Chapter 69 – A handsome man with a kind heart, Lin Baici

The setting sun disappeared between the tall buildings of the city, and the neon lights gradually lit up, making the city colorful.

The night atmosphere began to spread.

“That Manager Fan should be punished!”

Lin Baici’s voice was indifferent.

“Huh?” Hua Yueyu was surprised. It turned out that Xiaobai was also unhappy. “If you’re not happy with him, I’ll expose this restaurant!”

Hua Yueyu had a GOPRO sports camera attached to her chest strap, which was always on.

She brought this thing with her for two reasons. First, it was a professional habit to record video materials. Second, it had been a long time since she last saw Lin Baici, and it was meaningful to meet him again. She wanted to record the process and reminisce about it in the future.

“Is that car expensive?”

Lin Baici was referring to the black Mercedes parked under the phoenix tree. Generally, this kind of extended car was quite expensive, and it seemed like an ordinary person couldn’t afford it.

“Yes, it’s a Mercedes S-Class, costing over a million. Only big bosses drive it!”

Hua Yueyu didn’t understand why Xiaobai’s thoughts were so random.

“How about acting with me?”

Lin Baici asked with a smile.

Manager Fan took the deposit but breached the contract, lacked integrity, had chaotic kitchen management, and poor hygiene conditions. Moreover, they used substandard cooking oil with excessive carcinogens. This problem was already very serious.

But the most terrifying thing was that this guy had HIV and still worked in the food and beverage industry. He didn’t care about the health of the customers at all.

Lin Baici always believed that ensuring health and hygiene in a restaurant was the most important thing.

After hearing Lin Baici’s plan, Hua Yueyu was dumbfounded. “That manager has HIV?”


Lin Baici didn’t want anyone to know about the existence of the Gourmet God, so he took out his phone and sent a message to Xiaoyu: “Don’t forget that I am a Divine Hunter, blessed with divine grace. I can see his health condition!”


After reading this message, Hua Yueyu immediately took a cold breath. She couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat when she thought about standing five meters away from Manager Fan and arguing with him.

“HIV won’t be transmitted through saliva, right?”

Hua Yueyu quickly opened the browser to search. After confirming that saliva wouldn’t transmit the virus, she finally felt relieved, but she was still scared.

Luckily, she didn’t eat at this restaurant. What if Manager Fan had a vengeful personality and dripped blood into her food or soup…

The female anchor didn’t dare to think further.

Hu Wenwu looked at the two people, completely confused.

“What are you talking about? I can’t understand anything.”

“What’s HIV? Is it a disease?”

“Wenwu, I’m sorry today. You should go back to school first. We have something to do.”

Lin Baici apologized.

“Since there’s something, I can’t leave even more!”

Hu Wenwu thought Lin Baici was a good person and wanted to help if he could. Otherwise, it would be awkward to leave just like that when they would be living together for the next four years.

“Then go to that Yang Er Barbecue over there and save a seat. Order 100 yuan worth of lamb skewers, and I’ll let them come over later!”

Lin Baici instructed.

Hu Wenwu wanted to refuse, but he was persuaded by Lin Baici. “Just stay there and watch. If I really have something, then come over!”


Hu Wenwu agreed. It turned out he was a hidden soldier.

Seeing Hu Wenwu walk away, Hua Yueyu couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Xiaobai was a Divine Hunter, what could happen to him? Besides, even if he couldn’t win, he could still shout for help from the Muscle Buddha while wearing a kasaya.

Today was the freshmen registration day at Haijing University of Science and Technology. Some of the parents of the freshmen were successful people with established careers.

You could tell by the luxury cars parked at the school.

After finishing their meal, Boss Wang gave instructions to his son, telling him to behave in college and not always chase after women, so as not to cause trouble by impregnating someone. At the same time, he felt proud.

His son was admitted to Haijing University of Science and Technology, which was a great honor for their family.

A young driver hurriedly ran to the Mercedes S-Class parked nearby, opened the door, started the car, and turned on the air conditioning.

After waiting for twenty minutes, Lin Baici and Hua Yueyu exchanged glances, knowing that their target had arrived.

According to the plan, when the owner of the Mercedes approached the car, Hua Yueyu, who was under the phoenix tree, showed an anxious expression, worriedly asking Lin Baici.

“What should we do now? Will we get infected?”

No matter when, beautiful women always had an attraction, especially someone like Hua Yueyu, who was a top-level beauty. Boss Wang and his son had noticed her a long time ago.

“It shouldn’t happen, right?”

Lin Baici replied. He felt that Hua Yueyu’s acting skills were excellent. She truly deserved to be a broadcaster. Even he felt sorry for her when he saw her expressions.

“Who told you that the manager has HIV? Should we go and ask?”

Hua Yueyu’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough for Boss Wang and his family to hear.

Their expressions immediately changed.



Boss Wang frowned immediately. If the car wasn’t parked here, he wouldn’t want to come over. No matter how beautiful she was, if she had this thing, it would be a plague and must be avoided.

“When I was in the restroom, I overheard two waiters whispering. They said that Manager Fan seems to have HIV, and they are afraid to continue working and plan to quit after receiving their salaries in a few days!”

Lin Baici turned his head and glanced at Jixiangju. He planned to show a frightened expression as if he was afraid of getting infected, but his acting skills were slightly lacking. However, Boss Wang didn’t notice this detail.

He was already scared by the news that the manager had HIV.

“Who has AIDS, classmate?”

Boss Wang asked.

Lin Baici didn’t answer immediately but looked at Boss Wang with a guarded look.

“Speak up!”

Boss Wang urged anxiously. “Is it this Jixiangju restaurant?”

Lin Baici didn’t say anything, but Hua Yueyu looked worried. “I don’t know what the owner of this restaurant is thinking. He actually hired someone with HIV as the manager. Could it be a relative?”

Hua Yueyu guessed correctly.

But the owner didn’t know that Manager Fan had this disease; otherwise, he would never have hired him.

Boss Wang didn’t care about their relationship. He turned around and walked towards the restaurant.

Lin Baici had prepared a lot of arguments, such as inviting the owner to confront him together, how to refuse if he was asked to go in, or how to persuade the owner to go to the hospital for a blood test instead of finding Manager Fan first. But now the owner was so impulsive, it saved him a lot of trouble.

Boss Wang started as a construction worker, took risks, and encountered opportunities, becoming a real estate developer with a net worth of over a hundred million.

But he hadn’t enjoyed it for a few days yet. Just by casually having a meal, he found out that the restaurant manager had AIDS?

He was about to explode. He would burn down this restaurant.

Boss Wang had thought about going to the hospital for a blood test, but how could he endure the waiting time? The few hours waiting for the results were the most agonizing. He didn’t want to go through that again, and it was embarrassing!

So it was better to ask the manager directly.


If he made a mistake, he could apologize and compensate him with ten thousand yuan.

Lin Baici watched as Boss Wang walked towards Jixiangju with big strides and smiled. “Let’s go, have barbecue, and watch the show!”

Boss Wang entered the restaurant, and the waiter immediately greeted him.

“Boss, did you leave something behind?”

The waiter remembered this boss who had just left.

“Call your Manager Fan!”

Boss Wang suppressed his anger.

Manager Fan quickly came over with a smile. “Boss, what’s wrong?”

“Do you have AIDS?”

Boss Wang went straight to the point and stared at Manager Fan.

Manager Fan’s face froze, and panic appeared on his face. “Who… who has AIDS?”

If it were someone else, they might not have noticed Manager Fan’s abnormality, but Boss Wang had dealt with all kinds of people, from high-ranking officials to wealthy businessmen, to street thugs. He had encountered all sorts of people.

His eyes were sharp, and when he saw Manager Fan’s expression, he felt a chill in his heart.

“I’m going to call the police!”

Boss Wang took out his phone and continued to test.

“Don’t… don’t call the police!”

Manager Fan was shocked and instinctively tried to stop him.

If the police weren’t involved, the problem wouldn’t be big. They could discuss it privately.

Boss Wang’s heart turned completely cold. He couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. He grabbed a chair from the side and smashed it towards Manager Fan.

Normally, he would have slapped him, but today he didn’t dare. He was afraid of getting infected.

“What the hell are you, a restaurant manager with AIDS?”

Boss Wang’s roar silenced the entire hall, and everyone instinctively spat out the food in their mouths.

The waiters were also at a loss.

What’s going on?

What’s wrong with Manager Fan?

They were originally prepared to fight, but now they were frozen in place.

A young waiter who didn’t know what HIV was wanted to help and show his face in front of Manager Fan, but he was stopped by a colleague.

“Why are you going over? Do you want to get infected?”

Talking about AIDS made people’s faces change because it was the most direct understanding of the disease. So far, there was no effective treatment, and all they could do was wait for death.

Who wouldn’t be afraid?

Soon, chaos broke out in the restaurant. Five or six minutes later, the customers in the private rooms upstairs also found out. Who had the mood to eat after seeing such a scene?

So Jixiangju became lively.

About ten hot-tempered people grabbed chairs and fiercely attacked Manager Fan.

Manager Fan couldn’t defend himself. A blood test was ironclad evidence.

At Yang Er Barbecue, Lin Baici was casually chewing on a skewer of lamb meat on a low table by the roadside.

“What do you think the outcome will be?”

Hua Yueyu asked curiously.

“It’s certain that Manager Fan will be beaten up, and he might even have to stay in the hospital!”

Lin Baici took a sip of beer. “I don’t understand the law, so I don’t know if he will go to jail, but if he encounters difficult customers, he will probably have to compensate!”

“Yeah, it’s all about making a scene now!”

Hua Yueyu nodded. This Jixiangju was quite popular in this area, but after this incident, it was probably finished.

When Lin Baici and the others were halfway through eating their roasted lamb leg, police cars with flashing lights arrived, and a few minutes later, an ambulance arrived as well.

Hua Yueyu ran over to watch.

Soon, Manager Fan, whose face was covered in blood and whose chest was soaked, was lying on a stretcher and being pushed out.

His left eye was swollen and couldn’t open.

“Everyone, step aside and don’t touch his blood!”

The nurse shouted.

They didn’t bandage Manager Fan because they were afraid. They quickly sent him to the hospital.

Lin Baici watched as Manager Fan was pushed onto the ambulance, raised his glass, and toasted from afar.

Wishing you a bright future!


Gulp! Gulp!

Lin Baici finished his beer.

The ten or so attackers were also taken away by the police, but this incident was not easy to handle.

“I didn’t expect such an explosive event!”

Da Fei laughed.

After the scene in the restaurant just now, he immediately changed the title of his live stream to “Restaurant Manager is HIV Carrier, Number of Infections Unknown,” causing his live stream’s popularity to explode.

Originally, due to professional ethics, Da Fei shouldn’t have live-streamed, but this kind of traffic was too good to pass up.

“Are we okay?”

Xiao Fei worried.

“We’re fine. As long as we keep ourselves clean, we won’t get HIV!”

Da Fei said, then saw Hua Yueyu in the crowd and immediately became happy. He ran over and said, “Sister Yu? You guys haven’t left yet?”

“Yeah, we were eating barbecue nearby and heard that something happened here, so we came to take a look.” Hua Yueyu looked curious. “How did the manager get beaten up?”

“It’s a good thing you didn’t eat here…”

Xiao Fei rambled on and then sighed. “Your friend is handsome and kind. He didn’t even ask for a deposit, but that manager got what he deserved. The heavens have taught him a lesson!”


Hua Yueyu burst into laughter upon hearing this.

Is Lin Baici handsome and kind?

All of this was designed by Xiaobai.

By the way, Divine Grace is so powerful!

After a brief conversation with the members of Dao Shi She, Hua Yueyu said goodbye and left. She hadn’t even returned to the barbecue stall when she took out her phone and sent a message to Lin Baici.

“Can I have a chance to become a Divine Hunter?”

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