Chapter 58 – Origin Forum

From Anrao to Haijing, it takes more than four hours by high-speed train, but Lin Baici wasn’t bored with Xia Hongyao accompanying him.

The high-speed train was still noisy.

Every half an hour, the attendants would push the food cart through, selling melon seeds, peanuts, and happy water.

Lin Baici and Xia Hongyao hid in the connection between the carriages, speaking softly.

Most of the time, it was Lin Baici asking questions.

Xia Hongyao was quite patient with her first teammate. From her attitude, even if Lin Baici asked her about her aunt’s date, she would still answer.

“Are all divine remains the same?”

Lin Baici remembered the eyeball he accidentally obtained from the divine taboo “clay god puppet.” That thing seemed to be alive. When the eyeball suddenly opened and met his gaze, it scared him.

“Divine remains are the corpses of the gods. Of course, they are all the same, but there are differences in size and location!”

Xia Hongyao looked at both sides of the carriage, avoiding being heard by others.

“The larger the divine remains, the higher their value. If you find a complete divine remains, you can choose whatever you want from the “divine taboo” in the security bureau’s treasure trove!”

After being sealed by the black coffin, divine taboo can be used as a weapon.

Powerful divine taboo can increase the combat effectiveness of the god hunters and double their survival rate in the God’s Ruins.

“Have you seen an eyeball-shaped divine remains?”

Lin Baici asked casually.

Last night, Xia Hongyao asked him how the divine remains of the Dragon Zen Temple were dealt with.

It wasn’t that she wanted it, but this substance was too dangerous. If it wasn’t stored in a special container, it would easily cause secondary radiation pollution.

Lin Baici couldn’t say that he ate it. If he did, Xia Hongyao wouldn’t believe it and would think he was joking. So he made up an excuse, saying that the divine remains were crushed into pieces and blown away by the wind.

Xia Hongyao believed him and didn’t continue to ask.

Otherwise, Lin Baici would be in trouble. Therefore, it’s not a bad thing to date a girl with intelligence like Xia Hongyao.


Xia Hongyao shook her head. “So far, almost all discovered divine remains are like dried beef jerky, muscle tissue, and organs such as the eyeballs, limbs, and heart have not appeared!”

“Besides, we don’t know the form of the gods, so the gods may not have organs like eyeballs and hearts.”

“By the way, what I said may not be correct. After all, with my position, I have too little access to core secrets!”

Xia Hongyao knew that her sister was one of the six department heads of the security bureau. She must know many secrets, and she asked, but Xia Hongmian never spoke.


Lin Baici sighed in his heart. He had to explore the secret of that eyeball himself.

[Explore what? Hurry up and enter the God’s Ruins, collect meteors and divine remains, eat them to improve your physical fitness, and then you can eat it!]

The devouring god urged.

It was hungry.”According to what you said, I can eat ordinary divine remains, but if I eat this eyeball, I will be irradiated and lose my human form. Does that mean this eyeball is even higher level?”

Lin Baici asked.

The Gluttonous God remained silent.

“What is a god?”

Lin Baici was very curious, but the Gluttonous God remained silent.

“I knew you wouldn’t answer!”

Lin Baici sneered. Speaking of which, what was this voice that called itself the Gluttonous God?

Divine blessing?

When did he receive it?

He had no impression at all!

“About the concepts of God’s Ruins and Divine Taboo, a few sentences can’t explain it clearly. I’ll give you an invitation code. Register an account on this forum and see for yourself!”

Xia Hongyao took out her phone, opened a forum called “Origin,” logged in, opened her profile, found an invitation code, and sent the website link and the invitation code consisting of eighteen letters and numbers to Lin Baici via WeChat.


Lin Baici clicked on the link.

It was a pale gold webpage with a background image of a rising sun in the early morning. Except for an input box for invitation registration, there was nothing else.

“This website prohibits visitors from accessing it. Only registered members can browse its contents!”

Xia Hongyao introduced, “Do you know how precious its membership is?”

“How precious?”

Lin Baici was about to enter the invitation code, but stopped when he heard this.

“This website is not open for registration. Only old members who have been registered for more than three years can get an invitation code. New members can only register successfully with these invitation codes!”

Xia Hongyao’s invitation code was obtained by begging her sister. “If a newly registered member violates the website’s rules and is banned, the member who gave them the invitation code will also be banned and never allowed to register again. So you know how rare this membership is?”

“By the way, from the moment an old member gives out an invitation code, they have to wait three years to get a new one!”

The fear of being banned together made everyone reluctant to give out invitation codes easily. Moreover, getting one every three years meant that they were not trustworthy people and would not give them out easily.

“Is this website very useful?”

Lin Baici frowned, not wanting to owe anyone a favor.

“Active on it are Divine Hunters from various countries. Besides chatting and having fun, there are also people selling information, Divine Taboo, posting tasks, rewards, recruiting companions… In short, many hunters are mingling in it. Even some well-known dragon-level experts occasionally show up.”Official organizations like the Nine Provinces Safety Bureau have good benefits but also many rules. Some people don’t like being restrained, especially those who become Divine Hunters. They feel superior and want to be free. Others have committed crimes that the Safety Bureau doesn’t want to deal with.

These Divine Hunters are called “wild” and many have joined some of the Divine Hunter groups under large corporations or simply formed teams of their own…

Before they enter the Divine Void for exploration, they usually come to a forum called “Origin” to buy information and recruit companions or buy and sell Divine Taboo items.

“Hey, why haven’t you registered yet?”

Xia Hongyao saw that Lin Baici’s phone was still on the initial interface.

“This invitation code is too valuable.”

Lin Baici hesitated. He wanted to check out the forum, but he owed a favor.

“Don’t worry about that. Besides, you saved my life in yesterday’s Divine Taboo game!”

Xia Hongyao patted Lin Baici’s shoulder. “And from now on, I’ll be your team leader and take care of you!”

In fact, there are big bosses in the underground world willing to pay ten million for this invitation code, but those old members don’t even care about the reward.

After all, being a member of this website comes with responsibility. If a member violates the rules and gets banned, the member who gave them the invitation code will also be implicated.

And the Origin forum is a circle composed of Divine Hunters with thresholds. Even if those bosses have billions of assets, they won’t be able to get in unless they have Divine Grace.

“Thanks, Captain Xia!”

Lin Baici smiled brightly, like the bright sun in March, incredibly handsome.

Xia Hongyao suddenly felt that letting Lin Baici go after the Great Snake Princess Bai Liuli’s wall might actually work.

Lin Baici entered the invitation code and the webpage redirected to the registration page.

Nickname: Lin Daerren.

Phone number: 180****1024.

Email: optional!

SMS verification code: 2587AS.

Password: ********

Repeat password: ********

After filling in the information and checking the box next to “I have read and agreed to the Origin Forum User Agreement and Privacy Policy,” Lin Baici hesitated when he saw his nickname.

His Bilibili username was Lin Daerren. If the two websites had the same username, what if someone traced him?

Although it was unlikely, he had to be cautious.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Baici changed his nickname to “Hungry God” and clicked “register,” only to see the message “This nickname has already been registered!”


Lin Baici was speechless. He guessed that all the good names were taken, so he just filled in “Raw Food Master.”

Congratulations, you have successfully registered.

Before browsing this forum, please carefully read the rules. Violators will have their accounts deleted and banned.Because Xia Hongyao had spoken of the invitation code as being extremely precious, Lin Baici did not dare to slack off and carefully read the forum rules.

There wasn’t much content, mainly just three rules.

1: It is forbidden to expose the personal information of forum members.

2: For transactions involving money, please be honest and trustworthy.

3: Do not maliciously attack others or groups.

“The most important ones are the first and second rules, which must be followed. The third rule is not a problem. Japanese and Korean people often have high-intensity confrontations, but they haven’t been banned. However, the most annoying ones are the Indians, who always act as if they are the best in the world,” Xia Hongyao shared her experience.


Lin Baici clicked on the homepage.

“The Origin Hall, this section is for chatting, gossiping, and complaining. Some people also post ‘benefit’ pictures!” Xia Hongyao introduced.


Lin Baici was taken aback. Such a high-end website also had people posting those kinds of pictures?

Speaking of which, Xia Hongyao, you seem to know quite a lot?

“This is a forum for Divine Hunters, so of course, they will post relevant content. However, many of the pictures are photoshopped,” Xia Hongyao explained that the so-called benefit pictures referred to various divine bodies, Divine taboo items, and the terrifying photos of those who died in the rule pollution.

A post that had been popular on the forum for years was a ranking of the top ten most terrifying, bizarre, and desperate Divine taboo games in the past decade.

The second section was the ‘Divine Bar.’

This section mainly posted news and information related to God’s Ruins and recent news in the Hunter circle.

For example, a meteorite fell in a certain place, and a new God’s Ruins appeared, or a powerful new Hunter emerged in a certain country.

Lin Baici pressed the screen and scrolled down.

“The third section is ‘Reward for Help.’ When people encounter unknown mysterious Divine taboo items or don’t know how to break certain rule pollutions, they will post reward requests for help. If someone answers correctly, they can receive the bounty!” Xia Hongyao felt that she had a high IQ. Over the years, she had read Sherlock Holmes detective stories dozens of times and was confident in her reasoning abilities, so she often lurked in this section to help people solve problems.

“I’ll secretly tell you, I’ve earned 200,000 here!” Xia Hongyao’s beautiful eyebrows and eyes were filled with pride.

It didn’t matter how much money she made; the main thing was that her reasoning abilities had been proven.


Lin Baici felt that he had found a way to make money. If Xia Hongyao, with her low intelligence, could earn 200,000, then he could double that and rake in 400,000, right?

With a light tap of his index finger on the screen, Lin Baici entered this section.

Before he even started browsing the posts, hunger struck first.

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