Chapter 53 – Million-dollar bonus

Not far away, cries and arguments from travelers could be heard.

“Xiaolinzi, don’t be so reckless in the future, run when you have to!”

After Xia Hongyao finished laughing, she solemnly reminded Lin Baici, “You’re a newcomer facing the main members of the Lost Coast. It’s not shameful to run away, and it’s not always lucky to win!”


Lin Baici nodded, grateful for Xia Hongyao’s advice.

Although his divine skills, Floating Life Night Rain and Wild Buddha’s Lamp, were powerful, it was not easy to kill Black Shark III. He had only won because the guy was heavily injured by the radiation of the Eye God’s Corpse.

Under normal circumstances, Black Shark III couldn’t beat Lin Baici and could easily escape.

“Anyway, I admire your courage to face such a strong enemy!”

Ma Yuan extended his right hand towards Lin Baici and said, “Let me introduce myself again. I’m Ma Yuan from the Qiantang Branch of the Nine States Shield Security Bureau. Thank you for your help!”

“Lin Baici, a prospective student of Haijing University of Science and Technology.”

Lin Baici smiled slightly and shook hands with Ma Yuan.

“This guy is really handsome!”

Ma Yuan envied him. With his looks, even if he was poor and had no money in his pocket, he wouldn’t lack girls when he went to college. But now that he had killed Black Shark III, he wouldn’t lack money either.

Ma Yuan laughed, “Baici, the Lost Coast is a dark organization that has done many bad things, so the Security Bureau has issued a bounty on these villains.”

“A bounty?”

Lin Baici’s eyes lit up. “How much?”

“A million RMB for Black Shark III’s head!”

Ma Yuan sighed, not because he envied Lin Baici for getting the bounty, but because it was their mission that had failed. It would be embarrassing if it got out.

“A million?”

Lin Baici was shocked. If he had a million, wouldn’t his four years of college life be comfortable? “When can I get it?”

“After the official personnel verify Black Shark III’s body, confirm that it is the real one, and understand the detailed process!”

Ma Yuan was familiar with these procedures. “But don’t worry, with me here, I’ll help you urge them to finish the process as soon as possible, and try to get you the bounty within two months!”

“Thank you, Brother Ma!”

Lin Baici was grateful.

When he got the bounty, he would buy a good phone, a laptop, and a GoPro action camera, make videos, and strive to get millions of followers and make big money to buy a big house for his mother.

“It’s my pleasure!”

Ma Yuan’s attitude was friendly.

This boy’s performance this time was excellent, and judging from Xia Hongyao’s attitude, she appreciated him and wanted to bring him into the Nine States Shield. With his strength, he would probably shine soon, and it would be easier to cooperate in the future if he established a good relationship with him now.In the hunter circle, powerful divine hunters are highly sought after because having a strong teammate in the God’s Ruins increases everyone’s survival rate significantly.

“Ah, it’s not that complicated. I saw it with my own eyes. When I get back, I’ll have my sister… um, the deputy bureau chief approve your reward!”

Xia Hongyao took charge, “Don’t worry, you’re a member of my team. No one dares to withhold your money!”


Ma Yuan’s mouth twitched upon hearing this.

Damn it!

He couldn’t even sell favors as well as Xia Hongyao!

“Baici, what about the Divine Taboo of Black Shark III?”

Ma Yuan started to handle official business according to procedure.


Lin Baici pointed to the pile of dirt on the ground, “It’s a clay figure. I broke it to save you guys.”

“Ah? It’s broken?”

Ma Yuan felt heartbroken and immediately ran to the pile of dirt to check. He could still see some parts of the clay figure’s body.

What a pity!

A Divine Taboo that could cause a pollution intensity of 5.0 would have been a great achievement if it was brought back intact.

Wait a minute.

Wasn’t there also a Conch Parrot?

Ma Yuan turned back and looked at Lin Baici, then glanced at Xia Hongyao. He wisely didn’t ask.


How envious!

That was a Divine Taboo that could resist one rule pollution and was very popular on the black market.

Ma Yuan didn’t know that the most valuable thing was the Eye God’s Remains.

“Brother Lin!”

18D looked for Lin Baici for a long time and finally found him. He ran over immediately, “Brother Lin, from now on, you’re my family. My wife is your wife, and I have a younger sister who’s in her first year of high school…”

18D was incoherent.

“Your sister will be lucky to have Baici as her brother-in-law, won’t she?” Ma Yuan joked.

After seeing Lin Baici’s face, 18D decided not to play matchmaker. His sister would definitely chase after him if she saw him.

“I understand what you mean. No need to thank me!”

Lin Baici smiled.

Some travelers also found Lin Baici and hurried over to thank him. It could be said that everyone who was still alive owed Lin Baici their lives.

“It was just a small gesture. You don’t have to thank me anymore!”

Lin Baici looked up and checked the sky.

The sun was setting.

It was evening.

“Can I leave now? If I miss the university registration time, the school will think I’m not going to attend!”

Lin Baici was worried.

There were only three days for registration.

“According to the normal procedure, professionals will ask you some questions and give you some confidentiality instructions so that you don’t talk nonsense.”

Ma Yuan laughed, “Of course, you don’t need that!”The Security Bureau did not want the common people to know too much about the gods and disasters, so they have always been blocking all kinds of information and investigating strictly. Any posts related to this kind of content on the internet will be immediately blocked. If netizens use illegal means to browse foreign websites, they will be visited by the Security Bureau the next day and invited to have tea!

“Thank you, Brother Ma!”

It was easy to get things done with connections in high places. Otherwise, Lin Baici would be lucky to be able to leave in two days.

“You’re welcome!”

Ma Yuan patted Lin Baici’s shoulder.

“Captain Ma, I’ll leave the aftermath to you!”

Xia Hongyao was never interested in cleaning up the mess, and she also had to talk to Lin Baici, so she didn’t have time to stay.


Ma Yuan glanced at Lin Baici enviously. He had passed the Security Bureau’s assessment and was admitted based on his strength, and then climbed to his current position step by step. Lin Baici clearly didn’t need to do that. With Xia Hongyao’s guarantee, he could be exempted from the exam and there were many benefits to being a member of this kind of team leader.

But Ma Yuan thought about Lin Baici’s performance in the God Forbidden Game before and felt relieved. He deserved Xia Hongyao’s favor.

“Little Lin, let’s go!”

Xia Hongyao already had a plan: “Let’s leave here, take a taxi on the highway, go to the nearest city, find a hotel to stay in for a night, and set off tomorrow morning. Is that okay with you?”


Lin Baici was covered in mud and in a sorry state. Without extra money, he probably couldn’t even hail a taxi because the driver would dislike his dirtiness.

After Xia Hongyao found her luggage on the train, the two of them set off. They left the railway and walked for about half an hour to a rural road. After asking for directions, taking a taxi, and struggling for nearly two hours, they finally arrived at the nearest city, Anyao, when it was already dark.

Xia Hongyao was obviously not as particular about her living standards as Jin Yingzhen. She picked a random budget hotel and walked in with Lin Baici. The front desk was a girl in her twenties who was surprised to see Xia Hongyao and Lin Baici covered in mud. What was going on? Did a new PLAY start between couples again? Both the man and woman were so good-looking. The front desk girl’s gaze couldn’t help but fall on Xia Hongyao’s chest. It’s so big! She couldn’t help but want to touch it.

After five minutes of checking in, Xia Hongyao and Lin Baici took the elevator to the third floor room.

“Go take a shower, meet here in fifteen minutes, and let’s buy a phone and eat!”

After Xia Hongyao finished arranging everything, she swiped the room card and went into the room to take a shower. Lin Baici couldn’t stand being covered in red mud, so he quickly swiped the card and went in to take a shower.Compared to the five-star Hilton Hotel, the facilities of this express hotel were much simpler, and the bathroom was even smaller. However, it didn’t matter.

Lin Baici was only staying for one night.

As Lin Baici undressed, he took out his phone and pressed the power button again to turn it on, but there was no response.


Lin Baici sighed.

Xia Hongyao had mentioned it earlier in the car.

If the radiation caused by the Divine Taboo reached a pollution intensity of 5.0 or above, like the “Mudman Divine Doll” today, it would form a “small God’s Ruins” and damage all electronic devices inside.

So the Apple phone Jin Yingzhen gave Lin Baici was ruined.


Lin Baici was heartbroken. This was the latest and best-configured PROMAX, costing more than ten thousand yuan, and it was broken just like that.

Lin Baici quickly took a shower.

Fortunately, most of his luggage and belongings were stored in the black altar bowl and hadn’t been soaked in seawater. He changed into a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a pair of Hongxing Erke sneakers.

The backpack was covered in mud and couldn’t be carried anymore. Lin Baici didn’t want to leave the black altar bowl in the hotel, what if it got lost?

So he could only carry it, planning to go downstairs later to buy a backpack.

Lin Baici opened the door and saw Xia Hongyao already waiting in the hallway.

She was wearing light blue quick-drying sports pants, a yoga tank top, and a sun-proof shirt over it.

On her feet, she wore flip-flops.

【A very healthy and delicious woman, I suggest keeping her, so you can have a cup of delicious and nutritious fresh milk every morning!】

“Are you done showering?”

Xia Hongyao saw Lin Baici come out, greeted him with a smile, and then her eyes fell on the black altar bowl in his hand, looking astonished.

What was he planning to do with that?

Go begging?


Lin Baici nodded. Xia Hongyao’s still-damp black hair was tied up in a high ponytail, exuding a healthy and energetic aura.

“What’s this thing…”

Xia Hongyao began to deduce, could it be that Lin Baici was a germaphobe and never used outside tableware?

No, that’s not right!

Even if he was a germaphobe and wanted to bring his own tableware, it shouldn’t be a monk’s begging bowl, right?

That would be too eye-catching, and he would be stared at by everyone in the restaurant. Moreover, there was a high possibility of being secretly filmed with a mobile phone and posted online as a funny video material.

Lin Baici wasn’t that stupid, so there was only one possibility left.

This bowl was a Divine Taboo, so he had to carry it with him to avoid losing it.

Deducing this, Xia Hongyao’s face showed an excited and expectant expression, looking at Lin Baici with eagerness, waiting for him to give an answer.

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