Chapter 57 – Xia sisters

Xia Hongyao didn’t hide anything and even wanted to show off her first team member, so she talked a lot.

The members of the “Dragon Soul” group were all experienced, especially He Chengxiang, who easily saw through Xia Hongyao’s words.

Although Xia Hongyao claimed to be a great detective, everyone knew that her intelligence was average, maybe even lower than ordinary people.

But this was inevitable, who made her have such a magnificent pair of breasts? According to the law of energy conservation, there had to be a smaller area somewhere.

He Chengxiang: This high school graduate is really strong!

After hearing Xia Hongyao’s story, everyone felt the same way.

Huoguo Xianren: One person broke into God’s Ruins, amazing! The Black Shark Third Generation Duo deserved to die.

Chixi Ge: Hongyao, protect him well and quickly process his employment procedures. If he offends the people of the Lost Coast, they will definitely retaliate. I don’t want to lose my seat at the table.

Great Detective Xia: I understand.

If Lin Baici was a wild god hunter, the Lost Coast would definitely retaliate. But since Lin Baici became a Dragon Guard, people in this organization would be more cautious.

After all, everyone understood that people with official backgrounds would cause big trouble if offended.

But who among the newcomers could defeat the main members of the famous and terrible organization, the Lost Coast?

The reward issued by the Nine States Security Bureau was not much money, but more of an attitude and a warning to the bounty hunters. It told them that the bureau was watching them and not to cause trouble in the Nine States.

Either stay honestly or leave the Nine States and wander abroad.

If these guys really caused a big problem, the Nine States Security Bureau could not wait for the wild god hunters to hunt them down. They would directly send out Dragon Guards to chase them to the ends of the earth.

God hunters joined the Nine States Security Bureau for two reasons. Firstly, they were the top god hunters in the Nine States, and most of them were in this organization. They could rely on the organization to team up with other experts and increase their survival rate.

In case they got stuck in God’s Ruins, they would have companions to rescue them, and they could also receive top-level treatment if they were injured.

Secondly, they joined to protect their families.

Who didn’t have a few loved ones in their lives? What about their families if they fought alone?

As god hunters, they had to take in divine taboos, meteorites, and god corpses, which were scarce and valuable resources. They couldn’t avoid making enemies.

He Chengxiang: By the way, according to the latest news, there are signs of the spread of the Qin Palace God’s Ruins!

This information caused a stir in the group.

The Qin Palace God’s Ruins were a God’s Ruins that fell eleven years ago with a meteorite. Within a month, the Nine States Security Bureau sent three hunter groups in, but they were all wiped out. Three months later, two dragon-level captains led a hundred-man team in, but they also never returned.

Since then, this God’s Ruins located in the Qin Mountains was named the Qin Palace God’s Ruins.Most of the time, the God’s Ruins would continue to spread, and the radiation from the god’s remains would contaminate cities, farmlands, villages, and rivers, creating no man’s land.

In order to protect their homeland, the Dragon Guards of the Nine Provinces would enter the God’s Ruins one after another, even if they knew they would die, to contain the god’s remains and break the God’s Ruins.

But after the headquarters issued a conscription order, this God’s Ruins inexplicably stopped spreading.

In order to reduce losses and maximize profits, the headquarters opened the Qin Palace God’s Ruins and allowed hunters from other countries to come and explore.

For the first five years, there were always confident hunters who entered, but none returned. After that, various hunter organizations listed the Qin Palace God’s Ruins as a place of certain death and gave up exploring.

Unexpectedly, eleven years later, the Qin Palace God’s Ruins began to spread again.

He Chengxiang: It won’t be long before the headquarters issues a conscription order.

Everyone fell silent.

For a God’s Ruins like the Qin Palace, which has existed for more than ten years, many items have been contaminated as Divine Taboos under the radiation of the god’s remains for years, meaning that there will be more Divine Taboos and the contamination of rules will increase, naturally increasing the death rate of hunters.

The leaders of the Nine Provinces Security Bureau were not heartless butchers who would force hunters to break such God’s Ruins, but they issued conscription orders.

They motivated the Dragon Guards to voluntarily enter the God’s Ruins with generous rewards.

Eating Xi Ge: Hey, I’m going to eat a lot of my colleagues’ seats this time.

No one said that Eating Xi Ge was a jinx because, according to past experience, the death rate of Dragon Guards would be very high to break a ten-year-old God’s Ruins.

My Daughter is the Best in the World: My daughter is awake, I’m going to sing her a lullaby.

Hotpot Immortal: When you’re all free, come to Guangjing and eat hot pot together.

Eating Xi Ge: I’m going to sleep!

Everyone left, and the group became quiet.

“If I lead a team to take down the Qin Palace God’s Ruins, I’ll become famous in one battle!”

Xia Hongyao sighed, but it was just a thought.

Since the birth of that God’s Ruins, more than ten Dragon-level hunters have died inside, and Xia Hongyao wouldn’t challenge it even if she had a hole in her head.

Looking at the time, it was 2:30 in the morning. Xia Hongyao dialed her sister’s phone number.

She didn’t have to worry about disturbing her rest because her sister was definitely working overtime at this time.

The phone rang three times before it was answered.

“Sister, give me a waiver for admission without examination!”

Xia Hongyao got straight to the point.


On the other end of the phone, Xia Hongmian’s voice was calm, and there was no emotional fluctuation, making it impossible for Xia Hongyao to judge her mood.

“I encountered Divine Taboo contamination on the train today…”

Xia Hongyao spoke quickly, briefly describing what happened on the high-speed train today. She didn’t need to emphasize Lin Baici’s credit because he had taken down the Black Shark Third with his own strength.

“Such a powerful newcomer must be recruited into the Bureau as soon as possible. What if other organizations recruit him first? That’s why I need a waiver for admission without examination!”

Xia Hongyao finished speaking and waited nervously for her sister’s reply.She and her sister Xia Hongmian were four years apart and had an average relationship.

Because she was often reprimanded, she was very afraid of Xia Hongmian. Moreover, Xia Hongmian, as the deputy director of the Haijing branch of the Nine States Divine Shield Security Bureau, was very busy with work on weekdays, which also resulted in little time for the two to communicate and develop their relationship.

“No way!”

Xia Hongyao refused.

When Xia Hongyao heard these two words, she became anxious and asked, “Why?”

“I didn’t lie. Captain Ma Yuan of the Qiantang branch can testify. You can call him.”

“It’s true. Lin Baici is very excellent!”

Xia Hongyao became both anxious and angry, and said a lot.

“Anything else?”

Xia Hongmian’s voice remained calm.

“How did you come to believe me?”

Xia Hongyao asked back.

“I believe you. That Lin Baici is very excellent, but still not suitable!”

Xia Hongmian insisted.


Xia Hongyao shouted.

“According to what you said, he graduated from high school this year and became a Divine Hunter in the summer, so he definitely doesn’t have a license!”

Xia Hongmian explained.

In the Nine States, any Divine Hunter must participate in the official examination organized by the Security Bureau, pass it, obtain a license, and be qualified to hold Divine Taboo and engage in God’s Ruins exploration activities.

Otherwise, it would be illegal, and if caught, one would go directly to jail.

“Lin Baici is very strong. He is almost certain to pass the license exam!”

Xia Hongyao emphasized.

“Since he can easily pass the license exam, he should go and take it. It’s as easy as a picnic, isn’t it?”

Through the microphone, one could hear the sound of Xia Hongmian drinking coffee.

“But this year’s license exam will have to wait until December, and at that time, what if he performs too outstandingly and all the team leaders come to snatch him?”

Xia Hongyao worried.

During the annual license assessment, those Dragon-level team leaders would also come and directly dig out outstanding candidates.

As a new team leader without qualifications or achievements, what could she rely on to attract people?

Xiong Da?

Exploring God’s Ruins is a job with a very high mortality rate. Who wouldn’t want to have strong teammates around them?

“Hongyao, you just became a team leader and you’re using the exemption to get him in as your first team member. What do you think others will think of you?”

“Others will think that you are not capable and cannot get people without relying on the exemption!”

Xia Hongmian patiently analyzed the situation for her sister. “And you’ve only been with Lin Baici for most of the day. Do you really know his character?”

“You are aware of the terror of the Lost Coast organization. Do you not suspect a high school graduate who killed two main members?”

“Do you know about the Divine Grace and Divine Taboo he possesses, and whether he has been contaminated before?”

“You don’t know anything, why do you dare to ask for the exemption?”

Xia Hongmian’s series of questions left Xia Hongyao at a loss.

“I…I believe in him!”

Xia Hongyao was stubborn.

In fact, she understood that her older sister was doing it for her own good.Lin Baici was admitted to the security bureau without examination, and Xia Hongyao was his recommender. If Lin Baici had any problems in the future, such as being a traitor or defecting, Xia Hongyao would be held responsible.

“Even if he has no problems, you shouldn’t have made the decision so lightly. You are a team leader now, and every decision you make may affect the life and death of your teammates in the future.”

Xia Hongyao’s sister didn’t want her to be a Dragon Guard, as it was too dangerous. With her intelligence, she couldn’t handle it. But it was their father’s decision.

“I…I already promised him. If you don’t agree now, where will my face be?”

Xia Hongyao wanted to cry, as this was too embarrassing.

“If he is really as outstanding as you described, he will definitely not be angry over such a small matter. Instead, he will participate in the God’s Hunter License exam, get the first place, and prove himself!”

Xia Hongyao’s sister took a sip of her coffee, “If he doesn’t take the exam this year, no matter how outstanding he is now, he is not worth your effort!”


Xia Hongyao didn’t understand.

“Real geniuses have a sense of pride in their hearts that doesn’t allow them to be underestimated!”

Xia Hongyao’s sister scoffed, “My refusal is questioning him. Do you think a genius would tolerate this?”

“I can’t argue with you!”

Seeing that there was no hope, Xia Hongyao hung up the phone.

In the security bureau’s branch building in Haijing City, a young woman in a white shirt, wearing a tie, sat at her desk, looking at the city’s night view through a large floor-to-ceiling window.

After taking a sip of coffee, she dialed a number.


A respectful male voice answered the phone.

“Check out a new student named Lin Baici at Haijing University of Technology this year!”

“Find out about the whereabouts and contacts of Qiantang Branch’s Ma Yuan in the past six months, as well as information related to the Black Shark Third Generation from the Lost Coast. Make it clear within three days and send it to me.”

Xia Hongyao hesitated for a moment and gave up on sending someone to secretly protect her sister. It was time for her to experience the dangers of the hunter circle.

As for Lin Baici’s family, they needed to be looked after.

After ending the call, Xia Hongyao’s sister made another cup of coffee and prepared to continue working when her sister called again.

“Shouldn’t you at least give the one million bounty? I saw the bodies of the Black Shark Third Generation and his partner with my own eyes!”

If her sister didn’t agree, Xia Hongyao was ready to pay the money herself. In any case, she couldn’t let Lin Baici think that she was an incapable and unreliable team leader.

“Fine, I’ll give it to you within half a month!”

After saying that, Xia Hongyao’s sister heard her hang up the phone.

She didn’t take her sister’s tantrum to heart and looked down at a document on her desk.

Should I go to the Qin Palace God’s Ruins?

Early the next morning, Lin Baici and Xia Hongyao hurried to the train station and took the high-speed train to Haijing City.

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