Chapter 34 – The pollution of rules has begun

“Can I change seats for 100 yuan?”

The girl smiled, looking very sunny.


Song Li nodded.

She thought Lin Baici was quite good-looking and since the journey was boring, she could talk to him and maybe gain another lapdog and ATM by her side.

However, Lin Baici was too indifferent, which made Song Li lose interest.

Now she could earn 100 yuan just by changing seats? That was a huge profit.

“I’ll transfer the money to you via WeChat!”

The girl took out her phone and gave the money to Song Li. “I’m in carriage 05, seat 12!”

Song Li took her suitcase from the luggage rack and glanced at Lin Baici before leaving.

He continued reading his novel and didn’t care about what was happening around him.

Song Li smiled at the girl and muttered to herself, “Wish you bad luck,” as she left in her sexy studded high heels, drawing attention from many people.


18D watched Song Li’s figure disappear into the distance, feeling depressed.

In theory, he should be happy to have a prettier girl by his side, but he wasn’t because he knew that he wasn’t qualified to pursue the girl with a high ponytail.

Song Li had a wild streak, which was the reason why 18D dared to talk to her.

The girl with a high ponytail put her luggage away and stretched out her fair right hand towards Lin Baici, who was sitting next to 18D. “Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Xia Hongyao, Hongyao, you know? It’s not a kind of medicine…”

“I know, it’s the alias of peony!”

Out of politeness, Lin Baici lightly shook Xia Hongyao’s hand.

To be honest, it was his first time experiencing this kind of adult etiquette while traveling, and he was a little excited and curious.

18D was clearly being ignored, making him feel embarrassed.

“Not many people know this!”

Xia Hongyao looked at Lin Baici.

Her gaze was like that of a little girl on the beach who had found a rare seashell and wanted to collect it and put it in a fishing bucket.

“She’s a divine hunter, with strength and speed both at A level, intelligence at D level. She likes detective novels and exercises regularly, so she has an excellent body and is a high-quality mating partner!”

The Gourmet God commented: “It is recommended to monopolize her. When survival resources are lacking, she can be used as a backup source of milk.”

Lin Baici didn’t care about the inappropriate comments from the Gourmet God. The four words “divine hunter” made him feel like he was facing a great enemy.

However, on the surface, Lin Baici’s expression didn’t change at all.

“Baici, pay attention to details and don’t let the other party notice that I have already discovered that she is a divine hunter!”

Lin Baici warned himself in his heart. He didn’t know what Xia Hongyao was coming for.

Could it be for the divine taboo?

Damn it!

The first time I used the divine grace to uphold justice, I was being watched?

This is so unlucky!

“Does anyone need a box lunch?”

The flight attendant pushed the food cart and walked through the aisle. “We also have melon seeds, peanuts, and drinks!”

“Can I have two box lunches, please?”Xia Hongyao called out and saw that there was Happy Water on the dining car. “Give me two more bottles of Coke!”

“There’s beef rice, chicken rice, and fried sauce noodles in the box lunch…”

The steward smiled and served.

“Two beef rice!”

“One is 68, plus two bottles of Coke, a total of 156 yuan!”

The steward handed over the payment code.

18D was surprised. This girl was quite slim, but she could eat so much.

“Thank you!”

Xia Hongyao paid the money, took the box lunch, put one on the small table in front of her, and handed the other to Lin Baici.

“You haven’t eaten yet?”

Xia Hongyao’s attitude was generous, just like talking to a friend she had known for years, without any sense of strangeness.


18D felt like his knee had been stabbed fiercely. The chicken rice for 45 yuan in front of him suddenly didn’t taste good anymore.

He had thought that Lin Baici was poor before, and he felt superior because he could afford the expensive box lunch on the high-speed train. But now, Lin Baici could afford it too, not only the 68 yuan one, but also without paying for it himself.

Damn it!

Being handsome is nothing!

I wish you were a duck in your next life.

“Thank you, I have bread!”

Lin Baici didn’t take it.

“Why are you being so polite? We’re all gods…”

Xia Hongyao stopped halfway because the term “God Hunter” was not suitable to be mentioned in public.

“Eat it, I’ll treat you!”

Xia Hongyao forced the box lunch into Lin Baici’s hands, hummed a little tune, opened the box lunch, picked up disposable chopsticks, stirred the rice and dishes, and started eating.

“After I finish this box lunch, I won’t pass out and find out that I’ve been robbed, will I?”

Lin Baici chuckled.

18D felt that Lin Baici was unreasonable. If a beautiful woman gave me a box lunch, even if there was some slightly smelly Marsha inside, I could still eat it.

“Why would I rob you?”

Xia Hongyao mumbled while shoveling rice into her mouth, unclear.

She didn’t care about her image at all.

Xia Hongyao had just returned from a business trip and was bored on the high-speed train, so she walked around and observed the passengers to exercise her reasoning ability.

If she encountered a fugitive or something, she could uphold justice, which would be even better.

Xia Hongyao heard the glasses man and the aunt arguing, and came over to stand at the connection of the carriage, watching for a few minutes. When the glasses man was sprayed to the point of autism, she was about to take action, but she didn’t expect a big guy to come out.

Then he said a few words to the bad aunt and easily solved her.

As a God Hunter, Xia Hongyao naturally saw that Lin Baici used divine grace, which made her very interested.

There was no badge on his collar, and he didn’t understand the secret language of the Security Bureau he spoke of, which meant he was not a member of the Nine States God Shield.

A wild God Hunter was not rare, but being so young was precious!

Because it was very difficult to enter the God’s Ruins, pass various taboos of the gods, obtain divine grace, contain the god’s remains, and break out alive.Without experienced divine hunters to help, the death rate of ordinary people trapped in the God’s Ruins is as high as one hundred percent, let alone becoming a divine hunter.

“If he’s not an officially registered hunter, then he must be a member of some organization. And what about his convincing the old lady’s divine grace?”

Xia Hongyao transformed into Xia Fuermo Hongyaosi and began to reason.

Lin Baici is not someone who is afraid of trouble!

It’s not good fortune but misfortune that can’t be avoided, so he thanked them and began to eat his boxed lunch.

Xia Hongyao didn’t continue to talk to Lin Baici, but put on her headphones, closed her eyes, and continued to use her intelligent brain to reason.

After lunch, most of the passengers in the car quieted down and began to rest.

Lin Baici also closed his eyes and prepared to take a nap.

Carriage 18.

“Captain, when do we take action?”

The big-nosed youth Lin Baici met in the waiting hall looked anxious. He was worried that the target would discover them, losing their advantage.

“Keep waiting. There are too many people on the train. Once a fight breaks out, innocent people will be hurt!”

Ma Yuan pulled his tie with his right hand and loosened it.


The sudden sound of falling into water made Ma Yuan suspicious.

He turned his head and saw a sleeping male passenger slide into the water, but the passenger didn’t react at all, as if he were a corpse thrown into the lake by a thug.

“Where did the seawater come from?”

Ma Yuan muttered to himself, then suddenly stood up in horror.

Damn it!

Black Shark III had launched the Divine Taboo and began to contaminate the rules of the entire train.


The big-nosed youth and his three companions looked anxious and serious.

As expected of the divine hunters of the Lost Coast, the attack was so sudden and strange that people were caught off guard.

The seawater flowed silently, causing the water level to rise rapidly and soon flooded everyone’s waist. What was even more terrifying was that the seawater had a narcotic effect.

Any ordinary person who came into contact with it fell asleep and couldn’t be awakened no matter how loudly the big-nosed youth shouted.

“Hurry, kill Black Shark III and take back the Divine Taboo.”

Ma Yuan rushed out. If the rule contamination wasn’t stopped quickly, everyone on this train would die.

“Where’s my dragon? Where’s my big dragon?”

Hua Yueyu cried sadly and apologized to Lin Baici, “I lost my dragon, let me serve you instead?”

“No need! No need!”

Lin Baici refused.

“It’s okay, I’m good at it. I promise to make you ascend to heaven in three seconds!”

Hua Yueyu approached Lin Baici with a smile, and suddenly shook her hands, revealing a rope that she then strangled around his neck with force!

Lin Baici immediately suffocated, flailing his arms and legs.

Glug, glug!

Lin Baici drank several mouthfuls of seawater.

Cough, cough!

Lin Baici coughed and opened his eyes, seeing himself soaking in seawater. He panicked and struggled to stand up.

【Hurry up, this isn’t a dream, it’s rule contamination!】The warning from the devouring god made Lin Baici shudder, causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

The sensation of seawater was real, icy, damp, and carried a salty taste as it poured into his mouth.

Lin Baici, who had thought he was dreaming, immediately woke up, grabbed onto the back of his chair, and stood on top of it.

Why was there a rule contamination on the high-speed train?

Lin Baici frowned deeply.

Inside the carriage, the seawater had risen to a height of 1.2 meters and was still rapidly increasing.

Most of the passengers were asleep, lying limp in their seats. In a little while, the buoyancy of the seawater would cause their bodies to gradually float up.

There were also a few unlucky ones who had slipped into the seawater.

Their long hair scattered like a tangle of seaweed, and they appeared to have already died.

Lin Baici’s heart sank.

“I want a girl!”

18D muttered in his sleep, turned over, wanting to lie more comfortably. As a result, he slipped out of his chair and into the seawater.

Surprisingly, he had no reaction.

Lin Baici quickly reached out and grabbed 18D’s collar, pulling him out.

“Hey, wake up!”

Lin Baici shouted loudly, but the guy was quite heavy.

“There is an anesthetic in the seawater. Ordinary people need intense stimulation to wake up!”

“What counts as intense stimulation?”

Lin Baici asked, but the devouring god did not answer, so he waved his hand and slapped 18D’s face four times.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

18D shivered all over, awakened suddenly. When he saw the situation around him clearly, he was completely bewildered.

“What the f*ck is this?”

He subconsciously wanted to hold onto Lin Baici’s arm, not wanting to fall into the seawater.

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