Chapter 42 – Step by step to a losing game!

“You’re lucky, the red clay you dug up should be qualified!”

Lin Baici looked around and said, “I think most of the red clay around the clay monster’s body can be used, and the one you dug up is similar to it.”

Ma Yuan frowned and looked at the tourists more than thirty meters away.

The implication of this kid’s words is that these people didn’t get qualified soil?

“What about mine?” Song Li worried.

“I don’t think so!” Lin Baici spoke truthfully. “But this kind of thing is a matter of life and death. I’m just suggesting. How to choose is up to you. Don’t complain to me later if there’s a problem and say I’m selfish for not reminding you.”

Song Li fell silent.

18D thought of Lin Baici’s performance on the train before and made up his mind. “Brother, I believe in you!”

Xia Hongyao saw that Ma Yuan didn’t move and gave a suggestion, “I advise you to listen to him!”

“Okay!” Ma Yuan actually thought that there was no difference between the red clay, and it didn’t matter where it came from.

Song Li saw that Ma Yuan and 18D both listened to Lin Baici’s suggestion, so she followed suit.

“After you’ve taken the clay, follow me!”

The clay monster stood up, holding a coconut-sized red clay, and walked back to the platform.

To the north of the platform, there were many long, rectangular stone slabs, about an inch thick, over two feet long, and over a foot wide. They looked like chopping boards for cutting vegetables. In addition, there were some small wooden boxes the size of a palm stacked beside them.

“See those stone slabs and wooden boxes? Take one of each!”

The clay monster instructed.

The tourists immediately ran over, vying with each other, obviously wanting to choose first.

Lin Baici observed carefully and confirmed that there was no difference between the stone slabs before casually choosing one.

It’s quite heavy!

Estimated to be about ten pounds!

Afterwards, he picked up a wooden box, opened it, and saw a finger-length iron carving knife inside.

“Follow me!”

After everyone came back, the clay monster put a stone slab on the ground, then knelt down beside it, picked up the clay, and started to beat it on the stone slab.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Hold the clay above your head, with moderate strength, beat it 120 times!”

The clay monster explained the essentials.

“What is moderate strength?”

The programmer with serious dark circles Lin Baici had seen before dared to ask.

He hated this kind of vague statement.

“Feel it yourself!”

The clay monster’s answer almost made everyone angry.

“Chinese chefs teach cooking, how much seasoning to put is all appropriate. I didn’t expect that making a clay figure is also like this!”

The big-bellied man cursed.

“You guys hurry up, I won’t wait for anyone. As long as half of you finish this step, I will immediately start to explain the next step!”

The clay monster warned.

This sentence instantly made everyone feel a huge sense of tension, and everyone began to beat their own clay, afraid of falling behind.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of the clay beating on the stone slab was crisp and loud, one after another.

“Don’t be lazy, strictly follow the essentials I said!”The mud monster reiterated its instructions. It lifted the mud embryo over its head and then slammed it down. Its expression was precise, and its movements were filled with a powerful beauty, as if it were a master of mud sculpture.

Each of the red clay mud embryos held by the travelers weighed over three catties. At first, they didn’t feel much when they were beaten, but after dozens of times, their arms began to weaken, tremble, and their muscles became sore.

Many travelers’ movements slowed down, and they even became deformed and unable to do it properly.

“I feel like a fool!”

The diabetic woman who had asked Lin Baici about her illness in the waiting hall muttered.

She was already in poor health, overweight, and had hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia. Now, after just over thirty times of doing this physical work, she was exhausted.

Her mud embryo was no longer lifted over her head, but was dropped from a slightly higher position around her neck.

When Song Li reached over sixty times, she was tired and uncomfortable sitting on the ground of the soil platform with her bare legs.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and was ready to be perfunctory.

But just as she was about to drop the mud embryo after lifting it to her chest, the indifferent young man spoke up, “If you don’t want to die, follow the monster’s instructions strictly!”


Song Li was startled, “Will we die?”

“Not…not necessarily, right?”

18D interjected, secretly sizing up the mud monster, “As long as it doesn’t see us, it should be okay to slack off a bit, right?”

“You only have one life, are you willing to bet?”

Lin Baici retorted.

Song Li swallowed and decided to hold on a little longer.

“Brother, don’t scare me!”

18D cried with a mournful face. He had planned to slack off while the mud monster wasn’t looking, but now he didn’t dare.

In less than ten minutes, someone had finished, even faster than the mud monster.

Soon, the mud monster also finished, kneading the mud embryo into a ball and placing it on the slate. Then it stood up and walked among the crowd like a proctor inspecting the room.

Many travelers were nervous at the sight of the mud monster’s posture, and coupled with its statement that half of the people had completed the first step, everyone sped up.

Some people were already exhausted, and their beating movements became perfunctory.

Song Li finally finished, her arms sore and swollen.

She looked at the travelers who hadn’t completed the 120 mud beatings with a bit of schadenfreude, waiting for the mud monster to punish them.

But the mud monster didn’t move.

It patiently waited for these people to complete the first step.

“Fuck, are you playing with us?”

The fat man cursed.

The travelers who were anxious and rushed to finish were all unhappy. If they had known this, they would have come slower!

Song Li looked at Lin Baici with a hint of blame in her eyes.

“Lin Baici’s caution was right!”

Xia Hongyao spoke up for him.

“The mud embryos that have been beaten well can be turned into mature materials and used for the second step, body sculpture!”The mud monster picked up an iron carving knife and said, “Body molding refers to the carving and shaping of the mud person’s body. This time, we will be making humans! Please make a mud person that matches your own gender. It doesn’t need to be exquisite, but your personal features must be highlighted!”

As the mud monster explained, it rapidly wielded the knife. The iron carving knife flew around the round mud embryo material, like a butterfly dancing, cutting off chunks of mud. Mud powder floated in the air.

Ignoring the mud monster’s identity, its carving posture was graceful and elegant, with a special beauty that was pleasing to the eye. The travelers watched intently.

In just three minutes, the mud embryo under the mud monster’s knife had turned into a ten-centimeter-tall miniature mud person that looked exactly like the mud monster, except for the lack of facial features and hairstyle.

“You may begin!” The mud monster put down its completed work and solemnly reminded them, “Please do your best to carve a mud person that looks like you. This will make it easier for you to get a high score and pass the assessment in the final scoring and evaluation stage. You have thirty minutes!”

Upon hearing that they only had so little time, the people began to panic and hurry, quickly picking up their knives and starting to work.

Fortunately, this was carving mud sculptures, not performing surgery, so even if they made a few mistakes, they could be fixed.

Lin Baici picked up his knife and pondered where to start. “Kuishin, do you have any advice for me?”

【The mud embryo you chose is good. Ten points. The process of making the mature material was perfect. Ten points. Carving? Just follow what the mud monster said!】

Lin Baici’s performance was excellent, leaving Kuishin with nothing to say.

“I didn’t ask you to praise me!” Lin Baici rolled his eyes. “What should I pay attention to in this step?”

Kuishin remained silent.

Lin Baici sneered and decided to figure it out himself.

For an ordinary person who had never touched mud sculpture before, it was a pipe dream to want to create a lifelike mud person on their first try. Fortunately, this step did not require a high degree of realism.

Lin Baici recalled the mud monster’s explanation. “Make a mud person that matches your own gender. It doesn’t need to be exquisite, but your personal features must be highlighted!”

Lin Baici had an idea. The mud person’s clothing should be the same as what he was wearing, and he could use muscles to show a strong body, especially the eight-pack abs, which had to be prominent. This could be achieved by highlighting the contours of the stomach when the clothing was pasted onto it.

Although the mud monster did not require realism, Lin Baici still tried to make the mud person resemble himself as much as possible, from the same clothing and body shape to even the brand of shoes on his feet.

Lin Baici held the iron carving knife in his right hand and began to carve the mud embryo!

No one spoke. The travelers were fully focused on carving their mud people.

Black Shark III stood on the tracks, watching the swirling sand around him, his heart pounding as he took a deep breath.If it weren’t for the bubbles blown by the parrot snail, exempting himself from the rule pollution, he would have to experience another terrifying Divine Taboo game.

A pollution intensity of 5.0 could be fatal.

This time, Heishark III and Octopus Ball were responsible for transporting the Divine Taboo object, officially known as the Mudman Divine Doll, which was snatched from a wealthy man according to the information from the Nine Dragons Pavilion.

After obtaining it from the Lost Coast, they were worried about being pursued by the Jiuzhou Dragon Guard, so the team leader instructed the eight members of the team to split into pairs and act separately.

Heishark III and Octopus Ball were strong, but the team leader was still not at ease, so he lent them the parrot snail, allowing them to activate the Mudman Divine Doll in times of crisis.

Heishark III and Octopus Ball both thought that the team leader was making a fuss over nothing, because up until now, they had never failed a mission they were responsible for.

The main reason was that their combination, with their own divine blessings and the Coral Sea, was simply invincible.

However, they didn’t expect this time to be an unexpected accident!

“Damn! Damn! Damn!”

Heishark III cursed and kicked the rails forcefully.

What was the background of that boy?

He could actually find Octopus Ball so quickly, kill him, it was simply incredible!

It should be known that the entire train would be filled with seawater in at most ten minutes.

Even if Sherlock Holmes came, it would be impossible to find Octopus Ball in such a short time.

“Damn, it’s a pity I couldn’t kill him with my own hands!”

Heishark III spat out a thick sputum, looked at the faint outline of the train through the sandstorm.

He thought Lin Baici was doomed!

It was impossible to pass the Divine Taboo game with a pollution intensity of 5.0.

Heishark III, following the team leader’s instructions, had tied a remote-controlled bomb to the black coffin that sealed the Mudman Divine Doll in advance. In this way, when encountering an unbeatable enemy, they could destroy the black coffin, break the seal, activate the Divine Taboo object, create rule pollution, and use the Divine Taboo game to kill the enemy.

“But I can whip the corpse!”

Heishark III lit a cigarette and waited patiently.

He didn’t know what kind of Divine Taboo object he would pick up when he collected the corpse this time.


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