Chapter 51 – Raw Food Master Lin Baici

On the red mud platform, it was silent.

Without any wind blowing, the residual heat from the kiln had not dissipated, making it feel hot and unbearable.

The clay monster held Lin Baici’s work and examined it carefully.

“The features are clear!”

Even the earlobes were carved out, and the two eyebrows were very similar to the real person.

“The limbs are slender!”

The T-shirt stuck to the clay monster’s belly, revealing his abs.

The clay monster turned his head and looked at Lin Baici’s stomach.

Lin Baici reached his right hand behind his back, grabbed his shirt and pulled it back, the T-shirt tightly against his abdomen, revealing the outline of his muscles.

“The personal characteristics are obvious, it’s made of myself!”

The clay monster handed the clay figure back to Lin Baici: “Apart from not being lifelike enough and having some differences in appearance with myself, everything else is quite good, a score of nine!”

The clay monster’s mouth curled up, revealing a smile.

This time it was not mockery, but satisfaction and appreciation for Lin Baici’s craftsmanship.

An ordinary person who had never touched clay sculpture could achieve this level, indicating exceptional talent and rare gifts.

“He is indeed qualified!”

“Talent is talent, the same thing, others can do it perfectly!”

“Don’t be dissatisfied!”

A group of travelers envied him.

“Step down!”

The clay monster looked at the crowd, ready to select the next person.

“Thank you!”

Lin Baici seemed respectful, but as soon as he spoke, he suddenly exerted all his strength with his right hand and smashed the clay figure in his hand towards the clay monster’s face.

In theory, smashing it on the ground and stomping on it was the most sensible thing to do, but Lin Baici had just participated in such a terrifying game of taboo, and there was a fire burning in his belly.

He couldn’t swallow this anger without giving this monster a punch.


The clay figure hit the clay monster’s face, the hands and feet broke, but more than half of the body was still intact.


The travelers were stunned and exclaimed in shock.

What was he doing?

You’ve passed the test, why do you still want to hit that clay monster?

But what frightened them even more was that a three-meter-high Buddha statue appeared.


It should be a Buddha statue, with meat buns on its head like the Buddha, drooping ears, and a string of prayer beads hanging around its neck…

But the problem was that this guy’s muscles were knotted, as if he had been fed with protein powder since childhood, and there were veins on his skin that looked like earthworms, giving off a violent and fierce atmosphere.

Oh, and he was only wearing a pair of leather shorts.

As soon as the muscle Buddha appeared, he twisted his waist and swung his arms, his right fist like a heavy cannon, first hitting the clay figure that had not fallen, and then with it, heavily hitting the clay monster’s face.


The clay monster was knocked back, and his face was somewhat sunken. The clay figure made by Lin Baici was directly turned into a pile of mud powder and scattered in the air by this violent punch.

“F*ck it!”

Lin Baici held a pine torch in his right hand, quickly drew on the ground, lit it, and disappeared in the next instant.

“Where is he? Why did he disappear?”

“Could it be that breaking this clay figure can allow him to leave?””He should have left this ghostly place, right?”

The travelers looked around anxiously with a glimmer of hope.

One male traveler, who knew that his poorly-made mud figure would never pass the test, slammed it hard on the ground and stomped on it several times. This was his last hope.

Bang! Bang!

The mud figure shattered.

Everyone looked over.

“Why haven’t I left yet? This is unfair!”

The male traveler cried out in despair.

In the next moment, his body burst with a loud explosion, splattering blood and guts everywhere.

“It seems that only after commenting and smashing the mud figure can we leave here!”

Xia Hongyao murmured, about to let the mud figure monster comment on her own figure.

“Don’t be anxious, let others try first!”

Ma Yuan held Xia Hongyao back.

“There’s no time left. Xiao Bai will definitely be targeted by Black Shark Third if he goes out. I have to go help!”

Xia Hongyao tried to break free from Ma Yuan’s grip.

“Hongyao, calm down!”

Ma Yuan didn’t let go.

For heaven’s sake, this was Xia Hongmian’s sister. If she died here, he would definitely be blamed by Xia Hongmian. It would be better to be dead than alive.

When Ma Yuan thought of Xia Hongmian’s terrifying record, he held Xia Hongyao’s hand even tighter.

“Wait a little longer, someone will definitely learn from Baici’s method. Let’s not be too hasty.”

Ma Yuan persuaded, “Besides, Baici is so smart. He has already seen the strength of Black Shark Third and will definitely run away!”

Xia Hongyao thought about it and agreed.

In front of Lin Baici, yellow sand was flying.

He looked up and found himself still in a carriage, but the glass windows had been broken and there was already a layer of sand on the ground.

“I’m out!”

Lin Baici excitedly punched his fist.


A strong sense of hunger suddenly attacked, causing Lin Baici’s stomach to spasm.

“A delicious meal is waiting at the end of the carriage!”

Lin Baici ran towards the back of the carriage.

There were many corpses lying in the carriage.

Lin Baici only took two minutes to rush to the back of the carriage. He scanned his eyes around and finally fixed his gaze on the luggage rack above seat 2.

There was a silver suitcase on it.

Lin Baici rushed over and took the suitcase down.

After using his Iron Fist to smash it open, Lin Baici saw a one-foot-long mud figure inside.

The mud figure had no gender and was not wearing any clothes. Its limbs were twisted and deformed, and its belly was large, as if it were pregnant. Its face had a half-smile and half-cry expression, with a large tongue sticking out, making a mocking face.

“What is this thing?”

Lin Baici frowned deeply.

At first glance, he felt physically uncomfortable with this thing, which looked like a prop used to scare people in horror movies.

[An ugly mud figure doll that no one would like except for mental patients, but there is a delicious divine grace on it!]

“Divine grace?”Lin Baici’s eyes lit up, but he was also worried: “After absorption, will it cause damage to the body?”

Who knows if this clay doll is like those poisonous mushrooms, after eating it, will people see little people and dance with them?

The devouring god didn’t even bother to answer, it went straight to work.

On both sides of Lin Baici’s shoulders, there were half-transparent, slender arms that seemed to be condensed from starlight. They reached out over the clay doll and grabbed a fist-sized sphere from inside its body.

The sphere was like a soap bubble, colorful, and wrapped around a light golden ball, like a small sun.

“Thanks for the divine gift!” The devouring god prayed and stuffed the sphere into Lin Baici’s mouth.

The soap bubble burst, and the golden ball melted in his mouth like a cup of hot milk, rushing into Lin Baici’s stomach.

A sense of fullness immediately arose, making Lin Baici feel comfortable, like a wild cat basking in the warm spring sun.

Along with this came some mysterious knowledge, imprinted in his mind.

But this pleasant feeling lasted less than three seconds, and Lin Baici didn’t even have time to recognize this knowledge, such as what “Red Rolling Stone” meant. A stronger sense of hunger was born.

This time, Lin Baici was like a starving man who had been hungry for half a year, and his stomach began to spasm.

“What’s going on?”

Lin Baici instinctively looked at the clay doll, feeling an urge to eat it raw.

“There’s a divine bone in this clay doll!”

“Profit! Profit!”

“Sure enough, without night grass, horses can’t get fat, and without external wealth, people can’t get rich!”

“I’m going to eat until I’m full and have to lean against the wall!”

The devouring god’s voice was full of joy, like going out to buy vegetables and casually picking up a lottery ticket that won ten million.

“A divine bone?”

Lin Baici’s expression brightened, and he immediately flipped the clay doll over to inspect it, hoping to find a seam and take out the divine bone inside.

But the clay doll didn’t even have a small opening, let alone a seam, and the whole body was one piece.

“Smash it and take the divine bone!”

“My stomach is already starving!”

The devouring god urged.

Lin Baici didn’t hesitate.

Xia Hongyao and the others were still suffering from rule pollution. Without the black coffin, Lin Baici couldn’t seal this divine taboo to save people. The only way to save them was to destroy it.

And now there was a divine bone inside, so there was even more reason not to hold back.

Lin Baici placed this strange-looking clay doll on the ground, picked up a wooden torch, and smashed it hard.


The clay doll cracked, but it didn’t break.

Lin Baici did it again.


More cracks appeared, and a piece of the clay doll’s finger fell off.

After Black Shark III bandaged his wounds, he anxiously waited while monitoring the surroundings.

Thanks to the official blockade of information related to various god’s ruins in Jiuzhou, ordinary people knew very little about this disaster.

Now, the yellow sand was flying, and even if someone saw it, they would think it was a sandstorm.Moreover, this place was remote, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with only a few scattered fields and hardly any people to be seen.

Not only the Nine Provinces official, but other countries would not voluntarily disclose information related to the divine disaster. The main reason was that the existence of gods was unimaginable, and everyone still hadn’t figured out their origin.

For example, 26 years ago, a god appeared in Montana, a beautiful country. When a local television station reported it, they published a photo taken by a citizen by chance.

As a result, more than 400,000 citizens who saw the photo on TV at that time were all contaminated, their intelligence regressed to the infant stage.

The radiation pollution brought by gods was too terrifying and difficult to guard against. Therefore, since then, all countries have prohibited the discussion of such content.

Once discovered, they would immediately block and delete accounts, and in serious cases, invite them for a coffee.

“After the rule pollution ends, I’ll collect the ‘Mudman God Doll’, loot the corpses, get the spoils of war, and immediately cross the mountain to leave. I’ll enter a nearby village, steal a motorcycle as a means of transportation!”

Black Shark Third was planning his route, trying to avoid being tracked as much as possible.


Black Shark Third suddenly raised his head.

The yellow sand flying in the air was falling to the ground, becoming thinner and increasing visibility.

The sandstorm was getting smaller!

This meant that the rule pollution had ended.

Everyone on the train, including those annoying Nine Provinces Dragon Guards, were dead.


Black Shark Third laughed out loud and immediately ran towards the tail of the train. He was going to collect the ‘Mudman God Doll’.

However, when he rushed into the carriage, he saw the boy who had killed Octopus Ball holding a torch and smashing the Mudman God Doll.

“What the hell is going on?”

Black Shark Third’s eyes widened like two light bulbs.

Why was there still someone alive?

This was a 5.0 intensity contamination divine taboo game, even a Leopard Head would die if caught in it.

In the Nine Provinces, divine hunters also had levels.

The so-called Leopard Head was a divine hunter who had ten divine blessings and had broken through three God’s Ruins as the main force.

A look of astonishment and anger appeared on Black Shark Third’s face.

Although emotionally unwilling to believe it, reason told him that the young boy in front of him, who had not yet grown hair on his mouth, had successfully walked out of the rule pollution of the ‘Mudman God Doll’.

He was a genius!

He would surely achieve great things in the future.

However, since you’ve met me, your bright future will end today!

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