Chapter 63 – Senior sister! Senior sister!


Lin Baici is busy studying every day, and he spends his free time reading novels and playing games. He has no time for exercise.

“Then why is your body so good?”

Zhou Ya reached out and pretended to poke Lin Baici’s biceps.

The muscle lines look beautiful, unlike her boyfriend whose body is loose and flabby.

“It’s natural growth, I guess,” Lin Baici estimated that it was mostly related to the Divine Taboo.

“Hehe, junior, you are too modest. When you are in college, there is no need to hide your talents. When it’s time to show off, you should show off and let people know about your excellence. This way, you can get more opportunities,” Zhou Ya imparted her experience. “Don’t be afraid of jealousy from others. Remember, if you don’t attract envy, you are mediocre!”

Recently, Poppy Jump is quite popular among girls.

Zhou Ya and her roommates have also practiced it at night, and it is very tiring. So she knows how much effort Lin Baici has put into building his physique and how disciplined he is.

“Like joining the student council, joining the party, and other opportunities, you must actively strive for them. It will be helpful for finding a job in the future!” Zhou Ya advised.

Zhou Ya has the mentality of getting to know Lin Baici, after all, having a handsome and wealthy male friend is a matter of face.

And who knows, maybe he can help her someday.

Zhou Ya’s gaze subtly glanced over the watch on Lin Baici’s left wrist.


Yes, it seems to be called Submariner. Zhou Ya is not very clear, she only knows that her boyfriend calls it the “Green Ghost” because the dial and bezel of this watch are both green, hence the name.

Zhou Ya thinks the name “Green Ghost” doesn’t sound good, and she doesn’t know what’s so good about this watch. But her boyfriend really likes it and has saved various pictures of this watch on his phone, looking at them from time to time.

Her boyfriend said it’s his dream watch, and after graduating for ten years, he will be able to buy one with a month’s salary.

So how much does it cost?

More than 80,000 yuan, RMB!

Now, his dream watch is casually worn on the wrist of this junior.


Some people are born in Rome, while others are born to be mules!

Zhou Ya is already in her fourth year of college, she is no longer naive. She sent Lin Baici to the boys’ dormitory building not only because she disliked Xu Daguan and wanted to get rid of him, but also because of this watch.

If she missed this opportunity, there would be no chance to get to know Lin Baici in the future.

“Thank you for sharing your experience, senior!”

Lin Baici expressed his gratitude, but he no longer cared about it.

He is now a Divine Hunter and will soon become a Dragon Guard of the Nine Provinces, with an annual salary of 600,000 and 120 Meteor Coins. Even if he can’t achieve it, it doesn’t matter.

As long as he qualifies to enter the God’s Ruins and brings out Divine Taboos without being confiscated by official institutions, Lin Baici is confident that he will become a millionaire.

When he was browsing the Origin Forum and saw that some people were buying Divine Taboos and paying based on their characteristics, the cheapest one was worth over a million.

The housing prices in Haijing are too expensive. If you want to buy a well-located new house, you can forget about it without ten million. So waiting for the salary is too slow.

It is now September, and Lin Baici plans to wait until October. During the seven-day National Day holiday, he will invite Xia Hongyao to explore the God’s Ruins and obtain Divine Taboos.

He has to invite Xia Hongyao because Divine Hunters without a license are prohibited from possessing Divine Taboos, let alone entering the God’s Ruins casually.

He doesn’t know how to obtain a license. He has to get one quickly!

“Look, that lake is called Qingliutang, but we all call it Little Taihu Lake!”

Leaving the main road of the twelve buildings that make up the teaching building area, there is a huge flower bed with purple and red flowers planted in it. On the west side, there is a large lake.

Willows are planted by the lake, and the summer breeze blows, causing the green trees to sway and providing a cool feeling from afar.

“Don’t be fooled by the good scenery here. It’s full of mosquitoes in summer and too cold in winter. Except for the freshmen who haven’t experienced hardships, those veterans never come to this kind of place for love!” Zhou Ya thinks Lin Baici definitely doesn’t lack girlfriends and hopes he doesn’t become a scumbag.

“Do you like playing basketball? Our school has a well-equipped gymnasium. With your height, you should be able to dunk, right?”

Zhou Ya is a little hopeful. The boys in their department are not good at basketball, and they can’t even make it out of the group stage in the annual school basketball competition.

“It’s okay!”

It’s already past four o’clock, and Lin Baici can already smell the aroma of food coming from the cafeteria.

In front of the cafeteria, there is a small square.

At this time, there are more than ten sun umbrellas set up, with several mobile operators selling SIM cards, senior students selling old books and postgraduate exam materials, and students selling snacks and drinks as part of their entrepreneurship.

Passing through the square is an H-shaped dormitory building with a total of twenty-six floors.

“That’s the boys’ dormitory building No. 2, it seems like you guys call it ‘Underwear Building’.”

Zhou Ya pointed it out to Lin Baici. “Our view is blocked by No. 2 building. Behind it is the dormitory area, with a total of thirty-six dormitory buildings. You freshmen are lucky. The ones you are living in this year are newly built buildings less than three years old!”

“By the way, when you go to the water room to get water or take a shower, you will pass through the girls’ dormitory building. Don’t look around!” Zhou Ya teased.

“Wait a moment, senior!”

After Lin Baici finished speaking, he ran towards the cafeteria.

Zhou Ya didn’t understand why the junior was hungry.

Next to the cafeteria entrance, there are two vending machines with mineral water and drinks inside.

Lin Baici ran to the vending machine, took out his phone to scan the code for payment, and bought a bottle of Nongfu Spring water and a bottle of juice.

“Senior, have some juice to replenish vitamin C.”

Lin Baici came back and handed the opened juice bottle to Zhou Ya.

“Junior, in high school, did a lot of girls chase after you?”

Zhou Ya originally wanted to refuse, but when she saw that Lin Baici even opened the bottle carefully, she didn’t know why, but her heart softened.

She wanted to taste the juice handed to her by this junior to see if it was better than what she bought.

“I haven’t been in a relationship!” Lin Baici, a poor student, didn’t have time for a relationship. He studied hard every day, hoping to get into a good university and earn money to lighten his mother’s burden.

“Those female classmates of yours have bad taste. They actually let you come to college all alone?” Zhou Ya joked.

Lin Baici’s Nongfu Spring water costs 2 yuan, and this bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice costs 7 yuan. From this detail alone, you can see that this junior is generous and knows how to handle things.

In Zhou Ya’s opinion, whether it’s water or juice, or even if Lin Baici didn’t buy water for her, she wouldn’t mind. But now that she received a bottle of juice, and it was opened for her, Zhou Ya’s mood became extremely good.

There is a feeling of being treated gently by the world.

After all, everyone wants to be taken care of and respected.

There is a bustling crowd at the entrance of the No. 2 dormitory building.

The freshmen are all lining up to receive their daily necessities.

“You wait here, I’ll go get it for you!” Zhou Ya rolled up her sleeves, ready to get to work.

Actually, she planned to just send Lin Baici downstairs to the entrance of the building, but the bottle of juice from the junior made her change her mind.

“Don’t!” Lin Baici grabbed Zhou Ya’s arm. “Just help me watch the luggage!”

If he really let Zhou Ya go get his things, he was afraid that he would be seen as a spoiled pretty boy who couldn’t take care of himself.

As for not buying juice for himself, it’s purely because it’s too sweet and he can’t drink it.

After waiting in line for twenty minutes, Lin Baici received a large bag of light green color, a set of military training uniforms, a folding stool, an electric kettle, and various daily necessities such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, and washbasins from the storage manager.

Inside the big bag are two sets of quilts and mattresses, as well as four bed sheets and duvet covers. The patterns are composed of small green and white squares, without any patterns, monotonous.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you up!”

With so many things, Zhou Ya reached out to take the big bag from Lin Baici’s hand.

“I can handle it myself! I can handle it myself!”

Come on, I can bench press 100 kilograms, and I can lift you up with one hand. What’s this little stuff? If there weren’t so many people, Lin Baici would have flexed his muscles and acted as a coolie.

Stepping up the stairs, Lin Baici and Zhou Ya entered building No. 2. After showing the admission notice to the dormitory manager aunt, she gave Lin Baici two keys.

“9th floor, Room 906.”

This is Lin Baici’s dormitory.

There are two elevators in the building, but today there are too many people. They waited for fifteen minutes before squeezing into the elevator and reaching the 9th floor.

The corridor is crowded with people, including freshmen with young faces and parents who are worried about whether they can adapt to college life. On each face, there is concern and worry.

Lin Baici walked to the front of Room 906.

The door was closed.

Lin Baici knocked on the door first, waited for about five seconds, and then pushed it open.

This small detail made Zhou Ya have an even stronger good impression of Lin Baici.

Junior Lin thinks of others.

Knocking on the door first to remind, instead of entering directly, otherwise, they might encounter scenes that shouldn’t be seen, and everyone would be embarrassed.

For example, someone crying for the first time after leaving their parents secretly, or parents telling their children things that outsiders shouldn’t hear…

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