Chapter 61 – The man at the top of the food chain

“I’m not interested!”

Lin Baici refused.

Is there a role for a divine hunter in acting?

This profession is very dangerous, but the profits are high.

Xia Hongyao said that divine hunters can continuously absorb the energy from meteorites to strengthen their bodies, reaching the point where they can withstand nuclear explosions.

Their immunity is improved, they don’t get sick for years, their vision doesn’t deteriorate from watching videos and playing games all day, and they don’t have to worry about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and gout from overeating…

Even an ordinary divine hunter, like Lin Baici who is a newcomer, already has a stronger physique than an ordinary person.


Lin Baici decisively answered, leaving Feng Yi at a loss.

Most people, even if they are not very interested, would consider it when they hear about the opportunity to act. But this person, Lin Baici, refused without hesitation.

“Well… how about becoming friends? There are a few theater plays in Hai Xi recently, and the rehearsals are going well. You can come and watch to improve your aesthetics and broaden your horizons.”

Feng Yi smiled and shook his phone. If it weren’t for Lin Baici’s outstanding appearance, signing him would be a guaranteed profit. He would have left immediately.

Do you know how many people spend money trying to enter Hai Xi?

“No thanks, I’m not interested in theater plays!”

Lin Baici still refused.


Cai Zhiheng was dumbfounded.


Tao Yun was dumbfounded.


This time, Feng Yi was speechless. He also had his own pride, and being rejected twice in a row made him unhappy. “Well, I wish you a bright future, classmate!”

After speaking, Feng Yi left quickly, not wanting to stay here for another moment.

“Damn, Lin junior, you’re amazing! You’re giving up such a good opportunity?”

Cai Zhiheng was too shocked and even cursed, “There are so many beautiful girls in Hai Xi, do you know how many luxury cars are parked outside the school every day?”

“Don’t you want to have a celebrity girlfriend?”

Tao Yun was surprised.

“Not interested!”

Lin Baici subconsciously remembered the photos Jin Yingzhen sent him every night, asking, “Can I watch this for free?” Her beauty was even higher than the current popular first-line female stars.

Right, Lin Baici remembered that Jin Yingzhen said her mother had a famous entertainment company and signed many trainees.

They were all preparing to debut as idols!


Cai Zhiheng thought Lin Baici must be from a small place and didn’t know the fame of Hai Xi. Once he found out, he would definitely regret it.


Tao Yun thought Lin Baici was easy to get along with, unlike other guys who racked their brains to find a girlfriend from Hai Xi.

After all, it would be really prestigious to bring her out.

The nearby students had different thoughts when they saw this scene.

The freshmen thought they would also wait for their own opportunities, while the senior students thought Lin Baici was a bit silly and cute.

He was handsome, but seemed a bit clueless.

In life, there are only a few good opportunities. When you encounter them, you should seize them with all your might.

Hai Jing University of Technology was good, but even for popular majors, the monthly salary for undergraduate graduates was only around ten thousand yuan, at most twenty thousand.

Being a celebrity was different.

An actor who played a small role in a popular drama once revealed that he had been unemployed for nearly a year and found out he only had a little over a million yuan left in his bank account. He was very panicked at that time.

Celebrities earn money quickly and easily.

[Many people nearby think you’re stupid. Tsk, they don’t understand your special qualities. You are the top predator at the top of the food chain. Break the God’s Ruins and devour the divine remains, that’s what you should do!]

[These lowly ants don’t even have the qualification to bow down and chant your great name!]

[In this city, there is the scent of gods!]

[Stop talking to these insects, go on the bus and prepare for hunting the gods.]

Kuishen said a lot, revealing a huge amount of information that overwhelmed Lin Baici.

What food chain, predator? He thought it was just a joke. But the statement that there was the scent of gods in the city was quite scary.

“From what I know, Hai Jing and the surrounding areas don’t have God’s Ruins. So where are the gods from?”

Lin Baici asked.

In super first-tier cities like Shang Jing, Hai Jing, and Yue Jing, there were branches of the Security Bureau with a large number of Dragon Guards stationed there.

Once a meteorite fell nearby and formed a God’s Ruin, the Dragon Guards would immediately mobilize and enter to explore and contain the divine remains, not giving them a chance to spread.

Kuishen fell silent.

“What exactly are gods?”

Lin Baici was curious.

Kuishen didn’t answer, as if it had fallen asleep.

Lin Baici didn’t mind, he didn’t expect to get answers from Kuishen anyway.

As for rejecting the opportunity to become an actor, Lin Baici didn’t care at all.

Aside from whether that theater teacher was reliable or not, even if he was, how difficult would it be to climb up step by step with an opportunity? They wouldn’t arrange a major supporting role for him from the beginning, right?

He didn’t even need to think about being the protagonist!

If there really was such an opportunity, why not support someone he knew well?

In other words, that teacher was like a talent scout. Seeing that Lin Baici was handsome, he cast a net to catch him. If Lin Baici became famous, he would make a profit, and if he didn’t, he wouldn’t lose anything.

If Lin Baici really wanted to become an actor, he might as well find Jin Yingzhen, the heiress of the entertainment company.

She had money and connections!

“I’m about to earn an annual income of 600,000 yuan as an employee of the Kyushu Security Bureau, receiving 120 meteorite coins. Isn’t that great? I can date my senior, play games all night, sleep until I wake up naturally, and enjoy a beautiful four-year college life. Isn’t that great?”

This was the life he could have now, and Lin Baici was quite satisfied. He definitely wouldn’t plunge into the entertainment industry for a chance to become a celebrity.

Thinking of this, Lin Baici furrowed his brows slightly.

Although Xia Hongyao made a promise to him, it was the minister of the Security Bureau who made the final decision. What if they disagreed…

It’s okay, I still have a one million yuan bonus.

Lin Baici took out his phone, opened the Origin Forum, logged into his account, and found the bounty post he had answered in the morning.

The original poster hadn’t replied yet, it seemed like he would have to wait a few more days.

One word, ten thousand yuan. It was easy money, but the waiting time was torture.

Lin Baici chatted with Cai Zhiheng and Tao Yun for more than ten minutes, and then more freshmen arrived. The two of them were responsible for receiving the freshmen, so Lin Baici boarded the bus.

In the front row of the bus, on the left by the window, there was a young teacher who was taking a nap. He was in charge of leading the group today.

But receiving freshmen was a simple task, and it could be done by the students themselves.

Lin Baici found a seat in the middle and sat down, continuing to browse the forum.

The freshmen gradually boarded the bus. After about half an hour, the bus was almost full, with nearly forty people, and finally set off.

“Lin junior, if you need anything, give me a call!”

Tao Yun shouted to Lin Baici.

“Okay, senior!”

Lin Baici waved to Tao Yun, and when the bus left the train station, he looked out the window at the city scenery.

Truly a metropolis, the roads were spacious, with a constant flow of vehicles. Cars that couldn’t be seen in Guangqing were occasionally seen here, speeding past.

Lin Baici didn’t know their names, but he could tell they were expensive from their appearance.

The women on the streets were fashionable and bold, some wearing professional attire, exuding the aura of smart and capable urban white-collar workers.

The greenery in the green belt was lush, with almost no fallen leaves or debris on the ground. The environment was clean, and he could see sanitation workers busy cleaning.

Ding dong!

A WeChat message came.

Xiao Yuren: Little Bai, have you arrived?

Lin Xia Dai Yue Gui: I’m on the bus to the school.

Xiao Yuren: So annoying, the dean wants to talk to me. I might be delayed before I can come find you.

Lin Xia Dai Yue Gui: If you’re busy, you don’t have to come.

Xiao Yuren: No, you just arrived in Hai Jing. As your senior, I have to take care of you. Don’t worry, if the dean talks too much, I’ll just leave without that graduation certificate and degree certificate.

Lin Xia Dai Yue Gui: Don’t say impulsive things. Is it nothing serious that the dean wants to talk to you?

In Lin Baici’s opinion, being called to the office by the school leader usually meant something bad.

Xiao Yuren: No, according to what the counselor hinted, it seems like the dean wants to use my online celebrity identity to promote some outstanding students of the school.

Hua Yueyu is so annoying. Since it’s the dean, there’s no way to refuse. Otherwise, she would have come to Hai Jing University of Technology to find Lin Baici long ago.

Xiao Yuren: I’m busy now, see you later! Then there was a cat waving goodbye emoji, very cute.

Lin Xia Dai Yue Gui: See you later.

The driver probably had thirty years of driving experience, as he drove the bus very fast. However, when they arrived at Fuan Road, where Hai Jing University of Technology was located, the speed slowed down.

Because there were many parents sending their children, the street was congested with traffic, and they also had to wait for traffic lights. It took the bus more than ten minutes to reach the front gate.

The gate of Hai Jing University of Technology was magnificent, with a wide automatic gate and a huge Feng Shui stone in front, with the words “Hai Jing University of Technology” written on it.

The ironwork was silver and beautiful.

The bus slowly moved forward, along the main road inside the campus, and arrived in front of Building A.

There was a large square in front of the building, with many banners hanging and more than thirty tables set up, attracting many freshmen and parents.

“We’ve arrived!”

The driver shouted and opened the door.

The freshmen were like penguins that had just left the Arctic and entered a new world. Everything seemed fresh to them, and they were excited and nervous. They paid great attention to their appearance, afraid of making a fool of themselves on the first day.

“Everyone, take your luggage and go to the registration office of your respective departments to register and collect your daily necessities. As for the tuition fees, please pay at the payment office in the West Building of the school within a week.”

“The campus card can also be processed at the payment office. It is required for eating in the school cafeteria, taking showers in the bathhouse, and getting water from the water room. After receiving it, please keep it safe!”

After the bus stopped, a senior student with some volunteers from the student union came over to help the freshmen get their luggage from the bus and guide them, giving them some instructions.

“Thank you!”

After Lin Baici took his suitcase, he went to the registration office of the School of Electrical Engineering and lined up.

His first choice was the Software Engineering program at Hai Jing University of Technology, and he was accepted.

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