Chapter 40 – Pollution intensity: 5.0

In the carriage, the passengers were unconscious and lying in all directions.


Lin Baici heard hurried footsteps and immediately turned around.


Ma Yuan came, his suit wrinkled and messy, much less elite than when Lin Baici saw him in the waiting hall.


"Xia Hongyao?"


Ma Yuan saw Xia Hongyao and blurted out, "Do you know me?"


Xia Hongyao flicked her ponytail. "You should ask, who doesn't know you and your sister in the security bureau!"


Ma Yuan instinctively glanced at Xia Hongyao's chest. He had never seen her in person, but comparing her to the photo, he found that she was even bigger than in the picture.


Is that bigger than a D cup?


Immediately, Ma Yuan stared at Black Shark III.


The fat man was holding his rib injury, and blood was flowing out of his fingers, wetting his clothes.


Compared to his arrogant posture just now, the main member of the lost coast was now much weaker.


"Very good, I didn't expect that I, Black Shark III, would fall into the hands of two young people today!"


Black Shark III clenched his teeth and glared at Lin Baici, feeling very aggrieved.


When he came in, he was very careful, but he didn't expect to fall into an ambush. The other party was even more meticulous than he had estimated.


"I just did something insignificant, and the main layout was designed by Lin!"


Xia Hongyao was an honest person and didn't want to take credit.


"No need to say it, I can see it!"


Black Shark III stared at Lin Baici with a resentful gaze.


He thought that the muscular Buddha in shorts was the killer move, but in fact, it was a feint to attract his attention. The real killer move was this girl with a ponytail.


Why could he make this judgment?


Because this girl with a ponytail was so happy and her chest was so big that she didn't seem like someone who would use her brain.


Of course, the most important thing was that Lin Baici stood up and talked those two sentences too calmly and with the demeanor of a general, which was why Black Shark III subconsciously paid attention to him and was especially vigilant.


"Hongyao, who is this…"


Ma Yuan had been looking at Lin Baici and now heard Xia Hongyao's words, so he asked.


When did the bureau recruit such talented newcomers? But wasn't this year's assessment not started yet?


"My friend!"


Xia Hongyao didn't reveal Lin Baici's identity, fearing that Ma Yuan would try to take him away.


"My partner, did you kill her?"


Black Shark III's tone was cold, and his eyes were full of hostility.


"I killed her!"


Xia Hongyao immediately took the blame. She was afraid that Black Shark III would run away and seek revenge on Lin Baici, so she took the initiative to shoulder the blame.


"Just you?"


Black Shark III sneered, not believing her."What? You look down on me?" Xia Hongyao was unhappy.


"The stab you made on me was fast, accurate, and ruthless, but…" Black Shark III shook his head. "It's not enough to kill Octopus Ball with this kind of knife skill!"


Xia Hongyao didn't argue. She recalled the process of Lin Baici's killing of Octopus Ball, which was a series of steps, shining with the light of wisdom.


"What? Dare to kill but not admit it?" Black Shark III sneered.


"Hehe, listen carefully. The killer is Lin Baici from Haijing University of Technology!" Lin Baici adjusted his robe.




"Who do you think raised me?"


"Come on then!"


Xia Hongyao and Ma Yuan's eyes lit up when they heard Lin Baici's words.


"Domineering!" Ma Yuan gave a thumbs up. "Do you want to join my team? I can be your recommender and guarantee for you!"


To join the Nine States Shield Security Bureau as a Divine Hunter, one needs to pass multiple selections. Having a team leader as a guarantor makes it much easier.


"Hey…" Xia Hongyao frowned. "Do you think I don't exist? This is the member I've picked!"


Lin Baici glanced at Ma Yuan and thought to himself, "You're useless, you can't even consume enemies!"


He asked Xia Hongyao to ambush in this carriage and not to support them for another reason. He wanted the Long Xiang team and Black Shark III to fight. If they won, they saved themselves the trouble. If they lost, he could take advantage of it and seriously injure Black Shark III.


But when this main force of the Lost Coast arrived, he was only slightly injured and his combat power was not greatly affected.


"Hahaha, so arrogant!" Black Shark III grinned. "Do you think you've got me?"


"Why isn't he dead yet?" Lin Baici frowned.


He wasn't chatting with Black Shark III for nothing. He was waiting for him to lose blood.


"Hahaha, the stab from that girl was very ruthless. If it were an ordinary person, they would have bled out and gone into shock, but I am a Divine Hunter!" Black Shark III was very proud. "Even if I don't take action, I have three ways to kill you!"


"Kill it quickly!" The Gourmet suddenly spoke up.


Without Lin Baici's urging, Ma Yuan and Xia Hongyao also realized that things were not good and rushed towards Black Shark III, but it was too late.


Before the fat man finished speaking, he quickly took out a palm-sized conch and blew it hard.


Woo woo woo!


A transparent bubble emerged from the conch and enveloped him.


At the same time, a yellow sandstorm suddenly rose in front of Lin Baici and his companions, blocking their vision and making them unable to see anything.


"Rule contamination?" Lin Baici immediately summoned Muscle Buddha and wanted to light a fire, but the flying yellow sand made his eyes narrow and he couldn't see anything.Fortunately, the sudden sandstorm didn't last long, only six or seven seconds before it disappeared, but the surrounding environment had changed.


"Where are we?"


18D looked confused.


Wasn't I on a high-speed train?


This was an endless red mud pit, and 18D's feet sank into it up to his calves, slippery and muddy, very uncomfortable.


"Damn, it's a rule pollution!"


Ma Yuan cursed fiercely.


The thing he feared most had happened.


"Little Linzi!"


Xia Hongyao waded through the mud, deep and shallow, and came to Lin Baici's side.


"What divine taboo caused this? Do you know?"


Lin Baici asked.


Except for the four of them, all the passengers on the G1955 train were affected and contaminated by the rules.


Some people lay in the red mud pit, still unconscious, and some began to wake up, looking around in confusion.


Xia Hongyao looked at Ma Yuan.


Ma Yuan took out a crumpled note from his pocket and handed it to Xia Hongyao.


Divine taboo number: A-025 (temporary).


Pollution intensity: 5.0.


Divine taboo characteristics: a mud sculpture.


After the rule pollution begins, a muddy red mud pit will form, and a mud monster will appear, forcing the contaminated to make mud sculptures.


Sealing method: black coffin seal.


Disaster assessment: higher.


Special precautions: do not attempt to escape, you will be killed and lose the qualification to make mud sculptures.




Xia Hongyao gasped at the number.


"Is it very serious?"


Lin Baici frowned.


"Very serious!"


Ma Yuan smiled bitterly.


After decades of continuous exploration and summary, countries have a certain understanding of God's Ruins disasters and have developed unified disaster assessment standards.


A pollution intensity of 5.0 represents the disaster caused by this divine taboo, equivalent to a small God's Ruins.


For ordinary people, the survival rate is pitifully low.


"Where are we?"


"What happened?"


"Why are my clothes wet? What about the high-speed train? What about my luggage?"


The awakened passengers were panicked and asked each other, with vigilance in their eyes!


"Apprentices, come over here, the apprenticeship assessment is about to begin!"


A dry voice came from the nine o'clock direction, echoing over the red mud pit.


Everyone turned their heads and looked over.


"Apprentices? Who?"


18D looked at Lin Baici: "Is it us?"


"Let's go, we have no choice!"After Xia Hongyao finished speaking to Lin Baici, she clapped her hands to attract the attention of the travelers and said, "Let's go, we have been contaminated by the divine taboo's rules and only by following its instructions can we survive!"


The travelers were dumbfounded.


Many of them had heard of the terms "God's Ruins" and "divine taboo" through the internet or other means, and knew they were terrifying, but no one had actually seen them.


Now they suddenly heard that they had been contaminated and were all terrified.


"Will we die?"


"Who are you?"


"What exactly is rule contamination?"


The travelers all looked at Xia Hongyao, waiting for an answer.


"Let's go first, you'll find out soon enough!"


Even if Xia Hongyao wanted to explain, she didn't have time, because if she didn't follow the divine taboo's instructions, it would kill them all.


Lin Baici walked towards the dry voice.


18D quickly followed, begging and apologizing in a low voice.


"Brother, if I offended you earlier, please forgive me!"


18D followed Lin Baici all the way, witnessing his amazing performance and knowing that following him would increase their chances of survival, so he took the initiative to show goodwill and cling to him.


This red soil mud pool was like a wetland swamp, so difficult to walk in.


After walking a short distance, 18D's left foot was stuck in the mud and couldn't be pulled out.


Many people encountered this problem.


Swearing erupted all around.


Lin Baici walked more than two hundred meters and saw a circular red soil platform, about half the size of a football field, built from red soil.


On the platform, there were half-moon-shaped kilns, each over one meter high and half a meter in diameter, made of red soil.


Next to each kiln was a pile of charcoal and a wooden box the size of a suitcase.


Lin Baici knew that those things were called bellows, tools used for cooking in the countryside in the past.


A two-meter-tall red soil mud man stood on the platform, scrutinizing these apprentices.


"Can we kill it?"


18D found that this mud man was lifelike.


At first glance, it looked like a real person covered in mud, and even its eyes were lively and vivid, making people feel intimidated.


But upon closer inspection, one could see that the whites of its eyes were the color of mud, and as its eyeballs moved, some mud powder would fall off.


"Generally speaking, no!"


Ma Yuan's answer was very cautious.


【Warm-up before the meal, let's begin.】


Gourmet God joked: 【I hope you have a good appetite when you eat later!】


"How do we pass this divine taboo game?"


Lin Baici asked in his heart.


"Killing this mud man won't work. According to its teachings, making a mud man is enough to pass."


Gourmet God explained.


"The apprentice assessment is starting now. Follow me!"


The Mudman announced loudly, and then took long strides, walking into the mud pond.

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