Chapter 60 – This is how the world works

On the large square in front of the train station, there was a crowd of people because it was the first day of school for many universities, so there were many college students.

On the energetic faces, there was a sense of youthful freedom and enthusiasm.

Youth is capital.

They have the right to squander their youth and the qualification to enjoy their youth.

The buses sent by various universities to pick up new students were all labeled with the names of their respective schools and welcoming slogans, and senior students who volunteered were waiting.

The new students didn’t have to worry about getting on the wrong bus.

When Lin Baici came over with his suitcase, the senior students in front of the buses immediately looked over.

“Oh my god, he’s so handsome!”

A senior sister with short hair and a rabbit hairpin saw Lin Baici approaching and immediately enthusiastically directed him, “The bus to Haixi is over there!”


Lin Baici didn’t understand, so he followed the senior sister’s finger and looked over.

In front of the green-painted bus, several bored students who were chatting had already looked over, their expressions amazed.

“Damn, he’s so good-looking, he can compete with this year’s school grass!”

“Do we even need to compete? Look at his figure, his muscles, his lines, he must have been trained. There are other freshmen with the same good looks as him this year, but their figures? Sorry, they’re all outshined!”

“Yeah, his physical condition is too good!”

“Oh my god, I envy him so much!”

Haijing Drama Academy, also known as Haixi, was one of the top three film schools in Kyushu. Many well-known stars graduated from this school.

It can be said that entering Haixi is like boarding a fast train to become a star.

However, if you want to become a star, you must at least have a beautiful appearance and outstanding figure.

Of course, if you have a background or money, you can also play around, but the chances of success are very low.

These volunteers were all senior students from Haixi in their third or fourth year. After undergoing image training and internal quality training, combined with their naturally high appearance, they were indeed outstanding.

The new students sitting on the bus waiting for it to be full would occasionally glance at them.

After all, who wouldn’t fantasize about being as elegant and outstanding as them, attracting attention wherever they go.

However, at this moment, when the tall male student over 1.8 meters tall arrived, these senior students from Haixi were immediately overshadowed.

Not only in terms of appearance and figure, but also in temperament.

After Lin Baici’s life and death training at the Zen Temple God’s Ruins and killing the Black Shark Trio, he had developed a calm and composed temperament. Moreover, he would have one million yuan in his account in two months at most, so he exuded confidence from the inside out.

Lin Baici saw the name of the school on the bus and smiled and shook his head, “Senior sister, I’m not from Haijing Drama Academy!”


The senior sister with short hair was stunned.

In her understanding, male students who were good at studying were mostly not handsome and were bookworms. A good-looking male student like the one in front of her must have poor grades.

“I’m a freshman from Haixi University of Technology!”

Lin Baici smiled slightly, exuding a sunny temperament as he walked towards the bus of Haixi University of Technology with his suitcase.

“What’s going on?”

“He’s not from Haixi?”

“What a waste of his good looks!”

The students started discussing.

The senior students from Haixi were stunned for a moment, and they didn’t expect that the new student would not be from their own school. However, they immediately became happy.


One less strong competitor.

“What are you guys happy about? With his appearance, even if he auditions for a role, he’s aiming for the lead, not a supporting role like you.”

The leader, a senior sister in her fourth year, retorted.

She didn’t know why, but she felt unhappy.

“Maybe it’s because we lost a talented junior schoolmate!”

A senior sister muttered.

“Good looks don’t necessarily mean you can be the lead!”

A senior brother grumbled sarcastically.

However, he didn’t believe it himself. In today’s entertainment industry, a person can become popular as long as they are good-looking. Unlike in the past, where they needed impressive works, now as long as they are good-looking enough, the company is willing to spend money to buy hot searches and hire water army, and that person can become popular, gain fans, and make money. That guy, with his image as a little wolf dog, definitely won’t lack rich women who are willing to spend money on him.

On the bus, the teacher leading the Haixi Drama Academy was playing with his phone with the air conditioning on. When he saw Lin Baici, his eyes lit up, secretly thinking that this year’s school grass had arrived.

As long as this student had decent emotional intelligence and qualified talent, he would definitely be snatched up by various big companies. However, he didn’t expect that he would turn out to be a student from a technical university?

“What a pity!”

The teacher shook his head, feeling somewhat regretful. He was about to continue watching videos when he saw the students on the bus and nearby staring at the new student. He had a thought and got off the bus.

He could ask for his phone number and recommend him to the dean.

The dean’s daughter owned an entertainment company, and she might sign him.

In the acting industry, it depends a lot on innate conditions. Good looks are a huge advantage, not to mention that this student also had an excellent figure.

How do entertainment companies operate now?

When they see a student with potential, they sign them first. It doesn’t cost much to give them a monthly allowance, and they can arrange jobs for them later. If they can play a supporting role, it’s already good. Shameless companies might even make beautiful girls accompany clients for drinks.

As long as the newcomer becomes a little popular, the company won’t lose money. If some newcomers find other opportunities on their own after signing the contract, what should they do? They can buy out the contract with their own money and terminate it, making a small profit for the company.

Selling people is a common practice for these small companies.

And that male student from Haixi University of Technology had such a great figure that he could easily become a model and wouldn’t lack work. Signing him would be a profit for the entertainment company.

If this works out, he could also show his face in front of the dean and gain some personal connections.

“Ah? He’s from our school?”

The senior student leading the group adjusted his glasses and looked at Lin Baici in surprise. You’re so good-looking and a top student, are you leaving anyone else a chance to live?

Haixi University of Technology was ranked fifth among all universities in Haixi, and its admission scores were not low.


Lin Baici nodded.

“Then… then go to the bus…”

Before the senior student leading the group could finish, the senior sister next to him continued.

“Go to the bus and wait. The bus will leave when everyone is on board!”

The senior sister took out a bottle of mineral water from her bag and handed it to Lin Baici.

“I don’t need this.”

Lin Baici didn’t take it.

“Don’t be polite, it’s a benefit for new students, everyone gets one!”

If it weren’t for her personal image, the senior sister would have asked for Lin Baici’s WeChat.

She didn’t give Lin Baici a chance to refuse again and directly handed the bottle of Nongfu Spring to him, “Go to the bus and wait, it’s hot here!”

“Thank you, senior sister. Thank you, senior brother!”

Being sweet-tongued was not a problem.

Lin Baici didn’t feel superior just because he was a god hunter and had powerful divine blessings.

“Junior, give me your suitcase!”

The senior student with glasses, who had finally reacted, smiled and went to take Lin Baici’s suitcase and put it in the luggage compartment on the right side of the bus.

“No need, I’ll do it myself!”

Lin Baici didn’t like to trouble others.

“No, no, let me do it. You’ve been on the road for a while and must be tired.”

The senior student with glasses was very enthusiastic and insisted on taking Lin Baici’s suitcase and putting it in.

Afterwards, he took out his phone, “Junior, add me on WeChat. If you have any questions or problems in your life, you can come to me!”

“Senior Cai, well done!”

Senior sister Tao Yun secretly praised and also took out her phone, “Junior, add me too. If you can’t find a girlfriend, let sister help you!”

After getting on the bus, there were already about twenty new students sitting inside. They watched as the two senior students warmly exchanged WeChat with the new student who had just arrived, and then they realized that they could be even more enthusiastic.

But the object was not themselves.


Lin Baici took out his phone and opened WeChat.

[Cai Zhiheng, entering his fourth year, member of the student union. Don’t be fooled by his glasses and honest appearance, he actually has some tricks up his sleeve. He added you as a friend because he saw the Rolex on your wrist!]

[He has a long-distance relationship girlfriend, but their relationship is average and they will probably break up soon!]

After scanning Cai Zhiheng’s QR code and adding him as a friend, the Food God commented.

[Tao Yun, she just thought you were handsome and was impulsive to add you as a friend. She hasn’t had a relationship in her three years of college, likes to drink cold water, and her menstrual cycle is often irregular. If this continues, she won’t be able to get pregnant.]

[She comes from a poor mountainous area and knows that knowledge can change her fate. She spends every day in the library and has already obtained five certificates in her spare time. She is working hard to find a good job with a monthly salary of one dog.]

Lin Baici respected her.

Hardworking people should be respected.

When he finds a suitable opportunity, he will tell her not to drink cold water anymore.

Everyone here is a schoolmate, and Lin Baici can’t fool them like he did with the diabetic lady at the train station, saying that he is a medical student.

Lin Baici didn’t rush to get on the bus. Taking advantage of the good atmosphere, he planned to inquire about the situation of the school and prepare himself mentally.

But before he could chat for long, a man in his thirties approached.

“Classmate, I’m a teacher from Haixi Drama Academy, my surname is Feng, Feng Yi. I see that you have a good demeanor, eloquence, and a good temperament. Have you received relevant training?”

Feng Yi smiled and reached out his right hand towards Lin Baici.

“Hello, Teacher Feng. I haven’t!”

Lin Baici shook Feng Yi’s hand and even though he wasn’t a teacher from Haixi University of Technology, he still addressed him as such.

It’s better to be polite.

“Oh? Then it seems that you have a lot of talent!”

Feng Yi praised a few more words, reducing Lin Baici’s unfamiliarity with him, and then casually talked about the two recent hit movies, mentioning that a certain popular idol in them was a graduate of Haixi Drama Academy.

Cai Zhiheng and Tao Yun didn’t know what Feng Yi wanted to do, and they were confused. But when they heard him invite Lin Baici to visit Haixi Drama Academy, they understood.

“Are you interested in acting? Do you want to come and listen to a few classes?”

Feng Yi, considering himself a cultured person, didn’t say “I’ll give you a chance” so explicitly, but the meaning was conveyed.

As long as the other party wasn’t too stupid, they could understand.

Tao Yun was dumbfounded and quietly poked Cai Zhiheng with her finger, muttering softly, “Has Lin Junior caught someone’s attention?”

Cai Zhiheng nodded, feeling a bit sour, as if he had just eaten a lemon.

Good-looking people have more opportunities!

But Cai Zhiheng also knew that in the current entertainment industry, it doesn’t matter if you have acting skills, as long as you are good-looking. When the time comes, the sponsor will spend money, buy hot searches, and hire a water army, and that person will become popular and gain fans.

This is how the world works.

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