Chapter 62 – New student registration

Today is the second day of college registration. There are many freshmen, plus parents accompanying their children, the campus is bustling with people, and there are people everywhere, with noisy conversations.

In front of Lin Baici, there are nine people, and it’s not his turn yet. There are more than ten people behind.

The one in charge of registration is a senior sister and a senior brother from our college.

“The senior brother is very ordinary, wearing thick glasses, looks like a honest person. The senior sister is very beautiful, tall with long legs, a slim waist, and light makeup. She’s very pretty!”

“But her skin is a bit dark!”

“If I were to rate her, I would give her a seven out of ten!”

The boy in front of Lin Baici is holding a phone, muttering to himself.

“Should I take a look? No, I can’t take pictures without their permission. That’s my principle!”

“Alright, for the sake of my family, I’ll take just one look!”

The boy said, aiming his phone at the wheat-colored senior sister.

“Did you see it? I didn’t lie to you, did I?”

The boy was very proud. “I didn’t expect our senior sister from the School of Electrical Engineering to be of such high quality. We can look forward to our campus life!”

“Thanks to the Green Mushroom for the card, thank you!”

“Thanks to the three-feet-tall Cow for the card, thank you!”

This boy is thanking his fans for their rewards, and his voice is not small, attracting nearby students to look over.

Lin Baici is close enough to see clearly.

This average-height, slightly chubby freshman is also a Shark Platform anchor.

He is wearing a pair of white Adidas Yeezy shoes, a pair of cropped casual pants, a Japanese-style trendy brand T-shirt, a baseball cap, and a pair of coffee-colored sunglasses.

He has an outgoing personality and is a social butterfly.

If it were Lin Baici, he would definitely not have the courage to live stream in front of so many people.

“Do you want my WeChat? Do you want me to die on my first day of school?”

“Do I look awkward when I’m rejected?”

“Whether it works or not, how about donating a plane? How about three planes? This beautiful senior sister, isn’t she worth three planes? Okay, I’m going all out today!”

This boy who calls himself “Big Official” is quite flirtatious and interacts with his fans. The atmosphere is lively.

When it’s his turn, he holds his phone in one hand and hands over the admission notice with the other.

“Sister, what year are you in?”

The boy grinned, showing his friendliness. “My name is Xu Daguan, Xu with two people, Daguan on top, following Xun and Xun, observing the world with integrity!”

Xu Daguan loves introducing himself because he thinks his name is high-class and has a certain charm. Every time others hear it, they are impressed.


Zhou Ya politely responded.

“I am an anchor on Shark Platform with one million fans. Can you say a few words to my fans? They are all fish who have never seen a beautiful senior sister who is both attractive and talented in a prestigious university. So they want to see if you can fulfill their wishes?”

Xu Daguan has good emotional intelligence and sweet talk. Not only did he show off his million fans, implying that he is a big anchor, but he also praised Zhou Ya for her beauty and talent.

The freshmen waiting in line around them were surprised and admiring to see Xu Daguan and the senior sister chatting without any stage fright.

This is what a winner in life looks like, right?


Zhou Ya had considered becoming a female anchor to earn tuition and living expenses, but she never tried it. So when she had the opportunity to livestream, she didn’t reject it. However, just as she was about to agree, she saw the freshman standing behind Xu Daguan.

He was tall, at least 185 centimeters, with distinct facial features, handsome face, especially his eyes, which were very spirited.

Zhou Ya and Lin Baici made eye contact.

“Sorry, I don’t like being in front of the camera.”

Zhou Ya declined.

For some reason, she didn’t want this boy to think she was frivolous and not reserved.

“Sister, please help these people. Later, I’ll treat you and the senior brothers to coffee, how about that?”

Xu Daguan didn’t give up. The atmosphere in the livestream room was good, and the fans were clamoring to see the senior sister.

Xu Daguan wouldn’t give up on this opportunity to increase his popularity.

Zhou Ya shook her head. She quickly glanced at Lin Baici, her gaze sweeping over his whole body. When her eyes reached his wrist and saw the Rolex watch, there was a slight pause.

[He has athlete’s foot, likes to collect adult movies, especially the JK genre, and is a frequent customer at roadside hair salons.]

[He likes to take secret photos, pay attention to protecting your privacy!]

[He smells bad, even dogs won’t eat him!]

Lin Baici looked at Xu Daguan’s feet. The comment from the Gourmet God was referring to him.

It seems that expensive shoes can’t cure athlete’s foot.

[A senior sister in her fourth year, standing at a crossroads in life, has recently realized the power of money and how it can change many things.]

[She wants money, a lot of money!]

[She has a difficult time conceiving, so it is recommended to eat charcoal-grilled food and sprinkle some cumin!]

These were the comments from the Gourmet God about Zhou Ya.

“I also want money, to buy a big villa for my mom!”

Lin Baici saw Xu Daguan and suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to check his videos on Bilibili. He hadn’t watched them for several days and didn’t know the view count.

“Junior, here’s your proof. Go to the downstairs of Dormitory Building 2 to get your daily necessities!”

The glasses-wearing senior brother was not happy with this freshman who was pursuing the senior sister as soon as he arrived.

You’re so arrogant!

If you really manage to pursue her, wouldn’t we senior brothers have wasted our four years of college?

But judging from his appearance, this freshman with the surname Xu seems to be quite wealthy.

Being an anchor really has a promising future!

Xu Daguan took the proof and continued to pester Zhou Ya by her side.

For the sake of three airplanes, Zhou Ya had to show her face.

“Senior, can you help us?”

Lin Baici handed over his admission notice.


The glasses-wearing senior brother blurted out.

This freshman’s looks are so high, he is the most handsome among the freshmen he has seen so far, and he really stands out among the crowd.

Damn it,

With this appearance and figure, in four years of college, he can definitely achieve the goal of being a lady-killer.

The glasses-wearing senior brother was envious and quickly and efficiently processed Lin Baici’s proof, while also reminding him of some matters needing attention.

“How do I get to Dormitory Building 2?”

Lin Baici looked around, but his view was blocked by several buildings and the teaching building.

“From this side…”

The glasses-wearing senior brother was about to explain when Zhou Ya interrupted.

“Xiaosun, I have a headache, probably heatstroke. I’ll go back to the dormitory and rest for a while. You and Xiaoxiao can take care of it, okay?”

Zhou Ya raised her hand and pinched her forehead with her index finger.

“Ah? Then you should go back and rest quickly. I can handle it by myself!”

The glasses-wearing senior brother was very confident.

These volunteers are members of various college student unions who voluntarily participate in welcoming freshmen. It’s not mandatory, so it’s okay to leave early.

“Junior, it’s on my way. I’ll take you!”

Zhou Ya smiled and walked to Lin Baici’s side, reaching out to take his suitcase. “Let me help you!”

“No need, thank you, senior!”

Lin Baici frowned slightly. What’s going on?

He didn’t think he was so charming that a senior sister would take the initiative to help him.

Wait a minute,

Is she trying to get away from Xu Daguan?

Lin Baici looked at the freshman who was still livestreaming. He also froze, even if his face was thick, he knew that the senior sister was politely rejecting him.

And the livestream was still on. Although the fans couldn’t see the situation here, they could hear the sound, so some people started to make noise.

Crayfish Only Eats the Head: What’s going on?

Jungle Solo: I heard the senior sister calling the junior, is she going to find another freshman?

Green Mushroom: Haha, Big Official’s plan failed, he’s in a difficult situation.

My Brain is Injured: Forget about it, why wear the green hat, just take it off and wear it.

Cow Three Feet: Haha, do you really think you’re a big shot like Ximen Qing? You’re so silly!

“Sister has a headache from heatstroke. Can’t you understand? When girls show their faces, they want to be at their most beautiful!”

Xu Daguan defended himself, but now he can play the victim and receive sympathy rewards. However, when he saw the senior sister pulling her suitcase and leaving with the freshman, he lost his mood and felt like stuffing his smelly feet into the mouths of the senior sister and the freshman.

“Hey, let’s forget about the senior sister. I found a more beautiful one. Come on, I’ll take you to observe and explore the campus!”

Xu Daguan quickly cheered up.

No rush,

There are still four years of college, take it slow. I will definitely turn this school into my fish pond.

Zhou Ya pulled her suitcase and walked side by side with Lin Baici on the roadside, introducing him to the surrounding buildings.

“The five-story building on the east side that looks like a toilet is the library. I don’t know who designed it, either their taste is terrible, or the school leaders took bribes. Anyway, this toilet building is famous among universities in Haijing.”

Zhou Ya smiled and told Lin Baici some school jokes that only students from our school would know. “Our school’s students don’t say they are going to the library to study, they say they are going to the toilet!”

“Junior, do you work out often?”

Zhou Ya was curious.

Lin Baici was wearing short sleeves, and his muscular arms were exposed. When she got closer, Zhou Ya realized that this junior was really tall. She only reached his chest.

If they were to kiss, she wouldn’t be able to reach his lips even if she stood on tiptoe.

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