Chapter 37 – Octopus Balls, Coral Sea

【High-end hunters often disguise themselves as prey!】

The Cannibal God commented but did not give any further information.

Lin Baici turned his head and looked at Xia Hongyao.

“What’s wrong?”

The girl with the high ponytail was puzzled and instinctively turned her head to take a glance.

“It’s nothing!”

Lin Baici slightly pursed his lips.

This girl with double A in strength and speed and D in intelligence didn’t notice anything unusual in this car, which made him a little dissatisfied with the divine hunters of Kyushu Shield.

Are you all just eating rice?

Forget it, it’s better not to find the enemy. At least I don’t have to worry about you alerting the enemy.

“Let’s go forward, what are you waiting for?”

The bald passenger urged. The seawater kept rising and had reached their chests, which was too scary.

“Hurry up!”

Xia Hongyao also urged, because many passengers were sitting, and the seawater had already submerged their heads.

If they waited for another minute or two, they would definitely drown.

Lin Baici didn’t move. Since the enemy was here, there must be octopus monsters, right?

Anyway, if it were him, he would definitely leave one or two monsters for self-defense.

In Lin Baici’s view, both the seawater and the monsters were created by the enemy, so the other side must have a way to control the octopus monsters.

“To kill the octopus monster in one hit, we must use the pine torch!”

Lin Baici extinguished the torch to reduce the enemy’s vigilance. Otherwise, if someone on the high-speed train was holding a burning torch, any person with a brain would think that there was a problem.

But now, Lin Baici had no choice.

So he raised his arm and swiped the torch on the roof of the car!


The torch was ignited like a giant match.

During this process, Lin Baici kept staring at the entire car, wanting to see if any passengers showed any abnormalities because of the torch he lit.

Because this was obviously a divine taboo.

If there were, it would mean that the other party was a divine hunter.

But the enemy was obviously very patient, motionless, and continued to pretend to be unconscious.

“The strong hunger means that guy is in this car!”

Lin Baici used the same trick again.

He pulled a backpack from the luggage rack and smashed it towards the tall male passenger three meters in front of him near the aisle.


The backpack fell into the water, and the tall man slid into the water.

A black shadow emerged from under a nearby chair and quickly swam towards the fire. Its tentacles stretched out and entangled around the tall man’s head.


Water splashed everywhere.

Sure enough, it was an octopus monster.

Lin Baici rushed forward with all his strength, holding the pine torch in his right hand and stabbing it out quickly!


The torch was like a harpoon, piercing through the water, but its speed slowed down due to the resistance of the seawater. However, it still grazed the octopus monster.


The octopus monster ignited, and even in the water, the flames could not be extinguished.

The bald passenger originally criticized Lin Baici for not moving and wanted to urge him, but when he saw this scene, his face turned pale with fear.

“There’s a monster!”

The bald passenger trembled like a sieve.

“Help…help me!”The tall traveler struggled in the water.

If it weren’t for Lin Baici’s hit, he would have been unconscious and drowned in the sea.

When Xia Hongmian saw that Lin Baici didn’t move, she wanted to surpass him and save the tall traveler, but was stopped by Lin Baici’s hand.

“There may still be octopus monsters!”

Lin Baici warned.

The tall traveler’s movements caused many waves, which saved him from being used as bait.


Xia Hongyao’s pretty cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

I didn’t think there might still be monsters?

This big guy is not a person who sees death and does not save, he must have a reason for not moving!

Now it’s terrible!

Does he think I’m stupid?

Xia Hongyao decided to tell this big guy that she often reads Sherlock Holmes and has excellent reasoning skills after the divine taboo was sealed.

“It seems that there are no monsters. Let’s hurry up and go to the front of the train.”

Lin Baici spoke loudly.

In fact, this sentence was meant for the enemy to hear and lower their guard.

“What’s your name, big brother?”

18D asked respectfully.

He felt very unlucky to have met the leader of 18F on this trip before, but now he felt grateful!

Looking at those people drowned in the sea, they all died tragically.

“My surname is Lin, and my name is Baici!”

When Lin Baici walked past seat 21, his mouth watered and his hunger intensified, causing him to instinctively look at the two passengers on the right.

21B was a woman in her twenties with short, neat hair and a tall figure, estimated to be about 1.9 meters. She was wearing an Anta sports suit and had scars on her fingers, wrapped in tape, looking like an athlete from some provincial team, either playing basketball or volleyball.

21A by the window was a short young man wearing a blue T-shirt and a long face with a seven-part haircut. He was completely immersed in the water and didn’t move, as if he was already dead.


Lin Baici frowned and his gaze shifted between the woman and the young man.

Hunger represented that the enemy was one of these two people.

Then the dead person should be ruled out!

But Lin Baici always felt that something was wrong.

This woman was clean and tidy, with nothing but her phone on her thigh, while the young man next to her was soaked in water and had a waist bag.

“If I were a terrorist, I wouldn’t let the divine taboo leave my side!”

All signs indicated that the “dead young man” should be the enemy.

“Eat God, say something!”

Lin Baici shouted in his heart, but the Eat God did not respond.

“Everyone, watch out for the monsters!”

Lin Baici shifted his gaze away and only glanced at the young man with his peripheral vision.

He knew he didn’t have time to hesitate.

Standing here for too long will definitely arouse the enemy’s suspicion.

“There is only one chance for a surprise attack. If you choose the wrong one, you will face a huge risk of death!”Lin Baici thought to himself, and suddenly exerted force with his right arm, holding the pine torch and fiercely smashing it towards the young man’s head.

It’s you!

A dead person, according to common sense, is not a threat, but even the pollution of rules, a non-natural thing, exists. So the “common sense” known to ordinary people may not be common sense!


The torch opened on the water surface and hit the young man’s head.


The young man’s hair was ignited, the burning pain made him scream, his entire face twisted, his body slipped like a fish…


More like an ugly octopus, sliding into the water.

Putting out a fire with water is a human instinct, but this time, the young man miscalculated.

Lin Baici succeeded with one blow and quickly retreated!

A person ignited by a pine torch will be burned to ashes, so Lin Baici didn’t have to take risks to continue attacking. He just waited to collect the corpse and loot.

“What the hell?”

18D’s mind was in chaos.

When Lin Baici stood still next to the 21st seat, he thought this guy was interested in the tall girl, but he didn’t expect him to suddenly hit the young man.

Does that guy look like your love rival?

Or do you simply dislike him?

Otherwise, why would you beat the corpse?

But what made 18D more frightened was that the “corpse” that was hit with a stick actually came back to life?

Are you kidding me?

18D saw it with his own eyes. The guy was in the water without breathing. Otherwise, there should be air bubbles floating out.

Xia Hongyao’s intelligence was indeed not high, but she was not stupid. She immediately understood what was going on when she saw a “corpse” screaming and diving into the water.


Xia Hongyao gripped her short knife.

“The thing ignited by my torch won’t go out until it’s burned to ashes, so…” Lin Baici put on a proud expression, sneered, “You’re dead!”

Lin Baici was not an arrogant person.

He said this to anger the enemy, make him lose his mind, and also make him think that this torch was his most powerful weapon, thereby ignoring the Bodhi messenger’s kasaya on him!

“Fuck you!”

A curse filled the carriage.

At the entrance of the opposite carriage, the young man floated to the surface.

His skin was very red, very tender, and he had no hair on his head, like a braised egg!


Lin Baici was puzzled.

“Didn’t expect it, huh? I can molt!”

In the Lost Coast, the young man nicknamed Octopus Ball showed a smirk, “Want to kill me? I’ll swallow you whole today!”

“Molt? Is it a divine gift?”

Lin Baici pondered, there’s also this move!

Octopus Ball didn’t answer, but his small eyes stared at Lin Baici, sharp and with a hint of doubt, “How did you discover me?”


Lin Baici smiled slightly.

“You’re lying!”

Octopus Ball didn’t believe him.

He wanted to know where he had revealed his flaws, so he could disguise himself better in the future.

“It’s true!”

Lin Baici looked sincere.

“Bullshit!”Octopus Ball cursed loudly, “In order to confuse my opponent, I even pretended to be a corpse with my mouth and nose submerged in the water, and I deliberately chose a tall girl as my cover!”

Why did Octopus Ball sit next to that athlete?

Because she was a woman herself, and women naturally attract men’s attention, especially since she was so tall. When the seawater flooded the entire carriage and passengers, only her head was exposed.

This was a huge clue!

Suspecting her as an enemy, wasn’t it reasonable?

Octopus Ball thought his tactics were perfect, but somehow, this overly young boy still found him and didn’t hesitate to take action.

This result was a huge blow to the confident Octopus Ball.

My awesome tactic,

Was it useless?

If it weren’t for the divine grace of ‘Molting,’ I would have been dead by now!

“Yeah, how did you recognize him?”

Xia Hongyao looked at Lin Baici with shining eyes.

As a mystery enthusiast, the high ponytail girl was very interested in Lin Baici’s reasoning process of ‘finding the bad guy’!

“Tired, don’t want to talk!”

Lin Baici was stalling for time, thinking about tactics.

The torch was useless, so how could he kill this guy?

Lin Baici didn’t have much time left.

Because the seawater was still rising rapidly, once it filled the entire carriage, the enemy with underwater breathing ability could easily drown anyone.

“You want to stall for time? Waiting for reinforcements? Don’t dream, my big brother Black Shark III has already turned your companions into snacks and swallowed them alive.”

Octopus Ball sneered.

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