Chapter 68 – Free of charge

The two male waiters suddenly felt a darkness in front of them.

This boy was tall and had long legs, with a solid figure. Standing there, he seemed like a steel barrier, blocking even the light from the hall.

His gaze was extremely sharp, like a sharp knife that pierced into the eyes of the two waiters.

This made their necks tighten, and they instinctively clenched their buttocks.

Hu Wenwu stood by the side. If it was him who suffered such a loss, he would endure it. But this time it was his friend, and he couldn’t advise him.

Now that he saw a conflict about to arise, he didn’t hesitate and quickly stood beside Lin Baici.

“Wenwu, it’s none of your business. I’m sorry, you can go back first!”

Lin Baici didn’t want Hu Wenwu to get involved.

Hu Wenwu didn’t say anything, but he didn’t leave either. Obviously, he wanted to stand with Lin Baici and Hua Yueyu.

“You have already affected the business of my restaurant. If you don’t leave, I will call the police!”

Manager Fan threatened.

Lin Baici was very cunning. He made it clear that he wanted to make a big fuss and ruin the reputation of this Jixiangju restaurant, so he shouted loudly.

There were many people eating in the lobby, and they were all startled.

At this moment, they all craned their necks to look over.

People are naturally attracted to spectacles.

“Go ahead and call!”

Lin Baici’s tone was calm as he looked at Manager Fan.

Did he really think that I, the God of Gluttony, would be scared?

“Damn it!”

Manager Fan cursed inwardly, pretending to take out his phone, trying to intimidate the two students. But it was unnecessary, he didn’t want to call the police.

If the police came and it became a big deal, would he still be able to do business?

This is really frustrating.

Not to mention incidents like “reserving a private room,” he had dealt with incidents like finding cockroaches, hair, and rags in the food more than ten times this year.

Most of the people who come here to eat are students from Haijing University of Technology. They are young and easy to deal with. Just give them a free dish, or even if they have a good temper, just change a plate.

But this person today was a bit difficult.

Manager Fan hadn’t figured out what to do yet when the two popular anchors he had paid a hundred thousand to suddenly walked out of the crowd.

“Sister Fish?”

The two popular anchors walked up to the round-faced girl as if they had seen a god. They looked excited, as if they were ready to ask for a photo but were afraid of being rejected, so they didn’t dare to speak.

Oh no!

Manager Fan was also a shrewd person and felt that he was in trouble.

“Big Fatty? Little Fatty?”

Hua Yueyu remembered that this was a newly rising male-female live streaming duo called Dao Shi She, specializing in outdoor activities and exploring stores.

As a top-tier anchor, Sister Fish’s ability to learn was also one of the reasons. In addition to thinking for herself, she also watched other people’s live streams and learned from their strengths.

“Yes, I am Big Fatty, an outdoor anchor.”

Big Fatty, with a few pimples on his face, was in his twenties and looked chubby and silly, but he understood the ways of the world.

When the conflict broke out just now, he temporarily turned off the live stream. Otherwise, if it was broadcasted, wouldn’t it affect the reputation of Jixiangju?

“Sister Fish!”

Little Fatty greeted, but unfortunately, they missed the opportunity this time. If they could go live, with Sister Fish appearing, they would have a lot of interaction and gain many fans.

You should know that Sister Fish is the youngest top-tier anchor on Shark TV, and her recent rise has been astonishingly fast.

If it weren’t for the support of a wealthy sponsor and a strong guild, Hua Yueyu would probably have already reached the top.

“Manager Fan, is there a misunderstanding here?”

Big Fatty wanted to be a peacemaker. He not only got to know Hua Yueyu but also established a relationship with Manager Fan, making future cooperation easier.

Of course, the reward for this time’s cooperation should be increased a bit, right?

“Who is this…”

Manager Fan wanted to confirm Hua Yueyu’s identity first.

“She is the top-tier anchor of Shark TV, our Sister Fish. You should call her Sister Fish here. Fishermen, gather! There might be more than ten people standing up in your restaurant!”

Big Fatty wasn’t exaggerating. Almost all the people eating here were students, and these young people were the main audience for live streaming.

With Hua Yueyu’s fame, even if they weren’t her fans, they had heard of her name.

Manager Fan’s face turned ugly.

“Manager Fan, hurry up and resolve this. You paid me, but I can’t even get her to come. If she starts a live stream now, your restaurant will be finished.”

Big Fatty advised kindly.

“If she dares, I dare to sue her!”

Manager Fan was just bluffing. He didn’t want to weaken his momentum, but he was already thinking about making peace.

“Manager Fan, you have no idea about the influence of Anchor Yu. Spend some money and let her hold a fan gathering in your restaurant, and then do a live stream. The popularity of Jixiangju will skyrocket!”

Big Fatty planned to settle things with Manager Fan first and then go to Hua Yueyu to take credit.

With just a few words, he could help Sister Fish earn hundreds of thousands. How could he not deserve her WeChat?

“Manager, I’ve seen it. She is indeed a top-tier anchor, with millions of fans on both Shark TV and Douyin!”

A female waiter reminded Manager Fan in a low voice.

“Damn it!”

Manager Fan cursed again, then smiled and took a few steps towards Hua Yueyu: “I’m really sorry, it’s all my fault. But as you can see, there are too many people here today.”

“People being crowded is not an excuse for you to break your promise!”

Hua Yueyu was angry.

Originally, she invited Lin Baici to dinner, but ended up arguing here, embarrassing herself and losing face.

“Yes, yes, it’s my fault. I will compensate you double the deposit now, and in the future, when you come to eat, everything will be 30% off!”

Manager Fan tried to make amends.

With the restaurant’s profit, a 30% discount was still profitable, and Manager Fan wouldn’t lose anything.

“Do I need your deposit and discount?”

Hua Yueyu laughed in anger.

There are so many high-end restaurants and private kitchens in the city where the average spending per person is three to four thousand yuan. Which one can’t I afford?

It’s just because this place is close to Haijing University of Technology, allowing Little White to walk a few steps less, and the expensive food can show a level of taste. That’s why I came here.

“Yes, yes, you don’t need it. Xiao Liu, go and see if anyone is paying the bill. Hurry up and clean the private rooms and invite the guests in for tea.”

Manager Fan played another card: “Today, this table is free.”

“Sister Fish, I think Manager Fan is sincere now. Besides, we’ve been standing stiffly in the lobby for so long, it’s not good!”

Big Fatty persuaded.

Hua Yueyu was not an unreasonable person. Now that she saw Manager Fan surrender, she didn’t argue anymore and turned to look at Lin Baici.

Today, she invited Little White to dinner, so naturally, it was up to him to decide.

This action of Hua Yueyu made Manager Fan, the two anchors from Dao Shi She, and the surrounding waiters and onlookers all look at Lin Baici.

The others didn’t react much. They thought that since they came together, it was normal for the girl to ask her companion’s opinion.

Big Fatty and Little Fatty, on the other hand, were surprised.

What’s going on?

Isn’t she the quasi-number one anchor on Shark TV? Wherever she goes, shouldn’t she be the focus and center? Now she’s actually taking cues from a boy?

Big Fatty, with high emotional intelligence and rich experience, could tell that Hua Yueyu treated this boy with extreme caution, as if she was afraid of offending him. If this boy didn’t agree, Hua Yueyu would definitely continue to make a scene.

After Little Fatty’s surprise, all he saw in his eyes was Lin Baici’s appearance.

If he is willing to be my boyfriend, I’m willing to lick his feet.

Even if Big Brother is a bit ugly, with this boy’s looks and height, we wouldn’t have to work so hard doing outdoor activities.

We could just sit at home and chat, and we would still have female fans giving us gifts!

Lin Baici looked at Manager Fan, and the comments from the Gluttony God echoed in his mind.

[This restaurant uses some low-quality cooking oil to save costs. Benzopyrene and aflatoxin are present, oh, these two things are carcinogens!]

[The hygiene in the kitchen is worrying. Rats have been living here for generations.]

[Because of an unscrupulous life, there is an HIV carrier here. In the past year and three months, he has added something to the food. Be careful.]

Lin Baici frowned. With these things, can they still do catering?

[From the finished dishes, the chef who made the Squirrel Fish is quite good!]

The Gluttony God gave a positive evaluation.

“The hygiene is not up to standard. Even if the Kitchen God cooks for me, I don’t want to eat!”

Lin Baici muttered to himself and looked at Hua Yueyu: “Do you still want to eat?”

“I’ll follow your lead!”

Hua Yueyu didn’t actually want to eat anymore. What’s the point of a free meal?

She wasn’t in the mood, and she didn’t even want to eat a full-course meal.

“Return our deposit and we won’t eat here. We’ll go to another place.”

Lin Baici made a decision.

“Today, I didn’t handle things well, and I have been disrespectful. Later, you must try our chef’s Squirrel Fish. It’s the signature dish of our restaurant!”

Manager Fan tried to keep them.

“No need, just return the money!”

Lin Baici urged.

“Alright then, the next time you come, our restaurant will give you a free meal. And no matter how many friends you bring to eat in the future, it will be 30% off!”

Manager Fan said a few words through the intercom, asking the cashier to quickly refund Hua Yueyu’s deposit.

A few seconds later, Alipay notified that 500 yuan had been received.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Baici said to Hua Yueyu.

Big Fatty and Little Fatty wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get to know Hua Yueyu. They saw them off.

Manager Fan didn’t have the same attitude anymore. He waited for Hua Yueyu and the others to leave, then immediately announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for the disturbance caused by a dishonest customer. We will give each table a fruit platter as a gift. Please enjoy.”

It has to be said that Manager Fan handled it well.

A fruit platter for each table wouldn’t cost more than 200 yuan in total, but it could minimize the impact of the incident on Jixiangju.

The customers who were watching the spectacle gained benefits. People are forgetful when it comes to food. How could they not praise Jixiangju for its generosity?

Manager Fan waited for a few minutes and saw the two anchors from Dao Shi She return. He immediately went up to them: “Did they leave?”

“They left!”

Big Fatty sighed: “Manager Fan, you missed a great opportunity!”

“Hehe, with your live stream, the effect would be the same!”

Manager Fan flattered Big Fatty: “About what happened just now…”

“Manager Fan, rest assured, I turned off the live stream just now. No one saw it. Hua Yueyu didn’t go live or record a video, I’m sure of it!”

Big Fatty knew what Manager Fan was worried about.

“You’ve gone through a lot of trouble!”

Manager Fan smiled. This was what he was worried about. Now that he was satisfied, he said: “Let me order a few more dishes for you and bring a bottle of Maotai.”

“Thank you for your hospitality, Manager Fan!”

Big Fatty thanked him. When Manager Fan left, he sneered: “He thinks he can dismiss us with just a bottle of Maotai. He really underestimates us!”

“Yeah, if we livestream with Sister Fish, ride on her popularity, we can earn tens of thousands in donations tonight alone. Isn’t that more interesting than fixed explorations?”

Little Fatty was unhappy.

If it weren’t for the contract with Jixiangju, she would have wanted to leave already and go ride on Hua Yueyu’s popularity. Wouldn’t that be great?

“I wonder what the relationship between that boy and Hua Yueyu is?” Big Fatty was curious. “If they are boyfriend and girlfriend, it would be a big news if people found out!”

“That boy is too kind. If it were me, I would definitely take advantage of this situation and fleece this restaurant. If I don’t bleed it dry, I won’t be satisfied.”

Little Fatty sighed.

That Lin Baici has too little social experience, and maximizing his own interests is not a problem.

Lin Baici, who was thought to be kind, stood on the sidewalk outside Jixiangju on the west side of the street. Beside him was a big phoenix tree, lush and green.

“What’s wrong?”

Hua Yueyu didn’t understand. Why didn’t Little White leave?

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