he spat blood and glared fiercely at the little girl, cursing her in his heart.

“Damn girl, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“Thank you, little sister!”

Jin Yingzhen thanked her.

“You’re welcome!”

The little girl smiled sweetly.

“In fact, even if she didn’t speak, I wouldn’t let you go!”

Lin Baici looked at the people at the same table. “So many people, I don’t believe no one has thought of going to the kitchen. Why didn’t you go?”


The old lady blurted out.

“Because it’s dangerous!”

What made Lin Baici unhappy was that these people at the same table knew this, but they didn’t say it. They just hoped someone else would try it again.

If the person who went there died, it had nothing to do with them. If it succeeded, everyone would have a better chance of walking out of this hall alive.

“Damn, why didn’t I think of that?”

Gu ge slapped his head hard. He was still blaming himself for his cowardice and anger. He didn’t expect that Lin Baici knew from the beginning that this plan was not feasible.

“What should we do?”The old aunt was uneasy: “Can we really rely on luck?”

“We can also pray that the next wave of tourists attracted by the fragrance includes a five-star chef!”

Sima Mu had no choice.

“A chef won’t do, we need a food god!”

The little girl’s eyes lit up. If it was a food god, they could take a sip and taste all the ingredients in the porridge, even the spring water used from which location!

That’s how it’s shown on TV.

Hua Yueyu thought of a solution while looking at Lin Baici, who was calmly observing the chef as if he were a relaxed foodie enjoying afternoon tea, rather than a poor soul who would die from rule pollution the next moment.

Hua Yueyu turned her head to observe the whole crowd, who were all nervous, fearful, and afraid, bowing their heads, afraid to meet the chef’s eyes.

Only Lin Baici remained calm.

What a big heart he had!

He was so calm!

It’s a pity that she couldn’t use her phone, otherwise, she really wanted to capture this moment of Lin Baici.

The chef listened to the young man in the checkered shirt list the ingredients and shook her head disappointedly.


“Let me think again!”

The young man in the checkered shirt racked his brains, but he had already used up his three chances.

The chef drew her knife.


The sharp kitchen knife left a silver trail as it sliced through the checkered shirt young man’s neck.


His head fell off and the crimson blood spurted into the air.

There was an uproar in the Xiangji Kitchen.

After killing the man, the chef wiped the blood off the knife on the man’s clothes, inserted it into her waist, picked up the young man’s head with one hand, and his body with the other, and walked towards the kitchen.

In less than ten seconds, the chef came out with a bucket of water and a cloth, wiping the blood off the floor.

After doing all this, the chef wiped the sweat off her forehead and walked towards the kitchen.

When she passed by a young woman, the woman was too nervous and accidentally knocked over a bowl of porridge.

The chef’s face immediately turned angry.

“What a waste!”

“I didn’t mean to…”

Before the young woman could finish speaking, the chef chopped off her head with her knife.


The head fell on the table and rolled.

The whole room gasped, everyone lowered their heads, some even buried their heads in their pants.


The old aunt trembled and instinctively grabbed Lin Baici’s arm.

Jin Yingzhen turned her head and saw that Lin Baici was not panicked, which made her feel a little relieved.

The chef squatted down and began to wipe the floor. “You’ve been drinking porridge for a long time. After I finish my work, I will start questioning. Those who can’t answer will be used as firewood for my porridge!”

Everyone’s heart tightened.

The grandpa sitting diagonally across from Lin Baici became angrier the more he thought about it. Wasn’t he just here to burn incense and make a wish for longevity and wealth? Why did he have to encounter such a mess?

If he had known, he would have gone to get a foot massage instead.

The chef got up, looked around, and walked towards Lin Baici’s table.

The tourists at several tables were instantly stunned, praying to gods and Buddha, hoping they wouldn’t be chosen by the chef.

“Is she…coming towards us?”

The old aunt cried in fear.The old man lowered his head and pretended to drink porridge, stealing glances at the cook, but their eyes still met, making him shudder.

“It’s over!”

At that moment, the old man’s courage failed him. He suddenly kicked the leg of the stool the little girl was sitting on.


The little girl fell on her butt.

“What are you doing?”

Hua Yueyu, full of righteousness, scolded when she saw what happened.

The old man pretended not to hear.

The cook stopped in front of the little girl.

“Little guest, do you know what kind of beans are in the porridge?”

The cook squatted down and stroked the little girl’s head.


The little girl was very anxious and looked at her mother.

“Please, save her!”

The little girl’s mother was desperate, muttering and praying for help.

Everyone was powerless.

Lin Baici clenched his pine torch in his right hand.

He stared at the cook, picked up the porridge with his left hand, and took a sip.

The sweet and soft rice was full of fragrance.

It was indeed good porridge.

Jin Yingzhen and Hua Yueyu both noticed Lin Baici’s actions at the same time, both afraid and admiring.

“Oppa, let’s chop it together!”

Jin Yingzhen’s moral standards did not allow her to stand by and watch a little girl die in front of her.

“Let’s do it!”

Hua Yueyu grabbed the edge of the table, ready to flip it over.

“Lin bro, be steady!”

Sima Mu persuaded him.

Little Li Jie heard this and sneered at the guy.

The atmosphere in the hall was oppressive.

Just when everyone thought the little girl was about to die, suddenly they saw the big boy sitting next to her pick up a bowl and take a sip of porridge.

“Good porridge!”

The big boy cheered, put down the big bowl with a thud, and shouted to the cook who was killing people left and right…

“Another bowl!”

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