Chapter 24 – Return with a full load

After playing the God's Ruins game for five hours, everyone was exhausted and had experienced many life-threatening situations. Especially the little girl, who was already sleeping heavily on Hua Yueyu's lap.


"What should we do with her?" Hua Yueyu sighed.


The little girl's mother was very unlucky, but if she could hold on a little longer, she would be able to come out alive.


"Should we take her to the police station?" Lin Baici thought about sending the little girl home, but how could he explain her mother's situation?


"When we get to the city, I'll get off and take her home," Sima Mu said as he patted the little girl's head and thanked Lin Baici for helping him survive in the God's Ruins.


"Sure!" Lin Baici didn't refuse, Sima Mu wasn't a human trafficker, so there was no need to be on guard.


"Let's exchange WeChat and I'll treat you to a big meal in a few days," Sima Mu took out his phone and planned to keep in touch with Lin Baici in the future.


"This person has unlimited potential, so it's better to establish a good relationship now. I won't lose in the future," Sima Mu thought to himself.


"Can your phone still be used?" Hua Yueyu was surprised as all her phones, camera, and GoPro were all broken.


"Oh, I forgot!" Sima Mu smiled awkwardly. "Then let me leave my number."


"You leave one and I'll remember it," Lin Baici said as he was going to university in Haijing City and would have to change his phone number then.


"1379026768," Sima Mu said, and when he saw that Lin Baici had no intention of remembering it, he doubted if he could remember it.


"Don't worry, I'll never forget it in this lifetime!" Lin Baici smiled as he activated his divine power to help him remember the number clearly for at least ten years.


"Our things were all offered to the Buddha statue with the merit box!" Jin Yingzhen explained to Lin Baici to prevent Sima Mu from thinking that he was disrespectful. After all, he gave them his phone number, and it would seem like they were just brushing him off if they didn't listen.


"Merit box? Buddha statue?" Hua Yueyu was surprised. "Did you guys play other God's Ruins games?"


"Yeah!" Jin Yingzhen shuddered at the thought of it. If it weren't for Lin Baici and Oppa, she would have been knocked out and turned into a headless corpse.


"Amazing!" Sima Mu gave Lin Baici a thumbs up, full of admiration. Even for a God Hunter, participating in a God's Ruins game was a life-threatening crisis.


The taxi driver glanced at them through the rearview mirror. "Did I pick up a group of crazy people?"


To avoid causing panic and chaos among the citizens, the government would not report any news about the God's Ruins, so ordinary people knew very little about this kind of information.


An hour and twenty minutes later, the taxi arrived in the city. Sima Mu carried the little girl and said goodbye to Lin Baici and Hua Yueyu.


"Let's keep in touch!" Sima Mu waited until the taxi had driven away before finding a mobile phone store and buying a new phone, as well as a new phone number.Afterwards, he made a phone call.


Beep! Beep! Beep!


After nine rings, the call was answered.


"Uncle Nine, when I went back home to pay respects to my ancestors, I came across a God's Ruins!"


Sima Mu sat down at a barbecue stall by the roadside. "Boss lady, give me two pounds of skewers and ten bottles of beer! Uncle Nine, I met a new person with great potential!"




The Hilton Hotel in the city center, together with the adjacent provincial television tower, was considered a landmark building in Guangqing City.


At night, the neon lights on the TV tower were turned on, colorful, giving off a city atmosphere of lights and wine.


As soon as the taxi stopped in front of the hotel, the doorman came over to open the door.


"Give the driver the fare, put it on my bill!"


Jin Yingzhen instructed the doorman.


"Tsk tsk, could she really be the young lady of the Goryeo chaebol?"


Hua Yueyu muttered to herself. Jin Yingzhen's attitude clearly showed that she was used to being served by others.


Once they entered the hotel lobby, the three receptionists at the front desk bowed and greeted them.


"Good evening, Miss Jin!"


"Open two more luxury suites, buy two of the latest iPhones, one Samsung phone, and get three SIM cards!"


Jin Yingzhen casually ordered. This small amount of money was not worth her meticulous calculation.


"Oh, and he lost his ID card, can he still check in?"


Jin Yingzhen was referring to Lin Baici.


"No problem!"


The front desk receptionist smiled warmly.


This person in front of her was a lifetime member of the Hilton Hotel. The general manager had instructed them to take care of him and satisfy all of his needs. Of course, being a lifetime member was not important, what was important was that he seemed to be a young master of a Goryeo chaebol family.


That was impressive.


What was the background of this young man?


The front desk receptionist quickly glanced at Lin Baici.


He's so tall!


And his looks really do qualify him to be a gigolo.


"Aren't the rooms in this hotel expensive?"


Lin Baici frowned, he didn't have the money to pay for it.


"Oppa, this is not something you should worry about!"


Jin Yingzhen smiled brightly.


The front desk receptionist was stunned.


This attitude was not right, was it?


Why did it feel like this Goryeo young lady was pursuing this young man?


"I'll pay for my share!"


Hua Yueyu didn't want to take advantage of this opportunity.


"Don't worry about such small matters!"


Jin Yingzhen didn't care. Spending a few tens of thousands of dollars was as ordinary to her as buying a bottle of mineral water.


After two minutes, the front desk receptionist opened the room and checked them in. She handed the room key to Lin Baici and Hua Yueyu, then led the way to the elevator.


"Be careful where you step!"


The lobby floor was clean and flat, and no one was going to fall, but the front desk receptionist still kindly reminded them.


When they reached the elevator, she opened the door and stood in front of it, waiting for Jin Yingzhen and the others to enter before she entered and closed the door, pressing the floor button.


"My goodness, is this service treating guests like princesses?"


Hua Yueyu exclaimed, was this the enjoyment of the rich?This global chain five-star hotel was quite luxurious. The front desk lady was very beautiful, dressed in a light blue suit dress with black stockings and small leather shoes. Her trained posture and gait were very attractive.


Hua Yueyu couldn't help but glance at her a few more times, then stole a glance at Lin Baici and found that he wasn't staring at the front desk lady's butt.


Hmm! He's a good man!


Hua Yueyu felt like she had discovered another advantage of Lin Baici.


"If you need anything, you can call the front desk!"


After the front desk lady opened the room for the three of them, she tactfully left, giving the guests enough private time.


[There's a girl who can be won over with cash. Only three thousand yuan per night. Do you want to try?]


That's what the front desk lady said, according to Guishen's comment.


"Let's take a shower first. We can talk later!"


Jin Yingzhen looked at Lin Baici. "Oppa, can I help you with the bathwater?"


"No need!"


Lin Baici quickly refused. Jin Yingzhen was too enthusiastic, which made him uncomfortable.


Lin Baici walked into the luxurious suite, stepping on the soft carpet, which felt great. He took off his dirty clothes and saw a landline phone on the desk. He quickly called his mother to let her know he was safe.


He didn't go home directly because he was dirty and had some minor injuries, and going home would inevitably lead to questioning.


The phone was answered.


Lin Baici said he was staying at his friend Li Wei's house, and easily brushed it off.


After hanging up with his mother, Lin Baici immediately called Li Wei and told him to be careful not to let slip any information.


"Where are you fooling around? You're not coming home at night!"


Li Wei shouted loudly.


"At an internet cafe!"


Lin Baici didn't say he was at a hotel. His friend wouldn't believe him anyway.


"Listen, Old Bai, summer vacation is over, and we're college students now. If we stay out all night, it can only be because we're staying in a hotel with a woman. What's the point of going to an internet cafe?"


Li Wei tried to persuade him earnestly. "It's too low!"


"You apologize to the people who stayed up all night at the internet cafe for me!"


Lin Baici thought to himself, isn't this also considered staying in a hotel with a woman? And two beautiful ones at that.


"Old Bai, seriously, I'm planning to go to Haijing to work for the summer and save some money. Otherwise, when we get to college, we won't even have enough money to buy milk tea for girls. It's too embarrassing. Do you want to come with me?"


Li Wei wanted to go with Lin Baici so they could look out for each other.


"I…let me think about it."


Lin Baici came from a single-parent family and relied solely on his mother to support the family. Their financial situation was not great. Although Li Wei's parents were both alive, his father had suffered a work injury in his early years and become disabled, so he could only stay at home. As a result, Li Wei's living expenses were quite low.


If it were yesterday, Lin Baici wouldn't have hesitated and would have agreed immediately. But after experiencing the God's Ruins in Longshan Temple, his thoughts had changed a bit.


Work to earn a few bucks? He was now a God Hunter with three divine abilities. He needed to figure out how to monetize his abilities.


And to be honest, Lin Baici would rather become a video blogger and make money by filming videos.


"That's fine!"Li Wei didn't insist, "You can continue to have fun for another half a month. Let me show off my skills and earn mountains of gold and silver for you. I'll cover all the abortion fees for the next four years!"


"Get lost!"


Lin Baici laughed and cursed.


After ending the call, Lin Baici walked into the lavishly decorated bathroom.


As the hot water poured down from the showerhead onto Lin Baici, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. The exhaustion of the day seemed to disappear.


"As a newcomer, the harvest is good!"


The Gourmet God was very satisfied. "You deserve to reward yourself!"


"What are you, exactly?"


Lin Baici was curious. "A divine blessing?"


The Gourmet God didn't answer.


"Forget it, whether you want to tell me or not!"


Lin Baici felt that the Gourmet God had no ill intentions towards him, so he decided to take stock of his gains.


There were three divine blessings: reciting scriptures, the sound of Buddhist chants, and the ephemeral night rain.


How could he monetize them?


Lin Baici wanted to make money so he could buy the latest phone, computer, sports camera, and have the confidence to pursue girls.


As for the divine taboos, they included pine torches, fragrant cushions, black altar bowls, and the powerful Bodhi Envoy's kasaya.


These divine taboos should be valuable. Selling just one of them should earn him millions of yuan. But he had no connections. If he rashly sold them, would he be caught by relevant official organizations?

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