Chapter 23 – Escape alive

After losing the Divine Corpse, the body of the Dark Buddha began to crumble and the stone debris fell to the ground.


"Destroy it!" Lin Baici urged anxiously.


The Muscle Buddha swung the arm he had just torn off the Dark Buddha's body and suddenly smashed it towards Lin Baici.




The arm whistled past him.


Fortunately, Lin Baici was fully focused and reacted quickly, tilting his head to the side and dodging the arm.




The arm hit the wall and, combined with the flames, shattered into stone powder. Only a palm-sized black substance peeled off and fell to the ground.


Lin Baici stared at the Muscle Buddha, but it didn't attack him again.


"It seems that we shouldn't use this Kasaya casually!" Lin Baici remembered Jin Yingzhen's explanation. Divine taboos like this should only be used after being sealed by the Black Coffin, otherwise they could easily be contaminated by the rules.


"Let's start eating!" The Devouring God urged.


Without waiting for the Devouring God's reminder, Lin Baici involuntarily walked towards the black substance and picked it up.


It looked like a piece of dried beef that had been dried for many years. It was warm to the touch and Lin Baici could feel that it was emitting a kind of energy.


Lin Baici didn't know that if an ordinary person came into contact with a Divine Corpse without any protection, they would immediately lose their human form and turn into a pile of rotten flesh due to radiation pollution.


What's even more terrifying is that this pile of "rotten flesh" is still alive.


"What are you waiting for? Are you planning to barbecue it or sprinkle some cumin on it?" The Devouring God said.


Lin Baici was hungry, but he still felt a bit resistant to eating this unidentified "dried meat."


"The best ingredients often only need the simplest cooking methods. For Divine Corpses, you can eat them raw!" The Devouring God gave professional culinary advice.


While Lin Baici was still hesitating, a pair of translucent and star-like slender arms stretched out from his shoulders and held the Divine Corpse.


Without waiting for Lin Baici to speak, the arms directly opened his mouth and stuffed the dried meat in.


"Thanks for the gift from the gods!" The Devouring God didn't know if it was praying or joking.


Cough cough!


Lin Baici felt uncomfortable from being choked, but soon a surge of divine power erupted inside him, nourishing his organs.


It felt even better than eating a meteorite.




Intense pain attacked his brain, causing Lin Baici to clench his fists and hit his head hard.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


After about ten seconds, the pain disappeared and Lin Baici gained some mysterious knowledge in his mind.There were two divine gifts, and Lin Baici was familiar with them as if he had known them since birth.


"Vedic Buddha Sound?"


"Floating Life Night Rain, Wild Buddha Blowing Lamp?"


Lin Baici tasted them and then smiled, as if his father suddenly told him on his way home from school that he was actually a billionaire's son.


He received two divine gifts again, and they were very strong.




"Don't go in, it's too dangerous!"


Outside the hall, Sima Mu pulled Jin Yingzhen hard.


After sending the little girl out, Jin Yingzhen wanted to rush in to help.


Hua Yueyu held the unconscious little girl, full of self-blame and worry.


It was not that she did not want to help, but that she was powerless.


With the destructive power displayed by the Dark Buddha, they didn't even have the qualifications to be cannon fodder. If they stayed inside, they would undoubtedly die.


"Oppa, let me go!"


Jin Yingzhen lifted her long legs and kicked Sima Mu between the legs.


Bang! Bang!


Sima Mu was kicked unconscious, but he did not let go.


"Listen to me, don't get in the way!"


Sima Mu was also well-intentioned.


"I can at least be a cannon fodder!"


At the last moment, Lin Baici let everyone go and stayed alone to fight the Dark Buddha, which moved Jin Yingzhen beyond words.


She had never had anyone treat her so well except for her mother.




Hua Yueyu, who had been staring at the hall, suddenly showed a pleasant surprise on her tearful face. Then she picked up the little girl and rushed towards the hall.


That big boy, he survived!


He won!




Jin Yingzhen was overjoyed.


"Fuck, did this kid really win?"


Sima Mu was shocked.


"Is everyone okay?"


Lin Baici looked at Jin Yingzhen and the others. Except for being a little disheveled, they were all fine. However, when his gaze fell on the little girl, he sighed.




Poor Auntie, Little Li, and Zhang Ju, they had such bad luck!


"Where is the divine corpse?"


Sima Mu stood on tiptoe and looked into the hall.


"It's destroyed!"


Lin Baici smiled slightly.


He would never reveal the fact that he had eaten it.


"Ah? That means this God's Ruins will soon collapse and disappear. We can get out alive?"


Jin Yingzhen was too happy and jumped onto Lin Baici, hugging him tightly.


"Oppa, you are my Superman!"




The Korean girl kissed Lin Baici hard.


It was really big!


Lin Baici could feel it clearly in this position.


The dark mist that enveloped the Dragon Zen Temple was quickly dissipating."

"Baici, thank you!" Hua Yueyu said gratefully: "From now on, you're family. In every argument, I'll let you have your way."

The female anchor was not joking. From today onwards, she decided to treat Lin Baici as her brother!

After all, without this big boy, she would have definitely been doomed in this temple.

Wait a minute!

"Baici should be younger than me, am I a cougar here?"

Hua Yueyu was not tall, on the skinny side, and rather flat-chested. Dressed in a school uniform, she looked just like a middle school girl, but in reality, she was already in her sophomore year of college.

"Let's talk later, we need to get out of here first!"

Lin Baici wanted to leave.

This time he had a huge harvest, having obtained several Divine taboo items, and he did not want any more mishaps.

"Right, let's go!"

Sima Mu looked up and said: "Don't go through the main gate. Climb over the wall and take the small path down from the back mountain."

Jin Yingzhen and Hua Yueyu looked towards Lin Baici.

Both girls understood the situation well. In such circumstances, they would not express their opinions rashly, fully relying on Lin Baici to make the decision.

"Let's go!"

Lin Baici led the way.

As a local, he had been to Long Chan Temple many times and knew the way well.

According to what Jin Yingzhen had explained, the God's Ruins formed by the meteorite that had just fallen were still relatively safe. At this time, divine hunters would come to break the God's Ruins, seal the Divine taboo items, and contain the divine remains.

If they went through the main gate, it was very likely they would encounter them.

Lin Baici certainly did not want the Divine taboo items he had just obtained to be forcibly confiscated.


At the foot of Jiu Feng Mountain, in the parking lot.

A young man in his twenties stood on top of a tour bus, observing the mountain top with a pair of binoculars.

A few days ago, the purple bricks and red tiles of Long Chan Temple were still visible, but now only a large expanse of black fog could be seen, resembling the cave of a demon king in Journey to the West , exuding an eerie and ghostly aura.

On a hot summer day, the cicadas' chirping sounded feeble, without a hint of breeze. But suddenly, the black fog at the mountain top began to dissipate.


The young man was surprised, and as soon as he confirmed he wasn't seeing things, that the dark fog was indeed thinning, he immediately pulled out his phone and dialed the office.

As soon as the call connected, a roaring voice came from the other side.

"Xiao Chen, how many times have I told you? I don't have extra hands for you right now. As long as the God's Ruins don't spread, don't bother me!"

The rough, hoarse, anxious, and deeply worried voice came through the receiver.

"No, Director Zhang, the dark fog is dissipating quickly."

Chen Shihe hurriedly reported.


Director Zhang's spirit lifted: "Are you sure?"

The dark mist dissipated, indicating that the divine remains had been contained and the God's Ruins would soon disappear, returning the surrounding environment to normal.


"Of course!"


Chen Shihe thought to himself, "I'm not blind."


"Haha, God helps me too!"


Zhang Ju breathed a sigh of relief. "Longchan Temple is the most famous scenic spot in our Guangqing City, with many tourists. When the meteor fell and formed the God's Ruins, there must have been divine hunters burning incense and worshipping Buddha inside, so they took the opportunity to contain the divine remains and destroy the God's Ruins."


"It could also be done by ordinary people!"


Chen Shihe analyzed.




Zhang Ju immediately retorted, "Look at the time. It's only been five hours since the God's Ruins appeared at Longchan Temple. You tell me which ordinary person has the ability to quickly find the divine remains and contain them under the pollution of many divine taboos?"




Chen Shihe was speechless.


Indeed, it was impossible. Ordinary people either died from pollution or turned into dead flesh under the radiation of divine remains.


"Breaking a God's Ruin in five hours, the divine hunter who did it must be at least a Lion King, and maybe even a Dragon-level!"


Zhang Ju was very glad that, in any case, the God's Ruin disaster at Longchan Temple had been resolved.


"Hiss, Dragon-level?"


Chen Shihe took a deep breath, exclaiming in shock.


"Don't make a fuss. You go to Xiushui County to support Captain Li!"


Zhang Ju ordered.


"Should I go into the temple and find the Dragon-level hunter to help?"


Chen Shihe suggested.


Guangqing City was unlucky this time, with two meteors falling at once. One fell in Xiushui County, affecting more than 200,000 people. In a Longchan Temple, there were 20,000 tourists, so Zhang Ju sent all the divine hunters in the bureau to Xiushui County, leaving only Chen Shihe and his partner to monitor outside Longchan Temple.


"You're stupid. If the Dragon-level hunter goes, what can we get?"


Zhang Ju was about to be angry.


Divine taboos, meteorites, divine remains, although dangerous, were also valuable. Handing them over to headquarters could bring back a lot of benefits.


After ending the call, Chen Shihe looked at Longchan Temple and jumped off the top of the bus, sitting in his partner's Mazda.


"I wonder what divine taboo that divine hunter got? Is it a colleague?"


Chen Shihe was very curious.


Every country has an official organization to deal with God's Ruin disasters.


The department that Chen Shihe belongs to is the Jiuzhou Divine Shield Security Bureau-Guangqing City Branch."In just five hours, they destroyed a god's ruin and hunted down a divine being, impressive. Zhang Bureau doesn't want to mess with them. Otherwise, with his nitpicky personality, he would definitely come and argue over the divine taboo and divine remains."


The partner joked and started the car, heading towards Xiushui County.




Over an hour later, Lin Baici and his team of five left Jifeng Mountain and appeared on the side of a nearby road.


They walked on foot for over five miles and finally hailed a taxi.


"To Hilton Hotel!" Jin Yingzhen spoke up.


Hua Yueyu couldn't help but glance at Gao Limei. She didn't expect her to be a rich girl.


The best hotel in Guangqing City was Hilton, and even a standard room for one night cost over a thousand yuan.

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