Chapter 64 – I know all your secrets!

Lin Baici held the doorknob and took in the whole dormitory.

The place wasn’t big.

There were three bunk beds with wooden boards on top, painted with a dark green color.

The color was quite intoxicating.

Did the president of Haijing University of Technology get pranked with green paint?

Otherwise, why would the bed sheets and bed covers be green?

They really have no sense of aesthetics.

Lin Baici’s evaluation was just one word,


In the northeast corner and in the middle of the dormitory, there were two desks. On the corner desk, there was an old landline phone that looked like it had been here for seven or eight years.

Is there still anyone using this thing?

“There’s a balcony inside, with a sink. Your luggage cabinet is also there!”

Zhou Ya introduced the layout of the dormitory.


Lin Baici nodded. There were currently six people in the dormitory.

A tall guy, probably over 1.8 meters, sat on the lower bunk of the bed near the door. He was spinning a basketball on his left index finger.

He was wearing a yellow Lakers jersey with the number 23 on it, and a pair of AJ32 basketball shoes on his feet.

When he saw Lin Baici come in, he stood up and politely asked, “Do you need help?”

“Thanks, no need.”

This roommate should be a basketball fan. He had an average appearance, but he was strong and had dark skin, obviously from playing basketball all year round.

[Wow, a muscular guy. Because he plays basketball all the time, his muscles are strong and powerful, quite chewy. I recommend barbecue, with plenty of sauce!]

[Medium rare, don’t mind if it’s tough to chew, it has the best texture.]


The Gourmet God started commenting on the ingredients again, leaving Lin Baici speechless.

“I’m Fang Mingyuan!”

Number 23 extended his hand towards Lin Baici, but then quickly retracted it, realizing that his hand wasn’t clean because he had been playing basketball.

But Lin Baici had already reached out to shake hands.

“I’m Lin Baici!”

Lin Baici smiled.

[A guy who prefers action over thinking, loves playing basketball, and aspires to join a professional team. Not interested in women, after all, what woman has well-developed biceps?]

[He can be taken along to explore God’s Ruins, usually as a laborer. When there’s a shortage of supplies, he can be used as food!]

[It is recommended to spend time playing basketball with him every week, focusing on exercising his two thighs. I believe that after a year, the meat will be very tasty!]

“If you need any help, just let me know!”

Fang Mingyuan smiled and nodded at Zhou Ya, then sat back down and continued playing basketball to improve his skills.

On the balcony, there was a guy making a phone call.

He was about 1.7 meters tall, with a long face and well-groomed hair that covered his eyes. In short, he looked handsome.

His outfit was also very trendy, all those brands that Lin Baici couldn’t name. His personal style was similar to those idol group members from Sakura Country and Goryeo.

[He looks a bit effeminate, but he’s not gay. He has a temper and fluctuating emotional intelligence.]

[His family is not just wealthy, but extremely wealthy!]

[He is loyal to his friends, but always ends up being taken advantage of. Don’t owe him any favors, because he will find a way to get them back twofold.]

[He has a weak constitution and frequently gets sick. Currently experiencing kidney deficiency.]

Kidney deficiency?

Lin Baici was stunned. Isn’t an 18-year-old man supposed to be overflowing with energy?

How can he have a deficiency?

But after looking at this guy’s face, Lin Baici understood.

With money and good looks, how could he possibly lack a girlfriend?

“I said we should break up, don’t you understand?”

“I don’t like long-distance relationships!”

“Let me visit you every weekend? No, I want to sleep in!”

“You come visit me? No, it will disturb my sleep.”

Qian Jiahui’s patience quickly ran out, and his voice became louder.

“That’s it, I’m hanging up!”

Qian Jiahui didn’t care about his girlfriend’s tantrums and hung up the phone directly. He walked out from the balcony and saw Lin Baici, looking him up and down.

“Hello, Lin Baici, from Guangqing.”

Lin Baici greeted with a smile.

“I’m Qian Jiahui, from Beijing!”

After Qian Jiahui finished speaking, he took out wireless earphones and put them on without asking for Fang Mingyuan’s opinion. He hummed a tune and sat directly on his bed, starting to play a mobile game.

Fang Mingyuan made way for him.

There was another guy on the balcony. He had a basin of water in front of him and was squatting, wiping the stains on the floor and walls. He also had a broom and dustpan next to him.

The dustpan contained many cigarette butts, crumpled tissue papers, and three dirty socks and a pair of underwear.

It seemed that the previous senior students who lived in this dormitory were not clean.

“Hi, how are you!”

Lin Baici greeted.

The guy immediately stood up and forced a smile, trying to appear friendly. He greeted Lin Baici, “Hello! Hello!”

“I’m Lin Baici!”

Lin Baici could tell that this guy was reserved.

He was about 1.65 meters tall, thin and weak, with short hair. There was a thumb-sized scar on his left forehead.

“I’m Hu Wenwu!”

“Lin junior, this upper bunk is yours!”

On the railing of each bed, there were students’ names. After Zhou Ya found Lin Baici’s bed, she opened the large bag and took out the bedding, helping him make the bed.

“I can do it myself!”

Lin Baici felt embarrassed. Wasn’t the senior sister being too enthusiastic?

“You can take a break and chat with everyone!”

As a senior in her fourth year, Zhou Ya had seen all kinds of students.

She could tell that this guy named Hu Wenwu was from the countryside.

Coming to Haijing, a super first-tier bustling city, completely shattered his worldview. Looking at the confident and carefree alumni on campus, he would definitely feel restrained and even inferior.

If he couldn’t resist, he would spend four years in college with unpleasant memories.

If he could endure it, he would undergo a transformation and mature, making these four years of university the cornerstone of his successful future.

Zhou Ya thought of herself. Everyone’s family background was different, which also led to different goals in college.

Some people had the capital to enjoy their college life, playing games and dating like wild horses running free. Some people studied hard from the first year to find a good job, even wearing out the chairs in the study room.

That Qian Jiahui, dressed in luxury brands, was definitely a rich second-generation.

What about Fang Mingyuan?

Sorry, this type of person is too common in college, Zhou Ya couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

“Then I’ll trouble you, senior sister!”

There were still three people in the dormitory, a middle-aged couple and a round-faced guy wearing black-framed glasses.

The woman was making the bed and giving instructions to her son, while the man stood by the bed smoking, frowning and obviously lost in thought.

The guy was saying “I know, I know” while keeping his head down, watching Douyin videos with a low voice that could still be heard in the dormitory.

When Lin Baici pushed the door open, the round-faced guy glanced at him and made eye contact. Just as Lin Baici was about to greet him, he looked at Zhou Ya, glanced up and down, pursed his lips, and lowered his head to continue watching videos.

Since the other party didn’t show any intention to greet, Lin Baici didn’t bother to talk to this round-faced guy either. Instead, he helped Zhou Ya make the bed.

The man smoking a cigarette frowned even more when he saw this. He looked Lin Baici up and down and showed obvious displeasure.

His son was being ignored.

He felt that this guy was rude.

[A momma’s boy who is self-centered and has a strong sense of territory. Always nitpicking and calculating. Don’t owe him any favors, because he will find a way to get them back twofold.]

[He is obsessed with black stockings. He secretly bought and wore them. During high school, he added something to the water cups of three classmates he disliked when no one was around during lunch break.]

“What did he add?”

Lin Baici frowned.


The Gourmet God didn’t say, but Lin Baici could probably guess.

He should be careful in the future and carry his own water cup. Otherwise, if someone adds something to it and he drinks it, it would be disgusting.


With the Gourmet God here, the food and drinks I consume should be safe!

[A small section chief who thinks he has some power and feels superior. When he attended his son’s parents’ meeting in the second year of junior high school, he became interested in one of his son’s classmates’ mothers and tried to seduce her using his section chief status. As a result, he was recorded and had to spend 50,000 yuan to smooth things over.]

[He likes to show off and gossip about other people’s family affairs, always adding fuel to the fire and spreading all kinds of rumors. He has broken up two happily married couples.]

This whole family is a bunch of extreme characters?

Lin Baici was speechless!

Can’t I have a different roommate?

He was really afraid that this round-faced guy would add something to everyone’s water bottles if he got upset one day.

Zhou Ya came down from the top bunk and clapped her hands. “It’s done, junior!”

“Thanks for your hard work, senior sister.”

Lin Baici felt embarrassed.

“Don’t be so polite!”

Zhou Ya took out her phone and checked the time. “It’s past four. I’m going back to my dormitory. I still have clothes to wash.”

“Shall we have a meal together tonight?”

Lin Baici invited.

After helping so much, he should treat her to a meal.

“You just arrived today, chat with your roommates and bond!”

Zhou Ya saw that Lin Baici didn’t bother to talk to the round-faced guy and knew that he was also a proud person.

You treat me with respect, I’ll treat you with respect.

If you’re impolite?

Very well, I won’t treat you as a person either!

“Anyway, we have WeChat, so we can meet anytime!”

Zhou Ya bid farewell to Lin Baici.

When the two of them came to Building No. 2, they exchanged WeChat IDs.

“Take care, senior sister!”

Lin Baici wanted to accompany Zhou Ya out of the dormitory building, but he was stopped.

“There are too many people taking the elevator. It would take half an hour for you to go down and come back up. Don’t bother.”

Zhou Ya shook the juice box in her hand. “Buy me a milk tea next time!”

“No problem!”

Lin Baici saw Zhou Ya off and returned to the dormitory. Fang Mingyuan patted the basketball and jokingly said, “Not bad, Lin student, you’ve already hooked up with a senior sister on your first day!”

When Fang Mingyuan registered, it was this senior sister who handled his procedures.

Hu Wenwu felt envious in his heart.

When he registered, he saw that senior sister at the registration desk. She looked pretty when she smiled and spoke nicely. He quietly thought that he should work hard to improve himself during the four years of college and find a girlfriend who was at the same level as this senior sister.

Even if he couldn’t find someone as beautiful, she shouldn’t be too bad.

But he didn’t expect that on the first day, his roommate managed to do it!

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