Chapter 35 – Seawater train

"Stand firm!"


Lin Baici immediately let go and looked at Xia Hongyao next to the window.


This girl with a high ponytail is a divine hunter and could be a teammate. Lin Baici was about to physically wake her up when Xia Hongyao opened her eyes on her own.


As expected of a divine hunter, her resistance was stronger than an ordinary person.


"Rule contamination?"


Xia Hongyao's eyebrows furrowed like willow leaves, and excitement appeared on her face.


I, Xia Hongyao, have finally waited for the opportunity to become famous in one battle.


Just wait and see, within three years, I will definitely become a Nine State Dragon Wing.


"Hey, do you know what's going on?"


Lin Baici asked Xia Hongyao, reached for his backpack from the luggage rack, unzipped it, and put his hand inside.


"There is a divine hunter on this train, and it is very likely that they accidentally released the Divine Taboo they were carrying…"


Xia Hongyao stopped here and suddenly shut up, staring at Lin Baici warily.


This kid is also a divine hunter.


"Don't look at me, it's not me!"


Lin Baici was speechless. "If I were a bad guy, you would be the first one I'd kill."


Xia Hongyao was startled.




This kid woke up a few seconds earlier than me?


This either means that his physical fitness is better, his resistance to rule contamination is higher than mine, or he has a lot of experience and discovered the problem earlier and was prepared.


Whichever it is, Xia Hongyao was a little depressed to be inferior to him.




The person in 18D next to us is also awake?


Joking aside, look at that guy standing on the chair, holding onto the luggage rack like a coward. He doesn't look like a strong person, and he even has finger marks on his face, obviously he was awakened by being hit.


Oh my!


Hongyao, your reasoning ability is getting better and better. It's no wonder you often watch Sherlock Holmes' detective stories!


"What do you usually do in this situation?"


Lin Baici didn't want to reveal the Black Altar Bowl, and took out a pine torch from his backpack, using it to block his view.




18D's eyes widened when he saw this scene.


What the hell?


Why do you have a torch in your backpack?


Are you a savage?


Wait, this torch is obviously longer than the backpack. How did you put it in there?


"Divine Taboo?"


Xia Hongyao's eyes lit up. She didn't see it wrong. This kid is indeed a divine hunter. "Which organization are you from?"


"Second Middle School in Guangqing City!"


Lin Baici took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.


He thought of the man in a black suit with a black suitcase he met in the waiting hall.


"Second Middle School?"


Xia Hongyao looked puzzled. Is there such an organization in the hunter circle?


She's never heard of it!


Is it a newly established one?


Lin Baici could tell from the expression on the girl with the high ponytail that she had misunderstood. He was speechless.


As expected of a D in intelligence."Did you use up all your talent points on the big bear?"


"I just graduated from high school and became a Divine Hunter this summer by accident!" Lin Baici explained.


He knew he would have to use Divine Taboo and Divine Grace soon, so he decided to be upfront about it and make a good impression.




Xia Hongyao didn't believe it. A young wild Divine Hunter like him? Yeah, right!


There were no experienced hunters to lead the way in God's Ruins, so the corpses were already starting to rot.


But now wasn't the time to argue about that. The big guy didn't seem to be the source of the rule contamination.


"You guys stay here and don't wander around. I'll take care of the enemy!" Xia Hongyao looked around the train car.


"Rule contamination? Divine Taboo?" 18D was stunned by these words. He had seen posts like this online before, but he didn't expect to see it with his own eyes.


He turned to Lin Baici. "Damn! This kid is a Divine Hunter who can hunt down gods?"


"Do you know where the enemy is?" Lin Baici was eager to help.


"I don't know, but I can deduce it!" Xia Hongyao was confident.


"…I don't think this girl is reliable," Lin Baici thought. With so little information, how could she deduce anything? And with the rising seawater, the passengers would be dead in ten minutes at most.


"Break the window!" Lin Baici urged.


"Huh?" Xia Hongyao was confused. "Are you trying to lure the enemy over?"


"No, I want you to open the window and let the water out!" Lin Baici was alert, even underwater.


"Oh, I see!" Xia Hongyao realized she had made a mistake in her deduction. The seawater had already reached the window, about five centimeters above the bottom. If they broke the window, the water should flow out.


She clenched her five fair fingers together and punched the window.






The glass shattered all over the floor.


Lin Baici was surprised. This was a high-speed train window, but she broke it with one punch? What kind of strength was that?


But she didn't have time to think about it because the seawater didn't flow out of the broken window. It was as if an invisible barrier was blocking it.


"What…what's going on?" 18D was panicking. If the water couldn't flow out, wouldn't they all drown?


Xia Hongyao wasn't surprised. "The rule contamination has enveloped the whole train. To lift it, we must find Divine Taboo as soon as possible!"


"Eater God, give me some information!" Lin Baici shouted in his heart.


The Eater God didn't respond, but hunger struck him strongly. He instinctively looked towards the front of the train, where there seemed to be something tempting him with delicious food.


"Let's go to the front of the train!"


Lin Baici jumped into the water.


The sea water immediately submerged up to his navel, making it difficult for him to take each step.


Fortunately, the other passengers were all asleep. If they were struggling and trying to escape, they would certainly block their way.


Xia Hongyao took out a black short knife over a foot long from her backpack and followed Lin Baici, with a strong desire to learn.


"Why did you choose this way?"




Lin Baici wouldn't tell anyone that his hunger was like a radar that could indicate the approximate location of valuable items.


"Hey, where are you guys going?"


18D became anxious. "Don't leave me behind!"


"You stay here and wait for good news from us!"


Xia Hongyao reassured him.


But 18D didn't listen and jumped into the water.


Who do you think I am?


It's safer to follow two god hunters than to stay alone, right?


18D looked at Lin Baici's back, holding an unlit torch, with envy and admiration in his eyes.


He was envious that Lin Baici was a mysterious and powerful god hunter!


He admired that Lin Baici didn't just think about saving himself, but stayed behind like a superhero, to solve the pollution of the rules and save the people on the train.


"The food delivered to us is really too good to miss!"


The Eater God's voice was excited.




Lin Baici's stomach growled. He was hungry.


In the God's Ruins of Longxian Temple, the hunger that made him want to cook even the soles of his shoes had come back for the second time.


"Now that there's no meteor falling, there shouldn't be any divine remains on the train, right?"


Lin Baici wasn't slow because he wasn't in a hurry, but because it was too difficult to move in such deep water.


As the three of them walked, they stirred up the seawater, causing small waves to surge and hit the carriage, then roll back.


A female corpse was pushed in front of Lin Baici by the waves. Her wide-open eyes had lost their luster.


Lin Baici had seen many corpses in Longxian Temple, but he still felt psychologically uncomfortable.


He pushed the corpse away with his hand and continued forward.


They arrived at Carriage 06!


Some snack bags, instant noodle boxes, food residues, and even a lady's slipper were floating on the water surface.


Lin Baici didn't rush in, but stood at the connection between the carriages, looking inside.


"What's wrong?"


Xia Hongyao stood beside him.




Lin Baici was very cautious.


"There's someone in there!"


18D pointed inside and exclaimed.In the front half of carriage 06, around seats 6-7, a young man with headphones threw something off the luggage rack and lay down on it.


"A human with decent resistance!"


The speed at which people turn into dead flesh after being exposed to divine corpse radiation and divine taboo rule pollution varies.


The slower the speed, the higher the resistance and survival rate.


The headphone guy was scared and panicked when he saw Lin Baici and the others, and immediately asked, "What's going on?"


Finally, he saw living people.


Headphone guy was excited.


"Have you heard of rule pollution? It's happening now. Come on, let's stick together for survival!"


18D didn't tell headphone guy out of kindness, but because having one more person meant having one more bait in case of danger.


Headphone guy obviously didn't have this kind of scheming, and he had also heard of the horrors of rule pollution, so he was tempted to get off the luggage rack.


Lin Baici continued forward, but after a few steps, he suddenly stopped.


After swallowing the meteorite and divine corpse, not only did his physical fitness improve, but his vision also improved a lot. From more than thirty meters away, he saw a dark shadow swimming from the opposite carriage under the water.


"Don't move!"


Lin Baici growled low, scaring the headphone guy.


"What's wrong?"


18D was on high alert.


"There seems to be something in the water!"


Lin Baici explained.




18D's spine tightened, and he wanted to stand on the chair.


"Don't move!"


Lin Baici turned around and glared fiercely at 18D.


He was behind him, only five meters away. If he attracted the monster, he might also be affected.


"Don't be afraid, I'm here!"


Xia Hongyao comforted, but she still recognized Lin Baici's caution towards the divine taboo, which was eerie and terrifying and could not be prevented with too much care.


18D and headphone guy didn't even dare to breathe heavily, and their limbs were stiff.


More than twenty seconds passed.


No monster launched an attack.


"Did you see it wrong?"


18D was suspicious.


"The seawater is rising so fast!"


Headphone guy was so anxious he wanted to cry, "We have to get out of here quickly!"


Lin Baici glanced at the headphone guy, hesitated for a moment, and didn't say anything.


His education and moral standards did not allow him to deceive the headphone guy and use him as cannon fodder.


But if headphone guy wanted to die on his own, then it had nothing to do with him.


"It is rising pretty fast, let's hurry up!"


18D was also urging.




Lin Baici nodded and took a slow step forward, then quickly stopped.


He was trying not to make ripples.The guy with headphones didn't have such a meticulous mind. He stepped on the chair and got off the luggage rack, then stood on the floor. He walked forward anxiously while calling out to Lin Baici and the others, "Hurry up, go open the door!"


"Let's go!"


Xia Hongyao was about to leave, but found that Lin Baici hadn't moved. As she reached out to push him, a black shadow suddenly darted out of the seawater next to the guy with headphones and pounced on his face.

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