Chapter 25 – Goal, one million fans

After Lin Baici finished showering, he realized that he had no clothes to change into. After searching around, he found a white bath towel in the closet and wrapped it around his waist.

On the table, there was a coffee machine, and in the drawer, there were individual packages of coffee and tea.

Lin Baici also found a small refrigerator.

Inside, there were Coke, soda, beer, high-end mineral water, and some snacks, most of which were imported.

He was a bit thirsty, but he figured that these things would cost money, so he didn’t touch them.

Sure enough, he soon found a “Check-In Notice” on the desk, which listed various precautions and some chargeable items.

“Fifty yuan for a Coke? Why not just go rob a store?”

Lin Baici was speechless. It would be better to just buy some at a convenience store.

Ding dong! Ding dong!

The doorbell rang.

“Oppa, are you finished showering?”

Outside the door, Jin Yingzhen’s voice was sweet.

“I’m done!”

Lin Baici quickly went to open the door.

Jin Yingzhen was wearing a tight little tank top and shorts, showing off her two long white legs, standing coyly in the hallway.

As soon as she saw Lin Baici, the Korean girl exclaimed in surprise.


Although she had seen Lin Baici’s body when facing the Buddha of Merit in the Dragon Zen Temple, she was too anxious at the time and only noticed that he had a great figure.

But now, looking at him again…

It was really explosively good.

His arms were slender, his shoulders were wide and his waist was narrow, his body lines were smooth, as if the Creator had carved them himself, especially the eight-pack abs on his stomach…

Could she touch them?

The idol trainees under her mother’s entertainment company should practice according to Lin Baici’s figure. With this figure, what else do they need besides singing, dancing, and rapping?

When he took off his clothes and stood on stage, he would automatically attract a large number of female fans.

Lin Baici didn’t know where to look.

Jin Yingzhen’s outfit was too hot.

Under her shorts, her two long legs stood straight up, and on her feet were a pair of flip-flops, with ten playful white toes wiggling.

The little tank top on her upper body could only cover her chest, revealing her white and slender belly with a mermaid line, the most eye-catching of which was the deep groove.

It must be a D cup, right?

“Oh my god, what did I just see?”

Suddenly, a cry of surprise came from beside them.

It was Hua Yueyu!

She heard the commotion and opened the door, just in time to see Lin Baici and Jin Yingzhen, whose figures shocked her.

Jin Yingzhen didn’t need any talent, just relying on her face and figure. She could put on a yoga suit and pose casually, and attract hundreds of thousands of fans.

But it seemed that she was the daughter of a conglomerate and didn’t need to earn that kind of money.

“Little White, how do you maintain this kind of self-discipline?”

Although Hua Yueyu was petite, she was over a year older than Lin Baici. She couldn’t call him “brother Lin” and calling him “Baici” would seem too distant. The female anchor thought for a while and decided to call him “Little White.”

Friendly and cute!


Lin Baici was surprised.”Yeah, to train a body like yours, you not only need to exercise regularly, but also control your diet, right?”

Hua Yueyu thought that as a high school student, Lin Baici must have gone through a lot of hardship to build such muscles.

“Not really!”

Lin Baici shrugged his shoulders.

He never exercised and didn’t care about his diet. He drank a lot of cola, ate a lot of fried food, and instant noodles, but his body was still more perfect than that of an athlete.

He didn’t know the reason before, but now it seems to be the effect of the God of Gluttony, a kind of divine grace!

He just didn’t know when he absorbed this divine grace.

“You’re too modest!”

Jin Yingzhen thought that the body was the most honest thing.

No one would believe a fat person saying that they were self-disciplined!

“Let’s chat inside!”

Lin Baici gestured for them to come in.

Hua Yueyu was wearing a bathrobe, but she had a petite figure, not flat-chested, but not particularly eye-catching either. Jin Yingzhen was the one who caught the eye.

“You guys sit for a while, I’ll wash my clothes!”

Lin Baici just picked up his dirty clothes when Jin Yingzhen stopped him.

“Why wash them? Just buy new ones!”

Jin Yingzhen picked up the phone and called several luxury brands that she often used to see if they had stores in Guangqing City. If they did, they would send a tailor over to customize some clothes for Lin Baici.

“No, no!”

Lin Baici quickly stopped her. Seeing that Jin Yingzhen wasn’t listening, he snatched the phone from her hand. “I’m just an ordinary high school student. I can wear shorts and tank tops casually!”

Lin Baici didn’t care about his clothes, and Jin Yingzhen’s lavish spending really made him uncomfortable.

“Then let the staff come and take them to the hotel laundry!”

All big hotels provide this kind of service, but it costs money.

Jin Yingzhen finished the call and walked to the mini-fridge, opening it and taking out all the snacks and drinks inside. “Do you want to drink?”


Lin Baici was convinced that rich people really didn’t care about the price.

“This is my goal to strive for!”

Hua Yueyu sighed.

With her net worth, she could afford to stay in this kind of hotel, but she couldn’t be so carefree and at ease.

Fish, you can achieve financial freedom!

Hua Yueyu clenched her fists and encouraged herself in her heart.

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

The doorbell rang again.

This time it was the hotel manager, a middle-aged man!

“Miss Jin, your dinner and phone have arrived!”

The manager was very friendly.

Jin Yingzhen turned around. “Oppa, can we eat here?”


Lin Baici didn’t mind.

“Then please bring it in for us!”

After Jin Yingzhen finished speaking, the manager pushed a cart with a young chef in white uniform beside him. There was also an older foreign chef beside him.

“This is our head chef, Lauren. He’s off tonight, but he knew you hadn’t finished your meal, so he came specially to prepare this dinner for you!”Introduction by the General Manager.

The head chef is French and obviously knows Jin Yingzhen’s identity, so he greets her in a few words of Korean that he learned on the fly.

Jin Yingzhen speaks fluent French, which is authentic and impressive.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, the head chef stops talking and doesn’t want to disturb the VIP’s meal.

“Oppa, take a look at dinner and change it if it doesn’t suit your taste!”

Regardless of the French chef, if Oppa doesn’t like it, then it must be redone.

When the general manager hears Jin Yingzhen’s words, he can’t help but glance at Lin Baici.


This figure is really good!

He should be a rich second generation, right?

After all, ordinary people don’t have time to work out!

Jin Miss is really good to him!

It’s a bit like she’s courting him.

“Just eat whatever!”

If it were up to Lin Baici, he would just go to a roadside stall and eat skewers.

He’s not used to such high-end dining.

“Miss Jin, our hotel has specially presented you with a bottle of French Château de Bordeaux red wine. Enjoy your meal.”

The general manager also leaves.

The wine is expensive, over 3,000 per bottle, but there’s no need to emphasize it because Jin Yingzhen understands at a glance.

“Aren’t you guys hungry too? Let’s eat!”

Jin Yingzhen wipes her knife and fork with a napkin and hands it to Lin Baici. Her attitude is as attentive as a tea server.

“This meal is expensive, isn’t it?”

Hua Yueyu feels like she’s taken advantage of and is embarrassed.

“We’re in this together, and the friendship we’ve built is priceless!”

Jin Yingzhen doesn’t have the idea of showing off the prices of these things. She’s afraid she didn’t entertain Lin Baici well enough.

The steak made by the head chef of the five-star hotel is indeed better than the frozen steak bought at the supermarket. It’s considered Lin Baici’s first time trying Western-style meat.

“Oppa, what are you planning to do next? Become a God Hunter?”

Jin Yingzhen is curious.

Because God’s Ruins have become a natural disaster, if the divine remains inside are not contained, the God’s Ruins will continue to spread and erode humanity’s homes.

For example, Okinawa Island was covered by black mist and has become a God’s Ruin for more than ten years. It’s said that there are gods living there.

Anyway, the Sakura Country has not been able to recover it until now. Over a million people have died tragically.

Therefore, the importance and value of being a God Hunter who can hunt gods and contain divine remains are self-evident.

Officially, various countries do not publicize any information about God Hunters and God’s Ruins to avoid causing panic, but privately, these hunters enjoy tremendous privileges.

Because the country needs them.

“No, I’m going to college!”

Lin Baici worked hard for three years in junior high school and struggled for three years in high school. Now he’s finally liberated. Of course, he wants to enjoy the college life that the homeroom teacher has been praising for so long.

It’s the most leisurely time in life, these four years. After graduating from college, he’ll become a workhorse and enjoy the “benefits” of 996.

Assuming he doesn’t become unemployed!

“That’s right. You’re still young. Why take that risk?”

Jin Yingzhen understands. Being a God Hunter is probably the most dangerous profession.”But I plan to make videos recently. Yueyu, do you have any suggestions?”

This is the top stream of Shark TV, a first-line anchor with over five million fans on various platforms combined.

“Fitness videos are popular lately. With your figure, you could gain a lot of fans just by doing some simple exercises!”

Hua Yueyu teased.

“No way!”

Lin Baici really didn’t understand fitness.

“In fact, whether a video is popular or not depends on luck, besides operation!”

Hua Yueyu grabbed her hair. “This industry is not easy to get into. You might become popular after working hard, but then disappear the next day!”

“Are you doing it for money or fame?”

Jin Yingzhen interrupted. “Why not come to Goryeo and become a trainee? With your talent, my mom will definitely focus on training you, and you can debut in a year!”

“I heard the entertainment industry in Goryeo is very chaotic!”

Hua Yueyu didn’t want Lin Baici to leave.


Jin Yingzhen smiled.

As an idol, who would dare to mess with me, Lin Oppa?

Do you think my Jin family is made of clay?

“Well, I understand!”

Lin Baici was embarrassed to say that he was making videos to earn money in front of two beautiful girls.

“If you really want to make videos, we can work together!”

Hua Yueyu suggested.

She wanted to use her popularity to boost Lin Baici, but there was a problem. Those crazy fans who liked Hua Yueyu would definitely hate on Lin Baici.

At least the title of “gigolo” would be hard to shake off.

“No need, I can do it myself!”

Lin Baici thought, as a God Hunter with three major divine blessings, it was reasonable to gain a million fans with a video.

He could also earn money through advertising and make thousands of dollars a month!

“Baici, which school did you get accepted into?”

Hua Yueyu hoped they were in the same city.

Jin Yingzhen also perked up her ears. “I can have my mom arrange for you to become an international exchange student at the school where Oppa is.”

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