Chapter 36 – Lin Holmes Baici


18D screamed, breaking his voice, and rushed behind Xia Hongyao in a panic.

“Stay still!”

Lin Baici growled a warning.

He had been staring at the earphone man, and with his exceptional dynamic vision, he immediately saw clearly when the dark shadow rushed towards the earphone man at an extremely fast speed.

It was a gray octopus with ring-shaped patterns and some protruding lumps on its body, looking very disgusting.

Its head was oval like a big coconut, and its tentacles spread out, over a meter long.


The octopus leapt out of the water like a cannonball and pounced on the earphone man’s face. Its four tentacles tightly wrapped around the man’s head, leaving no gap.

Two tentacles wrapped around his neck, tightly strangling him.


The earphone man struggled desperately, scratching with both hands, trying to pull the octopus monster off his face, but the suction cups on the monster’s tentacles were too strong, and the earphone man couldn’t pull it off at all.

The most troublesome thing was that the octopus’s body covered the earphone man’s mouth and nose, making him unable to call for help or breathe.

The remaining tentacles of the octopus monster reached into the water, hooked onto the seat, and began to exert force.


The earphone man was dragged and fell into the sea.


A string of bubbles emerged.

Xia Hongyao’s sense of justice exploded, gripping her short knife, and was about to rush over to save him.

“Don’t move, he’s done for!”

Lin Baici stopped Xia Hongyao.

At the moment when the earphone man was dragged into the sea, Lin Baici heard a cracking sound, which should be the earphone man’s cervical vertebrae being broken by the octopus monster.

“He…he’s dead…?”

18D’s hair stood on end, and he broke out in goosebumps.

In the sea, the earphone man’s hands and feet no longer struggled, like a dead fish slowly sinking to the bottom.

It was obvious that he was dead.

“Don’t panic, I’ll take care of it!”

Xia Hongyao was reckless. A living person had just died in front of her, but she was not afraid at all, but rather aroused her fighting spirit.

“Don’t move!”

Lin Baici growled, “Do you know the monster’s search method? All attack methods? How many are there? And do you have any counter tactics?”

This high ponytail girl was very brave, but bravery should not be a death sentence.


Xia Hongyao was speechless.

Lin Baici had stumped her with his questions.

Seeing a monster, just attack it, why bother thinking about these things?

“If you don’t have any, then stay put!”

Lin Baici’s words were also risky now.

If he judged incorrectly and the octopus monster could not only sense its prey through ripples on the water surface but also through sound, then he would be attacked.

After killing the earphone man, the octopus monster crawled under the seat and hid.

“Where did the monster go?”

18D trembled and wanted to leave the carriage but was too scared to do so.

“Do you already know the answers to the questions you just asked me?”

Xia Hongyao stared at the water surface and asked Lin Baici.


Lin Baici replied, holding a torch tightly in his right hand and vigorously scraping it on the top of the carriage.


The torch was lit, and the orange light brought a hint of warmth.

This was the advantage of being tall and long-armed.

Lin Baici was over 1.8 meters tall. If he were any shorter, he would not be able to ignite the torch without rubbing against anything.

There was a reflection of the fire on the water surface.Xia Hongyao didn’t feel anything, but 18D’s gaze was immediately attracted by the torch’s light, and he couldn’t move his eyes away, having an impulse to rush forward and embrace it.

“Are you lying to me?”

Xia Hongyao didn’t believe it.

How long has this monster been around?

Just a few seconds?

How could you collect so much information?

Do you think you’re Sherlock Holmes?

“The first shadow I saw was this octopus monster!”

“I was cautious and didn’t let you move. At that time, we weren’t attacked. After waiting for a while, the headphone guy on the opposite side went into the water, and the octopus monster immediately launched a surprise attack and killed him. Now that we don’t move, the octopus monster hasn’t attacked us, which is enough to show that it searches for enemies by moving towards its target and creating water disturbances!”

Lin Baici explained.

“I see.”

Xia Hongyao suddenly realized that Lin Baici’s words made sense.

This kid has a strong reasoning ability!

He’s a bit better than me!

“What should we do now? We can’t just stand here and wait for the octopus monster to leave, can we?”

18D was worried. The fact that they hadn’t been attacked by the monster yet meant that Lin Baici’s analysis was correct, but they couldn’t just stand still!

The seawater was still rising.

Some of the passengers on the chairs were relatively short, and at this time, the seawater had already reached their mouths and noses, especially the children, who were completely submerged in the water.

But because of the existence of the anesthetic effect, they were all unconscious.

Lin Baici suddenly reached out and pulled a suitcase from the luggage rack, throwing it into the water.


A big splash of water splashed out.

The waves immediately spread out in circles, hitting the carriage and then surging back.

The nearby passengers also swayed with the waves.

“What the hell are you doing?”

18D was almost scared to death.

Lin Baici ignored him and stared at the water’s surface.

The monster, which was hiding somewhere, didn’t appear. It seemed that it could distinguish whether the falling object was a human or luggage.


Xia Hongyao understood that Lin Baici was trying to lure the monster out, but it was obviously very clever.

“It should be able to sense and distinguish targets by their body temperature, right?”

Lin Baici guessed, and then pulled a small backpack from the luggage rack, smashing it towards the middle-aged male passenger with a bald head who was two meters away from him in the aisle.


The bald passenger, who was unconscious on the seat, was hit and his body tilted, falling into the water!


Water splashed everywhere!

“What are you doing?”

Xia Hongyao was shocked.

Before she finished speaking, a black shadow swam over from under the water, and then with a splash, it broke the surface, entangling the head of the middle-aged passenger who hadn’t completely sunk into the water yet.

Lin Baici acted, taking a step forward with all his strength, approaching the bald passenger, and at the same time, he used the burning pine torch like a spear, stabbing the octopus monster.

The octopus monster sensed danger and shot out a tentacle, hitting the pine torch. As a result, it was ignited like an iron plate octopus soaked in gasoline.

Lin Baici immediately swung the pine torch with all his strength to prevent the octopus monster from approaching, avoiding it from becoming desperate and taking him down with it.

However, he clearly overestimated the monster’s bravery.

After being ignited, the octopus monster’s first reaction was to escape and get away from the torch.It loosened its grip on the bald passenger and quickly swam towards the depths of the sea, trying to hide and extinguish the flames with seawater.

But it was useless.

Things ignited by the pine torch would not be extinguished by water.

In just a few seconds, the octopus monster was burned to ashes and scattered by the seawater.

Lin Baici grabbed the bald passenger and pulled him out of the water, tossing him back onto the chair.

The bald passenger’s body was stimulated so much that he woke up, looking at the seawater-filled carriage with a bewildered expression.

“This dream is too real!”

The bald passenger wiped his face and saw the short female passenger next to him soaked in water, her face pale, almost scaring him to death!

After dealing with the octopus monster, Lin Baici breathed a sigh of relief and opened his backpack to take out the Bodhi Messenger’s kasaya and put it on.


18D looked confused.

Why would he think of cosplaying at this time?

But generally, people would choose superheroes, or at least Ultraman, right?

Who are you cosplaying with this kasaya?

Tang Sanzang?

“Divine taboo?”

Xia Hongyao didn’t expect that this young man would have a divine taboo, but she didn’t know what its effect was.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Baici extinguished the torch, called out to Xia Hongyao, and quickened his pace.

He hadn’t worn the kasaya before because it was too conspicuous. Even a fool could tell that Lin Baici was a divine hunter and needed to be extra cautious.

But the appearance of the octopus monster made Lin Baici choose to be fully armed.

“Damn, awesome!”

18D looked at Lin Baici’s retreating figure and thought he was super cool.

This is what a real man looks like.

Xia Hongyao originally thought that Lin Baici was too cruel to use people as bait, but on second thought, the bald passenger didn’t die, but woke up instead, giving him a better chance to survive than the others.

Moreover, Lin Baici wouldn’t have done this if he wasn’t sure that no one would die!

And it’s not valid to say that he was afraid of monsters and used people as bait, because there must be more monsters coming, and Lin Baici went forward alone.

If it were another cold-blooded divine hunter, they would have already woken up several passengers to act as cannon fodder.

The bald passenger saw the beautiful Xia Hongyao walking past him and couldn’t help but reach out his hand.

Xia Hongyao narrowed her eyes, swung her short knife, and fiercely knocked it on his mouth.



The bald passenger screamed, fell back onto the chair, and blood and teeth spewed from his mouth, spreading in the seawater.


Xia Hongyao glared at the bald passenger.


18D mocked: “This is not a dream!”

The bald passenger was dumbfounded, opened his mouth wide, and scooped up some seawater with his hand.


Is it really seawater?

Seeing the three people leave, the bald passenger glanced at the carriage, where many short passengers were already soaked in seawater.

The bald passenger shivered and shouted, “Wait for me!” before hurrying to catch up.

In Carriage 04, Lin Baici and the others didn’t encounter any octopus monsters and safely passed through.

“It’s over, how can we get off the train?”

18D was desperate.

He stood at the connection between the carriages and saw through the blurry window that the train was still speeding along. Even if they opened the door and jumped down, it would be a dead end.

“Let’s stop the high-speed train first!”

As soon as Lin Baici stepped into Carriage 03, his hunger intensified.

The divine taboo was here!

Lin Baici’s spirits lifted, but he didn’t see any abnormalities in the carriage after scanning it!

The passengers were all unconscious.

The culprit behind all this was cunning and cautious, pretending to be unconscious and blending in with the passengers, making it impossible to single him out.

“Hurry up!”

The bald passenger urged.

“If we can’t find the enemy, let’s stop the high-speed train first, or else it’ll be over if we crash into something!”

Xia Hongyao suddenly realized that Lin Baici might have considered this point when he decided to go to the front of the train instead of the rear.

She raised her hand and flicked her high ponytail, looking at Lin Baici’s figure with the thought of recruiting him into the Jiuzhou Divine Shield.

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