Chapter 18 – Offer flowers to Buddha


Sima Mu raised his hand and gave himself a hard slap.

“What are you doing?”

The old aunt was startled by his sudden movement and thought something had happened.

“I have this damn jinx!”

Sima Mu was depressed, the pollution of this rule was really hard to prevent.

“Hey handsome, can you help me take a look?”

The girl in the long blue dress who had just screamed ran over to Lin Baici with a lantern in hand, asking for his help.

“My blood seems to be burning fast too!”

“How do you define fast? Isn’t it all the same?”

“No, yours is obviously much faster!”

When the tourists heard the girl in the dress’s words, they began to stare at the blood in the lantern, some of them horrified to find that the burning speed of their blood was different.

It was visibly faster.

This scared them.

“Yours is burning so fast, add some more blood!”

Hua Yueyu suggested, looking at her own lantern, which was fine.

“Oh! Oh!”

The girl in the dress nodded eagerly, took the machete handed to her by Lin Baici, and cut her finger.

Tick-tock! Tick-tock!

“The blood is flowing too slowly, cut a larger wound!”

Sima Mu urged, “It’s so late, are you still afraid of pain? If you can’t do it, I’ll help you!”

The girl in the dress cried, endured the pain, and cut her finger again, but unfortunately the wound was still too shallow.

Sima Mu couldn’t bear to watch anymore and grabbed her left hand.

The sharp sickle slashed across her fair palm, and blood flowed like a river.


The girl in the dress screamed in pain.

The tourists whose blood was burning too fast were anxiously borrowing knives and adding blood to the lantern.

Hua Yueyu and Jin Yingzhen looked at each other and saw a trace of fear in each other’s eyes.

“Why… why is it still so fast?”

The girl in the dress trembled, her face already drained of blood and lifeless.

“Fuck, what’s going on? Did I not use the right lantern?”

“Hey handsome, what should we do?”

“Waaah, I don’t want to die!”

There were probably more than two hundred tourists, and the blood in their lanterns was burning relatively fast.

“Hungry God brother!”

The little girl hugged Lin Baici’s leg, her mother Zhang Ju standing next to her, holding a lantern.

The blood inside was burning at a normal speed.

Sima Mu glanced at his lantern and found no problem, so he calmly directed others, “Don’t just stand there, keep adding blood!”

“Judging from this situation, no matter how much blood we add, it won’t help!”

Hua Yueyu felt that Sima Mu’s suggestion was unreliable and harmful.

“How much blood did you add the first time you filled the lantern? Did you fill it up?”

Lin Baici looked at the girl in the dress, who was wearing light makeup, and asked.

He probably guessed the reason.

“Did…did I fill it up?”

The girl in the dress stammered.”I want an accurate answer!”

Lin Baici raised his voice.

“Not… just a little off…”

The tears of the girl in the dress flowed even more violently. “It… it hurts too much, so I didn’t continue bleeding!”

“Did you all not fill the lamp to the brim because your blood burns too quickly?” Sima Mu shouted loudly.


Everyone was stunned.

Was that the reason?

Damn it, they should have just filled it up earlier.

“What do we do now?” someone asked urgently.

Sima Mu didn’t know, so he naturally looked to Lin Baici for an answer.

Lin Baici remained silent because he felt that there was no solution.

Fortunately, when the Devouring God said the phrase “fill it up once, burn for three years,” he was cautious enough to fill the lamp with blood. If he was afraid of pain or thought that a little blood was enough, then things would have been settled by now.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Yeah, what do we do now? Please tell us!”


The tourists with the Buddha babies on their backs, which were growing larger and larger, couldn’t sit still anymore and surrounded Lin Baici, shouting at him.

“He’s said everything he needs to say. It’s your fault for not following his instructions!” Hua Yueyu saw that these people were getting excited and worried that they would do something extreme, so she quickly explained for Lin Baici.

“It’s your fault!” Jin Yingzhen scolded.

Those who listened to Lin Baici’s reminder and filled their lamps with blood were now very grateful.

Now the situation was clear.

Blood could serve as lamp oil. Fill the lamp to the brim, light the wick, and use the light to drive away the Buddha babies on one’s back.

If they didn’t do this, the ghostly things would continue to grow until they matured and devoured the person beneath them.

“Fortunately, these things won’t attack others, only the person beneath them.” The old lady patted her chest and took a deep breath.

Stable! It’s stable!

Soon, within a few minutes, the blood of several tourists had burned out. No matter how much blood they added to the lamp, it was useless.

The Buddha babies on their backs began to grow rapidly and then attacked and bit them like mad dogs.

“Damn it, I can’t survive, and neither can you!”

A young man wearing Puma sneakers saw that he couldn’t be saved and couldn’t see anyone else being saved either. He suddenly rushed towards a woman beside him and punched her head fiercely.


The people nearby were afraid of being affected, so they pushed him away.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with them, so they hung high.

When the young man in sneakers caused a commotion, some people were incited to follow suit, killing and slaughtering as if they were going to die anyway. Since they were going to die, there was no legal or moral punishment for themselves.

But just then, Lin Baici rushed out like a cheetah, quickly ran to the young man in sneakers, and hit him hard on the head with a wooden bat.


The young man in sneakers instantly had blood all over his face and fainted. But the next moment, he was bitten awake by the Buddha baby.

Bang!Lin Baici kicked him in the mouth.

“What do you want?”

Lin Baici shouted angrily at these people.

Although he had not exercised, his tall and muscular body was perfectly developed, even with eight-pack abs, due to a mysterious hunger since childhood.

Now standing in the Daxiong Palace, holding a torch, staring angrily, his aura was domineering and powerful, quite intimidating.

“If you have time to kill, run away now, maybe you can survive!”

Lin Baici shouted loudly.

Those who planned to drag others down were instantly stunned, and with this sentence, they gave them a glimmer of hope, and they began to flee outside the temple.

The crowd breathed a sigh of relief.

But Lin Baici knew they were doomed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Anyone who escaped from the temple and stepped over the threshold was instantly smashed into minced meat by a giant Buddha’s palm descending from the sky.

The people behind were too scared to run, but the oil lamps had burned out, and the Buddha’s baby on their backs began to attack.

The temple was in chaos.

“Oppa, you were so cool just now!”

Jin Yingzhen was dazzled by what she saw. Lin Baici had single-handedly subdued hundreds of people. Otherwise, if these people had rioted, some of them would have been unlucky.

Hua Yueyu clenched her small fist and regretfully smashed the GOPRO sports camera hanging on her collar. If this thing worked, it could have captured Lin Baici’s domineering posture.

“Brother Hungry God is so powerful!”

In the crowd, a little girl hugged tightly by her mother looked at Lin Baici with bright eyes.

“Hey buddy, that big Buddha is watching you!”

The hooked-nose man didn’t expect this student to be so brave.


Lin Baici was not afraid yet, but Hua Yueyu and Jin Yingzhen were shocked and instinctively turned their heads to look at the dark Buddha on the altar.

It had a smile of unknown meaning on its lips as it looked at Lin Baici.

[In its eyes, you are now about 60% cooked. If you turn your head, you can eat, but it’s rare to come across such a delicious ingredient, so you can wait a little longer.]

Lin Baici frowned.

After another fifteen nervous minutes, people suddenly realized that the Buddha’s baby on their backs had disappeared.

“It’s gone, it’s really gone!”

“It should be okay now, right?”

“Great, we’re saved!”

The surviving tourists wept with joy.

Lin Baici counted that there were more than 800 visitors who entered the temple, and after two rounds of “worshiping the Buddha” and “lighting the lamps,” there were only 271 people left.

“In just a moment, nearly 600 people died!”

Jin Yingzhen looked at the survivors, feeling numb.

Because they had not found the divine taboo, the pollution of the rules had not ended, which meant that there would still be deaths. According to this rate of reduction and proportion, wouldn’t the next round be a complete wipeout?

“Replacing lamp oil with blood and having to fill it up all at once is too much of a trap. If I had been afraid of pain and hesitated just now, it would have been over!”Hua Yueyu was afraid and horrified by the contamination of the rules.

The old aunt nodded vigorously.

“Handsome, thank you!”

The survivors crowded around and thanked Lin Baici.

It was all thanks to him that they were able to survive.

“Add blood and light the lamp, may the Buddha’s light shine forever!”

The Dark Buddha spoke, his voice loud, solemn, cold, and suppressing all the noise in the hall, “But don’t you feel that there’s something missing in front of this Buddha?”

“Whatever you want, as long as we have it, we’ll give it to you!”

Someone begged, “Please spare us!”

“I consider incense as nothing, how could I want your possessions?”

The Dark Buddha laughed, “As the saying goes, offer flowers to Buddha. All you need to do is each pick a bunch of wildflowers and place them in front of the Buddha!”

Lin Baici didn’t take this as a sincere request, and he remembered every word.


“Go to the lotus lake in the east and pick flowers!”

The Dark Buddha finished speaking and closed his eyes.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do, so they looked at Lin Baici again, waiting for him to lead.

“Why even think about it? Let’s go pick flowers!”

The man with the hooked nose inserted his right hand into his hair and ruffled it back.

No one moved, not even looking at him, all waiting for Lin Baici’s decision.

This made the man with the hooked nose very embarrassed.

“By the way, all living beings should remember that the offering table is too small and can only hold thirty bouquets of flowers!”

The Dark Buddha suddenly blurted out, leaving everyone confused.

“What does that mean?”

Someone was still foolishly asking, but someone had already cleverly run out of the hall.

“Hurry up and go grab the flowers!”

Sima Mu was anxious.

The Dark Buddha meant that only the first thirty people to offer bouquets of flowers would be allowed to live.

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