Chapter 39 – I really admire him!

Section translated:

Carriage 28, corpses everywhere!

The blood of the passengers has completely stained the seawater red, and with the waves brushing against the carriage walls, it looks like a flesh and blood mill.


The water surface opened, and a fat man stood up.

He was not tall, with a big bald head, and six horizontal openings on each side of his neck, under his left and right ears, making him look like a shark’s gills.

The young man with the big nose that Lin Baici had seen in the waiting hall, was now being bitten by him, dangling in his mouth. The young man’s limbs were soft and his head was hanging down, indicating that he was already dead.

The fat man stared at Ma Yuan, who was standing opposite him, grabbed the young man’s hair, and pulled it hard, like eating a meaty bone stick…


The young man with the big nose was pulled apart, leaving a large piece of flesh on the fat man’s mouth. Blood gushed out of the wound on his neck, splashing into the seawater.

“Nine States Dragon Guard…”

The fat man looked at the corpse in his hand, sneered, and casually threw it away. “Is that all?”

“Courting death!”

Ma Yuan was burning with anger, his face turning red, and he rushed towards the fat man, but the seawater in the carriage greatly slowed down his speed.


The fat man laughed, swam like a fish, and disappeared into the water.

Ma Yuan felt hopeless.

He knew he had been careless.

Their team was responsible for tracking the fat man, thinking they had not been discovered. However, the fat man already knew, and had set a trap using this train.

The Nine States Divine Shield knew little about the fat man, only that he was nicknamed Black Shark III in the Lost Coast.

Now, Ma Yuan knew why the fat man had this nickname!

This guy could breathe underwater and had an extremely fast swimming speed, which increased his combat power in the seawater.

If it were on land, Ma Yuan would have the confidence to fight Black Shark III alone, let alone five against one. However, in the seawater, the deaths of his four teammates already explained everything.

Ma Yuan destroyed the carriage, trying to let the seawater flow out, but it was useless. The seawater was caused by the Divine Taboo’s rule pollution, and without finding the Divine Taboo, the seawater could not disappear.

“Find a way to die together.”

Ma Yuan gave up, but Black Shark III did not attack.

He resurfaced and looked at the front of the carriage with a solemn expression.

Why was the seawater decreasing?

Did something happen to Octopus Ball?

Black Shark III turned his head and glanced at Ma Yuan, starting to hesitate.

Should he kill this Nine States Dragon Guard while there was still seawater, or go to support Octopus Ball?

Ma Yuan was not weak, and it would take him several minutes to kill him. During this time, Octopus Ball might have died. But if he did not kill Ma Yuan now, his combat power would greatly decrease without seawater.

Soon, Black Shark III made a decision.

He swam into the water and headed towards the front of the carriage at the fastest speed.

In the Lost Coast, he had always teamed up with Octopus Ball because both of their divine gifts were related to water, and they could form a 1+1>2 effect.

Today’s tactic was one they often used. Octopus Ball would hide and use Coral Sea to flood a semi-enclosed environment with seawater, while Black Shark III would stand out, attract the enemy’s attention, and launch the main attack.

The seawater battlefield doubled Black Shark III’s combat power.

Most enemies saw that Black Shark III could breathe underwater and subconsciously thought that he caused the seawater. They believed that killing him quickly could remove the rule pollution.

Once the enemy thought this way, they were doomed.If Black Shark III can win, he will fight. If he can’t win, he will use guerrilla warfare to consume the enemy. When the enemy is almost exhausted, he will be joined by the well-prepared Takoyaki as a fresh force.

But most of the time, Takoyaki doesn’t need to take action.

Because in a half-enclosed battlefield filled with seawater, anyone who cannot breathe underwater, even the Divine Hunters, is like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

With this tactic, Black Shark III has killed many powerful people and has gained great fame in the Dark Hunter circle, even being invited by the Lost Coast leader to join.

But no one knows Takoyaki’s name.

This was a decision made after they discussed it.

Because of this, everyone would think that Black Shark III always acted alone and when they saw the seawater spreading, they would judge that killing him would allow them to survive.

But today, something unexpected happened!

“What happened to Takoyaki? Before getting on the high-speed train, I confirmed that only Long Xiang’s team of five people, including Mahara, was here!”

Black Shark III’s face was solemn.

When he arrived at carriage 03, the water level had dropped to his ankles.

He didn’t call out Takoyaki’s name, but quickly scanned the carriage with his eyes and looked towards Takoyaki’s seat.

Takoyaki was lowing his head, lying on the small table like a pile of rotten meat.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Black Shark III stepped on the water and quickly ran over.


Black Shark III shouted loudly, his face showing a very anxious expression, looking like he was worried about his companion’s safety.

But in reality, his nerves had stretched to the limit, and he was fully focused on being vigilant of his surroundings.

Something had happened to Takoyaki.

So the enemy was likely to be lurking nearby, waiting to ambush him!

All the passengers in this carriage were suspects.

Although Black Shark III was fat, he was very agile.

He rushed to the seat in row 21 and looked at the woman in her twenties, over 1.9 meters tall, wearing a sportswear from Anta. Without hesitation, he swung the short knife in his hand towards her neck.

Generally speaking, this position next to Takoyaki was the most suitable for an ambush.

So he would rather kill the wrong person than let them go.

Just as the female athlete’s head was about to be chopped off, a muscular Buddha appeared behind Black Shark III.


A heavy punch struck!

Feeling the strong wind coming from behind, Black Shark III used all his strength to jump up like a flea and rolled away from the seat.


Black Shark III landed in the aisle and saw the attacker.

It was a Buddha statue wearing only shorts, with bulging muscles and veins, even the world’s bodybuilders who had been eating protein powder since childhood couldn’t grow like this.

“Divine Taboo?”

Black Shark III’s eyes narrowed, and a strong sense of alertness appeared on his face.

From the punch of this muscular Buddha, he felt a great threat. If he was hit, he would either die or be severely injured.

A Divine Hunter who possessed such a terrifying Divine Taboo was most likely a powerful warrior.

Damn it!

He didn’t expect there were other Divine Hunters on this train.

Black Shark III felt that Takoyaki was very unlucky. He must have angered the other party after launching the Coral Sea and then engaged in a fight.

“Sir, this is a misunderstanding, and I am willing to compensate you!”

Black Shark III’s attitude was respectful.

In fact, this was just an act. He wanted to lure the other party out, otherwise, even if he killed the Buddha statue, it would be useless if he couldn’t kill its owner.


A refreshing voice, like the sunshine in spring, sounded.

Black Shark III immediately stared over.A young man, no, a high school student, stood up from his seat in class 5B.

He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, looking like a regular freshman going to college.

But he was not ordinary.

This young man was not only tall and handsome, but also had a high value that could make rich women wave their money to keep him as their pet.

“Money is not a problem!”

Black Shark III spoke, continuing to probe.

“But I just killed your companion, is that all right?”

Lin Baici smiled, his sunny temperament like a gentle neighbor boy, but his words were somewhat frightening.

【If there is a water tyrant, I would advise you to run away if you are in the water. This kind of person should not be provoked. If you provoke them, you have to kill them with one blow and cannot leave any future troubles!】


Lin Baici snapped his fingers.

Muscle Buddha immediately rushed forward, approaching Black Shark III.

“Everything can be negotiated!”

Black Shark III didn’t want to resist, quickly retreating, but he underestimated Muscle Buddha’s speed.

Muscle Buddha took three steps and came to Black Shark III, swinging his fists!


The fist wind was sharp as a knife.

“So strong!”

Black Shark III’s nerves were tense, staring at Muscle Buddha and the tall young man in the distance, afraid that they had other tricks up their sleeves.

But in the next moment, a black short knife appeared from his left rear, like a thunderbolt, piercing through the air.

Too close,

too fast!

If he were in normal condition, Black Shark III could barely dodge this knife, but now he was restrained by Muscle Buddha, and most of his attention was diverted, so he was hit.


The short knife pierced Black Shark III’s left rib.


Xia Hongyao was overjoyed, using her right hand to push the knife harder, wanting to break Black Shark III’s rib and cut open his heart.

“Don’t be greedy!”

Lin Baici shouted.

Black Shark III turned around and slashed his knife towards Xia Hongyao’s head.

Xia Hongyao had to dodge, otherwise, even if she killed Black Shark III, she would be severely injured.


Muscle Buddha hit Black Shark III.

Black Shark III took advantage of the force, like a kicked soccer ball, bounced and rolled a few times before standing up again.

“Xiaobai, we did it!”

Xia Hongyao was full of joy.

After stopping the train, Xia Hongyao urged Lin Baici to hurry up and find Octopus Ball’s companions, but was dissuaded.

Lin Baici said that they should wait and ambush instead of rushing over, wasting energy and possibly falling into a trap.

Lin Baici’s reason was that judging from Black Shark III’s nickname, he must have some divine taboo related to seawater.

Even if he didn’t care about Octopus Ball’s life or death, he must care about the “Coral Sea” divine taboo, so there was a high probability that he would come to retrieve it.

The fact proved that Lin Baici was completely right.

Later, the two returned to the train compartment.

Xia Hongyao wanted to sit next to Octopus Ball, feeling that this position was the most suitable for a sneak attack, but was once again dissuaded by Lin Baici.

His reason was that the people from this terrifying organization of Black Shark III must be very bad.

Either out of caution or revenge for seeing their companions die, there was a high chance that they would kill the people near Octopus Ball first.

The result proved once again that Lin Baici was correct.

If he hadn’t acted in time, the tall female athlete next to Octopus Ball would have been killed.


I really admire this guy’s brain.

I must recruit him into the Nine Provinces Divine Shield and make him my teammate!Xia Hongyao felt that with Lin Baici, at least one-tenth of her goal of forming the strongest hunter team in the Nine Provinces was accomplished.

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