Chapter 7 – Overhearing and reciting

The fragrance lingers on, leaving a lasting aftertaste.

Lin Baici couldn’t understand a word of the language the voice spoke, but the pronunciation was full of beauty.

Melodious! Ethereal! Leisurely!

It made him feel refreshed, like the feeling after a rain in the mountains.

Lin Baici forgot about his hunger and immersed himself in the chanting that was like celestial music.

Life is like a boat, sailing through wind and waves.

Seven-year-old Lin Baici ran barefoot along the creek, carrying a small bucket and a fishing net, trying to catch the little mud loach that had just slipped away. He picked a green apricot and it made his teeth ache.

At seventeen, Lin Baici sweated on the court and wrote furiously in the exam room. He also watched the back of the girl he had a crush on as she walked home by the classroom window. He wanted to catch the cicada and catch the summer that belonged to him.

At twenty-seven, Lin Baici was full of ambition at work, drank and ate at roadside stalls, and made life plans in his rented room late at night. He felt he could do anything, from plucking stars from the sky to riding a dragon and slaying a whale.

At thirty-seven, Lin Baici had achieved nothing and was unemployed at home. He had no girlfriend, no salary, and no friends. He tightly closed the curtains, afraid of the rising sun every day.

At forty-seven, Lin Baici was like a walking corpse, lying in bed, waiting for the Grim Reaper to knock on his door. Life is like a boat, crashing and bleeding!


Lin Baici couldn’t help but curse.

Is this my life?

What a joke!

Lin Baici was extremely unhappy and wanted to hit ten people to vent his anger. Suddenly, a severe pain came from his stomach, and the overwhelming hunger made him salivate.


Lin Baici’s consciousness was pulled back by the hunger, and he saw everyone falling to the ground, twisted, excited, or angry…


Everyone had forgotten about it a long time ago!

But what was even more terrifying was that Lin Baici found the vine noose around his neck tightening slowly. He was now gasping for breath.

“This chanting will weave a nightmare!”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Lin Baici roared in his heart. Thanks to the stimulation of hunger, he was pulled out of the dream.

The top priority was to finish listening to the scripture and complete the Divine Taboo game. But with distracting thoughts and the tension and palpitations of being strangled, Lin Baici couldn’t calm down and listen to the chanting.

What should he do?

Lin Baici grabbed the torch beside him.

Should he light it?

He didn’t do it when he entered the meditation room earlier because he was afraid of angering the Divine Taboo and being strangled to death. But now, it seemed like he had no choice.The vine noose around his neck tightened.

Lin Baici struggled to stand up, but when he pressed his left hand on his backpack, he had a sudden realization.

That tea!

The sentence formed by the incense smoke was simple: sitting in a lotus position and listening to it recite scriptures can make one reach the other shore.

The other shore should mean survival.

The problem they were facing now was that the chanting voice was arousing various distractions, making it impossible for them to calm down and listen to the scriptures.

Lin Baici quickly opened his backpack and grabbed a handful of hollow Tie Guan Yin tea leaves, stuffing them into his mouth.

He bit down hard, and juice burst out.

The Gourmet said that after drinking this tea, one would lose their emotions and become an empty person with a heart as cold as iron. They would instantly lose interest in dreams and women, entering a sage-like state.

Didn’t that mean it could eliminate distractions?

Lin Baici was ready to give it a try. If the hollow Tie Guan Yin didn’t work, he would burn incense!

“I wonder if chewing it will work?”

Lin Baici didn’t have time to find hot water to make tea, but after swallowing the tea leaves, his chaotic thoughts disappeared in just a few seconds, like dust washed away by heavy rain.

Even the vine noose gradually tightening around his neck didn’t bother Lin Baici anymore.

It’s just death!

Come on, do your worst.

The chanting voice was clear in his ears.

Lin Baici sat in a lotus position without missing a word, and the vine noose that strangled him gradually loosened.

“It worked!”

Lin Baici smiled slightly.

Others weren’t as lucky.

The big-bellied man usually ate and drank excessively and didn’t exercise, so he had the worst body. His face was already turning blue, and he was about to suffocate to death.

Lin Baici glanced at him, grabbed a handful of hollow Tie Guan Yin, suddenly stood up, and rushed to Jin Yingzhen’s side. “Quickly, eat the tea leaves!”

The Korean woman’s eyes were tightly closed, indifferent.

Lin Baici pinched her chin, forcibly opened her lips, and stuffed the tea leaves in. He then went to the old lady’s side and did the same.

After feeding Sima Mu and Hua Yueyu, Lin Baici ran out of tea leaves, but luckily there were more with Jin Yingzhen. He quickly went to get them.

Then it was Xiao Li and Gu Ge.

Finally, Lin Baici looked at the big-bellied man. He didn’t have a good impression of this man, but human life was at stake, and he decided to help.

After feeding everyone the tea leaves, Lin Baici quickly sat in a lotus position.

One by one, the people who swallowed the hollow Tie Guan Yin regained consciousness.

“What happened?”

The old lady looked confused.

“Do you still have tea leaves in your mouth? Swallow them quickly, don’t think about anything, assume the proper posture, and listen to the scriptures!”

Lin Baici instructed.”Tea? What did you do?”

Hua Yueyu felt a strange taste in her mouth, like Nutri-Express.


Why do I not care if I can survive or not?


Jin Yingzhen knew that Lin Baici had helped everyone, and her pretty oval face showed both nervousness and excitement.

My Oppa is really amazing!

The big-bellied man was suffocating and lacked oxygen, and his body had become stiff. He had tried several times to sit cross-legged, but the vine rope around his neck tightened again.

This was adding insult to injury.

“Help… help me!”

The big-bellied man’s instincts were still asking for help, but he did not scream hysterically because he had eaten the hollow iron Guanyin tea. No one saved him, not because everyone was cold-blooded, but because the tea had taken effect.

When the chanting ended, the vine rope around the big-bellied man’s neck had completely tightened, breaking his cervical vertebrae. Afterwards, his body visibly dehydrated and cracked, like it had been exposed to wind and sun for thousands of years, and crumbled into dust.

This terrifying scene made everyone shudder and subconsciously touch their necks.


Where did the rope go?

“We passed the test?”

The old lady’s face was filled with joy.

“Haha, we survived!”

Sima Mu laughed and jumped up, rushing to Lin Baici’s side. “Baici, thanks to you, let’s become sworn brothers!”

“What did you do?”

Hua Yueyu finally had the leisure to take a closer look at this big guy.

His face was youthful and inexperienced, and he was probably still a high school student. He was tall, and if he had better jumping ability, he could have dunked a basketball.

“I gave you guys tea!”

Lin Baici made up an excuse. “I was very hungry at the time and had nothing to eat, so I stuffed the tea leaves I just picked in the courtyard into my mouth. Unexpectedly, I woke up from a dream and became calm!”

“What tea?”

Xiao Li was puzzled. “I haven’t seen it before.”

“It’s the plant with the leaves shaped like Guanyin sitting on a lotus flower!”

Jin Yingzhen interjected.

“Ah? That one!”

Gu Ge had seen it, but everyone was afraid of the strange-looking plant and did not dare to touch it, especially since they still had vine ropes around their necks. But who would have thought that it was the key to survival?

Actually, as long as a person has no desires or expectations, sees through the illusions, and keeps a calm mind, they will not be contaminated by the divine taboo.

It can be said that almost all children under the age of three can leave this meditation room alive.

“I’m going to pick some!”

Sima Mu rushed out.

Xiao Li and Gu Ge followed suit. This tea seemed to be a good thing, and it was better to have some on hand just in case.”Baici, did you finish eating what you just made? I’ll go collect some more for you.”

The old woman knew she didn’t have much talent, so she could only demonstrate her worth through these small tasks.

Upon hearing this, Jin Yingzhen quickly ran out.

I won’t let you take the opportunity to please Oppa away from me.

“Thank you! Let me formally introduce myself. My surname is Hua, and my given name is Yueyu. What’s your name? You’re probably not older than me, right?”

Hua Yueyu actually wanted to quickly collect the hollow iron Guanyin tea, but she held back and knew she had to express her gratitude first.

Next, if she wanted to survive in God’s Ruins, she would definitely have to rely on this big guy, so she had to maintain a good relationship with him.

“Lin Baici!”

Lin Baici looked at Hua Yueyu, who was wearing a sailor uniform and whose height only reached his chest, and said, “I’m definitely older than you!”

“I’m a college student, you know!”

Hua Yueyu covered her mouth and chuckled. “I just look like an underage girl.”


Lin Baici was speechless.

Women really only look at appearances, and can’t guess age.

“So it’s not illegal to date me!”

After Hua Yueyu finished speaking, she thought of something and quickly added, “Oh, and Hua Yueyu is my real name. It’s written that way on my household registration!”

When Hua Yueyu introduced herself before, people often thought she was deliberately not saying her real name and was using a fake name to brush them off.

“Hua is not a common surname!”

Lin Baici smiled faintly.

“Yeah, the most famous one is Hua Mulan!”

Hua Yueyu thought too much.

Lin Baici didn’t care if what she said was her real name or not. If he couldn’t get out of God’s Ruins, calling on the Queen Mother wouldn’t help.

“You should also collect some tea leaves for self-defense.”

Lin Baici held the torch and looked at the incense burner.

Burn this thing so it won’t harm anyone.

“Then I’ll go!”

Hua Yueyu ran out of the meditation room, her legs covered in knee-high black stockings.

[Pre-meal exercise is over, you can eat now!]

“What should I eat?”

Lin Baici cried and laughed. “Do you want me to nibble on the incense burner or swallow the ash?”

[From the perspective of human kingdoms, there is a divine blessing on this cushion called “overhearing and reciting.” If you eat it, you can possess it!]

[Overhearing and reciting, as the name suggests, means that after hearing something once, you can remember it all and immediately recite it!]

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