Chapter 43 – Details determine success or failure

In the red mud pond, on a circular platform, tourists were carving mud figures with great concentration.


Apart from the sound of iron knives cutting through the mud, there were also some tourists breathing heavily due to fear, which made the silence on the platform even more terrifying.


Song Li lifted her arm and wiped the sweat from her forehead.


Unknowingly, her underwear was already soaked and stuck to her body, making her very uncomfortable.


She was anxious because the mud figures she carved looked like they had been gnawed by dogs. Not only could she not meet the requirements of the strange mud figures, but she herself could not bear to look at them.


"I'm definitely not qualified to continue like this!"


Song Li looked at 18D and then at Ma Yuan.


Fortunately, these two people were like her and had no artistic talent. They were all clumsy.


When she looked at Xia Hongyao, she felt jealous.


The mud figure carved by this girl with a high ponytail was so lifelike.


Unfortunately, she couldn't let her do it for her.


Song Li then looked at Lin Baici.




His carving was not very good either. The hands and feet were rough, but anyone with eyes could easily see that he was carving himself.




After observing for a few minutes, Song Li understood.


Lin Baici focused mainly on the clothing of the mud figure.


"Yes, clothes make the man, and jewelry is the most important thing for personal impression, right?"


Song Li was excited, as if she had discovered the secret to getting full marks.


The sneakers on Lin Baici's feet were Anta, and he even carved the logo.


My beige studded high heels are very recognizable. They are either worn on a woman's feet or carried on a man's shoulders.


Song Li squeezed the mud figure in her hand into a ball, kneaded it, and started carving again.


The strange mud figures walked around the platform and occasionally stood next to a tourist, looking at them. Although they did not comment, they would nod or shake their heads.


The strange mud figure came to 18D and shook its head while looking at his mud figure.


18D was serious and did not dare to look around.


The strange mud figure then looked at Song Li, nodded after a few seconds, and then left.


"How was it? Did it nod or shake its head?"


Song Li asked in a low voice.


"It nodded!"


Ma Yuan was depressed because the strange mud figure did not pay attention to him, and he did not know if his work was qualified.




Song Li's heart suddenly relaxed.




Song Li glanced at Lin Baici with some regret.


It would be great if he were my boyfriend.


"What about me?"


18D was nervous and his hands were trembling.


"Shake your head!"


Ma Yuan pouted, "Redo it!"




18D's face suddenly became sad, "I already put in a lot of effort!"


"You have to carve out your own characteristics!"


Song Li improvised and whispered the secret she had observed to 18D.


First, do him a favor and gain some goodwill!


Maybe someday she could get back what she spent with interest.


"I see!"


18D suddenly realized and quickly thanked her, "Thank you, Sister Song!"




Sister Song is so kind and has fair skin, long legs, and a perfect figure. If she were willing to be my girlfriend, I would sell my blood and steal electric bikes just to make her happy.


Lin Baici listened to their conversation with a slightly furrowed brow.


Was his mud figure qualified?


The God of Food did not comment or remind him, so it should be stable!


The strange mud figure's posture, like that of an invigilator, made the tourists nervous and the atmosphere oppressive. Suddenly, a middle-aged woman screamed in horror.


"What's going on? What's going on? Why is my mud figure melting?"


Everyone looked over at the sound.


The mud and clay in the middle-aged woman's hand were melting rapidly, like ice cream exposed to the sun on a hot summer day.Pata! Pata!


Some red clay fell on the ground, forming puddles of mud spots.


The crowd was shocked and quickly looked at their own mud figures.


"Mine seems to be melting too!"


"What the hell is going on? Is the temperature too high? Or did we carve it wrong?"


"Why is your mud figure fine?"


The travelers began to argue, and many of them saw signs of melting in their mud materials.


The stickiness was impossible to mold into shape.


"What…what's going on?"


The fat man's mud figure also failed to take shape. He was angry and questioned the mud figure.


The mud figure glanced at him and remained silent!


"Fuck, are you mute?"


The fat man couldn't help but panic. The melting of the mud material meant direct failure, and there was no need to continue the test.


The middle-aged woman was anxious and looked around. She saw that some people's mud figures were not melting and was puzzled.


"Why isn't your mud figure melting?"


She asked several people but didn't get an answer. Not that they didn't want to say, but they didn't know why.


The middle-aged woman saw Lin Baici and was impressed by the medical student who had treated her at the station. When she found that the mud figure in his hand had not melted, she immediately ran over.


"Young man, why isn't your mud material melting?"


Lin Baici looked at the diabetes aunt with a worried face. "Did you not follow the instructions of the mud figure monster?"


"I did!"


The diabetes aunt emphasized, "One hundred and twenty times, not one less!"


"No, I mean, did you lift it over your head every time?"


Lin Baici explained.




The diabetes aunt was dumbfounded.


When she was hitting it around forty times, her arm was sore, so she slacked off and didn't lift it over her head. "Do I have to lift it over my head every time to count as one?"


"I think so!"


Lin Baici nodded.


Others also heard what Lin Baici said and thought that this reasoning was very likely.


"You can ask those who had melting mud materials, and you'll know."


Xia Hongyao suggested.


The diabetes aunt immediately shouted, "Did you not lift the mud material over your head when hitting it?"


Everyone looked at each other.


Soon, everyone figured out that this was the reason.


"Damn it, I shouldn't have slacked off!"


"Are you sure this is the reason?"


"No doubt!"


The travelers whose mud materials melted regretted it. They shouldn't have cut corners. The rest of them secretly rejoiced that they didn't cheat.




Song Li swallowed her saliva and was frightened.


Fortunately, the big guy had just held her back, or she would have slacked off too, and it would have been disastrous now.


"What should we do now?"


The diabetes aunt looked at Lin Baici eagerly, waiting for his suggestion.


"What else can we do? Hurry up and get some red clay and do it again!"


Ma Yuan raised his wrist and looked at his watch. "Hurry up, there's only fifteen minutes left!"


"Yes! Let's do it again!"


The diabetes aunt rushed to the red clay pond.


The travelers whose mud materials melted also realized what was going on. They ran to the nearest red clay, brought it back, and hit it on the stone slab as quickly as possible.


This time, no one dared to slack off and lifted the mud material over their heads.


Pata! Pata! Pata!


The sound was endless.


Time passed second by second, not too fast or too slow, but the travelers became more and more nervous and anxious, especially those who had not completed the "body molding" step, sweating profusely.


"I'm done!"


Xia Hongyao put the mud figure on the stone slab, crossed her arms, and observed it from left to right.




As expected, it was my work.


"Is mine okay?"18D was also completed, but I didn't know if it was qualified or not, so I was full of anxiety.


"It should be fine!"


Song Li casually reassured, anyway, hers was no problem.


"Seven minutes left!"


Ma Yuan stood up, looked around, and found that the passengers who had been strictly following the clay monster's requirements to beat the clay embryos had almost completed their 'body shaping'.


Even those who were still carving were just refining the details of the clay figures. After all, they had nothing better to do.


"This step should be secure!"


Song Li picked up the rivet high heels she had placed beside her and put them on.


She wanted to look beautiful,


So she could seduce Lin Baici and make him take care of her.


"Handsome guy, you…"


Song Li was just about to strike up a conversation when she suddenly heard a terrifying scream.


"Honey, why did your clay figure melt?"




Everyone turned their heads and looked over.


"It's that pregnant woman!"


18D blurted out.


The pregnant woman was in the same carriage as him. Her husband had even argued with an aunt who was playing her phone out loud to make his wife more comfortable.


In the end, they were defeated, and it was Lin Baici who stepped in to deal with the troublesome TikTok aunt.


At this moment, the pregnant woman's loose dress and both legs were covered in mud. She sat on the ground, holding her belly with one hand and staring at her husband's clay figure with a terrified expression.


"What's going on?"


The pregnant woman cried, her tears and sweat mixing together, along with some mud, turning her face into a big, colorful mess.


Her husband, wearing a pair of glasses, looked panicked.


"I… I don't know!"


He tried to repair the clay figure, but the red clay still melted slowly like candle wax, and it couldn't be glued back together.


The patrolling clay monster happened to walk near him and looked at him expressionlessly.


"Why did it melt?"


The bespectacled man couldn't understand, "I lifted my head every time I beat the clay embryo!"


The clay monster didn't answer.


"You must have remembered it wrong!"


Ma Yuan shouted.


"No way!"


The bespectacled man shook his head vigorously. He had always been an honest person since he was a child, and he would always complete the tasks assigned by his parents, teachers, or bosses meticulously.


"You saying it doesn't matter, your clay figure melted, which means you were lazy. Go get more red clay now!"


A passenger interrupted.


"I wasn't lazy!"


The bespectacled man's face turned red.


"Honey, don't worry about this, just go get more red clay!"


The pregnant woman urged, struggling to stand up and help her husband.


"Don't move around, be careful of a miscarriage!"


The bespectacled man worried.


"Life is at stake, and you're still worried about a miscarriage?"


The potbellied man grumbled. His arms were sore, and he was extremely uncomfortable, but he had to endure it and hurry up to make the clay figure.


But when the carving knife fell on the half-finished clay embryo again, it began to melt, and the potbellied man could clearly feel that the clay embryo was getting softer.


"What's going on?"


The potbellied man instantly broke into a cold sweat.


Even if he didn't understand anything, he knew that nothing could be made with the clay embryo in this state.


The potbellied man panicked, suddenly looked up to see other people's clay embryos, and heard the diabetic aunt's horrified scream.


"Why did my clay figure melt again?"

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