Chapter 67 – The Fish Big Anchor Shows Its Power

“Load all the money into this phone card!”

Hua Yueyu instructed.


The part-time senior sister was confused. Wasn’t it a mistake?

Oh right,

49 per month, 2352 for four years. She loaded 2500, which would be enough for four years of college if she only spent the monthly rent.


I was wrong. You are not the girlfriend of this rich second generation, you are the rich sister. You play with steel wire balls.

The part-time senior sister secretly thought that she had misunderstood.

Could it be that this student’s Rolex was also bought by this girl?

Hu Wenwu was shocked.

Buy a phone card for 2500?

He didn’t understand. That amount was his living expenses for two semesters.

And that girl was so caring towards her roommate!

“Xiao Bai, give me a chance to repay you!”

Hua Yueyu looked up pitifully at Lin Baici.

At this point, the boy opposite her had saved her life, but she hadn’t done anything for him. This made Hua Yueyu feel guilty, as she had never owed anyone anything.

“One is not enough, at least three?”

Lin Baici teased.

He also understood. Why waste energy on such things?

As long as everyone is happy being together,

Why does it matter who spends the money!

A deep friendship,

There is no need to keep track of everything.

When the part-time senior sister handed the phone card to Lin Baici, Hua Yueyu immediately grabbed Lin Baici’s clothes and said, “Let’s go eat. I’ve reserved a table at Jixiangju. I heard their seafood hot pot is really good!”


Lin Baici was pulled a few steps forward and turned to Hu Wenwu, “You buy the card first, then we’ll go eat!”

“No, I won’t buy it. Oh, you guys go eat, I won’t go!”

Hu Wenwu felt embarrassed to go eat with the two of them.

“Let’s go together, it’ll be more fun with more people!”

Lin Baici invited.

“No, no, I still have leftover bread from lunch. It’ll go bad if I don’t eat it!”

Hu Wenwu had never eaten with female classmates before,

He was nervous.

Hua Yueyu wanted to have a meal alone with Lin Baici, but when she saw Lin Baici inviting Hu Wenwu, it wasn’t just polite, she really wanted to go with them, and she smiled.

“Let’s go. After this meal, you will be mine. If Xiao Bai is deceived by a bad woman in the future, you must tell me immediately.”

Hua Yueyu’s affinity was overflowing, and her interactions with her fans always made people feel warm. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have become a top anchor of Shark Live in just over a year and had the strength to challenge the number one anchor of Shark Live.

“Then… we’ll trouble you!”

They had invited him several times already. If he didn’t agree, it would be impolite, and Hu Wenwu was also worried that Lin Baici would think he didn’t want to be friends with him.

To be honest, among all the roommates, the one who left the best impression on Hu Wenwu was Lin Baici.

“Let’s go!”

Hua Yueyu stepped on the golden sunset on the stone road, feeling very happy. “By the way, Xiao Bai, did you change your phone?”

Lin Baici was currently using a Huawei phone.


Lin Baici gave Hua Yueyu a look, indicating that it wasn’t appropriate to talk about this topic in front of others.

“I understand. The one on the train was broken, right!”

Hua Yueyu was actually quite curious.

That was a mysterious and dangerous divine taboo. She didn’t know how Lin Baici had been contaminated by such strange rules.

Before, Hua Yueyu could only rely on hearsay, but now she had a friend who was a divine hunter.

She could get more information herself,

Maybe she could even see photos of the gods,

It felt great!

“Oh!” Hua Yueyu suddenly exclaimed, “I forgot to ask, are you injured?”

Lin Baici looked healthy with his full beard and tail, and Hua Yueyu had forgotten to ask if he was injured.


Lin Baici laughed heartily.

He earned a lot from the divine taboo game yesterday.

He obtained the divine grace ‘Red Rolling Stone’, the divine taboo creature Conch, and a mysterious eyeball divine relic. He also met Xia Hongyao and had the opportunity to join the Nine Provinces Security Bureau, earning a salary of 600,000 years, 120 meteor coins, and countless benefits.

Oh, and a one million yuan bonus.

The three of them chatted as they walked out of the main gate of the school.

Haijing University of Technology had two gates, front and back.

The main gate was on Fuan Road, a main street where street vendors were not allowed. Therefore, fruit stalls, snack stalls, and the like were concentrated on the back street, the street that came out of the east gate.

With more popularity, restaurants, barber shops, flower shops, and internet cafes were also located here.

The whole street was full of college students’ economy.

Jixiangju was a two-story building. Turn left after leaving the school gate and walk a hundred meters. The sign was large and antique, with two red lanterns hanging.

Today was the day when new students reported to Haijing University of Technology, so Jixiangju, as the top restaurant near the school, was naturally crowded. The roadside had already been filled with cars.

Lin Baici and the other two stepped onto the steps and entered the lobby, and sure enough, they saw a crowd of people.

A waiter in a dark blue restaurant uniform immediately greeted them, “I’m sorry, we’re fully booked. If you want to eat, you’ll need to wait for a table!”

“I reserved a private room, number 208.”

Hua Yueyu had anticipated this situation, so she had reserved a private room in advance and even paid a 500 yuan deposit.

Otherwise, the boss might have given the private room to someone else.

“Oh, please wait a moment. Let me check for you!”

The waitress contacted the front desk through the walkie-talkie. After saying a few words, she apologized with a smile, “I’m sorry, but someone has already taken room 208.”


Hua Yueyu’s eyebrows furrowed. “I didn’t come, so why is someone there? I paid a deposit. Do you want to see the transfer record?”

“Well… I’m not sure either. Do you still want to dine here? You can wait for a while, the guests in room 208 should finish soon.”

The waitress apologized with a smile.

“Wait? Bring your manager here!”

Hua Yueyu was getting angry.

On her first invitation to Lin Baici for a meal, she encountered such a situation. It was really disappointing.

The waitress quickly notified the manager through the walkie-talkie. After saying a few words, she smiled apologetically at Hua Yueyu, “I’m sorry, but the manager is busy with too many customers today. If you’re dining, you’ll be the next table after the guests in room 208. If you’re not dining, I’ll refund your deposit.”

She had the transfer record on Alipay, so there was no way to cheat her.


Hua Yueyu, like a wild cat with its tail stepped on, suddenly became furious.

Clearly, they were the ones at fault, but this damn manager didn’t even show his face and tried to dismiss her with just a waitress?

If it were any other time, Hua Yueyu wouldn’t mind. She could just not eat and go to another place. But today, she was treating Lin Baici to a meal!

He was her lifesaver.

Hua Yueyu couldn’t contain her anger anymore.

“Don’t make me repeat it a second time. Bring your manager here!”

Hua Yueyu now had over six million fans on the internet, and it wasn’t from buying followers, but genuine fans. Plus, with her identity as a top anchor of Shark Live, earning hundreds of thousands of yuan a year, she had money in her pocket.

This was her confidence in seeking justice.

In the lobby of Jixiangju, about thirty tables of customers were waiting, and they all looked over when they heard the commotion.

Someone was causing trouble. The manager couldn’t afford to be negligent and had to come quickly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. We have too many customers today. Please understand. I’ll refund your deposit right away!”

The manager was a middle-aged man in his forties, with parted hair and small eyes that revealed a shrewdness.

Despite his apologies, he had no sincerity at all and just wanted to quickly send these people away so as not to affect the business of the restaurant.

“Do I need that 500 yuan deposit? What about my wasted time? How do you plan to compensate me?”

Hua Yueyu questioned.

“Heh, trying to cheat me?”

The manager sneered, realizing that she wanted compensation. He wasn’t even going to let them in.

Hua Yueyu’s anger was about to explode when she heard this. “Who is trying to cheat you?”

“Not trying to cheat you, then take the deposit and leave!”

The manager’s attitude was cold. “Where do you think you are? This isn’t your home.”

Hua Yueyu didn’t answer. She lifted her foot and was about to go upstairs.

“Stop her!”

The manager ordered.

Two waiters immediately blocked her way.

“Don’t touch her!”

Lin Baici shouted. He took a step forward and stood in front of Hua Yueyu.

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