Chapter 65 – I’m here, Little Lin, come pick me up

In the dormitory, everyone was busy with their own things. But because of Fang Mingyuan’s words, they all looked up and looked at Lin Baici.

Qian Jiahui smiled.

With the appearance of their new roommate, it’s not surprising that girls would chase after him.

Because he has experienced too many of these things himself.

The Chief Liu looked at Lin Baici with a condescending gaze, while his wife had an unhappy expression.

The girl who came in just now is pretty and well-proportioned, just a bit short. If she were to marry her son, it wouldn’t work unless her family background is good. But they can date and let their son gain some experience, so that he won’t be deceived by women in the future.

Now that she heard that the girl already has a boyfriend, she naturally felt uncomfortable, like someone took a bite out of the peach she liked.

What bad luck!

“Zhou Xuejie is not my girlfriend!”

Lin Baici quickly clarified. Who knows if Zhou Ya has a boyfriend at school, if someone hears it, it could easily lead to misunderstandings and harm Zhou Ya’s reputation.

“Oh, she’s your fellow villager?”

Fang Mingyuan was a bit embarrassed, he guessed wrong.

“Not really!”

Lin Baici walked to the balcony and picked up a cloth from the sink to wash it. “Wenwu, what else needs to be wiped?”

“Don’t bother, I can do it myself, not much left.”

Hu Wenwu wanted to do more work to leave a good impression on his new roommate.

“Not a fellow villager? Then why did she bring you up?”

Fang Mingyuan was puzzled.

Lin Baici shrugged, looking like he didn’t know either.

“Lin Xuesheng, you should seize the opportunity!”

Fang Mingyuan teased. “If you take the initiative to pursue her, you will definitely be the first one in our dorm to get out of being single!”

Lin Baici smiled but didn’t say anything.

Zhou Ya is not bad, but compared to Hua Yueyu and Jin Yingzhen, she is not on the same level. But if he had to choose, of course he would choose Xia Hongyao.

Because of Xiong Da.

“We’re in college now, what’s there to be embarrassed about being in a relationship?”

Fang Mingyuan has a carefree personality and doesn’t think much before speaking. He saw Lin Baici starting to clean up, so he also picked up a broom and joined the cleaning.

He asked Hu Wenwu earlier if he needed help, but Hu Wenwu said no, so Fang Mingyuan didn’t do anything and just played basketball.

Qian Jiahui is a second-generation rich, living in a villa with a housekeeper, not because he is lazy or dislikes dirt, but in his concept, there is no need to clean the dormitory. If he were to do it, he would just spend money to hire a cleaner.

Liu Yu sniffed and glanced at Lin Baici and the others before taking out his phone and walking outside the dormitory. “Mom, a high school classmate sent me a WeChat message, I’m going to make a phone call!”

Actually, no one was looking for Liu Yu, he just wanted to find an excuse to leave.

It’s not that I don’t want to clean, I just have something to do.

Hu Wenwu agreed with Fang Mingyuan’s words. If the girl takes the initiative to bring you up, if Lin Baici actively pursues her, it would definitely be easy.

He also wanted to say something, but when the words reached his mouth, he became nervous and couldn’t say it.


Chief Liu coughed and threw the cigarette butt on the ground, stepping on it with his foot. “University is the most important time in life. If you don’t study hard, you will be unemployed after graduation. You will waste your parents’ hard-earned money!”

Chief Liu’s tone was disciplinary and strict.

Hu Wenwu shrunk his neck and forced a smile on his face.

Fang Mingyuan glanced at Chief Liu but didn’t say anything.

As for Lin Baici, Chief Liu didn’t even spare him a glance.

After hearing God Eater’s comments about him, Lin Baici didn’t have a good impression of him. What kind of person wants to seduce his son’s classmate’s mother using his position as a chief? He couldn’t be a good person.

Chief Liu’s face immediately darkened when he saw that the other three boys didn’t show a submissive attitude.

“You guys are too arrogant, always thinking that you are right. When you graduate and experience the hardships of society, you will know how valuable my words are now!”

Chief Liu shook his head. “You guys, the younger generation, are hard to teach. How many four years of college life can you have?”

“Uncle is right!”

Fang Mingyuan chuckled and made a perfunctory remark.

“Mingyuan, do you know the girls in our school? I plan to pursue the school belle first!”

Lin Baici asked.


Hu Wenwu froze and glanced at Chief Liu subconsciously.

Lin Baici’s words were clearly a counterattack!

“I have worked hard for three years in junior high school and three years in high school. Can’t I enjoy myself now?”

Lin Baici dislikes it when others lecture him.


Fang Mingyuan couldn’t help but laugh, thinking that their new roommate is quite interesting. “Let’s pursue together?”

“Then I’ll change my target!”

Lin Baici looked at Qian Jiahui’s face, which resembled an idol boy band member. He felt that if Qian Jiahui sings, dances, and raps, he probably wouldn’t be able to compete.

“No need to change, let’s compare. If you win, I’ll pay for your meals in the senior year!”

Qian Jiahui didn’t have any ill intentions, he was just playing around.

Liu’s mother, hearing this, looked at Qian Jiahui with a surprised expression.

She knew that the clothes this student was wearing were branded, but she didn’t expect him to be so rich.

To pay for the meals of roommates for four years of college, how much money would that be?

She should tell her son to get along well with this Qian person and build a good relationship.

“What’s so great about being handsome? Are you betting with the school belle?”

Fang Mingyuan teased. “Be careful, I’ll make you eat chili for a month and make pimples grow on your face and hemorrhoids on your butt!”

Well, with the looks of Lin Baici and Qian Jiahui, it’s really possible to pursue the school belle.

Hu Wenwu wiped the stains on the wall while grinning. He thought his new roommate was very humorous and he should have a pleasant four years of college life.

Chief Liu felt ignored and was very unhappy. He shouted to his wife, “Is everything ready? Let’s go find Vice Dean Wang. I have a dinner appointment with him today!”

After Chief Liu finished speaking, he looked at Qian Jiahui. “Do you guys want to come? Although Vice Dean Wang is not from your Electrical Engineering College, with his support, your future life will be much easier!”

“No, I have something to do later!”

Qian Jiahui didn’t want to go. He had already had lunch with his dad and the principal at noon and didn’t want to have another meal. He planned to go around the campus later.

“Thank you, Uncle, but no need.”

Hu Wenwu also quickly refused and expressed his gratitude.

Fang Mingyuan and Lin Baici didn’t say anything. They were not as naive as Hu Wenwu. Chief Liu’s invitation was just a formality, even if they were invited, only Qian Jiahui would go.

“Let’s go!”

Chief Liu walked out.

“In the next four years, you will live together and help each other when you encounter any problems.”

Liu’s mother smiled and spoke to Lin Baici and the other three. “Our son has been weak since he was a child and doesn’t talk much, but he has a good heart. If you have any conflicts, please be considerate of him.”

“When Auntie comes to visit you next time, I will bring local specialties for you!”

Hu Wenwu saw Liu’s mother leaving and waved goodbye. Fang Mingyuan and Lin Baici didn’t move, and Qian Jiahui lowered his head to play with his phone, not even looking at her.

“Who isn’t a baby?”

Fang Mingyuan curled his lips.

Lin Baici felt uncomfortable. Someone who added ingredients to his classmates’ water bottles during lunch break, and even did it three times, can he really have a good heart?

The three of them spent more than ten minutes cleaning the dormitory.

Fang Mingyuan couldn’t wait to pick up his basketball and twirled it on his left index finger. “It’s still early, want to play for a while?”

“You really like basketball?”

Qian Jiahui didn’t like sports because he would sweat a lot.

“I was admitted as a sports special student!”

Fang Mingyuan looked at Lin Baici, who had a great figure. “Are you too?”

“Not really!”

Lin Baici shook his head.

“Want to compare?”

Fang Mingyuan challenged. Playing basketball is his way of building a relationship.

“No, I’m not good at it!”

Today is the first day, why play basketball? There are still many things to do. “Another day, I’m going to buy a campus card!”


Fang Mingyuan slapped the basketball and saw that no one responded. “Then I’ll go by myself!”

Lin Baici took out his luggage, put it in the cabinet, and stuffed the suitcase under the bed. After tidying up the bedding and placing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and towel on the sink, he greeted his new roommates. “Want to go out and take a look? Maybe buy something?”

“I’m not going, I’m going to watch a live stream.”

Qian Jiahui declined and opened the Shark APP. He found Hua Yueyu from his followed streamers and entered her live stream room, only to find that she had posted an announcement today that she won’t be streaming for a day.

“She stood me up?”

Qian Jiahui was annoyed. He just broke up with his girlfriend today and officially became single again. He had planned to send some big rockets in Hua Yueyu’s live stream room to have some fun, but now he didn’t have the chance.

Forget it, I’ll wait until tomorrow!

Qian Jiahui opened a WeChat group called “Fishermen” where the diehard fans who have donated over 100,000 yuan to Hua Yueyu gathered.

He flipped through the chat history and found that a good friend of Hua Yueyu’s had enrolled in college today, so Hua Yueyu went to welcome him.

“Ah, I really want to have a meal and sing KTV with Little Fish!”

Qian Jiahui had invited Hua Yueyu a few times, but they never went out together.

“I… I’ll go!”

Hu Wenwu put on his backpack, where he had his phone, wallet, and bank card, and he wanted to carry them with him.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Baici also carried a backpack.

There’s no way, he has to carry the black altar bowl with him. Besides being afraid of losing it, he is more worried that the rules contamination will suddenly erupt and all the new students in the building will be treated as firewood and cooked into porridge.

He had just entered the elevator when his phone rang.

Ding dong.

It was a message from Hua Yueyu.

Little Fish: I’m here, Little Lin, come pick me up!

Lin Baici: Where are you?

Little Fish: Guess?

Lin Baici: Definitely not behind me.

Little Fish: I’m at the small square in front of the cafeteria. The quality of the new students in your school is not good, especially the girls. Now I can rest assured.

Lin Baici: ???

Lin Baici’s question mark was asking why Hua Yueyu can rest assured.

Little Fish: Rest assured that my Little White won’t be taken away. By the way, you probably don’t like older women in their third and fourth year, right?

After sending the message, Hua Yueyu suddenly realized that she is one year older than Lin Baici.

But it doesn’t matter, she will always be sixteen, wearing a sailor suit and white stockings, cuter than middle school students.

Lin Baici:…

Little Fish: Come down quickly, I’ll take you to a big meal!

Hua Yueyu is a social butterfly, and after a few years of live streaming and making videos, she has become a social butterfly to the power of three.

She didn’t drive while chatting, so Lin Baici didn’t end up with tire marks on his face, which was already quite restrained.

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