Chapter 52 – Floating Life Night Rain, Wild Buddha Blows Out the Lamp!

On the train, Black Shark III’s killing intent surged, but in the next moment, his gaze involuntarily fell on the clay figurine god puppet.

Its belly was smashed open, revealing a walnut-sized meatball.

“A god…god’s remains?”

Black Shark III was shocked. This should be the remains of a god, but why was it in the belly of a clay figurine god puppet?

Wait a minute!

Could it be that the Nine Dragons Pavilion knew that there was something in the belly of this divine taboo?

The employer for this mission on the Lost Coast was the Nine Dragons Pavilion.

The pavilion owner had paid a high price.

Black Shark III stared at the meatball tightly, his face full of excitement.

This was the remains of a god, an invaluable resource that all major organizations would do anything to plunder!

If the Lost Coast had a piece of god’s remains, its value would instantly double, becoming the target of all parties trying to win it over.

“Ingredients are here. Due to its strong flavor, it is recommended to charcoal-grill and add more spices.”

The Gourmet God’s comment.

Lin Baici turned his head and met Black Shark III’s ferocious and greedy eyes.

“Get lost!”

Black Shark III roared, “It’s mine!”

Lin Baici didn’t back down, tucking the hem of his robe into his waistband and raising a burning torch.

The Muscle Buddha appeared in front of him.

“Don’t touch the remains of the god, and I’ll spare your life!”

Black Shark III glanced at the torch in Lin Baici’s hand. This was a divine taboo. He didn’t care about Lin Baici, but was mainly afraid that this kid would damage the remains of the god.

Even if a sesame-sized piece fell off, it would be a huge loss.

“Get lost!”

Black Shark III scolded.

Lin Baici was still thinking about tactics. Suddenly, a crack appeared on the walnut-sized meatball on the ground. Like a god opening its eyes, a pale eyeball was revealed.


The eyeball turned.

A terrifying soul pressure swept across the room.

At that moment, Lin Baici and Black Shark III’s hearts trembled, almost stopping and dying. They both felt insignificant, like insects, being watched over by a god.


Black Shark III’s legs went weak, instinctively kneeling down, bowing his head, and not daring to look at the eyeball again, as if it was a kind of transgression and offense.

Lin Baici stood still, motionless.

“Is this a god’s eyeball?”

Lin Baici’s thoughts were in turmoil, a mess.

After staring deeply at Lin Baici, the pale eyeball closed its crack, but Black Shark III didn’t feel much better.

He was dizzy, nauseous, and wanted to vomit. He felt like he was holding a deck, running a high fever of 40 degrees, struggling in the stormy sea wind and waves.

“It’s the radiation from the remains of the god!”Heishasan knew that his condition was caused by the terrifying radiation of the divine corpse. He had experienced it before, but it wasn’t as severe as this time. He even felt that he was going to die.

His body functions were rapidly declining.

He couldn’t wait any longer!

Heishasan stared at Lin Baici, bit his tongue fiercely, and forcefully spat out a mouthful of blood.

These drops of blood did not fall to the ground but condensed into blood-colored sharks in the air, shooting towards Lin Baici like bullets.

Blood Shark Bite!

This was Heishasan’s strongest divine ability, his last resort to save his life.

As these blood sharks flew towards Lin Baici, they visibly split, grew, and multiplied, becoming more than a meter long and numbering in the dozens.

Muscle Buddha threw a punch to intercept them, but only managed to destroy three.

These blood sharks easily dodged it and headed straight for Lin Baici.

Lin Baici remained calm.

He quickly stepped back, took a deep breath, and activated his divine ability!

A Buddha’s shadow appeared behind Lin Baici.

The Buddha’s eyes were tightly closed, sitting cross-legged on a lotus platform.

Its hands were bound inside its chest, with both thumbs interlocked and the index and middle fingers of the left and right hands pointing up, forming a true mantra seal.

Suddenly, a light rain began to fall in the air, quickly wetting everything inside the carriage.

“What kind of divine ability is this?” Heishasan’s face turned serious, with a hint of fear.

When the rain fell on the blood sharks, flames ignited on their heads like oil lamps.

Heishasan looked up, unable to see anything, but he knew that there was a flame on his head too because he could feel the warmth.

That was the flame of life, the temperature of the soul.

“Damn, why does this guy seem to have not been affected by the radiation of the divine corpse?” Heishasan noticed another problem.

The blood shark group had already rushed to Lin Baici’s front. One had opened its mouth and bitten his arm, but in the next moment, Lin Baici’s big move came.

The Buddha’s shadow behind him suddenly blew out a breath.

Floating Life Night Rain, Wild Buddha Blows Out the Lamp!


There was no violent wind or flying sand and stones, only a refreshing summer night breeze brushing past their faces.

But as this breeze passed, the flames on the blood sharks’ heads were instantly extinguished, as if a lamp had been blown out.

Crack, crack, crack!

In the instant that the flames were extinguished, the bodies of the blood sharks shattered into pieces, scattering in the air.

Heishasan was stunned.

This guy’s divine ability was so strong! Heishasan was in a terrible state due to the radiation of the divine corpse, and seeing this terrifying scene made him suddenly want to retreat. But it was already too late.A gust of wind brushed across his face, refreshing and comfortable. Black Shark San Shi hummed involuntarily, but in the next moment, he fell to the ground with a bang, breathless. The flame on his head, which was his life fire, was extinguished by Yefo’s breath.

Lin Baici held a torch, ready to fight, but was stunned when Black Shark San Shi fell to the ground. “Is he dead?” The other seemed to have no breath left. Was the Divine Taboo, Fusheng Yeyu and Yefo’s breath really that strong?

[This ingredient has greatly reduced physical function under the radiation of the God’s Ruins, so your Divine Taboo can kill it in seconds!]

The Gourmet’s comment.

“You’re not going to make me eat this thing, are you?” Lin Baici was in a dilemma. If the divine remains were like the ones he had seen in the Dragon Temple God’s Ruins before, dried like beef jerky, he could still eat it. But this one was an eyeball, and it seemed to be alive.

[When humans eat this level of divine remains, they will immediately be irradiated by divine power and become a distorted body, which is what humans call monsters.]

“What do we do now?” Lin Baici breathed a sigh of relief, not having to eat this thing, but to be honest, he still had the urge to take a bite.

The Gourmet did not respond.

Lin Baici did not expect the Gourmet to answer everything, so he ran to Black Shark San Shi’s corpse.

Since he dared to use the Divine Taboo, he must have brought the Black Coffin. How else could he seal it?

Lin Baici did not know if the Black Coffin could seal the divine remains, but it was definitely safer than just putting it in the Black Altar Bowl.

Black Shark San Shi was dead.

He had a waist bag.

Lin Baici took it off, opened it, and saw a short wallet, a bunch of keys, and a cell phone inside. In addition, there were two cherry-sized black metal balls.

“Is this the Black Coffin?” Lin Baici asked, holding the mechanical black metal ball, which had a button on it.

He ran back to the clay figurine puppet, smashed open the belly of the Divine Taboo, and dug out the meatball-like divine remains. He stuck the metal ball to the divine remains and pressed the button.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The metal ball opened, and black mechanical ribbons popped out, instantly wrapping the divine remains tightly, looking like a mummy.

Lin Baici roughly checked it and put it in the Black Altar Bowl, then picked up the pine torch and smashed the clay figurine puppet to pieces.

The yellow sand flying in the air quickly disappeared.

“The facial features are not clear enough!”

“The personal characteristics are not obvious enough!”

The clay figurine monster held the clay figurine baked with 18D and gave a critique.

“Fifty points, not qualified!”

18D trembled all over, his mind completely blank.

Am I going to die?18D wanted to resist, but thinking about those unlucky souls who had been smashed like mosquitoes by the clay monster, he lost his courage.

Simply covering his head with his hands, he closed his eyes and played the shrinking turtle.

However, after waiting for more than ten seconds, he was not attacked.


Could it be that I am special? The chosen one?

Is this clay monster going to spare me?

18D opened his eyes and found that the red clay pond, the earthen platform furnace, and the most terrifying clay monster had all disappeared.

The messy carriage and the surviving passengers came into view.

“Am I back?”

18D was stunned, and then he burst into tears.


I want to go home!

I want to eat your braised pork!


When Xia Hongyao and Ma Yuan hurriedly came to look for him, Lin Baici was getting familiar with the divine grace he had just drawn from the ‘Clay Man Divine Doll’, a divine taboo item.

This divine grace was called ‘Red Rolling Stone’.

Lin Baici hadn’t figured it out yet, and when he saw Xia Hongyao and the others, he immediately stopped releasing the divine power, and the summoned red clay little clay man instantly turned into a pile of dust.

Of course, he couldn’t let others know about such a powerful trump card as divine grace.

“Little Linzi!”

Xia Hongyao rushed over with a curious face, “What happened? Why did the rule pollution end?”

Ma Yuan was more meticulous and observant than Xia Hongyao. At first glance, he saw the black shark lying on the ground.


Ma Yuan was shocked and hurriedly ran over to check the body.

Could it be that this big boy killed him?

It shouldn’t be, right?

This guy was a main force member of the Lost Coast, not comparable to those self-improving divine hunters.

“I was lucky enough to sneak attack Black Shark III and killed him!”

Lin Baici shrugged.

“Did you really kill him?”

Ma Yuan was dumbfounded.

Why are there no wounds on the body?

What kind of means did you use to sneak attack?

It seems that this kid possesses a divine grace with a strange attack power.


Xia Hongyao was taken aback, and then she burst into laughter, patting Lin Baici’s chest vigorously, “Amazing, you’re truly the man I’ve set my eyes on!”

Hearing this, Ma Yuan wanted to roll his eyes. How could Xia Hongmian, such an unparalleled woman in wisdom, have a sister like you with the same intelligence as a fool?

You two are not related by blood, are you?

You don’t even doubt what this kid is saying?

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