Chapter 56 – Dragon Soul

“Annual salary of 600,000 yuan”

Xia Hongyao introduced, “As long as you become a member of our Security Bureau, you can get at least 600,000 yuan per year.”

“If you go on a mission and enter the God’s Ruins, there will be an additional bonus. This money is based on the difficulty of the God’s Ruins and the task assigned to the hunter. Even if you only patrol and guard the outskirts of the God’s Ruins, you can still get at least one million yuan!”

“Finally, based on the harvest and after the Security Bureau confirms the value, you can also get a large bonus!”

“When the Dragon Guards are on a mission, if they cause civilian casualties within a certain range, they do not have to be punished by law!”

“Of course, the most important thing is that the Dragon Guards are national civil servants. Those who harm the Dragon Guards will be punished no matter how far away they are!”

In fact, the last two points are the most tempting.

Lin Baici licked his lips and stopped hesitating. Why would he still hesitate?

600,000 yuan a year is 50,000 yuan per month.

50,000 yuan!

Lin Baici’s mother often works night shifts to earn some extra money. With overtime pay and salary, she only earns a little over 4,000 yuan per month.

“I only need to agree, and I can earn as much money in one month as my mother does in ten months!”

Lin Baici was tempted.

“In addition to the annual salary, there are also five insurances and one fund; if you travel to other places, there is a subsidy; there is also a holiday welfare during the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, New Year’s Day, and Chinese New Year every year.”

Xia Hongyao introduced in detail, “There are fifteen days of annual leave each year. If a staff member is called up by the Security Bureau during the annual leave period, they must return to the team unconditionally. Of course, after the task is over, they will be compensated with double the annual leave!”

“Of course!”

Lin Baici said he understood.

When the meteor falls, regardless of whether the divine hunters are on vacation or not, the Security Bureau will definitely attack the God’s Ruins for the safety of the people.

“Some daily necessities, such as mobile phones and laptops, can be bought by the staff themselves and reimbursed as long as the reasons are appropriate and the prices are not too high!”

Xia Hongyao laughed, “But you can earn 600,000 yuan a year, so you don’t need this little money!”

“Will the salary increase in the future?”

Lin Baici looked forward to it.

“Of course!”

Xia Hongyao took a sip of beer, “I am now the captain and get 1 million yuan!”


Lin Baici subconsciously glanced at the tall ponytail Xiong Da.

He was wrong!

He didn’t expect Xia Hongyao to be a big shot with an annual salary of millions!

Sorry for the disrespect!

Xia Hongyao saw that Lin Baici was tempted, which made her very happy. She got her first team member, but some things still needed to be clarified.

“Xiao Bai, the treatment of the Security Bureau is very good, but correspondingly, you also need to be prepared to pay the price!”

“You said!”

Lin Baici listened seriously.

“You should have seen it. Exploring the God’s Ruins is also a very high-risk thing for divine hunters. But once the Security Bureau issues a task, the Dragon Guards are not allowed to refuse without special reasons!”

Xia Hongyao warned solemnly, “That is to say, no matter how high the pollution level of the God’s Ruins in front of you is, you must enter if you are asked to!”

Lin Baici nodded. He had guessed this.

They wouldn’t offer such high treatment to useless people.

“Of course, the Security Bureau will not let the divine hunters die easily. As your captain, I will not allow such things to happen either!”

Xia Hongyao made a promise.

She didn’t say one thing, which was that when exploring the God’s Ruins, she would always be at the forefront.

“Are you sure I will be assigned to your subordinate?”

Lin Baici was curious.

Xia Hongyao had a good personality, and Lin Baici wasn’t worried about being taken advantage of by her.

“Haha, don’t worry!”Xia Hongyao laughed heartily and chugged some beer. “I just got promoted to captain and have the authority to form a ten-person team. I personally picked all the members.”

Xia Hongyao looked at Lin Baici with satisfaction and admiration. “You’re the first!”

“Thank you for your kindness, Captain Xia,” Lin Baici thanked her.

“Hmph, I have high standards!” Xia Hongyao boasted. “By the way, if we sacrifice ourselves during a mission, there will be compensation for our families!”

“What is the main responsibility of the Security Bureau?” Lin Baici asked as he took a sip of beer. The word “sacrifice” was heavy, but if he died, leaving some money for his mother wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“Our Security Bureau, the full name being the Nine Provinces Divine Shield Security Bureau, means simply to protect the sacred shield of the Nine Provinces of China. As long as the divine shield is not broken, the Nine Provinces will not perish.”

Xia Hongyao sat up straight and spoke seriously. “The Security Bureau is responsible for handling all matters related to divine disasters, including exploring God’s Ruins, investigating the illegal circulation of Divine Taboo items, purifying rule pollution, hunting gods, and so on.”

“Also, ordinary citizens are not allowed to possess Divine Taboo items, so before you complete your entry procedures, it’s best not to use your few Divine Taboo items!” Xia Hongyao reminded him sternly.

“Understood!” This was also the reason why Lin Baici wanted to join the Security Bureau. The killing power of Divine Taboo items was much greater than that of firearms. Ordinary people were not allowed to possess real guns, let alone Divine Taboo items.

“The Divine Hunters who are on duty in the Security Bureau are called Dragon Guards and have their own uniforms and badges.”

Xia Hongyao looked at Lin Baici. With his high looks and good figure, he would be super handsome in a Dragon Guard uniform and become the most handsome guy in the bureau.

“My team wants to become one of the top ten elite Dragon Guard teams in the Security Bureau. We need to independently break through several ten-year-old God’s Ruins. But to become the most handsome boy band, we just need Lin Baici to join us!” Xia Hongyao was very happy. Even if the men who joined the team later were ugly, Lin Baici could raise the average looks.

Oh, I can use Lin Baici to seduce last year’s strongest rookie, White Pear!

It was said that those team leaders broke their heads trying to win her.

Xia Hongyao didn’t even dare to hope to get a rookie like White Pear, but now that she had Lin Baici, she could try.

“Cheers!” Xia Hongyao and Lin Baici clinked glasses.

The two chatted late into the night. Xia Hongyao was still in high spirits, but when she remembered that Lin Baici had to catch a train early the next day, she had to stop.

“Get some rest!” Xia Hongyao said goodbye and went back to her room. She took a hot shower but still couldn’t sleep. She unlocked her phone and opened a WeChat group called “Dragon Soul.”

The group wasn’t big, but everyone in it was a team leader-level figure in the Security Bureau, and each of them had an impressive record of independently breaking through a ten-year-old God’s Ruin.

Xia Hongyao sent a 100 yuan red envelope first, then @ everyone and said, “Don’t sleep, let’s have some fun!”

He Chengxiang: Thank you, Detective Xia.

He was the first to grab it, getting 55.9 yuan.

Hot Pot Immortal: Same!

Eating Table Brother: @Hot Pot Immortal, not sincere enough. Quickly say ‘Thank you, Captain Xia!’”

Hot Pot Immortal: Screw you!

He and Eating Table Brother were in the same period and had a good relationship, often teasing each other.

My Daughter is the Best: Is there anything that makes Red Medicine happy?

Eating Table Brother: Besides not getting reprimanded, it’s finding a new teammate. I bet it’s the latter!

Captain Xia: Hehe, on the way back from my business trip today, I encountered Black Shark III on the Lost Coast, and you guys probably can’t imagine that the guy actually had a companion.Xia Hongyao typed a lot of words in one breath, introducing the tactics of the Black Shark Third Generation duo.

Chi Xige: I see. If I had encountered this duo rashly, I would have suffered a big loss. Thank you, Detective, for the information.

Hotpot Immortal: Detective, when you come to Yuejing, I’ll treat you to hotpot.

Crane Prime Minister: @Detective Xia, are you hiding something?

Knowing Xia Hongyao, the Crane Prime Minister knew that she couldn’t possibly kill these two. They were the main force of the Lost Coast, not some wild fish.

A Wandering Red Ghost: Same question.

Chi Xige: Wow, even the ghost has come out. It shows how amazing Detective’s achievements are this time!

Detective Xia: You’ll know in a few days.

Xia Hongyao lay on the bed, laughing so hard that her teeth were exposed but her eyes weren’t visible.

She didn’t want to say it.

What if Lin Baici was poached by them?

For a full minute, no one spoke in the group chat. Xia Hongyao held back and held back, but couldn’t help it. She wanted to show off her new teammate.


I’ll just show off a little.

Detective Xia: I met a high school student. He is a wild god hunter. He killed Black Shark Third Generation and his companion. He exerted a lot of effort and also purified the divine taboo’s rule pollution.

Hotpot Immortal: See, I told you she couldn’t help it. She would say it herself.

Chi Xige: Detective, can you have some self-control?

Crane Prime Minister: High school student? God hunter? It sounds very exaggerated. Can you be more specific?

Detective Xia: No!

If I tell you, you will definitely come to snatch him away.

Serpent Princess: Male? Is he taller than 1.8 meters?

Everyone was used to her asking this question. In her values, men below 1.8 meters don’t count as men.

Detective Xia: A big boy, about 1.86 meters tall.

Serpent Princess: Is he good-looking?

Detective Xia: If you see him, you’ll definitely knock him out and take him straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate.

Crane Prime Minister: Really?

A Wandering Red Ghost: Same question!

Chi Xige: Same question!

Hotpot Immortal: Same question!

Everyone knew that Serpent Princess was a beauty control. Even the most handsome and elegant Li Tianshi in the Security Bureau was only a seven in her eyes.

Serpent Princess: Do you have a photo? If not, hurry up and take a sneak shot.

After sending the message, she casually sent a big red envelope of a thousand yuan.

Crane Prime Minister: The queen is generous!

Hotpot Immortal: Why can’t I ever grab it before you?

Crane Prime Minister always won when grabbing red envelopes. He might not grab the most, but he was always the first.

Chi Xige: Good for nothing, but always first in grabbing red envelopes.

My Daughter is the Best in the World: Old Crane, I admit defeat to your fifty years of single-handed speed.

Detective Xia: There’s no way I can sneak a photo unless you give me Bai Liuli.

Serpent Princess: If the high school student is really so handsome that I scream, giving you Bai Liuli is not impossible.

No one believed this.

Bai Liuli was the most important junior to the Serpent Princess, and she had spent a lot of effort and resources to cultivate her. Even when the headquarters requested Bai Liuli to join the Dragon Cavalry, the Serpent Princess didn’t agree.

A Wandering Red Ghost: Tell us about the divine taboo game you encountered!

Everyone was interested in any rule pollution due to professional habits. Because they might encounter similar divine taboo games in the future, having more experience would mean a higher survival rate.

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