Chapter 41 – Clay Figure Challenge

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on the clay monster.

Some people were cautious and didn’t say a word, hiding in the crowd, afraid of being noticed; some wanted to ask, but were afraid of the clay monster and didn’t dare to speak up, waiting for someone else to take the lead.

“Everyone, pay attention. Based on my estimation, if we fail to meet its requirements, we will die!” Xia Hongyao warned loudly.

Actually, speaking like this was very dangerous for her. It could easily be judged by the clay monster as a violation of the assessment rules and result in a death penalty.

“What is this thing?” A big-bellied man with short hair, round eyes, and a pointed chin asked Xia Hongyao. His voice sounded like he had phlegm stuck in his throat.

“It’s a rule contaminant!” Xia Hongyao hadn’t finished speaking when she was interrupted by the clay monster.

“Silence!” The clay monster glared at Xia Hongyao and the big-bellied man. “Otherwise, I will revoke your qualification for the assessment!”

The crowd tensed up when they heard this. Although they didn’t know what would happen if their qualification was revoked, they knew it couldn’t be good!

“Next, I will teach you how to make a clay figure on the spot. If you succeed, you will pass the assessment!” The clay monster walked in the muddy red soil pond, making a clattering sound with every step.

“What if we fail?” Xia Hongyao asked. Actually, she could guess the answer. It should be death.

“Then you will have to start over!” The clay monster snorted coldly.

Xia Hongyao wanted to ask whether starting over meant that they had to learn again and make another clay figure or whether they would be burned to death in a furnace, but she didn’t get the chance.

“Can you keep quiet for a moment?” Ma Yuan was annoyed. Was this woman brainless?

This was a divine taboo disaster with a pollution intensity of 5.0. Couldn’t she be more cautious?

“That Black Shark the Third is not here!” Lin Baici scanned the crowd.

There were about 820 people on the scene.

Jin Yingzhen had said that rule contamination could not be exempted, so except for those who died in the sea, all the passengers on the G1955 train should be here.

But Lin Baici didn’t see Black Shark the Third.

“Didn’t he take out a conch before the contamination and blew a bubble to wrap himself up?” Ma Yuan smiled wryly and was a little envious. “That conch is called a parrot conch, one of the few divine taboo items that can exempt people from rule contamination!”

It seemed that the main force members of the Lost Coast all had their own secret equipment.

“Is it expensive?” Lin Baici raised his eyebrows.

“It’s a must-have. The parrot conch is priceless on the black market.”Xia Hongyao knew the situation well: “Because the God Hunter often enters the God’s Ruins to collect meteorites and contain divine remains, they usually encounter rule contamination several times. Although the Conch can only exempt one time, it can save lives in critical moments.”


Lin Baici glanced at Xia Hongyao and Ma Yuan.

Black Shark III should not have left, but instead waited for everyone to die from rule contamination and then came to loot the bodies. As long as he passed this divine taboo game, he would face him.

If he could kill him, how would the Conch be divided?

Could he monopolize it?

[You haven’t finished your bowl, but you’re already thinking about the pot?]

[Very good, very idealistic, this is the style of a great hungry person!]

[I admire you!]

The Gourmet praised.

When Lin Baici heard the Gourmet say this, he took a deep breath and threw away his distractions.

Let’s pass this level first!

“Listen up!”

The clay monster stopped and explained loudly, “Step one, take the clay embryo!”

The faces of the travelers were filled with anxiety, worry, and nervousness as they looked at the clay monster more than thirty meters away, not knowing what to do.

The clay monster squatted down, inserted its hands into the clay pit, and like playing with mud, pushed aside the muddy and damp red soil on top.

“What should we do?”

18D looked at Lin Baici.

“Do as it says!”

Xia Hongyao squatted down and grabbed a handful of clay.

Making a clay figure, the first step must be to collect soil.

Most of the travelers thought so, so they all squatted down.

Lin Baici looked around and activated his “Overhearing Scripture,” asking the Gourmet in his mind, “If I walk to the side of this clay monster, will there be any danger?”

[What if there is danger?]

The Gourmet asked back.

Lin Baici hesitated for only two seconds before walking towards the clay monster.

The red soil pit was too muddy, like a swamp, making it very difficult for Lin Baici to lift his feet every time, feeling like his shoes were about to fall off.

When Xia Hongyao saw Lin Baici’s actions, she was startled, “What are you doing?”

Ma Yuan was about to squat down and looked over at the sound.

“Get closer to it and see it clearly!”

Lin Baici explained.

More than thirty meters was not far, and with Lin Baici’s vision, he could see it clearly, but he was afraid of missing some details.

“Are you crazy?”

18D exclaimed in shock, then quickly closed his mouth, quickly glanced at the clay monster to make sure it hadn’t noticed him, and then reassured himself, lowering his voice to persuade, “Are you tired of living? Are you worried that the clay monster won’t trouble you?”

“The distance is not too far, I won’t miss anything!”Ma Yuan thought that Lin Baici was a good person worth getting to know, so he advised him kindly.

“I still want to get closer!”

Lin Baici didn’t listen to advice.

Snap! Snap!

Lin Baici remembered the time when he played in the muddy pond as a child.

Almost all the travelers squatted down, and those who didn’t dare to move for fear of attracting the attention of the mud monster, only Lin Baici walked over alone.

So he attracted special attention.

“Little Linzi!”

Xia Hongyao didn’t want Lin Baici to get into trouble, so she immediately got up and followed him.

“Aren’t you afraid of the mud monster?”

Lin Baici asked back.

“It’s no use being afraid!”

Xia Hongyao had an eager look on her face: “And I’m confident that with my intelligence, I can pass this divine taboo game!”


Lin Baici was stunned and subconsciously glanced at Xia Hongyao’s chest.

You say Panda is smart,

I admit it!


Do you have that?

Lin Baici didn’t forget that the Gourmet God’s evaluation of this high ponytail girl was power and speed double A, intelligence D.

“By the way, have you found anything?”

Xia Hongyao asked in a hushed voice, covering her mouth with her hand.

Previously, Lin Baici used reasoning to find the octopus balls and kill him, which made Xia Hongyao recognize his intelligence and think that his opinions should be valued.

“Do you think this mud monster just squatted down randomly? Or did it deliberately find a position?”

Lin Baici wanted to hear other people’s opinions.


Xia Hongyao was stunned: “Did it choose a position? Didn’t it just squat down after saying ‘take the mud embryo’?”

“Not sure, that’s why I want to get closer to take a look!”

Lin Baici explained.

Xia Hongyao frowned and thought about the difference between these two possibilities, and then suddenly realized that if the mud monster seemed to squat down randomly, but actually chose a position, it meant that it wasn’t enough to just take any piece of red clay.

And now many travelers were just squatting down and preparing to take the red clay in front of them.

Lin Baici’s concerns may have been excessive, but his meticulous thinking was impressive.

“No wonder you’re the team member I chose!”

Xia Hongyao was very satisfied with her judgment.

Lin Baici stood one meter away from the mud monster’s side, smiling, but in fact, his body was tense. If this guy had any unusual movements, he would immediately summon the muscle Buddha.

The emotionless eyes of the mud monster stared at Lin Baici.

The terrifying silence on the scene made people suffocate.

The travelers looked at Lin Baici in disbelief.

Is this guy crazy?

He actually took the initiative to approach that mud monster?

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds…

…After a full ten seconds, the mud monster lowered its head: “The first step is to take the clay embryo. First, remove the wet mud on top of the mud pond and take the lower layer of red clay, which should be a bit drier.”

The mud monster spoke and acted at the same time.

Xia Hongyao squatted down and followed the instructions, while Lin Baici kept his eyes fixed on the mud monster, not missing any details.

Among the travelers, there were about sixty who were careful and cautious.

They thought about why Lin Baici was getting closer to the mud monster and, seeing that he wasn’t attacked, they also gathered the courage to approach.

There were also many travelers who didn’t think about it, but followed the crowd.

Soon, more than two hundred people had gathered around the mud monster.

“What are you doing? You’re blocking our view! Move aside!”

A man with a big belly shouted.

These people were more timid and didn’t dare to get close to the mud monster.

“Why haven’t you taken the clay embryo yet?”

Xia Hongyao dug out a lump of red clay the size of a coconut.

Lin Baici, who was squatting, removed the wet mud in front of him and dug down about fifteen centimeters before revealing the drier red clay.

Lin Baici grabbed a few handfuls of red clay and squeezed it, looking at the handprints left on it before stopping.

“What’s wrong?”

Xia Hongyao didn’t understand why Lin Baici stopped.

“I feel like the viscosity of this clay isn’t high enough!”

Lin Baici recalled the mud monster’s actions when digging red clay.

It would dig a few handfuls, then squeeze it to test the viscosity, hardness, or dryness of the clay before continuing.

“The viscosity isn’t high enough?”

Xia Hongyao’s eyebrows furrowed, enough to crush a crab. She looked at the lump of red clay in her hand. “How did you know?”


Lin Baici was succinct.

“You’re making it up, aren’t you? You can tell the viscosity of the red clay from a handprint?”

Song Li questioned.

She was barefoot, standing in the mud, holding her beige studded high heels in her left hand.

The shoes were quite expensive, over seven hundred yuan, and she didn’t want to throw them away.

She thought Lin Baici was an honest person, and with his strong physique, following him should be safe, so she came over.

“The key is, can you remember how deep the handprint left by the monster was when it squeezed the red clay?”

Ma Yuan was curious.

“I think the red clay doesn’t differ that much,” 18D thought Lin Baici was overthinking.

Lin Baici was too lazy to explain and moved to another spot to squat down and dig red clay. But after two minutes, he stood up empty-handed, dissatisfied.”Instead of searching aimlessly like a headless fly, think about what characteristics the mud monster’s chosen location has?”

Lin Baici looked around the mud monster.

There was a bit more water accumulated, and when he stepped on it, his feet sank deeper than in other places.

Lin Baici began to search for a location based on this condition.

Found it!

Lin Baici chose a puddle, squatted down, and pushed aside the red mud in front of him. Comparing the depth of the hole dug by the mud monster just now, he dug more than ten centimeters deep and finally found a suitable piece of red mud.

Ma Yuan thought Lin Baici was making a big deal out of a small issue and was being overly cautious.

“The red mud here is all fine, do you two want to take some?”

Lin Baici asked Ma Yuan and 18D.

“Why didn’t you ask me?”

Xia Hongyao was puzzled.

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