Chapter 38 – Winner

The seawater surged up to their chests, and most of the passengers were already completely submerged and would suffocate to death in a few minutes.


Octopus Ball stared at the torch burning in Lin Baici's hand, thinking of his words "it won't go out until it turns to ashes," and couldn't help but feel nervous.


As for the kasaya on this kid's body? It should be some kind of divine taboo for defense, right?




Are all the Dragon Cavalry Guards of the Nine Provinces Shield this powerful now?


The special operations team responsible for dealing with divine disasters in the Nine Provinces Shield's Security Bureau is called the Dragon Cavalry Guard, and these members are referred to as Dragon Cavalry Guards by the outside world.


The most powerful among them, known as the Nine Provinces Dragon Wing, is a top-tier powerhouse capable of breaking through the God's Ruins alone.


"Companion? Are there people from the Nine Provinces Shield on this train?"


Xia Hongyao blurted out.


"What? Aren't you with that Dragon Cavalry team?"


Octopus Ball was stunned, then cursed his bad luck.


His and Black Shark III's tactic was for him to hide in the distance, holding the "Coral Sea" and launching a rule pollution to turn this high-speed train into a water train.


Black Shark III's divine grace is very suitable for fighting in the water.


As long as Octopus Ball isn't discovered and killed, the seawater won't recede, ensuring their victory. But who knew he would be discovered by a big guy who wasn't part of the plan.


"You guys hide, I'll take care of him!"


As a member of the Dragon Cavalry Guard, Xia Hongyao was very responsible and proud. Even though Lin Baici was a divine hunter, she didn't plan on letting him help and was ready to fight alone.




Octopus Ball chuckled, "Today, you're all going to die!"


As he spoke, he quickly lowered his head and sank into the water.


Xia Hongyao swam forward, but suddenly, a bunch of black ink spread in the seawater, making the originally clear water instantly turn pitch black, and nothing could be seen.


This was another divine grace of Octopus Ball's that could spray ink to hide his figure, making it very powerful for both escaping and attacking.


Lin Baici immediately activated his divine ability, Ear-Reading, to listen carefully to the movement underwater.


This divine ability is mainly used to enhance memory, but it can also improve auditory sensitivity.


Tall passenger Fu Shui used his hands and feet to try to escape from this car.


However, he hadn't swum far when something seemed to wrap around his legs, causing him to sink suddenly.






A large string of bubbles rose up.


"Don't panic!"


Xia Hongyao wanted to help, but before she could reach him, the tall passenger's body floated up, his head twisted irregularly, obviously his neck had been broken.


"Big brother, kill him quickly!"


18D originally wanted to run, but seeing this situation, he dared not move and could only plead with Lin Baici helplessly.


In his heart, this peer was even more powerful than Xia Hongyao.


The bald passenger who was awakened by Lin Baici with his luggage had been following at the end of the team and quietly retreated when he saw this situation.


Suddenly, Splash!The water surface broke, and the octopus ball revealed its head, grinning at the bald traveler. "Where are you going?"


The bald traveler was scared out of his wits and was about to beg for mercy when a big hand grabbed his neck and snapped it with ease.


"I told you, you all have to die!"


The octopus ball sank back into the water.


Because the ink spread rapidly in the seawater, making everything black, Lin Baici and Xia Hongyao couldn't locate the exact position of the octopus ball.


"Don't panic, this guy kills to intimidate and put psychological pressure on us to make us lose our composure!"


Lin Baici said as he walked towards Xia Hongyao.


They could help each other if they encountered trouble.


But the octopus ball was faster.




A thick tentacle suddenly shot out from underwater, wrapped around Lin Baici's right hand, and pulled him into the water with force!




The torch went into the water, and the flame immediately weakened but did not go out.


"Catch the torch!"


Lin Baici shouted and reached out his left hand, grabbed the torch from his right hand, and threw it to Xia Hongyao.


"No way!"


The octopus ball shot like a torpedo and appeared in front of Xia Hongyao, grabbing the torch first with its tentacle.


"Hahaha, I got it!"


The octopus ball was delighted.


He killed those two travelers not only to intimidate and create panic but also to conceal his true attack method.


He had a divine taboo and could grow four three-meter-long tentacles under his ribs.


This was his trump card.


But now, he would try the divine taboo he had just obtained.


The octopus ball quickly turned around and stabbed the torch at Xia Hongyao, trying to ignite her.


However, he was surprised to find that the beautiful girl with a high ponytail was replaced by a towering man who filled his vision.




It should be called a giant Buddha.


His muscles were knotted and bulging, as if he could move mountains and fill the sea. Because he was too tall, he couldn't stand up straight in the carriage and could only bend his waist.


The octopus ball smelled a huge death aura and instinctively wanted to escape, but it was too slow.


The muscle Buddha punched!


Ola ola ola ola!


The fighting spirit surged, and the iron fist was like anger, determining life and death!


The muscle Buddha's iron fist slammed into the face of the young man nicknamed the octopus ball, making a loud bang like a drumbeat.


The location of the young man's heavy punch deformed, swelled, and then burst.


Flesh splattered everywhere!


The heavy blow of the iron fist transmitted to the seawater, causing waves to form and spread rapidly to the surroundings.


Lin Baici and the others couldn't stand firm and were pushed up and down by the seawater.


The travelers soaking in the seawater were like floating corpses, swaying with the waves.


"What the hell?"


Xia Hongyao grabbed a chair to stabilize herself and looked at the muscular Buddha who was only wearing tight shorts and was brutally beating the octopus ball with a blank expression.


This scene was too cruel, wasn't it?


"You want to scheme against me? Dream on!"


Lin Baici smiled confidently.He estimated that Octopus Ball would try to snatch the Pine Torch because this Divine Taboo posed a great threat to him. So, when Lin Baici's right hand was imprisoned by Octopus's tentacles, he looked panicked and threw the torch towards Xia Hongyao, but it was all part of his plan.


Octopus Ball was in the sea and was very fast. Lin Baici rashly summoned Muscle Buddha, which may not have hit him, but with the Pine Torch as bait, it was not a problem. Octopus Ball thought he had taken the torch, but he did not know that Muscle Buddha had silently appeared behind him.


18D was dumbfounded and then ecstatic.


"Damn, big brother, you still have such an ace up your sleeve? Why didn't you use it earlier? You scared me to death!"


After beating Octopus Ball for eighteen seconds, Muscle Buddha stopped punching, clasped his hands together, bowed to Octopus Ball, and chanted the Buddha's name.




Octopus Ball had no breath left, and his body was torn apart, with his bones shattered, floating like a pile of rotting meat on the water. A strong smell of blood spread out.


Lin Baici rubbed his nose and swam towards Octopus Ball while canceling the summon. Otherwise, he was afraid that Muscle Buddha would punch him.


"This fitness Buddha, did you summon it with the robe on your body?"


Xia Hongyao was curious. "I thought it was a defensive Divine Taboo!"


Lin Baici grabbed Octopus Ball's body, pulled off his waist bag, opened it, and saw a brown leather wallet, an iPhone, and a palm-sized red coral covered with small hairs, slowly wriggling.


[Divine Taboo, Coral Sea, when activated, can fill a semi-closed area with seawater and cannot be used in open areas.]


Kuishin's comment.


"Is there no divine grace on it?"


Lin Baici licked his lips.




Kuishin's answer disappointed Lin Baici, and he handed the Coral Sea to Xia Hongyao.




Xia Hongyao was surprised.


She was still considering how to persuade Lin Baici to give her the Divine Taboo, as it was his spoils of war, but she did not expect him to give it to her so generously.


She wanted this Divine Taboo mainly because she was worried that Lin Baici would not know how to use it and could not immediately seal it.


"Do you know how to use it?"


Lin Baici just didn't want to bother.


He had not forgotten that Octopus Ball had companions, and if he took the Coral Sea, it would mean that he killed him.


Better let Xia Hongyao be the cannon fodder and attract their hatred.


"Well, I have heard of this Divine Taboo!"


Although Xia Hongyao had low intelligence, she was still a public official of the Nine Provinces Divine Shield, who was admitted based on her strength. Moreover, she often went to the archive and knew a lot about Divine Taboos.


She held the Coral Sea and infused it with divine power, controlling it.


The seawater on the train lost the mysterious power of the Coral Sea and began to flow out of various gaps.


Crack! Crack!


Many glasses could not withstand the pressure of seawater and were crushed after a few tens of seconds.


Boom! Boom!


The seawater poured out, and the water level in the carriage dropped rapidly.


"That's it!"Xia Hongyao saw that many passengers' mouths and noses were exposed, and they began to breathe heavily. She felt relieved.


"Little Linzi, you saved a lot of people!"


Xia Hongyao looked at Lin Baici with admiration and amazement in her eyes.


A wild god hunter, so powerful!


And he's still so young!


I want him!


"Little Linzi, join the Jiuzhou Divine Shield and become a member of my team?"


Xia Hongyao invited.


"What kind of ghost is Little Linzi? Are we that familiar?"


Lin Baici rolled his eyes, but the proposal to join the Jiuzhou Divine Shield did make him a little tempted.


After all, it's a stable job with food and clothing provided!


Lin's mother's greatest wish in her life was for Lin Baici to become a civil servant.


"Isn't it considered familiar after we've been through life and death together?"


Xia Hongyao was surprised.




Lin Baici had nothing to say.


Although Xia Hongyao didn't contribute much just now, she didn't run away. Moreover, she let Lin Baici go first several times, wanting to face the enemy herself.


This courage and boldness, appearing on a girl, was admirable.


Lin Baici didn't know that his decision not to run and to face the octopus balls head-on had greatly increased Xia Hongyao's good feelings towards him. Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy to gain Xia Hongyao's friendship.


Lin Baici's good reasoning ability also played a big part.


Xia Hongyao liked to make friends with smart people, and it would be even better if they liked Sherlock Holmes.


"Let's go, stop the train first, and then clean up the remaining enemies!"


Xia Hongyao ran towards the front of the train.


This guy killed by Lin Baici had mentioned Black Shark III, a well-known main member of the terrorist organization Lost Coast.


Whether dead or alive, as long as they were captured, there would be a reward of one million RMB, which could be claimed at the Jiuzhou Divine Shield Security Bureau.

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