Chapter 50 – Scoring and commenting

On the foundation, besides the crackling sound of burning charcoal, it was very quiet. The travelers all held their breath, afraid to make any noise and miss the instructions of the clay monster. So when Lin Baici spoke, it was very jarring to their ears.


Everyone turned their heads to look at Lin Baici. He didn’t speak immediately, but stared at the clay monster. If it had any extreme reaction, Lin Baici wouldn’t remind everyone again.

The clay monster turned its head and looked at Lin Baici, its eyes made of mud revealing a surprised expression. It didn’t expect Lin Baici to remember every step of its creation.

“It’s time to reduce the charcoal!”

Lin Baici shouted.

“But this monster…this guy didn’t give any instructions?”

The one speaking was a balding man in his thirties with swollen eyes.

“He probably did it on purpose!”

Lin Baici explained. He knew this man. When they were in the waiting hall, the food critic had commented on this drunken man who was always sleepy, saying that he loved alcohol like his life depended on it.


Everyone looked at the clay monster. The clay monster suddenly grinned and didn’t say anything.

“Are you sure?”

“What does he have to be sure about? He couldn’t possibly remember every step, right?”

“But he has no reason to deceive us, and he even helped us before!”

The travelers whispered to each other, not knowing what to do for a moment. But almost everyone didn’t take Lin Baici’s words seriously and waited for the clay monster’s instructions.

After all, making a mistake meant death.

“That’s all I can say. It’s up to you whether to believe it or not!”

Lin Baici sighed and gave up persuading them.

No wonder the food critic said that the first batch had the highest survival rate. It turned out that the clay monster would deliberately skip some steps in the next assessment.

If the participants couldn’t remember the entire process, it was a death sentence.

“Lin Ge, when do you remember to add charcoal, reduce charcoal, and increase the temperature with the bellows?”

18D was curious.


Lin Baici nodded.

During the process of making the clay figure just now, he had been looking at his watch and quietly reciting the time, memorizing it all.

“No wonder you were looking at your watch the whole time!”

Ma Yuan suddenly realized.


18D took a deep breath. This memory was too terrifying, wasn’t it?

Wait a minute!

If what Lin Ge said was true, then these people…

This time, reducing the charcoal wasn’t just once, but three times. The clay monster didn’t say anything, and the travelers didn’t do it either, so they were doomed.Just as the drunken man was about to ask the clay monster if Lin Baici was telling the truth, his body suddenly ignited, like a lamb chop in an oven, visibly dehydrating and turning black. A cloud of black smoke filled the air.

The drunken man screamed in agony. Even without the clay monster’s instructions, he wanted to remove the charcoal from the furnace, but it was too late. Others tried to help, but it was too late. All the passengers who participated in this assessment were burned because they reduced the charcoal too late, causing the clay figure in the furnace to be burned and the damage feedback to them. These people were all ignited, like human torches. The onlookers were shocked and retreated in fear of being affected.

Two minutes later, there were many blackened corpses on the ground. All 119 people were dead. The air was filled with the stench of burning fat and muscle, which made people sick.

The remaining passengers looked at Lin Baici, who had not moved, with horror. If these people had listened to him, they would not have died.

“Don’t just stand there, hurry up and apply the red clay!” Lin Baici shouted.

Everyone rushed to act. With so many corpses lying on the platform, it was scary to look at, but the clay monster remained calm and said, “The rest of you take your clay figures and wait in front of a furnace!”

In chaos, some people even lost their shoes. With the lessons learned from the previous batch, everyone moved quickly this time.

“Open the furnace!”

“Put the clay figures in!”

“Start the fire!”

The process of burning the clay figures began. The monster walked around the platform and gave various instructions. While the passengers followed his instructions, they also kept looking at Lin Baici.

“Hey handsome, if there are any deliberate omissions in the steps, you have to tell us!”

“Stop talking and listen to the instructions, don’t disturb the handsome guy!”

“God bless us! God bless us!”

The passengers were nervous, like frightened birds.

Fifteen minutes later, Lin Baici saw that the clay monster had not spoken and reminded him to reduce the charcoal by three pieces. This time, no one hesitated and immediately removed the charcoal from the furnace.

The process of burning the clay figures took less than thirty minutes, but for the passengers, it felt like a long journey through hell. Finally, when the clay monster said the words “remove the charcoal,” “extinguish the fire,” and “open the furnace,” the passengers felt a sense of relief.Several women were so nervous that after they relaxed, they wet their pants.

The travelers were overjoyed and immediately ran to Lin Baici after taking the clay figures out of the kiln, thanking him.

“Thank you, handsome!”

“Good-looking guy, let me kowtow to you!”

“Do you have a girlfriend? I have a daughter who is eight years old and in the third grade of elementary school. She is very pretty!”

The travelers surrounded Lin Baici, not only to express their gratitude but also to establish a relationship with him so that when Lin Baici rescued people, he would save them first.

[The woman who said she had an eight-year-old daughter is fair-skinned, beautiful, and has a plump body. She tastes good and is worth considering!]

Lin Baici heard this and turned his head to take a glance.

The woman was covered in mud, looking tired and disheveled. There was no trace of charm left in her.

[Of course, the best source of milk is still Xia Hongyao. It is recommended to buy the best fruits, vegetables, and grains and feed her carefully.]

[One must work hard to reap rewards. Don’t be afraid of trouble!]

[One bottle of milk a day makes a strong man!]

“Can you say something serious?”

Lin Baici was more interested in how to defeat this clay figure monster.

“Very well, next is the final step, the evaluation and scoring section!”

The clay figure monster announced loudly, “Who wants to volunteer to be the first?”

Everyone looked at each other with fear and finally looked at Lin Baici.

Lin Baici remained indifferent.

“Since no one is stepping forward, I’ll choose myself.”

The clay figure monster obviously had no patience and then pointed, “You, come forward!”

The unlucky one chosen was a middle-aged man.

He immediately looked at Lin Baici in a panic and asked for his help, “Handsome, can you help me?”

“Hurry up, or you’ll get zero points!”

The clay figure monster urged.

The middle-aged man didn’t dare to delay and hurriedly ran to the clay figure monster. When he saw it reach out its hand, he nervously handed over the clay figure he had made.

“The facial features are not clear, and there are too few eyebrows and ears.”

“The limbs are of different lengths!”

“It was over-fired, and there are cracks all over the body!”

The clay figure monster listed seven flaws in one breath, and disappointedly shook its head, losing interest in continuing to evaluate the clay figure.

“Trash that offends the eye, zero points!”

After the clay figure monster finished speaking, it threw the clay figure in its hand to the ground.


The clay figure shattered into pieces.

The middle-aged man screamed and fell to the ground, his body like a person falling from a skyscraper, bleeding and broken, twisted beyond recognition.The passengers trembled and stepped back, trying to use someone else’s body to block themselves because the flaws pointed out by the clay monster were also present on their own clay figures.

If they were chosen, they were doomed.

“You, come over here!”

The clay monster picked another person.

“Buddy, think of a way!”

The unlucky person begged Lin Baici, treating him as the last straw of salvation.

“Next, you go!”

“Remember, when the monster finishes evaluating you and asks you to step down, immediately smash your clay figure! Otherwise, it will come to life later and snatch your heart!”

“Is it not over yet?”

Lin Baici was shocked. He thought that after the clay monster finished evaluating, he could pass this game of divine taboos. He didn’t expect to have to fight with the clay figure he made himself.

It was really a trap.

Indeed, with a rule pollution intensity of 5.0, the survival rate was extremely low.

The middle-aged man got forty points and did not pass.

When the clay monster smashed the clay figure, the middle-aged man gritted his teeth and launched a suicidal attack, but he did not even touch the clay monster and was slapped to death.


The clay monster was completely indifferent, as if it had just killed a mosquito. It raised its right hand and prepared to call out another name.

“I’ll go!”

Lin Baici raised his right hand.

Everyone looked over in shock.

“Little Lin, have you figured something out?”

Xia Hongyao was excited.

Ma Yuan and 18D were also looking forward to it.

“I’ll try first. If I can survive, you guys can do it my way!”

After Lin Baici finished speaking, he walked towards the clay monster.

“Lin Ge, there’s no need for you to take the risk. Let someone else go first!”

18D whispered, “Everyone here wants to survive and will definitely be willing to try your method.”

“Let me do it!”

Lin Baici smiled.

“Little Lin, let me do it!”

Xia Hongyao grabbed Lin Baici and said, “You have helped me so much, and it’s time for me to step up. After all, I am the team leader. Even if the sky falls, I have to bear it and can’t let my team members take risks!”

Lin Baici was stunned. He found that Xia Hongyao was very serious when she said this.

“This girl is sincere. What a noble soul! Look at the fragrance she emits. It’s so tempting!”

“I want to eat.”

“I suggest steaming it!”

The tone of the gourmet god was full of longing.

“Don’t worry, I’ve always been lucky!”

Xia Hongyao patted Lin Baici’s shoulder, took the clay figure, and walked towards the clay monster.

Snap!Lin Baici grabbed her arm.

“Stop messing around!”

Lin Baici couldn’t help but smile and cry, but he was also touched in his heart.

This high ponytail girl,

She’s easy to get along with!

“You all just wait here!”

Under everyone’s gaze, Lin Baici walked towards the mud monster.

He wasn’t nervous, afraid, or showing the kind of desperate determination to survive. Instead, he was calm, as if he was about to face not a terrifying monster that killed people like cutting grass, but a lame old dog scavenging for food in a garbage dump.


Ma Yuan secretly praised!

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