Chapter 33 – The Majesty of God’s Grace

“What the hell?”

Lin Baici frowned, straightened his back, and looked around.

The train had stopped at a station five minutes ago. Could it be that a passenger forgot their luggage and got off?

No, that’s not right!

This hunger was too strong to be caused by losing a few thousand yuan worth of belongings.

“Could there be a divine taboo on this train?”

Lin Baici rubbed his stomach and decided not to find out.

It was already past 11 o’clock, and some people started to make instant noodles for lunch.

The strong aroma of seasoning packets wafted through the air, making it hard for Lin Baici to sleep. He put on his headphones, listened to Jay Chou’s songs, and continued reading his novel.

Song Li wasn’t the type to persist, so she gave up on Lin Baici when she saw he wasn’t interested. She started chatting with her admirers, taking some selfies, acting cute, and feeding them dog food.

Unfortunately, 18D tried to talk to Song Li a few times, offering her snacks and drinks, but she only gave him perfunctory responses.

It was almost noon, and the children’s shouting, the conversations of the passengers, and the music from the Douyin videos being played out loud mixed together, making the carriage as noisy as a market.

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman’s angry curse suppressed all the noise.

“This is a public place, why can’t I watch Douyin?”

The woman was in her forties, with a head of red curly hair and wearing a light purple skirt. The skin on her neck was sagging, and she was wearing a gold necklace.

“You can watch it, but please wear headphones!”

The man who spoke wore glasses.

Normally, he would let it go, but today his wife was feeling very uncomfortable and dizzy from motion sickness. She was also eight months pregnant and needed sufficient rest, so he wanted the woman in front to lower her voice. However, she was very stubborn.

So the two of them started arguing.

“Wearing headphones or not is my freedom!”

The woman was very stubborn. “And wearing headphones causes my hearing to deteriorate. Are you responsible for that?”

“Then don’t bother others?”

The man with glasses wasn’t very good at arguing.

“If it’s too noisy, you can switch seats with someone else!”

The woman spoke very quickly, like a machine gun. “Everyone else isn’t afraid of the noise, it’s just you. Are you a spoiled flower in a greenhouse?”

“It’s not me, it’s affecting my wife!”

The man with glasses explained.

In reality, everyone was annoyed by the woman playing her Douyin videos out loud. Her voice was so loud that the whole carriage could hear it, but no one dared to confront her.

After all, it could lead to a fight.

“Look at your pregnant wife. She’s eight or nine months pregnant, why doesn’t she stay at home and rest? Isn’t her discomfort self-inflicted by running around like this?”

The woman started to launch personal attacks.

“Stop arguing!”

The pregnant woman’s face was full of pain as she pulled her husband’s arm and made him sit down.

“We’re going back to our hometown!”

The man with glasses’ parents were in their hometown, so they could take care of the baby.

“You’re so old, and your wife is pregnant. You’re traveling so far and you’re not willing to rent a car or take a plane home. Your life is really a failure!”

The woman continued to attack him personally.

“What are you saying?”

The man with glasses’ face turned red.

This sentence hit him right in the sore spot.

When people reach middle age, they’re most afraid of being told that they haven’t achieved anything and can’t make much money.

“What, do you want to hit me?” The woman jumped up and stood on the chair, even more arrogant than the man with glasses. “You have the guts to hit me!”

The woman patted his face.”I won’t let you bankrupt yourself to make up for my loss!”

The nearby passengers either watched the spectacle or advised the bespectacled man to give up.

The middle-aged woman was clearly not a kind person. If they kept arguing, the bespectacled man would definitely lose.

The bespectacled man had never argued with anyone in public before, and he was embarrassed and flustered. His face turned red as he stuttered, “I… I’ll expose you online!”

“Quick, take a picture of me and expose me on as many websites as possible!”

The middle-aged woman was not afraid. “My son is a famous lawyer in Haijing. If you dare to expose me, I’ll sue you in court!”

The middle-aged woman was not stupid. She saw someone taking pictures of her with their phone, so she was just trying to intimidate them.

“Stop arguing!”

The pregnant woman was feeling uncomfortable.

The bespectacled man stopped arguing and looked like a defeated dog. He slumped over and looked even more dejected.

As the victor, the middle-aged woman sat with her legs crossed and continued to watch short videos on her phone.

Lin Baici took off his earphones.

If this had happened before they set off for Long Chan Temple, Lin Baici wouldn’t have been able to do anything. But now…

“I am a Divine Hunter!”

Lin Baici stood up and walked towards the middle-aged woman.

Song Li and 18D looked at Lin Baici.

What was this guy going to do?

Did he want to be humiliated?

The two of them could already imagine Lin Baici coming back with his tail between his legs.


Lin Baici stopped by the middle-aged woman and spoke to her with a nonchalant attitude. He didn’t even want to call her “auntie.”


Everyone looked over.

“Who are you calling ‘ma’am’?”

The middle-aged woman retorted, “Are you blind? Am I that old?”

Lin Baici chuckled and didn’t even call her “ma’am” anymore. He leaned over with one hand on the back of the chair and activated the Vajra Sound of Buddha, speaking to the middle-aged woman in a low voice.

“You’re at this age, can watching short videos really prolong your life? You should recite more sutras, do good deeds, and accumulate merits. That’s the only way you can live longer!”

With the blessing of the Vajra Sound of Buddha, Lin Baici’s words became wise, rational, and full of Zen.

The middle-aged woman’s mind was like being hit by a stick from the Buddha himself, and she was awakened by his words.

“You’re right. Watching these short videos won’t make me live longer. I should listen to the sutras, do good deeds, and accumulate merits!”

The middle-aged woman’s eyes lit up.

If Lin Baici wasn’t so young, she would have called him “master.”

“Not causing trouble for others is the simplest good deed!”

Lin Baici continued to persuade her, “For example, don’t play loud noises in public!”

“Yes! Yes! I was wrong!”

The middle-aged woman quickly turned off her phone’s sound and the sense of satisfaction from winning the argument disappeared.

She felt childish.

Winning or losing didn’t matter.

“Thank you for understanding!”

Lin Baici smiled and turned to leave.

Indeed, it was a divine blessing, and it was amazing!

The Vajra Sound of Buddha could make the voice of a Divine Hunter full of Zen, and the words they spoke were pure and holy, dispelling fear and cutting off all worries.

At the same time, it could also make the listener let go of everything and be free from desires and wants.

In other words, it was entering the sage mode.

Of course, the effect of the Vajra Sound of Buddha on the listener was only temporary. It could last for a few dozen minutes or up to one or two days, but eventually it would wear off.

Lin Baici had no intention of making the middle-aged woman become a monk. He just wanted her to be quiet for the rest of the journey.

The people nearby were all amazed at what Lin Baici had done.

What did this big guy do?That obviously difficult to deal with aunt actually obediently silenced her phone after he spoke to her?

How miraculous!

Lin Baici returned to his seat and sat down.

Song Li and 18D were both confused.

“What did you say to her?”

Song Li’s curiosity could kill a hundred cats.

The passengers in the front and back seats also perked up their ears.

“Nothing, just talked some sense to her!”

Lin Baici brushed it off.

“You’re lying!”

Song Li clearly didn’t believe him.

That guy with glasses also talked sense to her and even threatened to film her and expose her, but ended up being scolded badly. What makes you think you can do it?

It can’t just be because of your good looks, right?

Lin Baici shrugged his shoulders.

It was almost noon, and many people began to eat.

The box lunches on the high-speed train were quite expensive, with the cheapest one costing forty or fifty yuan. Few people wanted them, most of them brought their own instant noodles. Some people found it troublesome and ate some bread, ham, biscuits and other things to fill their stomachs, and then ate after getting off the train.

The dining car passed by, and the stewardess asked if anyone wanted a box lunch.

“Give me one.”

The male student in 18D refused to let himself be humiliated, and this was also in front of a beautiful woman. He couldn’t show any signs of being poor.

“What kind of set meal do you want?”

The stewardess stopped and introduced the types of box lunches.

“Give me the chicken rice!”

18D opened WeChat.

His eyes were good, and he saw the price, 45 yuan. Not only was it expensive, but it was also the cheapest kind of box lunch.

A bit of a rip-off.

After scanning the payment code, 18D looked at Lin Baici again, his face expressionless, but his heart was full of superiority.

The stewardess left, and 18D opened the box lunch and mixed the vegetables and rice together. He had eaten two bites when a girl stood in front of him.

“Handsome, can I change seats?”

18D instinctively looked up and was shocked.

So big!

It blocked 18D’s line of sight to the girl’s face.

Lin Baici also turned his head to look and was equally shocked.

He thought Jin Yingzhen was already unbeatable, but he didn’t expect this girl to be even more explosive. Was all the fat in her body accumulated here?

“Change seats?”

18D finally saw what the girl looked like.

She was about twenty years old, with a pure appearance.

At first glance, she looked a lot like Yui Aragaki. Her mouth was not big, her eyes were very bright, especially when she looked at people, there was a sense of seriousness that made people feel a sense of strength.

She was wearing light blue and white two-color sports shoes, with two long legs wrapped in a loose narrow-foot sports leggings, and a sun protection shirt on her upper body. She didn’t zip it up, and there was a flesh-colored sports vest inside.

“Yeah, change seats!”

The girl was full of energy, with a sweet smile.

Her long hair was tied up in a high ponytail, jumping up and down as she turned her head, very lively.

She was a very beautiful girl!

She was also the most beautiful woman 18D had ever seen in his eighteen years of life, so he hesitated.

If it was usual, 18D would have agreed without hesitation, but today…

He turned his head and looked at Song Li.

At least let me get her WeChat before I leave!

18D felt like he was making an effort and could win over this woman, giving him a good start to his four years of university life.

Lin Baici saw 18D’s reluctant little eyes and couldn’t help shaking his head.

If you knew she had HIV, you’d run as far away as possible.

The girl saw 18D’s hesitation and didn’t insist, looking at Song Li, “Beauty, can I change seats?”Song Li’s intuition as a woman told her that this girl must have come for Lin Baici. She didn’t want to switch, but the next sentence from the other party made her agree.

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