Chapter 19 – Lotus Lake, docked boat

In the Long Chan Temple, the black mist dissipated a lot, making it easy to identify directions.

The surviving tourists were all rushing towards the east, wanting to reach the Lotus Lake as quickly as possible, pick wildflowers, and offer them to the dark Buddha statue.

“Can you guys hurry up?”

Sima Mu complained to Zhang Ju.

She was holding a child and was too slow. Even the old lady couldn’t keep up and started panting after running for a while.


Zhang Ju apologized.

“Is sorry useful?”

Sima Mu was impatient. He originally wanted to scold her, but seeing Lin Baici’s calm face, he held his tongue.

Zhang Ju was clever and could tell that Lin Baici was kind-hearted. So she came over with her daughter and became a burden.

“Hey, Little Lin is still a student and hasn’t experienced the darkness of society. Maintaining this kindness will only lead to big losses!”

Sima Mu sighed.

He didn’t dare to advise Lin Baici to give up Zhang Ju, as it would make him seem heartless.

“Let me carry her!”

Lin Baici reached out his hand. He wouldn’t care if it was just Zhang Ju alone, but he couldn’t harden his heart when facing an innocent three-year-old girl…

Moreover, the little girl had warned them not to listen to the cunning old man’s words and that the monster chef would kill those who left their seats.

She was a kind-hearted little girl.

“No need, no need!”

Zhang Ju refused. She had a sense of propriety and knew that following Lin Baici had already caused trouble. If she let him carry a woman again, she would feel too guilty.

“Give her to me!”

Lin Baici took the little girl and put her on his back.

She was not heavy, only about twenty kilograms. With Lin Baici’s physical strength, it had no effect on his speed. He was still faster than the old lady and Jin Yingzhen.

“I shouldn’t have helped those people. It would be better if they all died!”

Xiao Li regretted.

“There are still more than 200 people left, right?”

Sima Mu didn’t know the exact number.

“271. If only 30 people can survive, then only one out of every nine people can survive!”

Jin Yingzhen calculated quickly.

Hua Yueyu gasped and shuddered.

“The accounts are not that simple. No one knows what accidents may occur during the process of picking flowers. The more people there are, the more cannon fodder there will be!”

Lin Baici had this idea in mind.

Apart from his years of education and morality, he also had this thought when saving people.

More people meant more chances to try and make mistakes.

Lin Baici and the other seven people passed through an arch and entered a large garden, running wildly on the green grass.

There was a large lake in the east.

The green lotus leaves connected to form a large area, swaying with the breeze, like a mother’s cradle, carrying the dreams of children.

Several dragonflies landed on the pink lotus flowers, like a still ink painting.

“Where are the wildflowers?”

The old lady panted and looked around, sweating profusely. Besides the green grass, there were no wildflowers.

“On the island in the lake!”

Jin Yingzhen had sharp eyes and saw a small island in the middle of the Lotus Lake, about fifty meters away from the shore, with a golden wildflower field on it.

There was a faint sunlight shining through the mist, giving off a summer scent.

“How do we get there? We can’t swim, can we?”

Xiao Li panicked because she couldn’t swim.

“Over there!”Jin Yingzhen pointed her finger, “There’s a pier!”

There were three boats at the pier, two small and one big.

The small ones were sampans, which could only seat four people at most, while the big one was a covered boat that could hold ten or so people.

Tourists were all running towards the pier, and those who arrived first had already started fighting for the three boats, as whoever got on first would be able to survive.

“Let’s hurry!”

Sima Mu ran as fast as he could, despite having one hand wrapped in bandages and hanging in front of his chest.

Since only thirty people could survive, there was no need for anyone to urge them on, and the tourists were all trying their best.


Lin Baici’s stomach began to growl.

He felt hungry.

“I knew it wouldn’t be that simple!”

Lin Baici wasn’t in a hurry.

The feeling of hunger indicated that there was a divine taboo near this pond, and with this thing around, it wasn’t a matter of who could run faster or who could pick wildflowers.

Lin Baici and his group arrived at the pier.

Except for about twenty elderly people, all the tourists had arrived.

The ownership of the two sampans and one covered boat had also been decided, and it was Jiang Hong and his group with the hooked nose who had won.

There were fifteen of these people, all of them young and strong, and they looked like they could fight.

There were about twenty unlucky people lying on the ground, some of whom were covered in blood and had no breath left, which showed how ruthless these people were.

“Hey, little brother, come with us!”

Jiang Hong shouted at Lin Baici, who had been waiting for him after he had taken the boat.

“Let’s go, buddy!”

The hooked-nose guy didn’t like Lin Baici, but this student wearing a Manchester United jersey was very powerful, and with him around, everyone’s lives were more secure.


All eyes on the shore were focused on Lin Baici.

There was envy, jealousy, and anger.

But they admitted that Lin Baici had the qualifications, and if they had a boat, they would also ask this big guy to come along.


The old aunt’s voice was trembling, and she was really afraid that Lin Baici would leave.

Although Hua Yueyu had not been with Lin Baici for a long time and did not know what kind of person he was, her intuition told her that Lin Baici would not leave.

“West Eight!”

Jin Yingzhen was annoyed. He was the man I had my eye on first. You all get out of here.

“Can I take a few people with me?”

Lin Baici asked casually, searching for the location of the divine taboo through his hunger.

“Brother, as you can see, there are not enough seats for all of us. To make room for you, some people will have to wait for the second wave!”

Jiang Hong explained.

“Buddy, be content with what you have!”

The hooked-nose guy looked at Jin Yingzhen and Hua Yueyu and suddenly understood Lin Baici.

This kind of giving nine out of ten and deducting one point because the pretty girl is not my girlfriend, I also want to save her!

As for Xiao Li Jie?

She was decent-looking, and the old aunt still had some charm, but standing next to Hua Yueyu and Jin Yingzhen, she was completely ignored.

“You guys go ahead. I’m not getting on!”

Lin Baici refused.


Lin Baici’s choice surprised everyone.

What does this mean?

The hooked-nose guy’s face darkened. “Do you look down on us?”

Lin Baici didn’t look down on them, he just didn’t like their style of doing things and didn’t want to be with them. And most importantly, the divine taboo hadn’t been found yet, so who knew if it was dangerous to get on the boat?

These people were eager to grab the boat and go to the island, so they were just the target of exploration.Of course, Lin Baici wouldn’t reveal his true thoughts, otherwise Jiang Hong and the others would definitely become suspicious. So he just curled his lips and sneered.


The meaning of this mockery was self-evident.


The man with the hooked nose was angry, but he remembered Lin Baici’s previous behavior and, coupled with the fact that the latter had a sturdy build, he wisely chose not to cause trouble.

“Let’s row, let’s go!”

The man with the hooked nose spoke up.


Jiang Hong stopped him.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Jiang?”

The man with the hooked nose was unhappy. If this guy hadn’t promised to pay him ten million to take him out, he wouldn’t have brought this burden along.

“Something’s not right. According to this student’s previous behavior, he doesn’t seem like the type to show his likes and dislikes on his face. So why did he mock you?”

Jiang Hong’s thick eyebrows furrowed.

Could it be that this guy thinks there’s danger on the island and is just looking for an excuse not to board the boat?

“Brother Zhou, let’s wait for the second batch to go to the island!”

Jiang Hong persuaded.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and pick some wildflowers and leave this ghost place!”

The man with the hooked nose had a good constitution, but he was feeling dizzy and had the urge to vomit. His muscles were also starting to ache and feel numb, and he was feeling fatigued.

He had heard some rumors that people in God’s Ruins would be contaminated by the radiation of the divine remains and eventually turn into a pile of unconscious flesh.

“What if there’s danger on the island?”

Jiang Hong was worried.

“The most dangerous thing is that only thirty people can survive!”

The man with the hooked nose was arrogant. “Besides, picking flowers and running away only takes a few minutes!”

The distance from here to Lotus Island is less than fifty meters, and it can be swum across. Moreover, the island is not big and everything is clear at a glance.

Except for a field of golden wild chrysanthemums, there was nothing else.

“Haha, that’s right!”

Jiang Hong patted the man with the hooked nose on the shoulder. “Then let’s set sail!”

Everyone immediately started rowing.

Jiang Hong still felt uneasy and turned his head, only to see Lin Baici’s calm eyes fixed on Lotus Island. His heart skipped a beat.

This posture…

He’s clearly a scheming dog!

He’s waiting for someone to explore the way!

Jiang Hong suddenly rushed forward and jumped onto the shore.

“What are you doing, Mr. Jiang?”

The man with the hooked nose was dumbfounded.

“I’ll wait for the next trip!”

Jiang Hong forced a smile and quickly reassured him. “Don’t worry, I won’t deduct a penny of the money I promised you!”


The man with the hooked nose knew that Jiang Hong obviously felt safer with that student. I’m really impressed!

Are we, so many big men, not as good as him alone?

In Jiang Hong’s mind, these people, including the man with the hooked nose, could definitely beat Lin Baici in a fight, but when it came to brains, they might not be able to keep up.

“Mr. Jiang, you’re very clever, aren’t you? Do you think that by waiting for the second batch to go to the island, you can safely enter the top thirty without taking any risks?”

Sima Mu sneered. “But have you ever thought about what would happen if someone swims over?”

Jiang Hong suddenly shuddered. “Swim over?”


I forgot about that!

In fact, some people had already started taking off their clothes. Those who were impatient and confident in their swimming ability didn’t even bother to take off their clothes and just jumped into the water.

Splash! Splash!

About thirty people entered Lotus Lake.

Some tourists who were still hesitating saw that the number of people exceeded thirty and immediately became anxious and started jumping into the water too.”What’s the rush? After they pick the flowers and come back, their energy will be almost depleted. Then we can snatch their flowers!”

A man in his thirties with a fierce expression, willing to kill to survive.

“Are you stupid? The Buddha said that we have to pick the wildflowers ourselves!”

Hua Yueyu was speechless. If Jiang Hong and the others hadn’t figured this out, would they rush to the island to steal the flowers?

Isn’t it better to stay on the shore and rob others?

Many survivors on the shore had this dark thought. Now that Hua Yueyu had exposed it and they realized it was impossible to implement, they were all dumbfounded.

Some people quickly went into the water, while many others looked towards Lin Baici.

“Handsome guy, think of a solution quickly, will you?”

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