Chapter 55 – Annual salary of 600,000

“Will this cause you trouble?” Lin Baici worried.

“Don’t worry, it’s just reimbursing a phone. The director won’t hold it against me!”

How much could it cost?

In order to break into God’s Ruins, Divine Hunters had to take great risks, so the Security Bureau always prepared plenty of supplies.

“Besides, you saved the lives of over a hundred people!”

Xia Hongyao patted Lin Baici’s shoulder, indicating that he could use it with confidence.

This was what Lin Baici deserved.

The male clerk became even more jealous.

So you didn’t even have to use your 100W, you just took advantage of the company.

Can someone tell me where their company is?

I really want to report them, what should I do?

Various thoughts were swirling in the male clerk’s mind, but his feet were not slow.

“Just wait a moment, I’ll go get the phone!”

The male clerk ran off.

He knew he had misjudged the young man. He wasn’t poor, he was just frugal.

Xia Hongyao went to the counter to pay with her card, but before she finished opening the invoice, the male clerk had already returned.

Lin Baici and Xia Hongyao unpacked the phone and checked it. After confirming that the appearance was fine, they inserted the SIM card.

Turn it on!

“Let’s go eat!”

Xia Hongyao was hungry and prepared to treat Lin Baici to a big meal to celebrate their first meeting and their survival from the pollution of the rules.

“Just wait, I need to download a few apps!”

Lin Baici felt sorry for his phone’s data usage and smiled at the male clerk, “Hey handsome, can I borrow the WIFI in your store?”


The male clerk told Lin Baici the password, but in his heart he was cursing.

You’re a millionaire!

You’re about to have 100W in your bank account, but you still want to use our store’s internet?

After logging into WeChat with his phone number, dozens of messages immediately popped up.

Little Fish: Have you arrived at school?

Little Fish: Hey, hey, where’s Xiaobai? Did I lose such a big Xiaobai?

Little Fish: Sister Fish is patrolling. Hurry up and put on your clothes, cover your head with your hands, and squat against the wall.

Little Fish: What’s going on? Where’s the person?

At first, Huayueyu was still chatting and gossiping, but after sending seven or eight messages, she realized that Lin Baici hadn’t replied. Especially according to Lin Baici’s train schedule, he should have arrived at the station already, which made Huayueyu worried.

She made several phone calls, but none of them went through.

Jin Yingzhen’s messages were relatively few. The first one was a routine selfie with the caption, “Can I watch this without spending money?”

The second and third ones were asking for the exact time Lin Baici arrived at school and if he needed anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

Lin Baici’s mother called during her lunch break, but no one answered, so she sent a message asking where he was.Lin Baici continued to download apps such as Qidian Reading, Gaode Maps, and Taobao, and then called his mother.

“Mom, I arrived safely and everything is fine.”

“Dinner? I already ate, don’t worry, my roommates are all good!”

“I’m going to take a walk around campus, talk to you later!”

To ease his mother’s worries, Lin Baici told a small white lie before opening Hua Yueyu’s WeChat.

Lin Xia Dai Yue Gui: There was a small problem, but it’s already solved. I’ll be at school tomorrow.

Then he replied to Princess of Mount Christ, which was Jin Yingzhen’s WeChat.

Lin Xia Dai Yue Gui: I’ll be there tomorrow, everything is good, I don’t need anything, thank you!

As soon as Lin Baici finished sending the messages, his phone rang.

It was Hua Yueyu.

Lin Baici answered.

“Xiao Bai, what’s the problem?”

Hua Yueyu sounded anxious.

Lin Baici could hear the concern in Hua Yueyu’s voice and felt warm inside. “I had a little trouble on the high-speed train!”

“Do you need help?” Hua Yueyu asked worriedly.

“It’s already solved!” Lin Baici replied.

Apart from his childhood friend Li Wei, Lin Baici didn’t have many friends, especially female friends, so Hua Yueyu’s concern made him feel strange.

“What problem made you not even have time to reply to my WeChat?” Hua Yueyu’s heart was filled with sadness. “I heard that if someone doesn’t reply to your WeChat, it’s because you’re not important to them!”

Hua Yueyu sincerely regarded Lin Baici as a friend.

Even if Lin Baici asked to borrow one million yuan from her right now, she wouldn’t hesitate to give him her bank card without leaving any living expenses.

So when Lin Baici didn’t reply to her message, she felt disappointed because she thought her position in Lin Baici’s heart wasn’t very high.

Lin Baici looked at the male shop assistant and walked outside to avoid being overheard. “I encountered a rule contamination on the high-speed train and played with my life for an afternoon.”

“Ah?” Hua Yueyu exclaimed in the phone. “Are you injured?”

“No!” Lin Baici sighed when he thought of the hundreds of passengers who died.

“Where are you now? I’ll come to see you!” Hua Yueyu was already changing her clothes in a hurry.

“I’m in Anrao, far from Haijing!” Lin Baici was at a loss. He heard Hua Yueyu busy on the other end of the phone, seemingly still talking to fans.

He didn’t know that when he sent a WeChat message to Hua Yueyu, she was actually live streaming. After confirming that she wanted to find Lin Baici, she turned off the microphone, apologized to her fans, and said that she had an emergency and had to end the broadcast.

“Xiao Yu, it’s late, don’t bother!” Lin Baici quickly persuaded her. “Besides, I might have already taken another train by the time you buy your ticket and wait for the train!”

“Well… okay!””Hua Yueyu gave up and exclaimed, ‘What kind of luck do you have? Just by reporting your name, you encountered a rule contamination!’”

“Good luck?”

Lin Baici thought to himself, he received a divine grace, a parrot shell, and a divine skeleton, he earned a lot!


And one million in prize money and Xia Hongyao’s friendship.

“Come to Haijing quickly, I’ve prepared a feast for you, to dispel your bad luck!”

After chatting for a while, they hung up the phone.

While Lin Baici was on the phone, there were several WeChat notifications and two missed calls, all from Jin Yingzhen.

The phone call was also from a Korean girl.

Lin Baici opened the messages and answered the call, but they only chatted briefly before saying goodnight, otherwise the phone bill would be too high.

“You have Korean friends?”

Xia Hongyao was surprised. As a divine hunter, her sixth sense was very keen, and she heard the voices of “Oppa” in Korean on the phone.

She knew this word meant “brother” in Korean!

“Yeah, I met them at Longxian Temple!”

After downloading some important apps, Lin Baici and Xia Hongyao went to eat.

“Grilled meat or hot pot?”

Xia Hongyao had already searched on Meituan while Lin Baici was on the phone, looking for something delicious.


Lin Baici didn’t care.

Xia Hongyao chose hot pot.

There was a Decathlon store on the second floor, and Xia Hongyao went in and picked out two sets of sportswear without trying them on, to use as spare clothes.

The hot pot restaurant was on the fifth floor.

After ordering a mandarin duck hot pot, they ordered two pounds of fatty lamb and beef, as well as miscellaneous vegetables such as tripe, fish tofu, and baby bok choy.

After eating for about forty minutes, Lin Baici and Xia Hongyao were full. The bill was 260 yuan, and Xia Hongyao paid.

Lin Baici didn’t rush to pay because Xia Hongyao said it could be reimbursed.

“Reimbursement, what a beautiful word!”

Lin Baici sighed.

On the way back, Xia Hongyao bought six cans of beer, some potato chips, peanuts, melon seeds, and duck necks at a supermarket.

When they arrived at the hotel, Xia Hongyao followed Lin Baici into the room, obviously intending to talk all night.

Lin Baici was a young man with plenty of energy. He used to be able to stay up all night for several days in a row without feeling tired, and now that he had “eaten” a meteorite and a divine skeleton, his physical fitness was even better.

Hiss! Hiss!

Xia Hongyao opened two cans of beer, handed one to Lin Baici, and sat cross-legged on the bed, taking a sip before staring at Lin Baici with big eyes.

“Pajian Buddha Infant? Adding blood to the burning lamp? It sounds scary, tell me more!”Xia Hongyao said it was terrifying, but her expression didn’t show it. Instead, she looked excited, like a horror movie enthusiast who had been waiting for a long-awaited new horror film: “How did you figure it out? Tell me the details.”

Xia Hongyao loved reasoning.

Lin Baici had no choice but to explain it in detail again.

In fact, Lin Baici was a little proud. In the end, he had passed the three divine taboo games of lying on the shoulder of the Buddha infant, adding blood to the burning lamp, and offering flowers in front of the Buddha, killing the dark Buddha statue. This debut battle was definitely worth mentioning.

“So, after twisting off the arm of the dark Buddha statue, I broke the God’s Ruins!”

Lin Baici shrugged.


Xia Hongyao praised, picked up the beer, and gulped down several mouthfuls: “What a pity, how great would it be if I were with you in Longchan Temple?”

Xia Hongyao imagined herself using her full brainpower, deducing the key to the rule pollution through various clues…

It would definitely be as cool as Sherlock Holmes’ arrival.

“Hehe, there will be opportunities in the future!”

Lin Baici thought of Xia Hongyao’s performance in the rule pollution today.

Although she was a bit slow, she was brave and wouldn’t abandon her friends. She would take the lead in any situation.

This high ponytail girl,

He could get along with her!

Upon hearing this, Xia Hongyao, who originally planned to invite Lin Baici after obtaining the exemption qualification, couldn’t help it anymore.

“Xiao Bai, do you want to join the Jiuzhou Security Bureau and be my teammate?”

Xia Hongyao’s eyes were like stars, clear, bright, innocent, and full of light.

Lin Baici raised his eyebrows: “You think I can just join like that? Isn’t this organization supposed to be a secret agency?”

“With your performance, getting an exemption qualification won’t be difficult!”

Xia Hongyao was very sure that such a newcomer would be highly sought after by various god hunter organizations.


Lin Baici fell silent.

He was seriously considering.

He had become a god hunter because of an accident, so what should he do in the future?

Seeing that Lin Baici didn’t speak, Xia Hongyao thought he was hesitating and began to persuade him, “The treatment in our Security Bureau is really good, with a basic annual salary of 600,000!”

Lin Baici’s thoughts were interrupted, and he blurted out.

“How much?”

He thought he had heard it wrong.

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