Chapter 54 – Love Cool Detective Xia Captain

“It’s called the Black Altar Bowl, a divine taboo,” explained Lin Baici.

Xia Hongyao had no ill intentions, and with her intelligence, even if she wanted to trick Lin Baici, he was confident he could see through it.

Of course, the most important thing was that Lin Baici could tell from Ma Yuan’s attitude towards Xia Hongyao that this girl seemed to have some background and even seemed to appreciate him, wanting to recruit him as a member!

Lin Baici knew too little about God’s Ruins, and now that he had met an official member worth befriending, he naturally wanted to express his friendship through honesty.

Moreover, Lin Baici had already exposed himself, and with the power of the officials, it was too easy to find out his background.

Like today, Lin Baici could tell that Ma Yuan wanted to ask about the whereabouts of the conch shell on Black Shark III, but because Xia Hongyao didn’t speak, he tactfully didn’t ask.

Even if Xia Hongyao’s brain was slow, as an official member, she had a duty and couldn’t make mistakes in matters as important as divine taboos, as they could cause major casualties once they contaminated the rules.

This high ponytail girl didn’t mention the conch shell, obviously to protect Lin Baici and help him gain benefits.

Lin Baici remembered this favor.


Xia Hongyao nodded calmly, but her little tongue was about to jump for joy, singing a high-pitched song.

Great Detective Xia,

You’re too amazing!

Xia Hongyao praised herself.

“Oh, what about your torch? Don’t leave it in the hotel. It’s a small matter if it’s stolen, but if it contaminates the rules, it’s troublesome!” Xia Hongyao reminded him.

She was actually very curious about the effect of the ‘Black Altar Bowl,’ but she also understood that some secrets shouldn’t be inquired about.

For divine hunters, divine taboos were their trump card.

Whether breaking into God’s Ruins, sealing divine taboos, containing divine remains, or fighting between hunters, if a divine taboo was used well, it could have a decisive effect.

Therefore, divine hunters never asked about or discussed the divine taboos held by others, and even whether an item was a divine taboo or not would not be told to others.

After all, even divine hunters often couldn’t distinguish between ordinary items and divine taboos, and even some mediocre divine hunters couldn’t find them when divine taboos caused rule contamination.

“Inside here!”

Lin Baici shook the bowl.


Xia Hongyao was stunned, then took a gulp of cold air, “You mean it has an internal space?”


Lin Baici introduced the effect of the Black Altar Bowl.

“Toxin purification? And a large grain storehouse,” Xia Hongyao envied.

After all, who wouldn’t want to eat green and healthy food? And the grain storehouse effect was too convenient, wasn’t it?”Little Linzi, may I ask how you became a Divine Hunter?” Xia Hongyao asked curiously.

Lin Baici gestured for Xia Hongyao to go back to her room, then briefly recounted his experience at the Dragon Zen Temple.

Xia Hongyao was dumbfounded after listening to him.

“Five hours to break a Divine Ruin?” Xia Hongyao looked at Lin Baici. “Are you sure?”

“At most five and a half, but definitely not more than six!” Lin Baici thought for a moment.

“And there were no other Divine Hunters present, only ordinary people?” Xia Hongyao was amazed.

“Yes!” Lin Baici nodded.

Xia Hongyao was at a loss for words, not knowing how to respond.

Every year, there are dozens of meteors that fall to the earth and form Divine Ruins. Without the help of Divine Hunters, ordinary people would almost never make it out alive, let alone become Divine Hunters by absorbing the divine energy.

How did the Divine Hunters of various countries come about?

They were selected from military schools and the military, trained and cultivated for five years, and then accompanied by experienced Divine Hunters to enter the Divine Ruins. If lucky, one or two out of a hundred people would become Divine Hunters.

In the Hunter’s circle, there is a type of wild Divine Hunter, an ordinary person who follows a Divine Hunter out of the pollution of the rules and luckily absorbs the divine energy from the Divine Taboo.

But even if they were wild, they still had to survive with the help of Divine Hunters.

Someone like Lin Baici, a high school graduate who went through at least five Divine Taboo games alone, obtained three divine energies, and finally broke the Divine Ruin and made it out alive…

As far as Xia Hongyao knew, there were only three people who had such a stunning first battle in the past five years, and they were all the brightest new stars in their respective countries.

Thinking of this, Xia Hongyao became excited and looked at Lin Baici as if he were a dusty gemstone.

I want him!

With him, my team will definitely become one of the top ten elite Hunter teams in the Nine Provinces!

Xia Hongyao did not doubt Lin Baici’s words, because this kind of thing could be confirmed with a simple inquiry. Moreover, even if half of what Lin Baici said was true, it was enough to show that he was very outstanding.

“Can you tell me more about your experience at the Dragon Zen Temple?” Xia Hongyao switched to detective mode, not only to analyze how much of Lin Baici’s words were true, but also to become more familiar with her new team member. This way, when she asked her older sister for a waiver of the entrance exam, she would have more confidence.

“Tell me as we walk!” Lin Baici’s phone was still broken.

Hua Yueyu and Jin Yingzhen would message him every day, and he hadn’t replied for a day. He didn’t know if the other party was worried, but his mother must be worried.

“Okay!”Xia Hongyao was deeply moved as she listened to Lin Baici’s story.

“Little Lin is so generous, unlike many hunters who hide their wealth, afraid that others will find out about their meager belongings!”

Xia Hongyao decided to make Lin Baici her vice captain.

In the city, neon lights were shining.

It was already past eight o’clock, and besides various barbecue stalls, small restaurants, and massage parlors, the shops like business halls and phone stores were all closed.

Xia Hongyao had no choice but to hail a taxi.

“Driver, go to the nearest Wanda shopping mall!”

When Xia Hongyao got into the car, the taxi driver saw through the rearview mirror that she was completely squeezed by two big bears.

Oh my god, this girl is huge!

The taxi was driving slowly, and Xia Hongyao urged him several times.

When they arrived at Wanda, Lin Baici took out his money, but Xia Hongyao stopped him.

“I am the captain, let me pay!”

Xia Hongyao and her teammates went out to eat, drink, and have fun, never splitting the bill, she paid for everything.

The two of them entered the mall, and the lights were bright.

“Do you have any particular preference for phone brands?”

Xia Hongyao looked at the phone experience stores on the first floor, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blue-Green Factory, and they were all there.


Lin Baici didn’t know much about these brands.

“Then let’s go to Huawei!”

Xia Hongyao quickened her pace and went into the Huawei experience store.

A male clerk walked over. “What models do you need?”

Xia Hongyao turned around and saw that Lin Baici didn’t understand.

“It’s too late today, just buy two flagship phones. They’re good for taking pictures, playing games, and watching videos. We’ll use them for now, and when we have time later, we can shop around!”

Xia Hongyao made a decision.

“It’s expensive, isn’t it?”

Lin Baici was worried.

Flagship phones?

These phones with such high specifications are definitely not cheap.

Although it’s a bit embarrassing for a man to say that something is expensive and he’s afraid he can’t afford it in front of a girl, Lin Baici didn’t want to spend his mother’s hard-earned tuition and living expenses recklessly.

It’s okay, I’m poor now, but it doesn’t mean I won’t have money in the future.

Lin Baici comforted himself.

“About six or seven thousand for similar configurations?”

Xia Hongyao wasn’t picky about electronic products, as long as they can be used.

“So expensive?”

Lin Baici frowned.

This price is equivalent to his three months of living expenses.

“You can take a look at this P series, there are discounts for purchase now!”

The clerk introduced.

He secretly observed the two people and couldn’t figure out their relationship for a moment.

Are they a couple?

Doesn’t seem like it!


They both don’t have a local accent, why are they in Anyao?

This is not a tourist city either!

By the way, both the man and woman are so good-looking.The attraction of the bear was so great that the male clerk couldn’t help but take a glance.

“Thank you, but no need.”

Xia Hongyao declined, picked up the flagship model, casually clicked a few times, tested the smoothness of opening the APP, and then handed it to Lin Baici: “Little Linzi, what do you think? Do you like the appearance?”

“Too expensive!”

This was a big problem.

He was a student and couldn’t afford it.

“Then let’s go with this one!”

Xia Hongyao looked at the clerk: “Please get us two of these!”

The male clerk was a bit confused. Was their decision made a bit too quickly?

It hadn’t even been three minutes since they entered the store and chose the phone!

The male clerk didn’t move, mainly worried that after all the work, the other party would change their mind and there would be a dispute.

“Why aren’t you going? Are you out of stock?”

Xia Hongyao raised her eyebrows.

“Xia Team, it’s too expensive, let’s look at something else.”

Lin Baici had just met Xia Hongyao. Calling her Hongyao seemed too intimate, but adding her surname felt too distant, so he finally chose Xia Team.

Xia Hongyao was taken aback, not expecting Lin Baici to address her like this, and then a look of enjoyment appeared on her face.

Xia Team?

What a great title!

“In at most two months, you’ll be able to receive a million. What are you afraid of?”

Xia Hongyao joked, “By then, not to mention a phone, you’ll be able to buy a car worth over a million!”


Lin Baici thought to himself, the money hasn’t arrived yet, what if it doesn’t work out?


Upon hearing this, the male clerk’s eyes widened in surprise, looking at Lin Baici.

A million?

A full 100W?

How to get it? Where to get it?

Thinking that the young man in front of him was a millionaire, the male clerk felt as if someone had stuffed a mouthful of lemon in his mouth, sour to death.

“Haha, just kidding, your phone broke because of ‘work,’ so it can be reimbursed!”

Xia Hongyao actually never intended to let Lin Baici spend money.


Of course, Lin Baici knew what this word meant, but he wasn’t a member of the Security Bureau, was he?

“Under normal circumstances, it can’t be reimbursed, but this time the situation is special!”

Xia Hongyao treated Lin Baici as a reserve member, naturally fighting for these benefits for him, and also letting Lin Baici enjoy the benefits of joining the organization first. Otherwise, what if he refused?


He shouldn’t refuse to become a Jiuzhou Dragon Guard, right?

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